Huge UFO Coming Out A Crater On The Moon

In this amazing video posted on TheRealJimmyRobert1 YouTube channel (video link at the bottom in source section) it is amazing to see this UFO coming out the crater) we can really see a UFO coming out of a Lunar crater, for real.

UFOs been seen on the Moon is nothing new but this is something new.


Also after exiting the crater on the Moon we see it do a 45 degree angle, turn and it follows the curvature of the Moon's surface and heads off in to the dark side of the Moon.

Seeing a real UFO actually moving on the Moon is amazing and a revelation as i'm sat watching it so it could be for you also.

Here is the brilliant video:

William Durand from the east Coast of the US caught this fascinating evidence of a UFO coming out of the Lunar crater.

This for me has to be the best piece of evidence to date that there is living things on the Moon!

He used a 12 and a half inch telescope to capture this "history making" (in alternative news for sure) UFO footage that has captured everyone's imagination since watching this superb video.

I'm definitely sold on the idea that we're not alone in the universe and I know for a fact that we are being visited on a regularly basis because we're in some sort of Truman show!

If you add up ALL the conspiracies that have ever happened regarding UFO's and Alien's guess what the answer is?

It is simply this:

We are not alone!



Having a UFO reveal itself in person like this must be absolutely stunning?

  • What a feeling it must be?
  • The feelings must be intense.
  • This would be a belief changing event.

Imagine yourself looking through a telescope at the Moon and this UFO just comes up and out of a crater literally from nowhere? There has to be a base on the Moon!

The UFO doesn't know it's been filmed at all and is not aware that it's been looked at through a telescope.

By a human being!

I think that we need a webcam always on, always attached to a powerful telescope and we need people manning them - remotely so that we can keep and eye on our closest neighbours.

There's no limit to what we will see, especially if normal people ar detecting this kind of stuff on the Lunar surface?





Amazing footage of this epic UFO means that we're been lied to by the Governments and NASA is full of it!

They want ALL the glory for themselves, I hate selfish people.

Source The Real Jimmy Roberts1 YouTube.

Spectacular UFO Footage Over Poland Very Recently

Amazing UFO footage caught in Poland.

Sighting Basics

Case 94014 (link)
Sighted 2018-08-09 22:20
Submitted 2018-08-10 09:37 (Reported Same Day)
Time Zone Europe/Warsaw
Source MUFON

Beaming light object changed positions extremely fast.

Sighting Location
City Polan贸w
Region Wojew贸dztwo zachodniopomorskie
Country Poland
Postal Code 76-010

Photos, Videos and Media

UFO Sighting in Polan贸w, Wojew贸dztwo zachodniopomorskie.

UFO Sighting in Polan贸w, Wojew贸dztwo zachodniopomorskie

UFO Sighting in Polan贸w, Wojew贸dztwo zachodniopomorskie.

Sighting Specifics
Distance Unknown
Altitude Unknown
Duration 01:30:00
Features Unknown
Flight Path
Path With Directional Change
Shape Disc

Detailed Description
I was in the kitchen drinking tea few nights before i noticed this object beaming red light, and thought it was a star but when i looked closely i noticed movement. couple nights later i saw this object again and ask my mum to try film it as her phone has better camera than mime. when she zoomed as much as possible we saw that it changed positions so rapidly that nothing we know of could do such things...

object was moving with such speed that it looked like jumping from one place to another however not too far away from its original place. light was constantly beaming red and white. at some point somewhere half way distance from ground there was huge flash of white light like when you take a picture from the camera with the flash.

I saw plane flying above it it didn’t seem to affect the object. my mum took couple of pictures which stunned us completely, object looked like a disc from ufo movie. we are very excited and bit confused about this event so i decided to report it to see if anyone could give me answer what this could be. we went to sleep before midnight due to being to tired and will check again tonight for it.

Should You Clone Your Dog If You Ever Lose your Beloved Family Pet?

Now I really don't know where I stand on dog cloning or cloning your family pet i.e the family dog. This is because of moral reasons and the obvious "am I being ripped off or exploited"?

Who knows if the doctor, scientist or even technician - not forgetting the confidence trickster is actually cloning your dog and just getting you a rescue new born puppy? Anyone, and I mean anyone in a vulnerable situation or state will always be a target for fakers, mistakers (new word) and the odd blatant takers plus liars and cheats!

Edgar and Nina Otto spent $155,000 in getting their beloved deceased dog, named Sir Lancelot, cloned.

Nina Otto holds a picture of Sir Lancelot while her husband Edgar cuddles Lancelot Encore as a puppy; the cloned dog has now fathered eight puppies, the link.

Call me cynical and call me on the phone or wary but don't call me under cautious, because I like to think I am just living in the real world and the real world can be at times, very harsh. Every single person in the world will at one time come across something that makes them grow up or has their eye's open and your eyes are your eyes, they can't lie?

Go with your eye's and brain and not your heart on this dog clone situation.

Being prepared will always stand you in good stead and it does no harm in knowing the arguments for and against something like this? So, i'm telling you right now that this is wrong. This is reprehensible and it is disgustingly selfish. But, that's just what half the worlds opinions so what do "we" know?

You'll do what your going to do anyways just please, please don't get ripped off and always check to see if the person doing this is not morally bankrupt? Also, dog cloning is definitely not the run a of the mill surgical procedure or something which is an everyday thing and shouldn't be taken lightly or in your step?

