New Dinosaur Species Keep Getting Discovered This Year - 3 Reasons Why

We're living in a new "Golden Age" for paleontology.

Paleontologists might be in a new golden age of discovery. According to scientist Stephen Brusatte, he and his colleagues in the field are finding an average of 50 new species not just fossils or single bones, but entire species a year, which is nearly a new dinosaur species a week. Brusatte shared some of the reasons for this sudden boom in finding dinosaurs.

Let's face it, palaeontology and the understanding of Dinosaurs is based on the stuff we've found so far there's a lot more of it to come.
Guy's that's blooming unheard of! It's as if it's fixed or rigged?

Photos via Michael Hanson/ Yale University, wikicommons

Brusatte, a fellow at the University of Edinburgh, sat down for a Q&A with National Geographic to discuss his new book The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World and how it creates a new narrative surround the Tyrannosaurus Rex and its demise. In addition to changing scientists’ understanding of the T. Rex, Brusatte has also discovered 10 new types of dinosaur species, something that paleontologists of the past could only dream of doing in an entire lifetime. New technology, as well as multiple government policies, are just some of the latest developments that give paleontologists access to new data and dig sites, catalysing what Brusatte calls a new “golden age” for the industry.

My views are my own personal views, but I think I have a vilid point(s)?
Right, here's my 2 pence worth of information/opinions. I believe that in 2012 something really, really big happened in Geneva Switzerland. I believe that when CERN or the LHC recreated the big bang, I believe opening one reality inside of another reality is a Pandora's box, a contradiction, a BIG NO NO! Something had to give, so to prove another dimension existed they had to CREATE ONE or INVENT A NEW DIMENSION? When they recreated the big bang they literally threw us in to this other fake dimension where we know the atom changed, hence it's a totally different reality because our basic atoms says so! We explicitly changed the ATOM.

The last dimension our atom looked very different. That's how one measures dimensions is by the basic atomic structure. Now all these Dinosaurs are been found because this dimension is MAN MADE! The entire DNA sequence was recreated in 2013 from scratch. That's the scientists way of saying they just CREATED ARTIFICIAL LIFE WITH A SOUL, A CONSCIENCE! This AI robot in Saudi Arabia that just got a citizenship passport, well that's the beginning of the transitioning to all code. This entire dimension is mapped in every direction.

It feels like it was only done in 2012 but we've actually done this millions of times since the dimension was created in 2012. Forever is forever, time doesn't exist in this dimension, it could barely be explained in the last one let alone this fake reality.

Two things can't exist in the same space at the same. Therefor the two things are existing in two time zones at the same time, therefor time as one place doesn't exist THEREFOR TIME DOESN'T EXIST! We are somewhere in between on a plane(t) of existence! Dinosaurs came and went, their bones are popping up because we know where they are in this fake, man made dimension. We sent the signals back through light, not time! Big misconception that ios sorry I mean is!

Photos via Michael Hanson/ Yale University, wikicommons. Let's face it, palaeontology and the understanding of Dinosaurs is based on the stuff we've found so far.

Photos (right) via Michael Hanson/ Yale University, wikicommons

1. More countries are letting scientists dig:

A huge win for paleontology has been the ability to dig in countries like China, Mongolia, Argentina, and other countries that had closed their borders to palaeontological digs in the past. Since granting access to its mountainous regions and the Gobi desert, China has become a hot spot for discoveries.

“Probably about half the new dinosaur species are coming from there,” Brusatte explained. One such discovery was the raptor dinosaur Jianianhualong, which has led many paleontologists to argue that feathers and wings didn’t first evolve for flight. The slender, bird-like Jianianhualong suggests feathers evolved to keep dinosaurs warm before becoming an aid for flying.

2. New technology is improving data:

In a paper published last month in the journal Nature, researchers were able to identify the bird that bridged the gap between bird and dinosaur through the use of CT scans. The Ichthyornis dispar lived 100 million years ago, but by piecing together CT scans of new fossils alongside several different specimens from existing museum collections, the scientists ended up with a fairly complete look at the toothed bird.

CT scanning has been in the news a lot for being the source of new palaeontological discoveries. Whereas CT scans have been available in health industries since the 1970s, its growing popularity in paleontology and increased capabilities have allowed scientists to look at the brain, sense organs, sinuses, blood vessels, and nerves of a dinosaur just by scanning its skull. Brusatte used CT scanning of T. Rex skulls to draw the conclusion that the size of the Tyrannosaurus brain relative to its body was comparable to the range of chimps, meaning it was probably a “much smarter animal than people give it credit for.”

3. Diversity of scientists is helping to diversify discoveries:

Part of the reason why countries like China opened its borders to more scientific digs was thanks to the growing population of paleontologists from within the country. Whereas the industry was once predominantly men from Western countries, “now you have this huge group of young people in China, Argentina, and other places, studying dinosaurs,” Brusatte said. “And they’re making a lot of new discoveries.” Not only have scientists from China and other countries been able to open the door to new digging sites and advancements, but women have increasingly contributed to this year’s most important discoveries. “It used to be an old men’s club…”

Brusatte recalled, “but over the last few decades that’s started to change. My lab here in Edinburgh, for instance, is very female dominated. Of my eight Ph.D. students, seven are female.” Women such as Beijing-based Jingmai O’Connor, Ph.D., are mentioned in his book as being at the forefront of understanding the link between birds and dinosaurs. O’Connor is considered the world’s expert on the earliest birds found in China. Thanks to these technological advancements and the diversity of both scientists and locations for research, paleontology has become a globally growing industry, and the results for science are staggering.


Let's face it, palaeontology and the understanding of Dinosaurs is based on the stuff we've found so far! There could be stuff waiting to be found that will turn it on it's head by either been from an earlier period or a later period? I say, hold off with the facts until we get a full picture unless we might just keep running in to contradicting finds time and time again? The depiction of a Dinosaur, carved in to a Cambodian Temple called Ta Prohm found in the jungle is quite thrilling because this has got to rewrite history?

