What The U.S. Government Found, Then Covered Up In Antarctica

Admiral Byrd and the Alien connection.

Was Operation Highjump a mission to invade Antarctica?

First things first, most people were and still are suspicious of the purpose of the expeditions to Antarctica going way back even to the Admiral Byrds expedition called "Operation Highjump" on 26 August 1946 which ended in late February 1947. Since then there's been many highly unusual visits, theories and sightings plus other expeditions that simply can't be explained at least officially in public they can't but we can! We've researched Intellihub for a lot of our information which is an amazing website.

Operation Highjump (OpHjp) put nearly 5000 U.S. military personnel along with every resource available at the Navy’s disposal in the hands of Admiral Richard Byrd, the Operations Leader of the U.S. Naval mission into the Antarctic. Think about that for a moment and let it sink in. Every resource in "the entire U.S. Navy" was made readily available for Admiral Byrd’s team’s use. That's mind blowing in ever aspect of that words.

Although Byrd was chosen to lead the mission for a rather specific reason, which I will later explain, he was quite qualified and a favourite amongst the American public–the perfect candidate of choice by U.S. Navy and Top Brass. Additionally to Byrd’s recruitment another man, Rear Admiral Richard Cruzen, was selected to head-up the task force. And make no mistake, this was an unusually bold move for the American military at the time as people, nations, and even world economies were still volatile from war’s aftermath.

So we have to ask the following questions: Why would the U.S. military be seeking to expend so many resources at the risk of great collateral loss to explore such a harsh region of the Planet Earth as Antarctica?

What was the rush?

What did they know? Was they going after the fleeing Nazis after the war? To go after them in to the Hollow Earth?

What we find is that a lot of the details regarding Operation Highjump have been carefully tucked away over the years. Wikipedia explains little about the mission officially titled The United States Navy Antarctic Developments Program, 1946-1947:

A United States Naval operation organised by Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd Jr., USN (Ret), Officer in Charge, Task Force 68, and led by Rear Admiral Richard H. Cruzen, USN, Commanding Officer, Task Force 68. Operation Highjump commenced 26 August 1946 and ended in late February 1947. Task Force 68 included 4,700 men, 13 ships, and multiple aircraft. The primary mission of Operation Highjump was to establish the Antarctic research base Little America IV.

Highjump’s objectives, according to the U.S. Navy’s report on the operation were as follows:

Training personnel and testing equipment in frigid conditions;
  • Consolidating and extending United States sovereignty over the largest practicable area of the Antarctic continent (This was publicly denied as a goal even before the expedition ended);
  • Determining the feasibility of establishing, maintaining and utilising bases in the Antarctic and investigating possible base sites;
  • Developing techniques for establishing, maintaining and utilising air bases on ice, with particular attention to later applicability of such techniques to operations in interior Greenland, where conditions are comparable to those in the Antarctic;
  • Amplifying existing stores of knowledge of hydro graphic, geographic, geological, meteorological and electro-magnetic propagation conditions in the area;
  • Supplementary objectives of the Nanook expedition. (The Nanook operation was a smaller equivalent conducted off eastern Greenland.)
Interestingly enough many of the actual mission details were shrouded by secrecy, hidden from the American public, which leads us to where we are now. Because let's face it, secrecy only gives rise to more secrecy.

An excerpt from a report entitled;

The Antarctica Enigma reads:

Little other information was released to the media about the mission, although most journalists were suspicious of its true purpose given the huge amount of military hardware involved. The US Navy also strongly emphasised that Operation Highjump was going to be a navy show;

  • Admiral Ramsey’s preliminary orders of 26th August 1946 stated that,
  • “The Chief of Naval Operations only will deal with other governmental agencies” and that 
  • “no diplomatic negotiations are required.
  • No foreign observers will be accepted.”

