Is this really how the Moon landings were faked?

I really think this is how NASA faked the Moon landings because why would they have this model mock up of the Moon and obviously and clearly painting in details that they want us to see? It would be really to fake a "mission to the Moon" just by using this method?

If i was going to try to fake or convince the public that i went to the Moon but didn't have the money or the technology or the actual blue prints for a space ship to get then THIS IS WHAT I WOULD USE, but i'm honest and wouldn't actually do this!

I say it as analogy type scenario only. Basically giving you the idea how it could of been done without anyone noticing the difference because nobody has any idea of what the surface of the Moon looks like especially back then in the early 1960's.

nobody had real HD images of the Moon. I found this photo taken at Griffith Observatory in 1939.

Moon Landing are fake.

Shown is Roger Hayward, the artist commissioned in 1934 to create a model of a section of the moon for the observatory. I really do believe that what was created here was used in the development of other models or even this actual model of the Moon to deliberately fake the Moon landings?

Hayward was trained as an architect, earning his degree from MIT before relocating to Pasadena to pursue a career as a designer.

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