I think that we can all agree that this needs further studying and needs further investigation in to the Temple and the cave paintings and palaeontology plus the whole lineage of the Dinosaur timeline? Geologists need to definitely look in to this also because without their own research the timeline of Dinosaurs couldn't of been established or the theory put forward, maybe? It is baffling to me and so many people who have already seen this before me? I'm researching this because I find it fascinating and would like answers with facts, and not just opinions because it's hard to get to the said, facts with both put forward as solid proof?

Dinosaurs is based on the stuff we've found so far.

It seems like everyone has an interest in this but for the reasons of fascination and wanting to understand this very, complex issue of the Dinosaur timeline and that's really good? Did humans and Dinosaurs coexist i.e specifically the Stegosaurus and humans or the depicted Dinosaurs in the numerous ancient cave paintings, and the pictures even from way before 1842 when Richard Owen coined the phrase Dinosaurs? I think it's a matter of more research (open research) and more time to figure this very complex and fascinating conundrum?

But what we can't forget is the "carved in stone Dinosaur" of the Stegosaurus? We shouldn't put all our egg's in one basket i.e carbon dating of the layers of sediment and layers of rock's and the stuff around the Dinosaur bones? Or we need more Dinosaur bones to which with more bones we might start to find later and earlier bones that might give us a clue and a fact that they actually did live side by side? Because let's face it, the whole Dinosaur and Palaeontology is based on only the stuff they've found up to now? as to why (maybe) humans and Dinosaurs did coexist?

Prototype Nuclear Battery Packs 10 Times More Power - But Probably A Really Bad Idea!

I'm sorry but I'm gonna go all "concerned citizen" on this stupid idea coming out of the Moscow Institue Of Physics And Technology (MIPT) because this is a "terrorist's wet dream" as sad as it is in todays world! Why not just hand out nuclear packs (oh yeah, that's what they are) to the wannabe doomsday bringers of anyone who doesn't believe in - or like what they do? Especially in todays world after all that's gone on in the world, it literally beggars belief that people want to go ahead and give what would essentially be a "bag of sweets" to a radicalised, misunderstood youth or hardcore fanatic?

Why is Russia on this path anyways? I know they have unused, leaking, decaying and in trouble "large amounts" of nuclear hazardous materials but c'mon really? There's better ways to getting rid of it or creative with it and dealing with the over stocks of nuclear rods, pellets etc whatever it is they have? What about for instance, I don't know putting it "in a reactor"? Here's one for you, put it in the bottom of a big, deep pool and let it cool off? You know just throwing it out there?

Hazard Sign.
Please don't start thinking of ways of what is essentially "putting it in the hands of people" with very bad intentions! Just stop and think for a minuet? There's probably many, many applications for nuclear batteries but firstly, if nuclear fuel becomes as abundant as let's say erm "batteries" then i'm literally moving to an island! Elvis most definately would of left the building by then I can guarantee you that!

Here's the epic and very dangerous story:

Russian researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), the Technological Institute for Superhard and Novel Carbon Materials (TISNCM), and the National University of Science and Technology MISIS have optimized the design of a nuclear battery generating power from the beta decay of nickel-63, a radioactive isotope.

Their new battery prototype packs about 3,300 milliwatt-hours of energy per gram, which is more than in any other nuclear battery based on nickel-63, and 10 times more than the specific energy of commercial chemical cells. The paper was published in the journal Diamond and Related Materials.

Conventional batteries:

Ordinary batteries powering clocks, flashlights, toys, and other compact autonomous electrical devices use the energy of so-called redox chemical reactions. In them, electrons are transferred from one electrode to another via an electrolyte. This gives rise to a potential difference between the electrodes. If the two battery terminals are then connected by a conductor, electrons start flowing to remove the potential difference, generating an electric current.

Say no to nuclear batteries.
Chemical batteries, also known as galvanic cells, are characterized by a high power density that is, the ratio between the power of the generated current and the volume of the battery. However, chemical cells discharge in a relatively short time, limiting their applications in autonomous devices. Some of these batteries, called accumulators, are rechargeable, but even they need to be replaced for charging. This may be dangerous, as in the case of a cardiac pacemaker, or even impossible, if the battery is powering a spacecraft.

Nuclear batteries history:

Fortunately, chemical reactions are just one of the possible sources of electric power. Back in 1913, Henry Moseley invented the first power generator based on radioactive decay. His nuclear battery consisted of a glass sphere silvered on the inside with a radium emitter mounted at the center on an isolated electrode. Electrons resulting from the beta decay of radium caused a potential difference between the silver film and the central electrode. However, the idle voltage of the device was way too high tens of kilovolts and the current was too low for practical applications.

In 1953, Paul Rappaport proposed the use of semiconducting materials to convert the energy of beta decay into electricity. Beta particles electrons and positrons emitted by a radioactive source ionize atoms of a semiconductor, creating uncompensated charge carriers. In the presence of a static field of a p-n structure, the charges flow in one direction, resulting in an electric current. Batteries powered by beta decay came to be known as betavoltaics.

The chief advantage of betavoltaic cells over galvanic cells is their longevity:

Radioactive isotopes used in nuclear batteries have half-lives ranging from tens to hundreds of years, so their power output remains nearly constant for a very long time. Unfortunately, the power density of betavoltaic cells is significantly lower than that of their galvanic counterparts. Despite this, betavoltaics were in fact used in the ’70s to power cardiac pacemakers, before being phased out by cheaper lithium-ion batteries, even though the latter have shorter lifetimes. Betavoltaic power sources should not be confused with radioisotope thermoelectric generators, or RTGs, which are also called nuclear batteries but operate on a different principle.

Thermoelectric cells convert the heat released by radioactive decay into electricity using thermocouples. The efficiency of RTGs is only several percent and depends on temperature. But owing to their longevity and relatively simple design, thermoelectric power sources are widely used to power spacecraft such as the New Horizons probe and Mars rover Curiosity. RTGs were previously used on unmanned remote facilities such as lighthouses and automatic weather stations.

However, this practice was abandoned, because used radioactive fuel was hard to recycle and leaked into the environment.

Ten times more power:

A research team led by Vladimir Blank, the director of TISNCM and chair of nanostructure physics and chemistry at MIPT, came up with a way of increasing the power density of a nuclear battery almost tenfold. The physicists developed and manufactured a betavoltaic battery using nickel-63 as the source of radiation and Schottky barrier-based diamond diodes for energy conversion.

