Martian UFO snapped by the Mars Rover.

There's never a shortage of anomalies coming from Mars, so it beg's the obvious question "when will NASA admit to Mars being inhabited" or at least it was inhabited a long time ago? Let's face the facts and they are numerous! We've seen soldiers stalking the Mars Rover. We've seen skeletons and we've seen bones and skulls, space crafts, buildings, structures plus monoliths and even animals! The list (if I was to list the items individually) would be a mile long give or take a few inches?

NASA has been snapping UFOs on Mars for a long time.

Now, in particular is this official image (below) from NASA's own website that shows us a really bizarre and out of place looking "space craft" or "flying saucer" but whatever it is, it doesn't belong there at all? Has this been published in error or is this part of NASA's disclosure project? Is this an anomaly or is this natural to Mars?

I found some online post's about this "Mars object" and the most people have really got in determining what this is, is it's an Alien looking piece of debris possibly a craft of sort's? One other interesting observation was that this could be the Rovers own debris from entering the Martian atmosphere which it was apparently photographing? I thought that was a brilliant and well thought out answer because the date's and path the Rover took makes this observation possibly the right answer?

So you see, even though we believe in Aliens and UFOs it doesn't mean we ignore the facts or are blind to the possible truth's and only listen to answers that favour the extraterrestrial kind? Common sense is a tool we all have and I know not to lose faith in common sense. This Mars anomaly though, still hasn't been proven one way or the other? So it could still be a real UFO don't forget that guys?

What is this anomaly on Mars photographed by the Mars Rover.

Here is a piece I found on the internet about this amazing and unusual looking "object" on Mars?
The high-definition image shows the rocky landscape of Mars, with ripples etched in the surface by the wind. But right in the middle of the photo is an object that looks completely different. According to viewers, the object has a smooth, possibly metallic, exterior, with some saying it appears to have lights. Some UFO enthusiasts have even jumped on the image, claiming it is an alien spacecraft, and possible proof of intelligent alien life, reports the Daily Star. There have been countless other rover pictures put forward by alien chasers amid claims they show ruins, fossils, or even live creatures on Mars, but most have appeared to be just odd-shaped rocks.

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