Not exactly an invitation to scrutiny, even from other arms of the government. Admiral Byrd, was a strategic choice as he was a national hero to the Americans. He had pioneered the technology that would be a foundation for modern polar exploration and investigation, had been repeatedly decorated and had undertaken many expeditions to Antarctica and was also the first man to fly over both poles. However, the task force itself, remained strictly under the military command of Rear Admiral Richard Cruzen Unfortunately, the ships central group entered the ice pack off the Ross Sea on 31st December 1946 and found conditions as bad as had been noted for over a century.

Icebreakers such as the USCGC Burton Island, a ship that had only recently been commissioned and was still undergoing sea trials off the Californian coast when Operation Highjump was launched, fought to cut a way through the ice to help the men land. Richard Cruzen was one of a few men to have located at several ‘oases’ which were actually the real reason the expedition team was sent there in the first place, although at the time only those with a top-secret clearance would truly know the mission’s true objective. But even that seems laughable because why send the military to find warm water or possible water that can sustain vegetation?

It's more likely they wanted to control the massive Antarctica wall that separates the Hollow Earth from the rest of the world at any means necessary? That's my conclusion and it's far better than the warm water theory. But even my theory could be wrong, so what do you think? Why send all this military hardware, people, materials and just an overwhelming armada of ships? It's a fighting force, nothing more nothing less. It's a statement but to who? The fleeing Nazis is my theory that are guarding the entrance to the Hollow Earth.

An excerpt from the Daviess County Historical Society reads:

According to a Navy report, 1,000 miles of new coastline was discovered on exploratory trips by the Bear and Byrd’s sea plane. Commended by Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox for his “superior seamanship, ability, courage, determination, efficiency and good judgement in dangerous emergencies,” Cruzen was one of the 16 members of the 1939-41 expedition who received the Antarctic Expedition Medal, presented in November 1946. On Dec. 2, 1946, Cruzen once more set sail for the Antarctic continent.

This time, as Task Force Commander under Admiral Byrd of the Navy’s Antarctic Developments Project also known as “Operation Highjump” Cruzen led a force of 13 ships carrying some 4,000 men, including meteorologists, zoologists, physicists and experts from oceanography institutes into the adventure of a lifetime. Besides looking for new scientific data, another purpose of the expedition was to train Navy personnel and to test standard Navy ships and other equipment in cold weather operations. Cruzen navigated through an ice pack of several hundred miles before reaching Little America.

Icebergs and unpredictable weather were formidable foes during the course of the expedition. Among the discoveries made during the 1946-47 expedition was the sighting of two “oases,” one a region of ice-free lakes and land. More than 300,000 square miles of unpaved territory were charted on aerial mapping operations. Their observations proved that radical changes would have to be made on existing maps of the Antarctic.

Why would warm spots, with warm water exist in the Antarctic?

What does this mean?

The Hollow Earth Theory Starts To stand Up

Researchers such as Dr. Brooks Agnew and others have deeply considered the possibility that the earth itself could be hollow or egg-like. Although this theory seems hard to comprehend because you have been told the exact opposite your entire life, in school, and so on. Or brainwashed, reprogrammed.

Entertain this idea for a moment.

  • What if the earth was hollow?
  • Would that be possible?
  • Is there evidence to back this up?
  • The answer is yes!

Evidence shows that the earth rings like a bell after an earthquake for a period of up to about 60 minutes and that’s why some scientists and researchers say that this is due to the fact that the earth is hollow. If the earth had a solid core, when and earthquake happened it would likely absorb all of vibration and not resonate it. This is just one detail that should open your mind to the possibility that a hollow planet is a possibility.

Famous author and lecture, David Icke, explains in his book, Moon Matrix, exactly how the moon is likely hollow as well. While Icke has been received lately harshly with criticisms, an ActivistPost.com article points out how “Icke believes that the moon is an inter-dimensional, intensity portal for entities and energies from other dimensions. He believes that aliens use the moon as a home base for hijacking signals from the universe so that our bodily forms that are experiencing this virtual reality on Earth, can’t fully experience what our creator meant for it to be. Very insightful and very creative is David Icke. You either believe or you don't?

