Disc Like Spaceship Discovered In Photo

Social media is fast becoming or it has become the number one place where people report UFO sightings.

I say that because nowadays people don't hesitate to post them to their own social media sites like Facebook and Instagram or Twitter even. So, they've announced the UFOs to the world in their own way and that's self reporting.


This was reported to MUFON which is probably the number one place people report UFOs to?

I encourage people to report UFO sightings - but do it through your own social media sites as MUFON charge everyone subscription fees, before "anyone" can see a single photo or video which I don't agree with.


It looks like a plane but the silver surrounding it means it can't be.
People report them to MUFON for free, expecting MUFON to show the world - but not charge people for the privilege!

So, I go to UFO Stalker to see all the MUFON reported cases for free which I will give the source link in the bottom source section in this post.


The UFO is in the top right corner.

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Detailed Description (in their own words with spelling mistakes included):

August 24th, 2019 - gabriola island, bc i was taking scenic photos at the malaspina point beach on a clear sky afternoon with my husband and dog.

it was not until a week later, when going through the photos, that i found a ufo at the top right-hand corner of a picture of the bay, treeline, and sky.

again, this photo was unintentional, and i do not have any information regarding this ufo other than what i have in the photo.

the best way i can describe the image is that the ufo appears to be disc shaped with a glow or distortion around it, making it look circular or like the typical spaceship you see in cartoons and movies; round disc with perhaps a dome on top.

we didnt notice anything unusual happening that day and dont remember hearing any sounds.

the ufo appears to be quite high in the sky, high enough that i'm sure people from nanaimo or other surrounding cities would have been able to see it too!!!

this is my first ufo sighting ever.


UFO Sighting in Gabriola, British Columbia on August 24, 2019

Case 103378

Sighted 2019-08-24 16:00

Submitted 2019-09-17 02:50 (Reported 23 Days Later)

Source MUFON

Summary Disc-like 'spaceship' discovered in unintentional photo - Gabriola Island, BC, Canada

City Gabriola
Region British Columbia
Country Canada
Postal Code V0R 1X1

Source UFO Stalker.
Source Reference MUFON.

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