Mysterious Skull Washes Up On UK Beach With No Eye Sockets

Freaky skull washed up on a UK beach and guys, this ones got absolutely no eye sockets whatsoever and I get the feeling that this ones for the books... yeah i'm sure there's someone out there who will say this is a kind of hairy Gorilla but it's not.

What it is, this is open to anyone? If there is a person who knows anything about this then it's probably going to be a rare animal expert as this is not a regular animal.


So, here's the most weirdest and odd shaped skull I've probably ever seen washed up on a UK beach?

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I've lived by the sea all my life and this far exceeds anything "peculiar" or strange come to think about it...

Here we go, let's get the detective hat on, Sherlock Holmes pipe in the lips and one of them unusual looking caps with the flaps at the sides, lol.

There's lot's of questions and that's only if your willing to ask them?

  • So, who's been feeding this animal with no eyes?
  • Who's been keeping this animal safe?
  • Has this animal been cared for?
  • Is there a body somewhere on the beach?
  • Does this look familiar to you as an animal?

These are literally just a few questions that come to my mind?

I think that i'm leaning more to the side of this animal was been looked after but then it probably died and that's why we're seeing this thing washed up on the beach?

Is this part of the floating laboratory ship which operates out to see on animal DNA and out of the reach of the authorities which was first theorised when other strange and bizarre animal carcasses started washing up around the world?


Is this a clone gone wrong?

Is it just a deformed animal species that was cared for by it's owners?

Whatever the answer (and there is one), we just need to wade through the bizarre and the normal plus even the out right ridiculous, because to get to an answer we have to start with "everything" on the table and go from there.

The mystery animal from the sea is none other than a common seal. A spokesperson for the Natural History Museum said:

“According to our principal curator of mammals, Richard Sabin, it is a seal skull and it is missing the front part of the skull which holds the upper dentition.

“According to Richard, it’s tricky to identify species from the single photograph online, but the shape of the check teeth appears consistent with the common seal, Phoca vitulina.

Common seals are known to occur at Gibraltar Point.” 

The skull, which was discovered at the Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve, was found by a woman who was walking her dog and picking up litter, according to the Lincolnshire Echo. When she found the grisly evidence.

Source The Independent.


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  1. It could possibly be a prehistoric sea mammal from the deepest caverns a bittom of ocean .Its eyes may not have evolved because of the lack of light .It may have had antennae to sense its prey it deffinately looks like a preditor .But im no Marine Biologist the verdict is open and a mystery to say the least ...

  2. It could possibly be a prehistoric sea mammal from the deepest darkest caverns at the bottom of the ocean And its eyes may not evolved uneccicery due to lack of light. Its possible it had antennae it used for sensing way around and finding prey it definitely looks preditory .Im no Marine Biologist the verdict is open but its a mystery to say the least..

  3. are you sure this is not upside down and the eye sockets are on the other side ??

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