These aliens are the same reptilian shape-shifters that Icke claims are responsible for much of suffering on our planet. Reptilians want to filter anything beyond our five senses so that it manipulates what kind of world we can experience.” I myself have had the privilege of interviewing David Icke and other hollow earth experts, such as Rodney Cluff and Dr. Brooks Agnew, personally–pushing me further into accepting that this theory may be more than just a theory.

Virtually every culture and civilisation across the planet, throughout time, has documented what appears to be the existence of a ‘hollow Earth.’ According to Dr. Brooks Agnew, who I have personally interviewed many times, ‘a hollow earth is a very real possibility’. Agnew has focused his studies to the North Pole region, as him and his team plan to one day locate a documented “polar depression” thus launching test overflights from a “nuclear powered icebreaker.”

Brooks and his team plan a scientific expedition to the brim of the hollow earth, which proves to been unsuccessful at this time due to a lack of funding.

Brooks plans to use a “sun compass” and a “gyroscope” above the 60th parallel to get accurate measurements of the oceanic depression. If the rate of change begins to increase than likely the team would be entering the longed elusive “polar depression” which has been reported by ancient Viking explorers and modern-day seamen alike. Moreover during an interview on Red Ice Radio, Agnew talked about the formation of planets, Sir Isaac Newton, and the difference between “thick” and “thin” crust physics, zero gravity and more.

The episode is very interesting to say the least. Essentially what Agnew was talking about is what’s known as a rather large “Graviton”. You know, those rides at the county fair that spin real fast? They stick you to the wall then the floor lowers. Oh boy–I can smell the funnel cake and the cotton candy now!
In the interview Agnew continues to get into the possibility of a ‘hollow Earth’, questioning the possibility of advanced life within. Agnew explains how migration patterns of birds could be proof that something to the nature of a hollow earth exists as birds migrate north for winter in some cases, retreating to a warm area in the polar region.

Additionally it has been reported that the U.S. Navy encountered several UFOs during the Antarctic expedition and possibly may have had a firefight with at least one of them. A brief clip of this was allegedly caught on film. Some also speculate that mermaids and other rare creatures may derive from the inner earth, sometimes making their way into the upper waters divided by the firmament as mentioned in the Bible.

Is the earth hollow.

This article originally appeared on Intellihub.com. By Shepard Ambellas.

Recently I've found amazing stuff regarding what's going on in Antarctica and the Pyramids alone are all newsworthy items but there's other such things like UFO bases, secret entrances and secret escapes literally for the Nazis and the elites in time of apocalypse. High and influential plus powerful people have all recently been visiting Antarctica and some think it's all because of the stuff that's been found there and some think that these powerful people are taking trips to see these newly found, newly opened and seemingly uncovered places for themselves?

It's not as clear cut as that though as some are believing this to be a sign of the end and that people are taking an interest in Antarctica regions because this place offers the best protection from any impending doom? Obviously they know stuff we don't and that will always be the case unless this new supposedly threat changes everything?

Is everything were been told a lie or is there some sort of master plan that we only know half of and is this master plan a life changing, for good or for bad scenario? All we want is to know?
I don't know what to believe, what about you?

Then there's this image which we all know is where Adolf Hitler was supposed to go? Did he make it to Antarctica and did he live out his life? I mean there's no body so there's only the story.

Just like Osama Bin Laden, there's no body so there's no real tangible proof of anything that the government say is there?

That's my understanding of how logic works right? If there's no proof then all that is left is a story and nothing more?


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  1. It's very unfortunate that more than half of the population isn't aware of this incredible existence right below our earth. I 100% believe that there is a subterranean world inside our earth with intelligent and highly aware beings that know everything about us. Forget other planets with aliens, we don't even know our own planet just because some arrogant, greedy elites want to suppress that information. I really wish someone discovers something about hollow Earth civilization and shakes up the world with it. I wish I could see that place for myself.

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