EX NASA Employee Is Actively Debunking UFO Sightings And Called Conspiracy Theorists INSANE

This guy, this guy. A debunker that call's conspiracy theorists and UFO believers "insane". Can I dignify that smart comment with a degrading comment right back at him?

UFO evidence caught on camera subsequently being debunked by officials.

Real evidence of a triangle UFO.

Heck no!
That's not what i'm about at all. He's allowed his opinion. He's allowed to call people he's never met "insane"?

It's his job don't forget, he works for the disinformation group made up of ex employees of NASA, JPL, Government, military etc? It's what they do?
I'm sure he is a fine upstanding citizen?

So yeah I'm not quite sure why he on one hand calls us insane but then on the other hand tells us to keep looking for UFOs? I think either I'm confused or he's confused? It's probably the latter as it's not my statements coming under scrutiny?

I don't like it when known debunkers come out with stuff like this and I will put links to the places which we have referenced and researched and the places where we found our information below in this description as it's fair to show you the places where he was quoted? Anyways, do not ever get tempted to side step your commitment to outing cover ups or conspiracy theories? It's a great category and a great chapter in the history of people kind that we are living in because it's only a matter time when full Alien disclosure and UFO disclosure is going to happen?

We are living on the cusp of disclosure and the disclosure program is coming to a head? It must be? It's been going that long that the results must scientifically prove one way or another that it's real? Here is a bit from the video: Mr Oberg says it is simply that there is no evidence of aliens anywhere near our planet.


Is he talking about another subject and got the two mixed up in his verdict? Especially when he talk's about space dandruff? What the heck is space dandruff? Is it the same as swamp gas?

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