The prototype battery achieved an output power of about 1 microwatt, while the power density per cubic centimeter was 10 microwatts, which is enough for a modern artificial pacemaker. Nickel-63 has a half-life of 100 years, so the battery packs about 3,300 milliwatt-hours of power per 1 gram — 10 times more than electrochemical cells.

Figure 1. Nuclear battery design. Credit: V. Bormashov et al./Diamond and Related Materials.

Figure 1. Nuclear battery design. Credit: V. Bormashov et al./Diamond and Related Materials
The nuclear battery prototype consisted of 200 diamond converters interlaid with nickel-63 and stable nickel foil layers (figure 1). The amount of power generated by the converter depends on the thickness of the nickel foil and the converter itself, because both affect how many beta particles are absorbed. Currently available prototypes of nuclear batteries are poorly optimized, since they have excessive volume. If the beta radiation source is too thick, the electrons it emits cannot escape it. This effect is known as self-absorption. However, as the source is made thinner, the number of atoms undergoing beta decay per unit time is proportionally reduced. Similar reasoning applies to the thickness of the converter.

Photo. Prototype nuclear battery. Credit: Technological Institute for Superhard and Novel Carbon Materials

Calculations first:

The goal of the researchers was to maximize the power density of their nickel-63 battery. To do this, they numerically simulated the passage of electrons through the beta source and the converters. It turned out that the nickel-63 source is at its most effective when it is 2 micrometers thick, and the optimal thickness of the converter based on Schottky barrier diamond diodes is around 10 micrometers.

Figure. 2. Below. (a) Dependence of power flux from the radioactive nickel foil on its thickness. (b) Efficiency of electron absorption in the diamond converter as a function of its thickness. The two graphs indicate that the optimal thicknesses of the nickel-63 foil and the diamond converter are close to 2 and 10 micrometers, respectively. Credit: V. Bormashov et al./Diamond and Related Materials.


Manufacturing technology:

The main technological challenge was the fabrication of a large number of diamond conversion cells with complex internal structure. Each converter was merely tens of micrometers thick, like a plastic bag in a supermarket. Conventional mechanical and ionic techniques of diamond thinning were not suitable for this task. The researchers from TISNCM and MIPT developed a unique technology for synthesizing thin diamond plates on a diamond substrate and splitting them off to mass-produce ultrathin converters.

The team used 20 thick boron-doped diamond crystal plates as the substrate. They were grown using the temperature gradient technique under high pressure. Ion implantation was used to create a 100-nanometer-thick defective, “damaged” layer in the substrate at the depth of about 700 nanometers. A boron-doped diamond film 15 micrometers thick was grown on top of this layer using chemical vapor deposition. The substrate then underwent high-temperature annealing to induce graphitization of the buried defective layer and recover the top diamond layer. Electrochemical etching was used to remove the damaged layer.

Following the separation of the defective layer by etching, the semi-finished converter was fitted with ohmic and Schottky contacts. As the above-mentioned operations were repeated, the loss of substrate thickness amounted to no more than 1 micrometer per cycle. A total of 200 converters were grown on 20 substrates. This new technology is important from an economic standpoint, because high-quality diamond substrates are very expensive and therefore mass-production of converters by substrate thinning is not feasible. All converters were connected in parallel in a stack as shown in figure 1.

The technology for rolling 2-micrometer-thick nickel foil was developed at the Research Institute and Scientific Industrial Association LUCH.

Figure. 3. (a) Dependence of current (black line) and battery output power (blue) on voltage. (b) Power density as a function of the resistance of the electrical load. Credit: V. Bormashov et al./Diamond and Related Materials.The battery was sealed with epoxy. The prototype battery is characterized by the current-voltage curve shown in figure 3a. The open-circuit voltage and the short-circuit current are 1.02 volts and 1.27 microamperes, respectively. The maximum output power of 0.93 microwatts is obtained at 0.92 volts. This power output corresponds to a specific power of about 3,300 milliwatt-hours per gramm, which is 10 times more than in commercial chemical cells or the previous nickel-63 nuclear battery designed at TISNCM.

Figure. 3. Above. (a) Dependence of current (black line) and battery output power (blue) on voltage. (b) Power density as a function of the resistance of the electrical load. Credit: V. Bormashov et al./Diamond and Related Materials

For the rest on this story follow this link.

If nuclear batteries become as abundant as normal batteries then that could be catastrophic.

I honestly don't know what to make of this, is it good or is it what seems like a bad idea? Please comment and let us know?

Red Glowing UFO spotted in the Constellation Canes Venatici

A skywatcher from Aztec New Mexico observed the constellation Canes Venatici by using his telescope when he captured an amazing red glowing object that travelled an enormous distance in space in just three minutes.

Red star like UFO seen through telescope Mufon case number 91964.

The skywatcher states: On May 8, 2018 - I was in my backyard doing astrophotography. My subjects that night were a pair of galaxies in the spring sky, NGC4631 and NGC4656 in the constellation Canes Venatici. My equipment was a 103mm apochromatic refractor and a Canon EOS 6d DSLR.XX.

I was shooting 3 minute sub frames at the time. The object appeared on one of my subframes as it crossed thru the field of view. My first impression was that it was some satellite or high flying aircraft.

One of my submitted photos shows how far the object moved across the frame during this particular 3 minute exposure.


Red star like UFO seen through telescope Mufon case number 91964.

I just continued shooting more 3 minute frames of the galaxy field with the intention of deleting this frame from my total set of 15 frames to be stacked later for the final picture. MUFON always has many, many unbelievable and very interesting UFO reports for absolutely anyone to go see? It's all free to see and if you can't find anything then your not looking right, lol.


Red star like UFO seen through telescope Mufon case number 91964.

The object never appeared in any of my other frames and I did not see anything like it again that night. The dimensions of the galaxy the object flew by ( NGC4631 ) is approx. 10' x 1.5' of arc. So, the object would have been quite small. Its astronomical magnitude was estimated at 8.0 - MUFON case 91964. Read the full story on UFO Stalker the link is at the bottom of this post.

Source MUFON.
Source UFO Stalker.

