Sweden Sends Out Leaflets On How To Prepare For War

What does Sweden know that we don't know?

Sweden tells citizens how to prepare for war - for first time in 30 years.
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Sweden tells citizens how to prepare for war - for first time in 30 years!

Seriously, i'm not kidding around. The Swedish government has just sent out 4.8 million booklets on war advice in case of an attack and where to go, feed themselves and where bomb shelters are? WTF! Just why would the government of Europe i.e Sweden be thinking, doing and preparing along these lines?

It screams iminent war. It screams I don't care that our intelligence says a war is coming and the countries involved have asked us to stay quiet - were going to tell our people to duck and cover! They've stopped short as to who is going to be involved but gone full steam on telling us "the world basically" that war is iminent! OK they've sent the books to their own households and people but they may of aswell sent every house in the world one because online media has made the world a very small place indeed. They knew within minuets of the first book been put through the letter box that would be scanned and put straight on social media which in turn takes on a whole life in itself and would be in practically every inbox in the world at some stage or another?

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Duck and cover because something is going down!

The official story is below:


Sweden sends out leaflets on how to prepare for war!

Sweden sends out leaflets on how to prepare for war.

The booklet suggests having candles and tea lights at the ready in case the electricity supply fails?

Salmon balls, tea lights and wet wipes. These are just some of the things Sweden has advised every household to stock up on in the case of war. Its government has sent leaflets to 4.7 million households explaining how to best prepare for various major crises. These include terror and cyber-attacks, natural disasters, serious accidents and military conflicts. Those who prepare improve "the ability of the country as a whole to cope with a major strain", the booklet reads. "Think about how you and people around you will be able to cope with a situation in which society's normal services are not working as they usually do," it adds.

The leaflet also warns that, in a major crisis, the electricity supply may fail meaning your home will quickly become cold.

The leaflet also warns that, in a major crisis, the electricity supply may fail meaning your home will quickly become cold.

Here's a really good reason for the booklets, because Sweden coined a phrase and it's an eye opening one!


After an adviser to the Russian President said Sweden's 'Russophobia' could lead to World War III, a former Swedish ambassador to Russia, Sven Hirdman, responded by dismissing him as "just one of hundreds".

Sweden began increasing its military spending in 2016, reversing years of cuts. It also reinstated the military draft last year, citing Russian assertiveness as one of the justifications, and is considering joining NATO. In the event of a “heightened state of alert,” the pamphlet emphasizes the expectation that everyone can be marshaled for Sweden’s “total defense.” “If Sweden is attacked by another country, we will never give up,” the publication reads. “All information to the effect that resistance is to cease is false.”

The illustrated instructions went online Monday and are being sent to all 4.8 million households in the country in the first such public awareness campaign since 1961. The handbook was last updated for government officials’ use during the Cold War, according to the Guardian.

Guy's, if WW3 does break out head for the nearest mountain side bunker!

“Although Sweden is safer than many other countries, there are still threats to our security and independence,” the brochure says. “If you are prepared, you are contributing to improving the ability of the country as a whole to cope with a major strain.”

And i'm going to leave it there, I could literally research this until i'm frothing at the mouth wearing a tinfoil hat with my cell phone wrapped in a crisp packet and hiding in the freezer so no-one can find me! But I won't keep getting you excited as if it's going to happen what the heck can we do about it? Just carry on as normal because the odd's a WW3 happening is like odd's on but, who cares?

When it happens, don't say we wasn't warned by the Swedish government!


Which one is the likely candidate for WW3.

Which one is the likely candidate for WW3.

Which one is the likely candidate for WW3.

Which one is the likely candidate for WW3.

Which one is the likely candidate for WW3.

Which one is likely to happen?

Aliens Found? Scientists Discover Fresh Evidence Of Life On Jupiter's Moon Europa

The Moon that keeps on giving.
Uploaded by ANGELUS on Wikipedia

So has life really been found in space?
SCIENTISTS are taking a fresh look at Europa as a possible home for alien life after reexamining old data which suggests there is water on Jupiter’s most famous moon.

Real Aliens on Europa the Moon of Jupiter.
Image credit/Getty

Have Aliens been found or is it a question from the outset?

Scientists discover fresh evidence of life on Jupiter's moon Europa.

