This Moon Anomaly shouldn't Exist - A Miles High Antenna

What is this mystery SPIKE or ANTENNA on the moon's surface?

UFO hunter's claim to have found various 'alien antennas' on the surface of the Moon...

And is there an Alien ship underneath it buried a little just showing it's outline in the dust on the Lunar surface? It is most intriguing indeed Mr Watson?

Guy's this (Moon anomalies) is getting weirder and weirder because after finding the famous Alien mega antenna and dish on the surface of the Moon a long time ago (see images below).

Here's the link to the NASA image for all the ney sayers!

We now, have just come across another blooming antenna on the Moon in the crater of Rupes Liebig and Rimae Marsenius craters by a guy called Mark Sawalha from Finland has spotted this in a Google image and yeah what a find this is? Eagle eyed or what?

He went over this image with a fine tooth comb and this is probably why he came up trumps?

The images below were discovered by Mr Sawalha from Finland with amazing miles high structure or "spike" coming out of the Moons surface is just breath taking!

Original image by NASA showing anomalies.

Is the spike attached to an Alien Spaceship buried just below the surface on the Moon?

Unusual anomaly on the Moon surface with Spike.

I think other people have looked at the Moon but not like this before, he (Mr Swalaha) has definitely given people a cause and a good reason to go back and check previously "checked" images before?

Google Earth has gotten so good in resolution that it's making this kinda thing possible now. But, what happens if like during the cold war, NASA decides to dumb down it's resolution and pixels so that stuff like this can't get noticed? Could NASA demand or ask Google to amend it's images?

Or can they amend their own images of the Moon in NASA's own archives? During the cold war, published images of the Moon by NASA of the Earth etc were deliberately dumb down in resolution so that the Communist regime in Russia didn't know "exactly" just how good their technology was?

The aim of that exercise was to make the enemy (Russia) think they (USA) didn't know or have good intel of their compounds, ammunition dumps, missile launch sites (silos), rockets with nukes etc?

A blurred image is worth a million dollars in that instance, so why not adapt, adopt and inject the same learned techniques in to covering up an Alien presence on the Moon?

But is it to late....

Is the Cat out of the bag...

Is this what we might see in the near future (tampered with NASA archives, again)because of this recent spate of discoveries i.e Alien spike, Alien chimney with smoke coming out, Alien lights in craters and Alien looking UFOs, the list is endless, it really is?

Here is the image of smoke coming out of the chimney on the Moon! There is an actual video which shows movement and smoke rising from the stack. This was news one day, then it just fricking died out? But yeah, this is pretty astonishing as to why nobody has taken this up in the mainstream media?

There's apparently even entrances to the inner parts of the Moon (with perfect matching lights either side of the entrance) or docking bay as some people like to call it? There's the lights in craters and structures, buildings and monoliths! What can a person do when he/she comes across a whole heap of evidence which all point's to an Alien presence and it's an obvious Alien presence I might add!

UFO Sightings Footage has always just followed the evidence, the proof and yes we have followed hoaxes and untruths also? But we have always managed to make it back to the highway so-to-speak and get back on track, because that's what one does right? You dust yourself off and get back on the Bull! In this case the Bull being the research and the investigation. Believe me, it can be very frustrating especially when you see these obvious fakes and hoaxes?

It seem's like some days were losing the battle but then we come across tangible evidence which is backed up in the actual NASA archives or backed up with eye witness accounts with images and video? But when we see an obvious fake, it feel's like there's someone churning them out for tourists, lol.

Check out this amazing and very stunning anomaly on the Moon? This is a definite Alien made structure or it could even be a machine?

Let's have a closer look see:

This look's like it was in the movie Star Wars? A Star Wars fighting machine?

Obviously I have to show you the other satellite dish and antenna that was found on the Moon:

And then there's this amazing find by Scott C. Warring from the UFO Sightings Daily blog.

Moon, Lunar anomalies.

Who know's why these apparent Aliens are on the Moon and why we went to the Moon also why we haven't been back to the Moon? There's many, many different scenarios that apparently went down on the Moon also there's plenty of questions and stories to go with them as to why NASA is side lining the Moon and going straight to Mars instead?

Many, many and probably endless questions you must have? In the word's of Yoda, Be wise must one and be patient. Truth is come, you will know soon!

AKA sit tight because disclosure is already in play what with NASA even allowing this stuff out in the first place - knowing how good technology is getting NASA must be aware of what is going to come out eventually?

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Lee Lewis UFO Researcher
UFO Sightings Footage

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