Eye Witness Encounter Video Of Angels Flying Over China Witnessed By The Locals

What do you do when you accidentally come across an Angel or 2 even 3 dancing, playing in the sky? What do you do when this is witnessed by loads of people and you have a camera in your pocket or strapped round your neck?

That's right, you whip it out and film the blooming thing! That's exactly what happened right here in China! What a spectacular and probable encounter of the supernatural kind? Angels are renowned for their hiding skills and their ability to not be detected at all! They can hide in plain sight what with their supernatural abilities?

Here's an image taken from the video showing the Angels flying around the clouds going in and out of the clouds.
Evidence and proof of Angels
Yes, Angels are real and this is the evidence and proof of Angels
These Angels however didn't even bother to check their 6 o'clock and that's how we got this amazing video? Proof of Angels is right here so if you want to argue the heck out of it then I suggest you refer to this amazing video and check what's up?

Common sense is always the deciding factor "most of the time"? But this one we have to throw the rule book out of the window because we are dealing with the supernatural therefore science, common sense and your gut feeling has to be left at the door because we are dealing with unseen forces and the forces of the supernatural?

Here is the video which changed my opinions surrounding Angels and are Angels real?

That's right guys, here is some undeniable evidence of Angels caught literally flying or playing around in the clouds right over China with many, many witnesses to the "Angel Incident In China"? If you was skeptic before then this will give you the confidence to make that decision which will be the right one! Yes, Angels do exist and here's the evidence of Angels or proof if you like of the supernatural forces which really do exist in this world?

Ghosts, poltergeist's and Slimer from Ghostbusters really does exist? Well maybe not Slimer but yes Angels are true and should be put in the books as fact!

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