In 1997, NASA’s Galileo spacecraft completed a flyby of Europa and data from the mission shows there was a bend in the moon’s magnetic field. By analysing the data again, researchers believe the bend could have been caused by a water geyser gushing out of Europa’s icy surface. Planetary scientist Elizabeth Turtle, of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, said:
"We know that Europa has a lot of the ingredients necessary for life, certainly for life as we know it. There's water. There's energy." 
“There's some amount of carbon material. But the habitability of Europa is one of the big questions that we want to understand."
Europa is the Moon of Jupiter with Aliens on it.
Image credit/Getty

"And one of the really exciting things about the detection of a plume is that this means there may be ways that the material from the ocean which is likely the most habitable part of Europa because it's warmer and it's protected from the radiation environment by the ice shell, to come out above the ice shell.

Alien Ocean Video From Credit/NASA/Jet Propulsion laboratory.

Could a liquid water ocean beneath the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa have the ingredients to support life? Here's how NASA's mission to Europa would find out.

“And that means we'd be able to sample it.”

NASA is planning a mission to Europa, one of 53 confirmed moons of Jupiter, which could launch by 2024. When NASA first announced it was going to Europa, it said that there are three objectives from the potential mission:
  • To discover whether there is, or has ever been, life on Europa.
  • To assess whether the celestial body is habitable.
  • To analyse the surface of the moon for future missions.
So basically it's a mission to find, analyse and plan for the future of Europa? Is it because they (NASA) want's to eventually colonisation Europa as a possible fueling station or a refueling station? It could possibly be the first step or be a "springboard" before a future NASA spaceship goes on and out to the deep parts of space? The last outpost so-to-speak. The potentail possibilities if they did that are and could be endless, considering what they find and discover on this mission?

With the future always secured at NASA the possibilities are endless because NASA have always prepared but not just for today but for decades and decades to come if not for the next centuries worth of missions? It stands to reason that if they need to allocate funds and materials then they need to know where and when they're going?

A refuelling station makes sense?
If they find organic matter they could make biofriendly fuel?
Does that mean they'll work towards designing and making a powerful biofriendly rocket?
With a potentially unlimited supply of that particular fuel then why not make a rocket powered by organisms found on Europa. Keep an eye on whatever they find, they'll try to use it to their advantage and create a whole new rocket design based on that find, maybe?
I would...

With technology ever changing and evolving plus it's getting smaller, these present real challenges and you'd think it was the absolute opposite wouldn't you but if for instance, one year a satellite has been prepared but something else comes along that does everything that the satellite already does but at half the weight, half size and half the price then it makes sense to change with the changes?
Or does it? I mean if it's paid for, why add more costs?
I see the arguments for and against?
If it's already paid for...

The space agency said in a statement:
  • “Europa may hold the clues to one of NASA’s long standing goals to determine whether or not we are alone in the universe."
  • “The highest-level science goal of the mission presented here is to search for evidence of life on Europa."
  • "This mission would significantly advance our understanding of Europa as an ocean world, even in the absence of any definitive signs of life and would provide the foundation for the future robotic exploration of Europa.”
You see it's all about the future missions. These missions were probably planned for by the predecessors of the NASA scientists right now, maybe? It wouldn't surprise me because that's just how far they look in to the future which is all good but does it allow for changes? I'm not to sure about that, unless they know more which I don't which is highly likely!

NASA's Europa Clipper mission is being designed to fly by the icy Jovian moon multiple times and investigate whether it possesses the ingredients necessary for life. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SETI Institute.

NASA's Europa Clipper mission is being designed to fly by the icy Jovian moon multiple times and investigate whether it possesses the ingredients necessary for life. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SETI Institute

Artist's concept of Galileo at Io with Jupiter in the background; the high-gain antenna is fully deployed.

Artist's concept of Galileo at Io with Jupiter in the background; the high-gain antenna is fully deployed.

Hall Of Records Great Sphinx Has A Secret Library With TONS OF SECRET ENTRANCES


It is blooming spectacular and very confusing at the same time with conflicting information regarding the secrets and myths of the Sphinx?

The Sphinx of Egypt has a hidden chamber which holds the Hall Of Records apparently, but it also has other secret hidden chambers of which hold possibly anything you could imagine? The chambers are there it's been proven by Japanese scientists.

So why is there an entrance on the side of the Sphinx? Is it to a secret underground city beneath the whole region? Basically every single secret, hidden and forgotten entrance has that very same tag applied to it, i.e - where does this one lead to?

