Japanese Airlines Flight 1628: Witnessed A Mothership And Numerous Smaller UFO's Flying Around His Cargo Plane

Japanese Airlines Flight 1628: on November 17, 1986 JAL 1628 - a 747 cargo flight carrying wine from Paris to Tokyo - was flying over Alaska when the three-person crew, led by Captain Terauchi, saw an extraordinary craft, whose size they described "as large as two aircraft carriers." The craft was the shape of a walnut and included smaller craft flying around the "mother ship".

Below is the same type of aircraft involved with the UFO sighting;

Japan Air Lines flight 1628 was a UFO incident that occurred on November 17, 1986 involving a Japanese Boeing 747 cargo aircraft. The aircraft was en route from Paris to Narita International Airport, near Tokyo, with a cargo of Beaujolais wine. On the Reykjavík to Anchorage section of the flight, at 17:11 over eastern Alaska, the crew first witnessed two unidentified objects to their left.

These abruptly rose from below and closed in to escort their aircraft. Each had two rectangular arrays of what appeared to be glowing nozzles or thruster's, though their bodies remained obscured by darkness. When closest, the aircraft's cabin was lit up and the captain could feel their heat on his face. These two craft departed before a third, much larger disk-shaped object started trailing them, causing the pilots to request a change of course. Anchorage Air Traffic Control obliged and requested an oncoming United Airlines flight to confirm the unidentified traffic, but when it and a military craft sighted JAL 1628 at about 17:51, no other craft could be distinguished. The sighting of 50 minutes ended in the vicinity of Mount Mckinley.

Locations of the Flight 1628 and subsequent incidents The first stage of the sighting occurred from point A to B, where two objects were observed. Two and a half months later, Flight AS-53 recorded an unidentified object near McGrath, and a military plane observed an object between Elmendorf and Eielson air force bases.

On November 17, 1986, the Japanese crew of a JAL Boeing 747 cargo freighter witnessed three unidentified objects after sunset, while flying over eastern Alaska. The objects seemed to prefer the cover of darkness to their left, and to avoid the brighter skies to their right.

At least the first two of the objects were observed by all three crew members: Captain Kenju Terauchi (Japanese: 寺内謙寿), an ex-fighter pilot with more than 10,000 hours flight experience, in the cockpit's left-hand seat; co-pilot Takanori Tamefuji (為藤隆憲) in the right-hand seat; and flight engineer Yoshio Tsukuba (佃善雄). The routine cargo flight entered Alaska on auto-pilot, cruising at 565 mph (909 km/h) at an altitude of 35,000 ft (11,000 m). At 17:09, the Anchorage ATC advised a new heading towards Talkeetna, Alaska.

Two objects
As soon as JAL 1628 straightened out of its turn, at 17:11, Captain Terauchi noticed two craft to his far left, and some 2,000 ft (610 m) below his altitude, which he assumed to be military aircraft. These were pacing his flight path and speed. At 17:18 or 17:19 the two objects abruptly veered to a position about 500 ft (150 m) or 1,000 ft (300 m) in front of the aircraft, assuming a stacked configuration. In doing so they activated "a kind of reverse thrust, and [their] lights became dazzlingly bright". To match the speed of the aircraft from their sideways approach, the objects displayed what Terauchi described as a disregard for inertia: "The thing was flying as if there was no such thing as gravity. It sped up, then stopped, then flew at our speed, in our direction, so that to us it [appeared to be] standing still. The next instant it changed course.

In other words, the flying object had overcome gravity." The "reverse thrust" caused a bright flare for three to seven seconds, to the extent that captain Terauchi could feel the warmth of their glows. Air traffic control was notified at this point (at 17:19:15), who could not confirm any traffic in the indicated position. After three to five minutes the objects assumed a side-to-side configuration, which they maintained for another 10 minutes. They accompanied the aircraft with an undulating motion, and some back and forth rotation of the jet nozzles, which seemed to be under automatic control, causing them to flare with brighter or duller luminosity. Each object had a square shape, consisting of two rectangular arrays of what appeared to be glowing nozzles or thrusters, separated by a dark central section. Captain Terauchi speculated in his drawings, that the objects would appear cylindrical if viewed from another angle, and that the observed movement of the nozzles could be ascribed to the cylinders' rotation. The objects left abruptly at about 17:23:13, moving to a point below the horizon to the east.

