Is there going to be a Geomagnetic Pole Shift in the near future

Geomagnetic pole shift is overdue

A group of researchers have studied ancient volcanic rocks to conclude that Earth's magnetic field is a long time away from "flipping" even if the magnetic field intensity is reducing fairly fast. This is because Earth's current magnetic field intensity is double the long term average and it will take many thousand years for the poles to "flip" again. A fast approaching magnetic pole shift is a mainstay in many conspiracy theories. We literally have hundreds of websites and thousands of YouTube videos announcing the impending arrival of the dreaded pole shift and describing the wholesale destruction that will follow. Link to the best video here.

While the timing is pure guesswork, what these conspiracies may at least be partially right about is the consequences of such an event. A geomagnetic pole shift is a process which will drastically weaken the Earth's magnetic field for a considerable period of time. During this time, X-ray flares and other forms of concentrated solar radiation will reach the Earth's surface and play havoc with all things electric.

Magnetic, geomagnetic pole shifts.

A pole shift could potentially destroy every electric instrument on Earth. From the global energy grid, to medical equipment and household appliances, everything is extremely vulnerable in such a scenario. Additionally, contact with such high levels of solar radiation could significantly increase the incidence of cancer worldwide and it could actually mutate the genome of every living thing on our planet.

Polar shift theory

However, a group of researchers from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California at San Diego and MIT’s Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, led by Huapei Wang, an MIT postdoc, have studied Earth’s average, stable field intensity over the last 5 million years and found that the current magnetic field intensity is still twice the long-term average. This has led them to infer that a geomagnetic pole shift event is not in the offing in the near future and could potentially be thousands of years away.

NASA say that the Earth is going to experience a full pole shift

Follow this link to a post that says NASA is saying there's going to experience a full POLE SHIFT?

Studying the history of pole shifts

Earth has experienced multiple pole shifts throughout its history with the last one having occurred approximately 786 000 years ago. “Sometimes you won’t have a flip for about 40 million years; other times there will be 10 flips in 1 million years,” Wang says. “On average, the duration between two flips is a few hundred thousand years. The last flip was around 780 000 years ago, so we are actually overdue for a flip.”

The most telling sign of a pole shift is a geomagnetic field intensity which is significantly below its long term average. Scientists have been able to accurately record Earth's geomagnetic field intensity for the last 200 years using ground stations and satellites . However, the same cannot be said about older time periods going back a few million years. Data associated with these time periods remains sketchy and can be described as estimations at best. The group of researchers led by Wang, used two sites to collect volcanic rocks.

Since Earth's geomagnetic field is considered to be a "dipole", the field intensity is supposed to be identical at both poles and around half at the equator. Utilizing this concept, Wang and his colleagues collected ancient volcanic rocks from two different sites, one at the equator and the other at the south pole. Using ancient volcanic rocks to study our magnetic field Wang and his team from MIT obtained pre-historic volcanic rock from the Galapagos islands at the equator while the second team belonging to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California at San Diego, collected equally old volcanic rocks from Antarctica.

Volcanic rocks are known to store details about geomagnetic field intensity when the lava firsts cools down and transforms into rock. Once both teams had collected the rocks and transported them to their respective laboratories, the rocks' natural remnant magnetization was carefully measured. Then the rocks were heated and subsequently cooled in the presence of a known magnetic field. This was done to measure the rocks' current magnetization after cooling.

A rock's remnant magnetization is always proportional to the magnetic field in which the cooling takes place. Using the data so collected, the researchers were able to calculate the peak of the ancient geomagnetic field intensity at both the equator (15 microtesla) and at the poles (30 microtesla). They also found that current field intensities at both the locations were around 30 microtesla at the equator and roughly 60 microtesla at the poles.

Since the current field intensity was found to be at least double the long term average, the researchers concluded that the Earth's geomagnetic field intensity is comfortably high, even though it may have started reducing recently. “That means today’s value is anomalously high, and even if it’s dropping, it’s dropping to a long-term average, not from an average to zero,” Wang says.

A Pole shift is far far away Independent of the latest findings, a number of scientists have been proclaiming that Earth's geomagnetic field intensity is falling rapidly and that a pole shift is quite overdue. Wang blames this on false interpretation of data. So far, scientists have collected geomagnetic field data from individual grains of rocks and they simply assumed that the field intensity of the individual grain matches that of the entire rock.