Are they all exclusively different or are they all connected to one chamber? Personally I believe that there's many, many secret and hidden places under the Great Sphinx and my explanation for that is the many myths, legends that go with the Sphinx? That tell's me that they could ALL possibly be right? They could all have validity in their individual legends and myths.

Check out this link for more...

There's many myths, there's many entrances.

The Hall of Records is an ancient library claimed by Edgar Cayce to have been deposited at the time of Imhotep at Saqqara in Egypt. It has been suggested (by who) that the Hall of Records is under the Great Sphinx of Giza, which is in the Giza pyramid complex. There is no evidence to indicate that the Hall of Records ever existed. In 1998, Zahi Hawass, Chief Director of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, undertook excavations beneath the main body of the Sphinx at Giza and rediscovered access tunnels to several large, apparently natural, caves directly under the Sphinx. No artifacts were found and a survey was undertaken to assess any potential threats in the substrate that might affect the ancient monument above.

"There Was Evidence Of Earlier Ancient Excavations."

Hawass commented in a documentary about the 1998 excavations that he suspected that there could be other cavities beneath the structure, based on the evidence of the small watercourse that had caused some minor structural damage to stonework on the flank of the Sphinx.

Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, in Message of the Sphinx, stated that American archaeologists and the Egyptian government had blocked investigations around the Sphinx, including attempts to locate any underground cavities. I mean why would any American archaeologists (whoever they are) block any attempts to rediscover a lost part of history?

I thought that they (archaeologists) were all one massive family all working for the common good which is all about finding that new world breaking discovery(s) and also about rediscovering forgotten parts of history and so as to secure, preserve and introduce any new find(s) to the general public?


This is a rare image of the Sphinx shows the surface of the head of the Sphinx. The images was taken in 1925. Image Credit Unknown.


Hidden Chambers beneath the Sphinx:
Rare images show how to access the Sphinx. This is an incredible image (just above) and shows how much the Sphinx was buried literally right up to if not past it's head at one time? The guy in the image is shown literally entering the head of the Sphinx which is amazing and the entrance still exists to this day. Hardly any of the public of the world so-to-speak know about this, but now you do? Your a privileged bunch aren't you, lol.

Here's where it get's scientifically very interesting!

In 1987 a Japanese team from Waseda University (Tokyo), under the direction of Sakuji Yoshimura carried out an electromagnetic sounding survey of the Khufu Pyramid and Sphinx and found SEVERAL cavities and tunnels. Rare images of the Great Sphinx suggests there are several intricate entrances. The Great Sphinx of Giza has captured the imagination and interest of anyone who has seen it. This fascinating monument which proudly guards the Pyramids at Giza is without a doubt one of the most mysterious ancient structures on the planet.


The results were fascinating:

A. South of the Sphinx. The Japanese indicated the existence of a hollow 2.5 m. to 3 m. underground. And, they found indications of a groove on the Sphinx body that extends beneath the Sphinx.

B. North of the Sphinx. The Japanese found another groove similar to the southern one which may indicate that maybe there is a tunnel underneath the Sphinx connecting the south and north grooves.

C. In front of the two paws of the Sphinx. The Japanese found another hollow space about 1 m. to 2 m. below surface. Again, they believe that it might extend underneath the Sphinx.

With a length of 241 feet and a height of 66 feet, the Great Sphinx of Giza holds the record as the largest monolith statue on the surface of the planet. But its beauty and mystery go far beyond its size. If we take a look at the Sphinx today and compare it to extremely old and rare images of the monument when it was still covered in sand, we will notice numerous interesting details which point to the possibility of an underground world existing beneath it.

Why, because why have so many entrances if it just leads to one chamber? It doesn't make any sense at all to have that many entrances but only going to the one stupid chamber. It indicates a large volume of people coming and going, like a city? That's an impressive deduction, lol. In fact it's the easiest deduction to make in the world and hence the legend of the mysterious hidden chambers beneath the Sphinx was probably born from that, maybe? Maybe not but the city beneath the Sphinx is a lot better opinion and fits even easier than it just been a chamber don't you think so? Check out all the blooming entrances to the Great Sphinx of Egypt in the images below...

Now if these don't get you interested than I don't know what will?



Hidden chamber and entrance to the tunnels beneath the Sphinx of Egypt.

This ancient monument which some authors argue is far older than the ancient Egyptian civilization was discovered (almost completely covered in sand) in AD 1817, when the first modern archaeological dig, led by Giovanni Battista Caviglia managed to uncover the Sphinx’s chest completely.

