We're Looking For New Writers To Write For Us, Are You Interested?

We need new writers.
We are always looking for new authors that have an interest in the topics of conspiracy, UFOs, aliens and the paranormal/spiritual. If you have a talent for spotting and enhancing conspiracies with your brilliant touch and passion for research then your the exact person we're looking for? Sadly we can't pay but we do amazing warm handshakes? Sometimes we are known for the odd pat on the back and or a high five, your choice?

Conspiracies come in all shapes and sizes, we urge you to put your best frock on and get out the quill and parchment because if we like your post's then we will publish them right here on UFO Sightings Footage? Obviously the truth is everything so it has to be centered around the truth and the facts? Apart from that, your free to put the facts in whatever order you wish as long as it's the correct order?

Send all enquiries to:
Subject line:
Writing for the truth

Thank you so much and guys, if your commited to this then we will support you in whatever way we can? Also, if you have any stories, sightings and any images or videos of your own then you may also send that aswell?

Thank you,

Write about UFOs and Aliens for us.

Thank you for leaving a message, your comments are visible for the world to see.
Lee Lewis UFO Researcher
UFO Sightings Footage

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