Third object
Where the first objects disappeared, Captain Terauchi now noticed a pale band of light that mirrored their altitude, speed and direction. Setting their onboard radar scope to a 25 nautical miles (46 km) range, he confirmed an object in the expected 10 o'clock direction at about 7.5 nmi (13.9 km) distance, and informed ATC of its presence. Anchorage found nothing on their radar, but Elmendorf's NORAD Regional Operations Control Center (ROCC), directly in his flight path, reported a "surge primary return" after some minutes. As the city lights of Fairbanks began to illuminate the object, captain Terauchi believed to perceive the outline of a gigantic spaceship on his port side that was "twice the size of an aircraft carrier". It was however outside first officer Tamefuji's field of view. Terauchi immediately requested a change of course to avoid it.[4] The object however followed him "in formation", or in the same relative position throughout the 45 degree turn, a descent from 35,000 to 31,000 ft, and a 360 degree turn. The short-range radar at Fairbanks airport however failed to register the object.[3] Anchorage ATC offered military intervention, which was declined by the pilot, due to his knowledge of the Mantell incident. The object was not noted by any of two planes which approached JAL 1628 to confirm its presence, by which time JAL 1628 had also lost sight of it. JAL 1628 arrived safely in Anchorage at 18:20.

Captain Terauchi cited in the official Federal Aviation Administration report that the object was a UFO. In December 1986, Terauchi gave an interview to two Kyodo News journalists. JAL soon grounded him for talking to the press, and moved him to a desk job. He was only reinstated as a pilot years afterwards, and retired eventually in north Kanto, Japan. Kyodo News contacted Paul Steucke, the FAA public information officer in Anchorage on December 24, and received confirmation of the incident, followed by UPI on the 29th. The FAA's Alaskan Region consulted John Callahan, the FAA Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations branch, as they wanted to know what to tell the media about the UFO. John Callahan was unaware of any such incident, considering it a likely early flight of a stealth bomber, then in development. He asked the Alaskan Region to forward the relevant data to their technical centre in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where he and his superior played back the radar data and tied it in with the voice tapes by videotaping the concurrent playbacks.

Moon Anomalies And Structures - We Don't Need NASA To Validate What We Already Know!

We don't need NASA or The Jet Propulsion Laboratory or even high up scientists to validate or confirm our beliefs! We don't need Government officials to give us the nod or give us a handshake and say yes, you were right? Absolutely not! There's just way to much proof to verify in my eyes the existence of Aliens and you can (probably) take that to the bank! Below is a few images I have picked to prove the point.

If you are waiting for the Alien or UFO disclosure project to give you the definitive answer, well then your wasting your time i'm afraid? In the time since first reports of Flying Saucers came in to the public eye, the Government and it's own subsidiaries i.e the Police, Fire Fighters, Military and flight controllers are all under strict orders to NOT say anything about ET's, UFO's, Aliens in general and any other UFO crash sites, blips on radars, UFO's whizzing past commercial Jets etc. The complex and baffling statements given by some people have been pulled away sometimes right when they nearly got out! It's the Government stooges interviewing and stopping disclosure. So, if your waiting for them to confirm OR DENY the existence of Aliens or UFO's then your waiting for a very long time? Why do I say that, it's because there's been many, many missed opportunistic and many decades that have come and passed but all was either side stepped or just blatantly disregarded and ignored!

Please, just rely on what your gut tells you? Rely on your very own common sense? Your eye's don't lie! CCTV doesn't lie. Some Military personnel have come forward even though they shouldn't have come forward and told epic tales of miles wide UFO's and cigar shaped crafts that were not from this world? Even pilots of commercial Jets have come forward EVEN though they knew they would be ridiculed and even lose their jobs! They knew that wasn't anything compared to the public needing to know about this so at personal risk they came forward and disclosed the true facts that UFO's are real and if they are not our then they are theirs! Aliens!