Hidden chamber and entrance to the tunnels beneath the Sphinx of Egypt.

After a couple of decades, the entire Sphinx was finally excavated in 1925 to 1936 by an archaeological expedition led by Émile Baraize. It is precisely during that period when the most interesting images of the Great Sphinx were taken. These images depict numerous cavities, entrances and what appear to be tunnels that according to many leads below this majestic ancient monument.

Hidden chamber and entrance to the tunnels beneath the Sphinx of Egypt.

Hidden chamber and entrance to the tunnels beneath the Sphinx of Egypt.

Hidden chamber and entrance to the tunnels beneath the Sphinx of Egypt.

Hidden chamber and entrance to the tunnels beneath the Sphinx of Egypt.

Number 8 is by far the most impressive and by far the most interesting opening, entrance if you like and has a real pull on all the people who see it. The possibilities are probably the most inticing that one could ever imagine? Image the possible technology, lost inventions, lost writings, lost beliefs, teachings and religions, statues, monuments or even Alien space ships and even Alien knowledge?
The mind boggles, is this why it is being jelously guarded!

Hidden chamber and entrance to the tunnels beneath the Sphinx of Egypt.

Hidden chamber and entrance to the tunnels beneath the Sphinx of Egypt.

It just keep's on giving! There's to my count nine (9) entrances and yeah I've even surprised myself? I never knew there was that many entrances at all. All I did was search the internet from top to bottom? I literally spent what 3 hours on just the image part of this post. So yeah this post actually has taken me a while, days to do. But that's why I love researching "or" scratching the surface as I like to call it - because everything has a follow up question doesn't it which starts the chase off all over again?

It usually starts with a "why"?
That's sometimes how I research, if I start to stall I simply ask myself a 3rd person type question. It's a good way of overcoming writers block not that I consider myself as a writer? I consider myself a puzzler. Joining the dot's of the past from one question and answer to the next. I wasn't ready for the amount of images and showing that many entrances beneath the Greatest Monument in history or even antiquity though. I'm actually really liking the hidden, secret city beneath the Sphinx mystery the most...

We shall see, only time will tell all?

A New Theory Based On Quantum Entanglement Says Your Mind Exists In Another Dimension

Another Dimension is my mind here at all.

Australian philosopher and cognitive scientist David Chalmers once phrased the question: “how can something immaterial like subjective experience and self-consciousness arise from a material brain?”

Chalmers and countless philosophers and scientists throughout the ages have battled with this question to end all questions, and still we don’t have a clear answer.

Another Dimension is my mind here at all.

Today, philosophers and scientists are involved in rigorous research on consciousness and now, at the confluence quantum physics and neuroscience, a theory emerges of a mental field we each have, existing in another dimension and behaving in some ways like a black hole, reports Tara MacIsaac at Epoch Times.

Another Dimension is my mind here at all.

What is the connection between the brain and the mind?
Where is the mind located?

Another Dimension is my mind here at all.

Dr. Dirk K.F. Meijer, a professor at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands published an article in the September 2017 edition of NeuroQuantology that reviews and expands upon the current theories of consciousness that arise from the meeting of neuroscience and quantum physics. He writes:

“Our brain is not a ‘stand alone’ information processing organ: it acts as a central part of our integral nervous system with recurrent information exchange with the entire organism and the cosmos. In this study, the brain is conceived to be embedded in a holographic structured field that interacts with resonant sensitive structures in the various cell types in our body.”
Another Dimension is my mind here at all. 
Essentially, Meijer hypothesizes that our consciousness exists in a field surrounding the brain. This field is in another dimension. It shares information with the brain through quantum entanglement, among other methods. And it has certain similarities with a black hole. Information comes together and interacts in the brain more quickly than can be explained by our current understanding of neural transmissions in the brain. It thus seems the mind is more than just neurons firing in the brain, reports Macisaac.

Another Dimension is my mind here at all.

Gates of Hell Found?

Ancient bones undert the streets of Paris.

Wow, the Door and Gate To Hell have been found and it's exactly where some people may have known about it to be for a very, very long time? Not that they're from there or that they've been there or going there it's more like it's a known mystery or it's an old wives tale type thing? Last time the gate to Hell was left ajar, the great plague occurred.

Yes I'm talking the catacombs of Paris! That's why I say some people might know about it as the Parisians usually refer to the catacombs as the Gates To Hell.