A Message From Anonymous - CERN ALERT! 🌌🌊💥💣🌌

ANONYMOUS has an alert and guys, you need to hear this?

They will not tell us all about what is REALLY going on at #CERN #LHC, but don't be fooled, it is very dangerous. The theory predicts that the #Big_Bang produced equal amounts of matter and antimatter. But since they cancel each other out, scientists have been trying to find out why a relatively small amount of matter remained, allowing the stars, planets and ultimately life as we know it to come about, and antimatter vanished. Nothing about that makes sense, so why was they ADAMANT that there was something to what looks like a dead end experiment? Was it that they had inside knowledge?

Have some unknown beings literally been helping them with this bizarre theory? Basically it's about getting something out of notrhing, it doesn't make sense, they must of had outside help? #Anonymous has opened my eyes a ton! It took researchers at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or #CERN, decades to figure out how to create an antimatter version of the most basic atom, hydrogen, and trap it for long enough to perform tests.

Again, how can you do experiments on an UNKNOWN? It doesn't make sense? In an article containing many scientific inaccuracies, another conspiracy theorist claims CERN is creating 'Hell on Earth' by performing these groundbreaking experiments. Why? Because 'antimatter is the opposite of matter, it isn’t physical, it’s spiritual. Antimatter can be described as the opposite of matter, but not in the sense that it is not physical. They will not tell us about this, but we all know now - please check out this amazing video.

Anonymous has an alert about CERN.

Anonymous has an alert about CERN.

Anonymous has an alert about CERN.

Anonymous has an alert about CERN.

The Ultimate Proof Of A Giant Race Of People

I've seen and done some research regarding a race of Giants here on Earth or a race of "really tall people" descending from the race of Giants i.e the Nephilim as wrote about in the Bible and it really stands out to me because of the evidence which has been found. OMG there's loads of evidence with regards to a race of Giants and it beggars belief that they haven't been documented as such and instead just left by the roadside to make it's own way home so-to-speak? It's really sad but the truth.

Proof of a Giant race of people.

The Old Testament is filled with some strange occurrences. Sure, it has its plagues and its floods, but did you know Moses lived to be 120 years old? Of course, that’s nothing when you consider that Methuselah lived to be 969 years old. And who could forget that classic from Kings 2:23-25, when God sent two bears to kill forty-two children for mocking a man for being bald. Another odd occurrence in the bible was the appearance of giants known as Nephilim.

Ancient historic anomalies and the Nephilim.
"The Nephilim" were on the earth in those days and also afterward when the sons of God went in to the daughters of humans, who bore children to them. These were the heroes that were of old, warriors of renown” Genesis 6:1-4.

"We saw the Nephilim; and to ourselves we seemed like grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them." Numbers 12:32-33.

Who were the Nephilim?

So, who were the Nephilim? In the bible, they are the sons of God and the daughters of men, however that works. Loosely translated the word means “giants”, although some believe the word comes from the Hebrew word for “fallen”. Their presence in the bible has been interpreted many different ways. Some claim them to be the offspring of angels, while others claim them to actually be fallen angels.

Most Sunday school students remember the story of “David and Goliath”, the young boy who slew the giant armed only with a slingshot. Goliath, the most famous of Biblical giants, was actually a descendant of the Nephilim, a Philistine warrior who stood nearly ten feet tall. So were the Nephilim real? We have many, many examples of bones from what can only be considered as Giants? The bones are of immense size and structure.

The first discovery of what may have been actual proof of the Nephilim’s existence happened in 1705. Massachusetts Puritan Cotton Mather strongly believed that bones found near Albany, New York actually belonged to giants who died in Noah’s flood. Paleontologists later debunked this claim when it was proven that the bones actually belonged to a mastodon. For centuries, fossilized remains of large animals such as elephants, giant sloths, and bison have been mistaken for giants.

Mastadon bones mistaken for bones of a race of Giants.
But for some, that still doesn’t dispel their supposed existence. In 1928, Peruvian archaeologist Julio Tello discovered an enormous intricately designed graveyard containing some of the largest skulls ever found. Some of the skulls were believed to be over 3,000 years old. A recent DNA test found that the DNA contained in these skulls had mutations unknown to human, primate, or animal. Had Tello found a Nephilim tomb? Many are still unsure, and scientists have yet to prove otherwise.


The myth of the Nephilim has been kept alive for centuries by new discoveries every few decades or so. Although many have been debunked, there are still those that leave the question of Nephilim existence still open. Around the early 2000’s, an odd discovery was made in Greece. The skeleton of a fifteen-foot humanoid was believed to have been discovered near the northern border near Bulgaria. More recent findings have also cropped up in Saudi Arabia, Rome, England, and Wisconsin.

About 12,000 years ago, a hefty 4-plus-ton mastodon (in the image above) took a wrong turn into a bog at what is now Marshalls Creek, near the Delaware Water Gap in northeastern Pennsylvania. It now is display and has no need to worry about getting bogged down with work or worrying about food, lol. What an amazing specimen though? It is a wonderful example of some of our earlist animals here on Earth.

To the right you can see a really big elongated skull which was discovered by the greatest of Peruvian archaeologists, Julio Tello. He was excavating an area of the northern side of the penninsula specifically a graveyard when he found some really bizarre stuff which indicates that they either practiced head binding or these where actually star children, yes they were the skulls of children. So it begs the question, did this skull in particular have enough time to grow this big seeing as though it was a childs skull? My answer to that is no way. There's just no way this skull formed so quickly.

Maybe a Giant child? Maybe if the children where from or a part of the ancient Giant race of peoples then this is maybe possible? I say maybe possible because the growth of the skull bone is large, here we have a large skull which is bone therefore this could be a Giants skull and it could be part Alien because of the shape of it? I'm only "initially" trying to connect the dots here so I could be wrong but my initial thoughts are that these could very well be the skulls of Aliens and Giants combined... An Alien Giant hybrid so-to-speak? In the eyes of some they could be seen as Gods?

European Giants did exist.
Here is a really interesting piece from the amazing Bible.

When people began to multiply on the face of the ground, and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that they were fair; and they took wives for themselves of all that they chose. Then the Lord said, “My spirit shall not abide in mortals forever, for they are flesh; their days shall be one hundred twenty years.”