Moon structures are very real and exist

Moon structures are very real and exist

Moon structures are very real and exist

Moon structures are very real and exist

Moon structures are very real and exist

Moon structures are very real and exist

Moon structures are very real and exist

Moon structures are very real and exist

Moon structures are very real and exist

Moon structures are very real and exist

Moon structures are very real and exist

Moon structures are very real and exist

Moon structures are very real and exist

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DID we all die in our last reality? Did the (our) last dimension explode or implode because of some super experiment that went horribly wrong - or does it still exist and we're intermingling between the two? Is the ripple effect part of the Mandela effect really rubbing out parts of history because it's not in alignment with the new dimension but our memories are not affected?

This is the Mandela affect.

Perseverance landing on Mars. What a new dawning of the age of mankind.

Credit: NASA.

Or is one and two the same? Who has the power to create this falsehood and fake reality? Having a second reality is a great place to play out experiments that could in theory blow up the planet?

Check this analogy;
When someone doesn't want you to smoke in the same room as them, they could ask you to go in the other room and smoke?

When someone thinks your experiment is to risky that "they" could ask you to go in to the other dimension i.e "the other room"? Having 2 realities literally at your disposal allows one to mingle, manipulate and experiment "WITHOUT IMPUNITY!"

It could be multiple things going wrong, and it's worth getting a full explanation, especially as we head closer and closer to gene therapy. "We could presumably one day fix some of these disorders, and we're going to want to make sure that if there's one mutation, we know that - but if there's more than one, we know that too.
So what happens if CERN, i.e The Large Hadron Collider has got some fantastic and wonderful way of literally opening another dimension i.e using dark matter, magnets, temperatures, pressure, electricity (super amounts), speed of light particles.

The Mandela Effect
Have you ever had a memory that felt just as real and true as all your other memories but come to find out it never happened?

Have you ever had a memory that felt just as real and true as all your other memories but come to find out it never happened. Don’t worry you’re not alone. In fact, you may have just fallen victim to the Mandela Effect.

It could be multiple things going wrong, and it's worth getting a full explanation, especially as we head closer and closer to gene therapy. "We could presumably one day fix some of these disorders, and we're going to want to make sure that if there's one mutation, we know that - but if there's more than one, we know that too.
Mandela Effect definition:
The Mandela Effect is a term coined by famed conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed ‘paranormal consultant’ Fiona Broome. According to Broome, the Mandela Effect 'is what happens when someone has a clear, personal memory of something that never happened in this reality.'

The Mandela Effect is all about collective false memories. In fact the term actually comes from Broome’s vivid yet incorrect recollection of Nelson Mandela dying in prison during the 1980s. In reality of course, Mandela lived on to became the first black president of South Africa, dying in 2013 at the ripe old age of 95. After asking around, Broome found that a number of other people also shared the same false memory. Some even went as far as distinctly recalling seeing his death announced on TV decades before his actual death.

To account for this irregularity, Broome takes a page from quantum mechanics, claiming that, technically speaking, her memory remains sharp as a tack and the reason for this false memory has to do with parallel universes. Broome believes that her shared memory is not false but a reality she and others actually experienced in an alternative plane. Before dismissing Broome as someone who can’t admit she’s wrong, the idea of false memories as ‘glitches in the matrix’ is as perplexing as it is fascinating. Since it’s initial launch in 2010, there have been hundreds of theories trying to explain away this phenomenon. While you may not be totally convinced of Broome claims, Here are some jaw-dropping Mandela Effects that have surfaced the internet.

Mandela Effect examples
Berenstain bears = Berenstein bears We’re starting off our list with the most cited Mandela Effect that took Reddit and the internet by storm. Countless people remember the popular children’s book as the BerenstEin Bears when in the reality the book is BerenstAin Bears.

It could be multiple things going wrong, and it's worth getting a full explanation, especially as we head closer and closer to gene therapy. "We could presumably one day fix some of these disorders, and we're going to want to make sure that if there's one mutation, we know that - but if there's more than one, we know that too.
Sex in the city = sex and the city It’s hard to believe this timeless classic is on this list but even the most devoted Carrie Bradshaw super fans struggle to remember that the show’s title is Sex AND the city and not Sex IN the city.