Gates To Hell and the underworld.

So, now that we have the location of the Gates To Hell understood (Paris) now we need to understand why it's called such a terrifying thing? It's because it has over 400 miles of tunnels and has over 6 million human skeletons within them 400 miles of catacombs! That is unbelievable and the biggest catacombs in the world as you'd expect really? Because there's so many peoples bodies in there and people have been tucked away in the catacombs for over 10 centuries, yes 10 centuries this is why the catacombs of Paris have got the nick name of The Gates To Hell.

They line the way on the last journey tortured souls will take, mocking the soul...

I don't recommend being in the catacombs and I don't recommend exploring them neither? There's an actual name for the people who always go there (yes idiots, also) they are called Cataphiles? It leaves nothing to the imagination doesn't it? So why am I writing this post? To show you the eerie, the dank, the human ellement and the afterworld? The deep dark catacombs are not for the feint hearted so you can make up your own mind as to whether or not it is the gates to Hell?

Hell under the streets in the underworld.
Image Credit/Idiot

So I found a few horrible facts about this devastating place of human death and human sacrifice. Yes that's right, at one point it is said that human sacrifices were occuring in the catacombs secretly by Satanists and Devil worshippers? Going down in to the catacombs either with the authorities permission or not, if human sacrifice was going on in this place then going down there is a no, no. The human suffering that went on in Paris and the surrounding French villages must of been unimaginable?

Let's not forget about the plague? The plague was killing people in Europe everyday at a rate of thousands per day? The stench alone must of been unimaginable? The Doctors outfits during this time was like nothing ever seen before check this out:

The plague in Europe and the Doctors costumes were terrifying.

Some say the Doctors would dance in the streets of Paris at night with the dead corpses while they were in these costumes which would give rise to tails of human sacrifices and some say the not all the Doctors dance partners were "willing participants"? Were these so-called dance partners actual murder victims? Nobody would know and nobody would go near the bodies if the Doctor said they were plague victims so... Use your own imagination?

It is the only ossuary in the world, that contains the skeletons of over 6 million people. Apart from the incredible amount of human remains, the Catacombs of Paris have even more impressive history. By the late 10th century, a considerable area of the parish territory was filled with cemeteries. In order to save space (space was at a premium) those who had been buried a long time ago were simply exhumed and replaced with new bodies in the now empty graves. The remains used to be gathered up and stored in the galleries inside of the actual cemetery walls. Eight centuries later, the main cemetery included an over two feet high mound, filled with thousands of many years old skeletons.

By the end of the 18th century it was clear, that the cemetery couldn’t keep up with the constantly growing number of bodies. Human remains belonging to several cemeteries around the city were moved to the Catacombs. However, it wasn’t until 1810 that the ossuary began to take the shape it has today. The head of the Paris Mine Inspection Service at the time, Louis-Etienne Hericart de Thury, came up with the idea of turning the place into a mausoleum.

The actual catacomb tunnels were the remnants of an old mine.

Each skull and bone was placed on top of others, resulting in walls covered in human remains. The so-called “Gate of Hell,” which is Paris official gate, is the beginning of an unforgettable journey. Besides skulls, visitors see engravings and pillars. In certain rooms there are displayed certain minerals found over the years under Paris, as well as tablets with various inscriptions regarding the ossuary. Ever since 1787, when the Count of Artois; the first notable visitor, entered these mysterious tunnels, the Catacombs of Paris have been a popular sightseeing spot.

Source of information.

The walls are made of human bones.

Probably the Gates To Hell.

Also, there is an actual door to Hell in Paris so i'll write about that aswell? It's weird how all gates to Hell can be found in Paris don't you think? I think that's by design because how else can you explain all the gates to Hell that are quite literal in one city? It's not an accident or a quirky answer. It's on purpose. Humans can be very Hellish and this is no exception I can tell you.

Just off the rue de Varenne, in Paris’s seventh arrondissement, stands the door to hell. You will be glad to know it is closed. The door is a bronze sculpted by Auguste Rodin. This was the work of a lifetime: he began in 1880 and still did not consider it finished at the time of his death, in 1917. A number of his best-known sculptures were originally created to figure in this apocalyptic tableau. You will find, for instance, a smaller version of The Thinker (who was supposed to represent Dante—which is a kick-ass art trivia question), as well as Francesca and Paolo, the doomed lovers of The Kiss (not quite as good a trivia question, but still not bad). You’ll also find Ugolino as he crawls through the dust, his starving family clinging to his arms, and all kinds of other tormented sinners I won’t describe, but rather leave you to discover on your own.