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterward when the sons of God went in to the daughters of humans, who bore children to them. These were the heroes that were of old, warriors of renown. Genesis 6:1–4, New Revised Standard Version.

Nephilim And The Bible.
The word is loosely translated as "giants" in some Bibles and left untranslated in others. The "sons of God" have been interpreted to be "fallen angels" according to some classical Judaic explanations. So that's why some people believe that the Nephilim are Demonic, fallen Angels and are bad. But some people believe that they are actually a race of Giants and since we have a lot of Giant bones, skeletons and skulls well it doesn't take a genius to work out which way my beliefs are being swayed does it?


The proof and evidence will always trump any belief or beliefs, it's just the way it is in my own opinion. The reason for that is well, proof lol. I don't dismiss outright beliefs because a large part of history and todays world is based on beliefs and without our present and historic beliefs the world might just be a very different and very bad place? So in that respect I think beliefs have their own place and they have their own meaning. Some instances need a belief and some instances need a fact. In todays world they both have their own place and time of which I fully agree with.

Giants are everywhere in the ground, their skeletons are making themselves known more and more. We've only scratched the surface quite literally it would seem?

In Aramaic culture, the term niyphelah refers to the Constellation of Orion and nephilim to the offspring of Orion in mythology.

J. C. Greenfield mentions that "it has been proposed that the tale of the Nephilim, alluded to in Genesis 6 is based on some of the negative aspects of the Apkallu tradition".

The apkallu in Sumerian mythology were seven legendary culture heroes from before the Flood, of human descent, but possessing extraordinary wisdom from the gods, and one of the seven apkallu, Adapa, was therefore called "son of Ea" the Babylonian god, despite his human origin.

In the Hebrew Bible, there are a number of other words which, like "nephilim", are sometimes translated as "giants":
  • Anunnaki
  • Emim
  • Rephaim
  • Anakim
  • Gibborim

Four copper-alloy foundation figures dating to c. 2130 BC, depicting four ancient Mesopotamian gods, wearing characteristic horned crowns.

The Anunnaki are very interesting also!

The Anunnaki (also transcribed as Anunaki, Anunna, Ananaki, and other variations) are a group of deities that appear in the mythological traditions of the ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians. Descriptions of how many Anunnaki there were and what role they fulfilled are inconsistent and often contradictory.

In the earliest Sumerian writings about them, which come from the Post-Akkadian period, the Anunnaki are the most powerful deities in the pantheon, descendants of An, the god of the heavens, and their primary function is to decree the fates of humanity. In Inanna's Descent into the Netherworld, the Anunnaki are portrayed as seven judges who sit before the throne of Ereshkigal in the Underworld.

Later Akkadian texts, such as The Epic of Gilgamesh, follow this portrayal. During the Old Babylonian period, the Anunnaki were believed to be the chthonic deities of the Underworld, while the gods of the heavens were known as the Igigi. The ancient Hittites identified the Anunnaki as the oldest generation of gods, who had been overthrown and banished to the Underworld by the younger gods.

The Anunnaki have featured prominently in works of modern pseudohistory, such as the books of Zecharia Sitchin, and in conspiracy theories, such as those of David Icke.

Right is the image of the Akkadian cylinder seal impression depicting a vegetation goddess, possibly Ninhursag, sitting on a throne surrounded by worshippers (c.2350-2150 BC)

Akkadian cylinder seal dating to c. 2300 BC depicting the deities Inanna, Utu, and Enki, three members of the Anunnaki.

Getting back to Giants:

I found a website dedicated to the tallest people that have ever existed on Earth which can be found here.

It stops short at telling us about the ancient Giants because I suppose it has to go on pure facts? Obviously an ancient race of Giants with their skeletons and DNA samples isn't enough, lol. I know that's laughable but I suppose we all have different ways of researching and researching on the side of caution instead of going with the evidence is one way? My way of researching is to go where the evidence/research takes me? Radical, I know, ha.

Say hello to the "official" tallest man in history.

The tallest man in history is a Giant.Robert Wadlow - The Tallest Man ever

May 1936, Robert Wadlow at 18 years old with his mother and (half of) brother Harold Jr.

Robert Wadlow (Born Robert Pershing Wadlow on 22 February 1918 – died 15 July 1940) is the tallest person in medical history for whom there is irrefutable evidence. He is often known as the "Alton Giant" because of his Alton, Illinois hometown. Robert Wadlow reached 8 feet 11.1 inches (272 cm) in height and weighed 490 pounds (220 kg) at his death.

His great size and his continued growth in adulthood was due to hypertrophy of his pituitary gland which results in an abnormally high level of human growth hormone. He showed no indication of an end to his growth even at the time of his death. Even though he is often seen in images looking unnatural and looks as though he is

Ten meters in height is not common at all. It is in fact a real rarity. This skeleton as seen in the image below is stunning. It's in comparison to the person next to it which makes it look extremely big, that's because it is really big. You won't hear about this stuff being taught in schools, colleges and dare I say it universities? In universities though at least you have more freedoms to look up and research your chosen subjects, but if you want to pass well then you have to reiterate the orthodox way of of learning and literally tow the line and become the very thing you thought going to university would prove your not, a Sheep!

The discovery of a skeleton that measures 10 meters or 32.8 Feet. (Oculto Revalado A Verdade)

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UFO Disguised As A Helicopter - Its Blades Do Not Move

What is this, it's really baffled us? We thought a helicopter had to use it's propeller blades to fly? Are we missing something here? Seriously is there a helicopter out there that doesn't need to use it's rotating blades to fly? We are absolutely stumped by this one because everything about this defies logic? Is it a #UFO disguised as a helicopter?

Unfortunately the video no longer exists. Sorry.

UFOs The Size Of Planets Refueling At The Sun - But Theres Many Of them 👽🛸👽

All the images in this post have all been caught using NASA's own telescopes. It's ironic that don't you think? The joke is not lost on me, lol.