Wang has pointed out that this method is grossly incorrect beyond a certain size as in larger grains, unpaired electron spins assume various orientations in different domains of the grain, thereby complicating the field intensity picture. Wang has developed a technique to correct such common distortions and has applied this technique to the Galapagos rocks collected by his team. The resulting data is much more accurate than earlier instances according to Wang. When asked to predict the date for the next pole shift, Wang remains noncommittal.

“What I can say is, if you keep a constant present-day decrease rate, it will take another 1 000 years for the field to drop to its long-term average,” Wang says. “From there, the field intensity may go up again. There’s really no way to predict what will happen after that, given the random nature of the magnetohydrodynamic process of the geodynamo.”

According to John Tarduno, a professor of geophysics at the University of Rochester, since the current finding suggest that the Earth's geomagnetic field intensity is much higher than the long-term average, scientists may have to reconsider their current understanding of the variables that affect Earth's magnetic field. “They’re talking changes on much shorter timescales a million years or less and big changes in the dipole components of the magnetic fields,” Tarduno says. “That’s actually a challenging idea. If it’s correct, that really makes us have to think differently about the dynamo and how those changes could actually happen.”

3 Photos Taken of a UFO during Michigan Plane Flight

UFO seen from a plane!
It was Sunday, 19 of August, 2012. I decided to take my aunt and her husband to do a cross country on the Cherokee Archer II, from Oakland County International Airport, MI to Huron County Memorial Airport, also in Michigan. The duration of the flight is around 2 hours or so.

My aunt who is in the back of the plane shot a picture during the run-up and says: "I think I just shot a picture of an UFO." Her husband and I look to each other and I said I would take a look at it later at home. I was paying attention in doing the run-up and flying the plane. During the whole flight she took pictures, and when I got home I went to look at the pictures. We end up with 3 pictures of the object. As soon as I saw it, I said to myself, "It is a UFO; it was cylinder in shape and followed us through the whole flight.
Airplane encounters a UFO while in the process of taking off and it follows them.

Above you can see it's there when the plane is taking off and then it's seen later on by the same people again, this is a very strange and baffling case if ever there was one?

So why would a UFO be following a civilian airplane? Is it friend or foe?

So why is the UFO seemingly following the airplane? Is it following the airplane or the people on the airplane?

A scary encounter with a real UFO while flying on an airplane.

Whichever it is, this is one creepy and frightening UFO encounter because seeing this thing while your in the air must give you a really bad feeling of impending doom? It's baffling aright!

Three Photographs Taken of UFO during Michigan Plane Flight
Published: 1:23 PM 3/14/2013
Waterford, Michigan - 08-19-12

Cigar Shaped UFO Flies Right Into A Volcano!

Cigar Shaped UFO Flies Right Into A Volcano!

It is very clear that a cigar-shaped object dived into the active volcano and this object was not a small one but a relatively large one as can be seen in the footage. Sceptics may argue that this was some stone or ash coming out of the volcano is totally unfounded as it can be clearly seen that this object is diving into the volcano. This is not the first time that UFOs were observed near active volcanoes, there are other instances where UFOs of different shapes were seen hovering around the volcanoes. What would this mean?

Cigar Shaped UFO Flies Right Into A Volcano!

This means that these advanced space crafts use heat energy to recharge their crafts. Since these UFOs are made of an advanced material it can absorb the heat of the molten lava without any damage to their craft. This is a very advanced technology they are using and it has been observed by the Hubble telescope a ginormous triangular shaped UFO coming out from the sun's plasma and in one picture/video it is very clear that this UFO which was near the surface of the sun sucking up a stream of plasma from the sun.

Cigar Shaped UFO Flies Right Into A Volcano!

This is a fantastic example of an advanced technology which is beyond us at the moment. With this technology space travel will be much easier as no artificial fuel will be required and the space craft can dip into the heat of erupting volcanoes of the planets. No doubt we see these UFOs are present near a heat source like volcanoes here on earth.

Video Of NASA Scientists Admitting To Blurring Out Structures On The Moon

NASA blurring out images just like what they said in the video below?