Mandela effect star wars
Darth Vader

Admit it, we’ve all had our fair shares of embarrassing Darth Vader impression attempts. With hands cupped over our mouths, we will utter the famous line 'Luke… I am your father.' While this quote has pervaded pop culture, it is actually was never spoke. The actual Vader wording is 'No, I am your father.'

Another iconic star wars character has fallen victim to the Mandela Effect. This earnest and loveable drone looks slightly different to how we might remember. C-3PO is not 100% gold but actually dons a silver leg.

Monopoly man
Monopoly has been responsible for instigating family tension and back-stabbing since 1903. However, when we envision the face of the board game (Rich Uncle Pennybags) we often picture the character having a monocle. In reality, the Uncle has 20/20 vision- go figure!

Mirror mirror on the wall = magic mirror on the wall
Is nothing sacred? Even Disney has not escaped the net of the Mandela Effect. Many of us grew up watching Snow White but did you know that the vain, evil queen does not actually say 'mirror mirror on the wall' but actually 'magic mirror on the wall.'

When the wide-eyed extraterrestrial requested to contact his home planet he doesn’t say 'ET phone home' but actually 'ET home phone' - even still, it just doesn’t sound right.

Rubix or Rubick’s cube
Despite being one of the most iconic and best selling toy of all time, the Rubix cube is not actually called the Rubix cube. In reality it’s Rubik’s cube, after it’s creator Ernő Rubik.

Forrest Gump:
How many times have you heard the famous Forrest Gump line 'my mama said, life is like a box of chocolates.' But alas, a second viewing of the scene confirms that Forrest actually says 'life WAS like a box of chocolates.'

We Are The Champions of the WHAT?:
If you have ever been around a group of rambunctious rugby fans after their team has won you will have for sure heard the Queen song We Are The Champions. However, people distinctly remember an ending lyric to the song that simply doesn’t exist. The song does not conclude with a grand 'Of The World!.' Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

Jiff yes, but Jiffy no:
Finally, Jiffy Peanut Butter , sadly, never existed. Sold as a easy snack that moms could whip up, you guessed it, in a jiffy, the peanut butter has been mis-remembered since being introduced nearly 60 years ago.

Kit-Kat or Kitkat:
Finally, everyone is guilty of enjoying this candy bar at least once in their life but The KitKat logo doesn’t actually contain a hyphen to separate the first and second word.

Mandela effect debunked

*There is no denying that collective false memories exist but are they a result of so-called ‘glitches in the matrix’ or is something far more mundane? There have been a couple of theories that have attempted to debunk the Mandela Effect popping up recently. Perhaps one of the most prevalent explanations for the Mandela Effect is the misinformation effect. Essentially, the misinformation effect is when your memory is influenced by new information. For example, if one person is shown a Berenstain Bear book and their friend says to them 'hey isn’t the spelling totally different to how you remember? Crazy right?' their mind might actually distort the memory to conform to this new information. Another theory involves confabulation, which means an individual's mind has fabricated or simply made up a memory without the conscious intention to deceive others. Generally people who have confabulated are extremely certain about their memory and reject any contradicting evidence. However, confabulation does not explain how these false memories are shared among different people. When looking into the Mandela Effect it’s very easy to find yourself in an endless clickhole where hours feel like minutes and you don’t even know what’s true anymore. You might even start to think that we are experiencing a Mandela within a Mandela and that we are actually having false memories about a phenomenon explaining false memories. Whether you’re on team parallel universes or you vouch for the misinformation effect and confirmation bias, you got to admit the Mandela Effect does get you thinking.

I'm deliberately not showing any images, you can look them up if you want to? The list is endless.

So there you have it, the Mandela Effect proof that you should all know by now? Obviously there is way, way more examples of the Mandela Effect and there will be more that will be changing over the days, weeks, months and years? As long as the large hadron collider (CERN) is continuing it's creepy, strange, mysterious and baffling experiments we will always see new and wacky Mandela Effects in everything from Hollywood movies to packaging, memories, sayings like famous quotes and even how book's end? Link to our source of info.

Remember this, Luke, I am your father!
Because, that apparently NEVER happened?

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