UFO refuelling at our Sun on various occasions.
What I'm about to say right now may come as a big surprise to some? There might be a good chance Aliens have visited the Sun? Ha, seriously is that a surprise at all, in all honesty? No. I started off with that because I wanted you to see just how desensitised to the Alien phenomenon you've become? Does it even register on the "OMG" scale or not because it should register on the "OMG" scale? It's actually a UFO probably with Aliens inside of it refuelling at the Sun, our Sun! They're stealing our energy, how do you feel about that - do you have any feelings at all about that?

So there you go then, your "its safe to say" very desensitised to UFOs, Aliens and the whole weird and wacky world of Ufology. That's the world we're living in I'm sorry to say and eventually we'll all get desensitised to practically anything if you allow it?

Seriously, NASA catches UFOs at the Sun refuelling all the time. It's been happening for many years now. They come, they go, they come and they go again? Obviously NASA can't keep them off our grass so-to-speak or put a don't enter sign can they? They just have to log it and tag it.

NASA catches UFOs at the Sun all the time refuelling.
Right, down to the meat and potatoes. This is a really, really big UFO that's been seen on multiple occasions at our Sun. The specific one I'm talking about as there's many been seen. It's been seen in 2005, 2012, 2017, 2015 and so on and so on. I didn't put the sightings in the order of the sightings because I just put the years down "as they were and as I saw them" in the images? They've been seen on some occasions "actually more than once in one year" and the sizes have varied but guys the one thing that stays the same is that there will be another UFO to come and refuel at our Sun of that you pretty much guarantee?

UFOs at our Sun seen to be refuelling their energy needs.
Here's what the official line states about our Sun which I found from this link:

There's 8 points I would like to point out to you.
#1. It is, as all stars are, a hot ball of gas made up mostly of Hydrogen.
#2. The Sun is so hot that most of the gas is actually plasma, the fourth state of matter.
#3. The first state is a solid and it is the coldest state of matter.
#4. As we heat up a solid it becomes liquid.
#5. The sun is mostly composed of the elements hydrogen (H) and helium (He).
#6. By mass the composition of the sun is 75 percent hydrogen and 25 percent helium.
#7. Various metals make up less than 0.1 percent of the mass of the sun.
#8. The sun itself is made of gas, mostly hydrogen and helium, and so does not have a solid surface like you would find on Earth or Mars.

Our Sun is pumping out let's not forget raw energy. It's a power plant on steroids. It's powering the solar panel on your roof right now. There's fusion happening on the surface of the Sun, inside the Sun nobody really knows? They (scientists hypothesise and some would say it's a fact but I don't know about that) that it's solid hydrogen or gas, plasma and some other stuff? But in the images I've seen when they call it Sun spots, and a massive gaping black hole appears on the Sun it tells me that it's empty. It tells me that the Sun has a black interior and that it's empty which would fit in with my belief that the Sun is a transformer and we're seeing fusion on the surface and that's it?

Below is a really big UFO which has been refuelling at the Sun in 2016, stealing our energy. So what if there's enough to go round it's not the point. What next, will they tow it away? They probably could tow it away as it's big enough by the looks of it.

UFOs at the Sun seen by telescopes from Earth.

Image courtesy of Section 51, follow this link to their amazing and spectacular video on the UFO at the Sun in 2016.

UFO seen visiting our Sun maybe to meet another UFO.

There's so many examples of UFOs right near the Sun that we literally have to be very economical with our post? That's never happened before so as you'd expect, we have to create a sort of page or some sort of dedicated online place for these images? What better place than our Twitter account? @ufosfootage is the handle for our Twitter account so go and check them all out.

The image here is the full version of the image with the trident shaped UFO just above. It's amazing don't you agree?

Three towers UFO next to our Sun.
It's that simple. If you look at the Sun as a transformer, then it begins to show us that for one thing we shouldn't be able to see the Sun as it's light, right? You can't see light, it illuminates objects and it is transparent. the source of the light is the Sun, it's fusion. Something is been transformed in to raw energy and the UFO knows this and hence that's why it is refuelling at the Sun? Apparently (I'm sure you've guessed by now) the Sun can't be seen in space? We can only see the Sun because of our atmosphere? In space the cameras used have filters to allow them to see it but in the vision spectrum, it can't be seen?

Paranormal Crucible has processed the following image and the credit goes to them. They are doing a sterling job at bringing us all the best in news and weird and wacky stuff, just like Section 51. Them guys at Section 51 are right on the truth. If you want to know OUR real history and what's going on in the world that the governments and NASA doesn't want you to know about then visit these guys, they have the knowledge and intelligence to back it all up.

UFO next to our Sun is shooting a beam in to it.
Then we have this amazing triangle shaped UFO with what seems to be some sort of tether at the Sun? I've deliberately added this triangle shaped UFO because I want to show you that it's not just the sphere or trident shaped UFO and that there's one with a triangular and what appears to be some sort of line of round smaller lights on the UFO? guy's I know I've brought you some very, very good UFO sightings here all caught on OFFICIAL telescopes so yes, it's NASA's own equipment which is again being brought to bear down on themselves? It's a little ironic don't you think that NASA has been it's own worst enemy, lol.

I'm going to throw in a few more UFOs found at the Sun with NASA's own telescopes.

Our Sun is a refuelling station for UFOs.

Huge UFOs on the scales that is off the scale! In other words, these UFOs are so big that we only have planets to compare them to? That makes these UFOs the biggest ever seen with a NASA telescope!

NASA UFOs are big but these are even bigger than that.

Dinosaurs Did Coexist With Humans Heres The Proof, The Timelines Must Change!

The Waldemar Julsrud Collection.

In July 1944, the 69 year old German merchant and amateur archaeologist, Waldemar Julsrud, took a ride on his horse along the base of the Hill "El Toro" (the Bull) at Acámbaro in Mexico.

Suddenly, he saw half buried under the mud, some ceramic figurines. His interest was piqued immediately, because some years before he had made an archaeological discovery 7 miles away from this area. To the delight of the whole archaeological world a collection of ceramics was then uncovered. It was attributed to a still unknown Indian tribe thousands of years old. Until today this collection is known as the Chupicuaro collection. Julsrud asked a local farmer to help him with the digging. For each figurine the farmer delivered, he got paid one peso. The farmer needed no further encouragement, and in the following 7 years no less than 30,000 figurines were found!