NASA blurring out images just like what they said in the video below?
It isn't well known that the Governments have been covering up the fact the aliens have bases on the moon. There are many facts, Pictures, videos, satellite images, and testimonies that create hard evidence of this fact. From well known respected scientists, Astronauts, and military personal we gain a pretty defined perspective on this subject.

First we have this video below which is part of the disclosure project that starts off with a women talking to Military personnel about an image from space that has an Unidentified Flying object in it. She asks, "is that a UFO" and he answered, "I'm not allowed to tell you that". Now we know that he could have even said yes because a UFO doesn't stand for some alien ship it simply means an Unidentified Flying object. But he instead says it's privileged information. When she asks what hes going to do with this extraordinary information he replies, "it's procedure to air brush these images out before we release them to the public".

As you can see there's plenty of examples of blurred out or smudged out evidence from the images which NASA has released! I've been trying to locate the actual NASA image numbers so that I can verify they are what they are and that nobody has just added a blur or a smudge for effect? It's hard to find the original images because the images have been published by everyone and their dogs, lol. So finding the original image source is near next to impossible (for me).

NASA blurring out images just like what they said in the video

NASA blurring out images just like what they said in the video

NASA blurring out images just like what they said in the video

NASA blurring out images just like what they said in the video

Crashed UFO In Antarctica Guarded By FOUR TANKS

Here is the final image today regarding this amazing and potentially history changing event as this is a crashed UFO in Antarctica but of the amazing kind.

This is absolutely down to the individual if they believe it or not? It doesn't matter if people think it's real or not? What is good about all this is that it is getting people talking about the Ufology genre and that's a good thing?

Crashed UFO guarded by Tanks in Antarctica.

Crashed UFO guarded by Tanks in Antarctica.

Crashed UFO guarded by Tanks in Antarctica.

There's many conspiracies in Antarctica because the images are so good. They can only be a few things and as a conspiracy theorist who see's anomalies everywhere or people would say i'm a skeptic and I see a crashed UFO what about you?

UFO crashed in Antarctica.


Tanks guarding Alien UFO crash site in Antarctica

Closer image of the UFO crash landed in Antarctica.

This is just bizarre and one of the most incredible mysteries to have ever come out of the wilderness of Antarctica? Did you know that Antarctica is classed as a desert because so little water falls there? That's interesting enough but this next segment will blow you away just like it firstly made our collective jaws drop then it blew us all away?

Tank's were actually spotted in what seems to be a formation on guard right next to what can only be described as a downed UFO or guarding a UFO crash site? It looks like nothing we've ever seen in the Antarctica region so it stands out most definitely. It can't be a dislodged rock boulder or a piece of ice because the are it is in is flat!

This is what it could possibly look like, a close up of the UFO crash site? If only we had a close up image of the crash site? That would of been excellent.

Possible UFO crash site in Antarctica this is what it could look like closer up?

It's as flat as a football field. The fact that there's what seems to be an impression leading up to the unidentified object of where it came to rest suggest heavily that this thing was coming in over the Antarctica region at a steep angle? It looks like it flew to Earth and simply crash landed?
  • Firstly, why is there ANY Tanks in Antarctica at all?
  • Secondly, we thought that militaries were forbidden from entering the Antarctica region?
  • Thirdly, who owns the Antarctica region?
  • Is there a military stationed in Antarctica and if so which country is it?
There is a lot more questions that need asking but for now we'll settle with the ones we've just asked? Wasn't there a treaty signed by most major countries that they wouldn't put military equipment in Antarctica? If that is so, somebody has broken that treaty?

Firstly, why is there ANY Tanks in Antarctica at all?

So who was the (Eagle eyed) person that found this awesome and possibly "history changing" evidence of actual real, tangible Aliens? It was actually a guy from Russia. In fact it was Valentin Degterev from the city of Nizhny Tagil in central Russia. He says he found the UGO (unidentified ground object) online using Google Earth.

Fellow researchers have dug out satellite images of the same site, just off Willy Field Road, which were taken in April and December 2011. The channel says it found the pictures which they believe show four tanks in a line facing the strange crack in the snow on Google Earth as if a UFO has skidded to a halt after an emergency landing.

It's interesting to note that other people have actually looked at satellite images from two months before the images with the four Tanks in and guess what? The images from two months earlier STILL shows the UFO with the skid line behind it but no Tanks. AND that for me, as far as i'm concerned is the clincher which has convinced me that this IS THE FIND OF A LIFETIME!

