UFOs The Size Of Planets Refueling At The Sun

All the images in this post have been caught using NASA's telescopes. It's ironic don't you think? The joke is not lost on me, lol.

UFO refuelling at our Sun on various occasions.

What I'm about to say right now may come as a big surprise to some. There might be a good chance Aliens have visited the Sun. Ha, seriously, is that a surprise at all, in all honesty? No. I started with that because I wanted you to see just how desensitised the Alien phenomenon you've become. Does it even register on the "OMG" scale or not because it should register on the "OMG" scale? It's a UFO, probably with aliens inside of it, refuelling at the Sun, our Sun! They're stealing our energy. How do you feel about that? Do you have any feelings at all about that?


So there you go then, your "it's safe to say" is very desensitised to UFOs, Aliens and the whole weird and wacky world of Ufology. That's the world we're living in, I'm sorry to say, and eventually, we'll all get desensitised to practically anything if you allow it.

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Seriously, NASA catches UFOs at the Sun, refuelling all the time. It's been happening for many years now. They come, they go, they come and they go again? NASA can't keep them off our grass so to speak or put a don't enter sign, can they? They just have to log it and tag it.

NASA catches UFOs at the Sun all the time refuelling.

Right, down to the meat and potatoes. This is a big UFO that's been seen on multiple occasions at our Sun. The specific one I'm talking about as there are many been seen. It's been seen in 2005, 2012, 2017, 2015 and so on and so on. I didn't put the sightings in the order of the sightings because I just put the years down "as they were and as I saw them" in the images. They've been seen on some occasions "actually more than once in one year" and the sizes have varied but guys the one thing that stays the same is that there will be another UFO to come and refuel at our Sun of that you pretty much guarantee?

UFOs at our Sun seen to be refuelling their energy needs.

Here's what the official line states about our Sun, which I found from this link:

There are 8 points I would like to point out to you.

1. It is, as all stars are, a hot ball of gas made up mostly of hydrogen.

2. The Sun is so hot that most of the gas is plasma, the fourth state of matter.

3. The first state is a solid, and it is the coldest state of matter.

4. As we heat a solid, it becomes liquid.

5. The sun is mostly composed of the elements hydrogen (H) and helium (He).

6. By mass, the composition of the sun is 75 per cent hydrogen and 25 per cent helium.

7. Various metals make up less than 0.1 per cent of the mass of the sun.

8. The sun itself is made of gas, mostly hydrogen and helium, and so does not have a solid surface like you would find on Earth or Mars.

Our Sun is pumping out. Let's not forget raw energy. It's a power plant on steroids. It's powering the solar panel on your roof right now. There's fusion happening on the surface of the Sun, inside the Sun nobody knows. They (scientists hypothesise, and some would say it's a fact, but I don't know about that) that it's solid hydrogen or gas, plasma, and some other stuff. But in the images, I've seen when they call it Sunspots, and a massive gaping black hole appears on the Sun, it tells me that it's empty. It tells me that the Sun has a black interior and that it's empty which would fit in with my belief that the Sun is a transformer and we're seeing fusion on the surface and that's it.

Below is a really big UFO that has been refuelling at the Sun in 2016, stealing our energy. So what if there's enough to go around it's not the point. What next, will they tow it away? They probably could tow it away as it's big enough by the looks of it.

UFOs at the Sun seen by telescopes from Earth.

Image courtesy of Section 51, follow this link below to their amazing and spectacular video on the UFO at the Sun in 2016.

Large UFO in NASA official images.

There are so many examples of UFOs right near the Sun that we have to be very economical with our posts. That's never happened before, so as you'd expect, we have to create a sort of page or some sort of dedicated online place for these images. What better place than our Twitter account? @ufosfootage is the handle for our Twitter X account, so go and check them all out.

The image here is the full version of the image with the trident-shaped UFO just above. It's amazing, don't you agree?

Three towers UFO next to our Sun.

It's that simple. If you look at the Sun as a transformer, then it begins to show us that for one thing, we shouldn't be able to see the Sun as it's light, right? You can't see light. It illuminates objects, and it is transparent. the source of the light is the sun and its fusion. Something has been transformed into raw energy, and the UFO knows this, and hence, that's why it is refuelling at the Sun. Apparently (I'm sure you've guessed by now), the Sun can't be seen in space. We can only see the sun because of our atmosphere? In space, the cameras used have filters to allow them to see it, but in the vision spectrum, it can't be seen.

Paranormal Crucible has processed the following image, and the credit goes to them. They are doing a sterling job at bringing us all the best in news and weird and wacky stuff, just like Section 51. The guys at Section 51 are right on the truth. If you want to know OUR real history and what's going on in the world that the governments and NASA don't want you to know about then visit these guys, they have the knowledge and intelligence to back it all up.

UFO next to our Sun is shooting a beam in to it.

Then we have this amazing triangle-shaped UFO with what seems to be some sort of tether at the Sun. I've deliberately added this triangle-shaped UFO because I want to show you that it's not just the sphere or trident-shaped UFO and that there's one with a triangular and what appears to be some sort of line of round smaller lights on the UFO.

Check out my YouTube channel.

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Guy I know I've brought you some very, very good UFO sightings here all caught on OFFICIAL telescopes so yes, it's NASA's equipment which is again being brought to bear down on themselves? It's a little ironic, don't you think that NASA has been its own worst enemy, lol?

I'm going to throw in a few more UFOs found at the Sun with NASA's telescopes.

Our Sun is a refuelling station for UFOs.

Huge UFOs on the scales that are off the scale! In other words, are these UFOs so big that we only have planets to compare them to? That makes these UFOs the biggest ever seen with a NASA telescope!

NASA UFOs are big but these are even bigger than that.

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