They all emerged from shallow pits, uncovered under the watchful eye of Julsrud at the base of the Hill.

To me they look exactly like Dinosaurs how about you guys.Each pit contained about 30-40 statuettes. They were not tomb gifts, because graves were not found there. Hand crafting by recent residents of Acámbaro had to be excluded too, because this place did not know any pottery tradition. Julsrud was amazed because the creations showed not only human figurines like the Chupicuaro collection, but also monsters, dozens of recognizable dinosaurs, people together with dinosaurs, and even flying saucers!

To me they look exactly like Dinosaurs how about you guys?

These just shouldn't exist but yet here they are! They ARE REAL and have been carbon dated to 3,000 to 7,000 years old! That means history has to change! The timelines MUST CHANGE!

Proof of Dinosaurs existing with humans.
Despite the huge number of figurines, they were all different. It was discovered that they were composed of different kinds of clay, including black clay from Oaxaca. Oaxaca, however, is more than 500 miles away from Acámbaro. Julsrud never sold any of the figurines. Just like he did with the Chupicuaro collection, with great enthusiasm, Julsrud invited the archaeological world to come and take a look here as well. But as soon as they found out how bizarre some images looked, the discovery was dismissed as a hoax, again here's the scientific world only believing in what it wants to?

Just look at all this evidence which is been ignored by science even though it's all been carbon dated and is real. The establishment stinks. If it doesn't fit in with their views then it's completely ignored which is a crime against humanity in my views?

Way to much evidence of humans living at the same time as Dinosaurs.

Such people did not prevent Julsrud and his followers from investigating the suspected age of the discoveries. And they were right: the figurines were authentic and the age was determined by the Isotopes Inc. company in New Jersey (by radio carbon dating) as well as the University of Pennsylvania (by TL-dating) to be in a range between 3,000 to 7,000 years old.

Dinosaurs and humans did live together.
But, as usual with artifacts that don't fit into the prevailing historiography, the establishment continued to stubbornly ignore the existence of the figurines. Since 2001 a large part of the Waldemar Julsrud Collection can be viewed in the Waldemar Julsrud Museum, the former home of Julsrud in Acámbaro.
The Dinosaurs in the images are real it's been proven.

Waldemar Julsrud (1875 - 1964).

Living alongside dinosaurs?

Of course there was speculation about how it was possible that people from that time could portray dinosaurs. Some thought that there might still have been real wandering dinosaurs in Mexico 5,000 years ago.

Others believed that the first people of that Indian tribe might have descended from the time of the dinosaurs (more than 65 million years ago). However, if you consider that the people in the figures were probably not earthlings, but extraterrestrial visitors , other explanations are more obvious.

To the right is what appears to be an Alien with a UFO spaceship of some sort?

Then the images don't necessarily depict themselves doing things on Earth, it may also have been on other planets, where dinosaurs are still living. Besides, space traveling for highly developed civilizations goes through the fourth dimension, also called hyperspace. This allows for time traveling as well, because linear time only exists in the third dimension. From a higher dimension you are able to 'slip in' at any time on our time line. These extraterrestrial visitors could easily have made trips from their base camp in 3,000 BC, to other eras, such as the time of the dinosaurs. Since some negative alien races, such as the reptilians and the Anunnaki are born fighters, these prehistoric monsters undoubtedly formed a great challenge to hunt!
The history of mankind needs changing to add Aliens and UFOs plus Dinosaurs.

So there you go, tons of intelligent food for thought? If this was based on a myth or just a story then I don't think UFO Sightings Footage would be that interested because lets face it, everyone has a good yarn, but this is based on PROOF! It's based on carbon dating, pottery, figurines and not just one or two but many tens of thousands!

To depict Dinosaurs and what look like UFOs from ancient times means only one thing, it means they witnessed them. It means everything you've learned at school, college, university all needs to be revised and the scientists need to stop ignoring the proof which THEY carbon dated, they need to see whats up and change the official human history timelines now! I don't know about you but this whole event screams cover up?

Massive UFO on The Moon In NASA Archives

They recovered Aliens from this UFO on the Moon.

Enhanced and rendered with graphics but that's not putting anything there that isn't already there. It's just enhanced what's already there beforehand. 

Guy's, we've featured this before because this was "and still is" a stand alone piece of evidence of life in the universe.

When people say all it takes is one UFO to be real, or "all it takes is one Alien sighting to be real" and everything would change! Well, I personally don't agree with that statement - the Government has been suppressing UFO related artefacts and real bona-fide evidence in the form of advanced technology from Flying Saucers. Then released the first acknowledged UFO videos ever. This is that "one thing" that should of changed everything but it didn't?

So I'm saying that even if Aliens came here to Earth inside of real UFOs and where to announce themselves today or tomorrow, it doesn't matter because nobody would go off the rails, nobody would go instantly insane!

The vehicle on the Moon.

Apollo 20, one of the most controversial UFO cover-ups in history. And it's a cover up because we have it on the NASA official websites, it's in the archives but nobody will talk about it? Isn't that the definition of a cover up? That's a fricking cover up. I choose to accept it as a fact of life because of the many other relevant and related pieces of information that make up the bigger picture. 2019 saw the release of UFO videos and with information that contradicts everything that we know. UFOs exist, UFOs can fly without being seen, they can be recorded in the Infrared spectrum and they can and regularly do outrun US Navy jets.

UAP stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

It's not a top secret or a technological advanced engineering phrase because it was actually coined by the US Government. It's UFO in all it's entirety - except for the name.

Amazing UFO on the Moon that blows everything out the water.

An Alien Spaceship on the Moon

There's nothing left to call this other than "the time that all humans had to forget"! I mean, we've got no choice but to forget because no-one officially will acknowledge and nobody will tell us definitively that this is real or fake so we have no choice but to go round in circles or wait? 

This spaceship on the Moon (Apollo Mission Image number AS20-1020) was found a while back. People often overlook the fact that this thing was so inspirational to many people growing up! Whoever saw this image did so but pre-internet, before the mass media and before the ability to share an image instantly.

I'm talking literally and figuratively to see this image you had to be in the know, in the inner-circle of the enlightened ones? It was often hidden, stashed and kept secret because people really did believe that this was (and still is don't forget) "a piece of the real history" to be treasured and behold!