We've done it guys, collectively!

We've found the most significant and historic "new era" and even "new chapter" in life - because of this exceptional find? I maybe talking in profound and words with big meanings but that's because this is more than the smoking gun, or the answer that we (conspiracy theorists) all needed of which we all believed would come? You see, the thing with common sense is that it grounds one and tells me to be cautious but still investigate further? always say and ask the questions on ones mind? One of the questions is this, what happened to this "UFO"?
  • What was the Tanks doing there?
  • Who initially found this and how?
You see it was Valentin Degterev who saw this on Google Earth first and it was he who broke it to the world so i'm asking this:
  • Who was the first person to raise the alarm and alert the authorities?
  • Was it military or civilian?
  • What's happened to it since?
  • What countries military was in the Tanks?
  • Who else knows about this (Government wise?)
  • Where is the tracks from the Tanks?
The satellite image used by Google Earth was taken on February 15 2012.

Close up image of the UFO crash site and the Tanks guarding it in Antarctica.

It doesn't matter however you look at this, it will always say one thing in your mind's? It goes like this, wow that's a UFO and there is four definite looking Tanks guarding it? Can you imagine being the first person to discover this image on Google Earth? If it was me I would be thinking this is just to good to be true? Then it would sink in what i've actually discovered and then I would put it on my website, lol. Well done to Valentin Degterev for finding this history changing discovery!

If ghosts were real, Brian Cox claims CERN would have found them by now - Large Hadron Collider

So we found this post online that basically says that Brian Cox is the best person to ask when you need answers on Ghosts, the Paranormal, Eerie things, Poltergeists and other unseen "weird" forces? Well i'm pretty sure he's a professor at Manchester University and he's so far away from the Paranormal that he's practically the Pangea's continent of the Paranormal world? In other words he's NOT the best person to ask about modern day Paranormal and Ghost related investigation's? It's like asking a car mechanic to tell us why Physics doesn't fit in with the "standard model" of telephone calls from person to person using two tin cans and some string?

Ah sarcasm, my favourite past time since 1978.

The existence of 'spooky' paranormal beings defies the laws of physics.

There are countless conspiracy theories surrounding ghosts and paranormal activity, and while it shouldn't need explaining to anyone who has a scientific mind, Brian Cox has stressed why such apparitions are "inconceivable."

Yeah to a scientist who only wants to continually do repetitive tests? The Paranormal world is not this world of material things or has someone left that bit of CRUCIAL EVIDENCE out of the equation?

Continued... "We must, in other words, invent an extension to the Standard Model of Particle Physics that has escaped detection at the Large Hadron Collider. That's almost inconceivable at the energy scales typical of the particle interactions in our bodies." Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist who was a guest on the episode, responded, "if I understand what you just declared, you just asserted that CERN, the European Centre for Nuclear Research, disproved the existence of ghosts." Cox agreed.

So there you go! Pack up, get your hammock and your outdoor Crocks on and git thumbing it back to fairy land? It's all been sussed out and "extensively" I might add by these two during a radio show!

I knew it was this easy to work out the whole Paranormal phenomenon in a short radio interview? If only I knew beforehand I could of done it and wrote a book?

Speaking on his BBC Radio 4 show The Infinite Monkey Cage (real edgy) the University of Manchester professor explained that if ghosts existed, CERN's Large Hadron Collider would have found them by now.

My biggest problem with that is this Mr Cox:

They're not even looking for Ghosts! So they're not even using the right equipment (unless you know something we don't?) So if they're not using the right equipment (maybe) how can they be sure that they're checking all avenues that could result in the existence of Ghosts? They could be missing one crucial lense? Or a filter that needs to inside the machine? Or what about less or more energy?

So yeah, I don't agree with Mr Cox because of the reasons i've just said?

C'mon how can you say that Ghosts don't exist when your not even doing any research or experiments on Ghosts? Your taking findings from something totally different and applying their answers to the Paranormal world? It just does not compute?

Like I say, UNLESS you know something we don't know?
Are they even looking for Ghosts? If they are not looking for Ghosts then I rest my case?

 "If we want some sort of pattern that carries information about our living cells to persist, then we must specify precisely what medium carries that pattern, and how it interacts with the matter particles out of which our bodies are made,” Cox said.

