UFO is Filmed By NASA ISS Footage

This video shows us what we all know anyways, that NASA "has and is", involved in covering up UFO evidence and hence, covering up Alien life - but intelligent life as well.

Why are they doing this - is the new question on the block. Why are NASA lying, has surpassed the "are we alone in the universe" question?


Image credit/NASA

It's not because you or I, will go crazy and run out into the streets firing at water towers or start to suspect the neighbour of being an Alien spy. No,  it's because of the very obvious military applications.

NASA is the government, the government is the military and the military is the end user.

They all work together to reverse engineer and create technology to either use in existing planes or they use super secret technology in one off planes, satellites, communications, stealth etc.

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It really does not get anymore, or any less sophisticated than that because everything Alien craft related - falls under one or the other.

  • NASA
  • Government
  • Military

Each one may out source, each one might be up to it's neck in secret programs. Each one is bringing in, extending and renewing contracts everywhere.

The people who build these reverse engineered planes/jets/crafts. Who or what do you think builds them?

People is the answer.

The Alien crafts they do have, have been fitted out with many leaps in advanced technology. Then they drip feed it to the general consumer.

The secret technology they have now, it might be available in 10 yrs? But I could be absolutely wrong!

I could be wrong to assume that these are Alien crafts at all?

I could be extremely wrong to say our governments lie and have not been covering up a UFO presence.

You see, trying to make sense from or of secrets, lies, hidden half truths, rumours, in generals and so called "I was there testimonies" that can't be verified - well it's no wonder that so many people sound ludicrous!


If the government or NASA is lying then your telling me that you worked it all out "in your head" and you understand everything that's going on - right now!

No way!

This is a very organised, well versed and super secret group of people in positions of the government or NASA and even in secret programs and departments that don't exist, who've made it their business to conceal from the public "any and all activities" they are tasked with concealing.

We, the public know very little, let me tell you now. And, what we do know was probably designed that way.

So, all we have is the videos of UFOs just like this one.

Ignore the headlines from the puppet newspapers, ignore the answers given by their experts and just go with your own gut feeling based on your own observation, you know the thing you've done all your life.


If it looks good to you, then you have your answer.

Because everything else cannot be trusted as it might be deliberately there to misguide, deliberately aimed at deceiving you (the public) or it might be straight up lies or half true and any number of deceit.

I'm not saying pick and choose what you like hearing neither.

I'm saying that your gut feeling is your only truth detector Ufology. Everything else (until full disclosure) is just words or opinions and half guesses that cannot be verified.

Verifying that someone worked at NASA is not enough I'm afraid.

Verifying that someone was employed by the CIA is not enough I'm afraid.

Story tellers are not just actors and the theatrical type. They are everywhere.

So, use your eyes and if you can't tell the difference then you wait. You wait for the next UFO sighting and you use your own common sense.

Disclosure is already there, if you believe in Aliens then you already have your disclosure, don't you!

That's why I'm saying that this UFO video to me, looks very, very real.

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Source NASA.
Source elguercoterco YouTube.


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  1. Must be one of those NASA ice crystals that enjoy making 90 degree and 180 degree turns. They also like to stop dead in their tracks, hover around things and then shoot off at unbelievable speeds in any direction they choose.Not all ice crystals act this wa, only the NASA ones.

    1. I thought I was the only one who see's the NASA ice crystals that stop, start and turn sometimes accelerating, lol. Your right tho, it's always the swamp gas NASA ones.

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