The real deal AS20 Apollo Moon Mission UFO and Alien site.

Apollo 20 is said to be a top secret mission to the Moon that was covered up by Nasa. The Apollo program, also known as Project Apollo, ran from 1963 to 1972 and was the third human spaceflight project that NASA carried out.It is going down in history not the way NASA wanted it to. They wanted it to be in their own style, with good shots of the Moon etc not shots of UFOs and an Alien spaceship. No wonder they are distancing themselves from this. It goes against everything they stand for! It's a shame, but probably the truth of the matter. Although the US government accomplished its goal to land men on the Moon and return them safely to Earth in 1969 with Apollo 11, further missions continued until 1972, with Apollo 17 being the last mission to go to the Moon and back.

However, three more missions had been planned by Nasa – Apollo 18, Apollo 19 and Apollo 20. Official Nasa records say that the missions were cancelled due to budgetary constraints and that the astronauts were moved up to other missions. Due to three missions being cancelled, lots of spacecraft hardware was left over, such as the command/service module (CSM) belonging to Apollo 19, which is on display at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and other bits of hardware have been used in several films.

Moon chart of where the UFO is on the Moon.

Apollo 20's CSM was apparently never finished and completely scrapped. But is that really the case? It's easy to brush this stuff off because of how big NASA is, they have plausible deniability when it comes to anything and everything you better believe that they use it, regularyly! NASA actually stands for Never A Straight Answer.

It looks real to me?

The video below is a real eye opener. If you don't believe in this story then watch this? If you do watch it, it becomes really hard to dismiss it. If you dismiss the story after watching the video then that's cool and we respect that. Personally, I still remember the Stanley Kubrik film in which he made the Moon Landings. If you don't believe that then that's cool also? But there comes a point where you have to believe in something? Just "not believing" isn't enough to satisfy me, you need to say why you don't believe and why you don't agree with this and that just like the believers have come out with a file, the size of two tree trunks in thickness stating why they believe in this theory? Does that make sense, it does to me?

That video is for me an amazing and structured, convincing piece of the puzzle. I'm not saying it's real, i'm not saying it's swayed me either one way or the other but what it has shown me is that someone wants this to be true so much that they either took a camera with them on the mission or someone paid through the nose to create this elaborate hoax. Either way you look at it, it's one impressive and focussed, detailed and to the point conspiracy. It's a cover up all right.

Aliens and UFOs on the Moon are apparently real.
Mona Lisa recovered Alien from the Moon
The alien girl supposedly found on an ancient spaceship in the Delporte Crater on the Moon in 1976. Right.

If you were to believe Nasa's records, then that would be that "end of, go home get a bath". But in April 2007, an individual with the username "Retiredafb" uploaded several videos to YouTube (the absolute last place I'de ever upload a covered up proof of concept video) claiming that they were footage from the Apollo 20, a secret joint American-Soviet space mission from August 1976. Click here for more information on this story. And also here for more aswell.

The image below is the best image ever! Follow this link to NASA's own archives of this!
The best evidence of UFOs on the Moon.
That looks lik a real UFO to me so what about you?

The user identified himself as William Rutledge, 78, a former astronaut now living in Rwanda. His videos show what seems to be the cabin of Apollo 20, as well as footage, supposedly on the moon, of a mysterious lunar city, as well as the corpse of what seems to be an alien girl that internet users call "Mona Lisa", lying in the cabin. Rutledge's videos were so popular that they garnered over 1.5 million views on YouTube, but apparently a few months later Rutledge claimed his YouTube account had been hacked and all but one of his videos were deleted.

This looks awesome to me, it could be a real UFO.

That's really strange, why would they delete all videos except one? It doesn't make sense but then again nothing from this whole story makes any sense? It reminds me of the land that time forgot. It is very intriguing though and very, very interesting. The story goes on to say:

He then moved his videos to a new account on Revver, but that page no longer exists. Before he disappeared, however, he did agree to be interviewed, through the message function of his YouTube account and Yahoo Messenger, by Italian freelance writer and UFO/space exploration enthusiast Luca Scantamburlo.

Rutledge claims in his interview with Scantamburlo that Nasa's Apollo 14 mission flew over a polar region of the Moon and captured numerous space ships and cities of ancient, oddly-shaped, towering buildings, which looked like they had been abandoned for hundreds of years. Rutledge says that Apollo 20 landed near the Delporte Crater in order to explore a large "cigar-shaped" mother ship, which had apparently been abandoned for 1.5 million years, and within the spaceship, the astronauts found two corpses of alien beings, one of which was captured on 16mm film.

You wasn't supposed to see this image.

He claims that the female alien he and his crew found had six fingers, hair, but no nostrils, and seemed to be in a state that was "not dead" but also "not alive". He claims to Scantamburlo that the alien girl was brought back to Earth and is still alive somewhere. "USAF recalled that, I have been chosen later for Apollo 20 because I was one of the rare pilots who didn't believe in God (it has changed since 1990) but it was a criteria in 1976. It was not the status of the Nasa astronauts. Not believing in God made the difference. That's all," Rutledge told Scantamburlo.

Best evidence of an Alien city on the Moon.

Rutledge's answers are quite rambling, and on many occasions, Scantamburlo tests his knowledge about Nasa in the 1970s and what happened to the other cancelled Apollo missions. Scantamburlo's evidence is posted here. Real, or a hoax? While information about Apollo 20 is quite scarce to come by, an entry on seems to indicate that it is a hoax by a French video artist called Thierry Speth, who apparently admitted to perpetrating the con on 9 July 2007 on internet forum Need2Know dot eu. The link to this post and the website in question are also no longer online.

Nevertheless, many UFO enthusiasts, are still firmly convinced that Apollo 20 did happen, including Scott Waring, a teacher living in Taiwan who has authored a few books on UFOs, time travel and young adult fantasy fiction. Waring runs a website called UFO Sightings Daily for the international UFO believer community, and you can view his extensive evidence in this blog post, which include reports by other Nasa scientists and engineers, government memos, analysis of the light in the video and much more.

Aliens on the Moon right now in a city.
There you go, enough evidence of Aliens on the Moon in cities!

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