Source of information.

The door stands just inside the garden of the Rodin museum.
There’s a bench across from the door.

The door to Hell in Paris.

Source of this is from here.

You can’t actually go through the door to hell. Rodin didn’t sculpt it in such a way as to allow it to open. If this frustrates you then you may consider taking a walk south from the Rodin museum to go through a different kind of door and descend into the Paris catacombs, which might suffice as a proxy for hell.

4,000 Year Old UFO Found In Grand Canyon In Relatively Good Condition!

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The Grand Canyon has a UFO wreckage.

The Grand Canyon has an unexpected Alien guest? But this guest forgot to check out over 4,000 years ago! I'm talking about the wreckage of a UFO found by an expert team called in to survey the debris of something?

This is not new news but rather updated news and dare I say it, for some people who don't even know about this? Well, this one is for you.

UFO wreckage has been found in the Grand Canyon.

Flagstaff Arizona is sharing it's secrets spectacularly! It has given up one of it's more better secrets than say a new type of foliage or a brand new to science type of insect? This one is of the Extraterrestrial variety and of the most intriguing variety?

Anyways, The Grand Canyon, the most beautiful crack on Earth. One of the seven natural wonders of the Earth and as it's 277 miles in length and it's 18 miles at it's widest point - it has many, many places to hide a UFO (maybe the size of a 4 door car)? But here is the one thing in our favour which I believe counted towards us eventually finding this? It crashed to Earth. It's a wreckage and therefore it was not hidden away, more like it just crashed and died where it lay.

That will eventually count in our favour in what 4,000 years time to come, when we find it. I'm pretty sure that if Aliens inside of it at the time or as a remotely controlled drone/satellite at the time then that would give the pilots let's say time to stash it, to cover it up and even blow it up? But that never happened. So maybe this was an autonomous vehicle, a self thinking and self destined type of Alien craft and that would maybe answer some questions but maybe not all the questions and could be discounted at some point in time?

Here's The Story:

A team of experts called in to examine strange debris at the bottom of the Grand Canyon discovered the wreckage of a UFO that crashed a mind-boggling 4,000 years ago! The scientists, members of a secret joint military task force on UFOs, inspected the spherical craft and found it to be in good condition despite its rough landing and incredible age.

The relic is made of an unknown metallic substance and emits low levels of radiation (wow), according to leaks from highly placed sources. It was immediately removed from the site and is now in a secret location (my guess is probably your guess as well Area 51)?

“My contacts tell me this craft is definitely of extraterrestrial origin and without a doubt carried a crew of 12 to 20 individuals,” said Dr. Henry Leaumont, a California-based astronomer who contacted Weekly World News after he was shown secret Air Force documents relating to the find. “Carbon dating shows it crash-landed at the base of the canyon around 2,000 B.C. “Cabin features suggest that the crew members were much like humans, although significantly smaller. They apparently breathed oxygen, guided their atom-powered craft with a magnetic steering system and carried supplies of food and water on-board.”

Lets consider 5 Aliens was alive after the UFO crashed and was turned in to a wreckage. Let's say that they went on to have offspring? How many Aliens could be walking around this planet right now and have Alien ancestors? 4,000 years ago and in that time there could be a lot? Are you one?

Real Alien hybrids.

According to reports filed by the scientific team, the spacecraft was lodged in limestone rubble at the base of the canyon not far from an area called Comanche Point. A thorough inspection of the landing site revealed that the spacecraft’s occupants left their ship and lived near it for a number of years after it crashed. This impression is confirmed by Indian cave paintings made at the time, the Air Force secret documents attest.

The paintings, found near the crash site, show strange humanoid creatures with bulbous heads. Experts believe these creatures were the aliens who arrived in the ancient UFO. “The ship is made of an extremely light metallic fibre,” Dr. Leaumont said. “It measures about 50 feet across at its widest point and it is 102 feet long. It’s an incredible find the latest in a series of artifacts collected secretly and hidden away in government UFO study centres.
“There’s a lot of official concern about keeping this latest discovery a secret. They’ve been covering up the truth about alien contacts for 50 years and they’re not going to stop now. They want to study this thing, but they want it only for themselves. “Who knows what scientists might learn if they’d share this priceless find with the rest of the world?”
Human hybrids of the Alien kind.

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