Credit: Dominguez, Daniel; Brice, Maximilien

The LHC searches for the tiniest parts of our Universe

The Standard Model of Particle Physics describes everything we know about the fundamental building blocks of nature. It says fundamental particles are governed by four forces: gravity, electromagnetic, weak nuclear and strong nuclear. It is the best description of the fabric of reality we have so far, but it is not perfect. Scientists are constantly searching for new particles that do not fit the model.

Ghost under a sheet or a prank?

This is because they hope to break free of its strict guidelines, which have so far been unable to explain things like how classical and quantum physics can fit together. While particle physicists are battling with discrepancies in the incomplete theory, Cox says there is no way ghosts are another one of these mysteries, because they defy the laws of thermodynamics. His explanation for this is simple: if ghosts existed, they would be made purely of energy, because they contain no matter allowing them to pass through walls and do other "spooky" things.

The second law of thermodynamics says the overall entropy, or disorder, in a system always increases with time and this means energy is always lost to heat. The only way a ghost could continue to haunt Earth is if they had a constant incoming source of energy – otherwise they would not last very long at all. The LHC is the world’s largest particle accelerator, used by physicists to get a glimpse of the tiniest parts of our Universe. It can see how our own cells are driven by energy, and if there was a strange force driving ghosts’ cells, we would have seen it by now.

The Moon Is Littered With Structures And Ancient Relics

Guys, these are the best and most evident Moon Anomalies that we've ever published to our site? The proof of people either "living on or working on" the distant, very ancient Moon is gathering pace like never before?


It's because of the undeniable "common sense" and real NASA images which show us everything from.... Well, just have a look for yourselves:

The proof of people either living on or working on the distant, very ancient Moon
Lunar structure.

The proof of people either living on or working on the distant, very ancient Moon
Lunar ruins.

There are many anomalous ruins, relics and strange "intelligent looking" or created to a plan structures on our Moon that beg the question, who put them there - because for certain it wasn't humans.

The proof of people either living on or working on the distant, very ancient Moon
Ancient ruins.

So to say that nobody has ever stepped foot on the Moon before 1969 is pure myth! These are just the very tip of the iceberg as i'm sure you've already seen other Moon images that have very unusual and very strange things in them? These are no exception and not from the mind of anyone, these are from NASA.

The proof of people either living on or working on the distant, very ancient Moon
Moon tower.

The proof of people either living on or working on the distant, very ancient Moon
And it goes on and on.

There are remains of bridges, buildings, rows of buildings and a massive Alien looking spacecraft. In the image below, you'll see what can only be described as an Alien looking craft, right? It's intelligent design says it's Alien and it looks like it's been there for a very long time?

The proof of people either living on or working on the distant, very ancient Moon

The proof of people either living on or working on the distant, very ancient Moon
Machine making tracks up and out of a crater and not a rolling meteorite.

The proof of people either living on or working on the distant, very ancient Moon

The proof of people either living on or working on the distant, very ancient Moon

The proof of people either living on or working on the distant, very ancient Moon

The proof of people either living on or working on the distant, very ancient Moon

The proof of people either living on or working on the distant, very ancient Moon

The proof of people either living on or working on the distant, very ancient Moon

The proof of people either living on or working on the distant, very ancient Moon

The proof of people either living on or working on the distant, very ancient Moon

I hope you go with your common sense after seeing these images and as you can see, these are from the Moon and not been tampered with at all! Although there have been hoaxed Moon images I'm pretty confident that these are the real deal.

I have only added just a few of my favourite Moon anomaly images and the ones which can't be explained, rationally anyways! These images do create confusion because at first one thinks mmh? These must be faked or are photo-shopped but they're not! They are the real deal as far as we have researched?

Please let us know what you think about these exquisite Moon anomalies.

Satellite Pictures of Mars ANOMALIES

Everytime I take a good look at NASA images, I always come away feeling stupider and stupider! Seriously I don't even think the word stupider is even a word? At least I think it is? Any-hoo, Courtesy of NASA because I take looks at their images and I always find a doozy. Just check these UFO Alien type images. They are amazing.

Below i've added some stills from the video which I thought you would like to see if you don't wanna play the video? It's a few I like in particular.

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