On a wider inspection it's not common, it's unknown and it's definitely, definitely contentious in the contemporary world! Beside's it's wrong. It's not natural and there will be "unforeseen" complications of that I can guarantee you! Just hope that you will have or can borrow money? But if you've got a very, very large purse or wallet then your OK. Because as you may already know that DNA manipulation will throw up the obvious scary unknowns like highlighted generational arthritis, skin diseases etc.

As you can tell I'm against dog cloning because it is selfish and if there's one thing I detest, that's selfish behaviour!

Why "unforeseen" complications, because it's not natural. It's not a natural thing so it will not fit in to the natural world unlike it's "natural" brothers and sisters which I'm gonna call "natbrosis" which stands for Natural, Brothers and Sisters! There i'm trademarking it, making dog's great again! There you go, i'm on fire today./ Make dog's great again. Just like the make America great again slogan or trademark by Mr Trump, POTUS.

Just like if you have a sister and brother from another mother or father which are called step sisters and step brothers, well even though technically your mum is still the same, the father stays the same maybe but the process is very, very different (even Alien). Yeah it's it's long it's awesome though.


I come across a story online which I was going to talk about but instead I just got carried away and went off on one with my own opinions and thoughts. But I will say that it is still worth giving it a read and as that's what got me talking and wring about it is still the source of this post, kind of? So here's the link to the inspiration for this post on Vanity Fair website.

Seriously Barbra Streisand has had her dog cloned twice! here's a quote for YouTube:
Barbra Streisand Cloned Her Dog -- Twice. After her beloved dog Samantha died, Barbra Streisand decided to do the most logical thing -- make two clones.
This is where I can't continue "sanely" anymore so i'm finishing up now.

Barbra Streisand's Clone Dogs.

Did The US Navy Chase An Alien Aircraft?

Did the US Navy really chase a UFO? The video was filmed in 2004 and was investigated as part of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). It's not clear if the object was ever identified. The New York Times reports that the US Department of Defence programme was shut down in 2012. Was it, was it actually shut down though or just like some other so-called closed programs has this one been kept live, or awake or whatever it's secret code name is? Let's not forget this footage is old now.

Did the Navy Find Footage of an Alien Aircraft.

UFO spotted by US fighter jet pilots.

Link to the video.

It’s finally happening! After years of dreaming and hoping, it turns out we may not be alone in the universe! We have alien friends, maybe and that's only possibly? But if you look at the video and remember where this video come from, well then it starts to look like it could be true that Aliens are real. Footage from Navy planes show them reacting in shock to a mysterious, unidentified flying object off the coast of San Diego which I repeat they cannot identify!

They have no idea what it is. Take a look at it above! Above the entry, above the sky, whatever kind of above you want! Commander Fravor told the New York Times the object was 40 feet in length, had no wings or rotors, and easily out sped their F-18 jet. What is it? Oh, what could it be? “No one knows what they are to this day,” a government employee told MSNBC.

“Research went into trying to identify their strange means of propulsion, their phenomenal aerodynamics which represent nothing on the face of this earth by any country.” Damn!That's probably a red herring as they will already have something even faster than this. It turns out this is also part of a government program (who would of thought that) between 2007 and 2012 to investigate UFO’s and they spent twenty-two million dollars on this so-called "non existence"Alien threat, which doesn't make sense at all. So what do you really, really think about this? I would love to hear your thoughts on this one. Did we find life on other planets?

Black Triangle UFO Sighting In Brooklyn, New York On August 7, 2018 馃懡馃浉馃搻

TR3b craft in the clouds reported to MUFON.

Here's a UFO sighting from Brooklyn in New York in the United States that the witness claims is a Black triangle UFO? We do know that something was there, without us been there we can't say for sure what it was but there was definitely something unusual there and it was big enough and strange enough for this person to photograph it and report this UFO footage to the MUFON official UFO reporting center.

The Mutual UFO Network is a large probably the largest UFO and Alien archive where most of if not all the UFO and Alien reports are sent to? There's a huge archive of history changing, world changing and people changing materials within this unusual and otherworldly amassed archive that when they go through it fully the results will definitely change everything, or at least it should do?

You'd think it will, but in all likelihood it just might not change anything at all because the status quo is that they don't exist even though NASA is publicly looking for them, so they are open to the idea that they are real? That's what I would assume? What do you think about this amazing UFO sighting from Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Sighting Basics
Case 93961 (link to UFO Stalker)
Sighted 2018-08-07 19:15
Submitted 2018-08-08 00:08 (Reported Same Day)
Time Zone America/New York
Source MUFON

Black triangle UFO caught on camera in Brooklyn New York.

4+ total glowing orbs caught on camera invisible to naked eye, weird nature phenomena following

Sighting location
City Brooklyn
Region New York
Country United States
Postal Code 11385

Black triangle UFO caught on camera in Brooklyn New York.

Sighting Specifics
Distance 501 Feet - 1 Mile
Altitude Over 500 Feet - Under Cloud Cover
Duration 00:02:00
Features Unknown
Flight Path Stationary
Shape Triangle

Case 93961

Detailed Description
This report is gonna be long, but what i witnessed is very atypical i think for a ufo sighting. it was a normal day at my job, at some point i go to take my 15 minute break. i step out to get some air and walk down the block to have a smoke. the first thing i notice is a weird feeling inside me, something felt "off" like being watched. at this moment, dark storm clouds are making there way above and then past me. the clouds are ending just a few blocks east and the contrast of light and dark are beautiful, lightning flashes in the distance.

The sky looked amazing but also odd so i took photos, two exactly. the first was a snap-chat and the second was for my gallery. i posted the latter pic on social media and continued looking at the sky facing the ufo, just in awe of the beauty. i look at my phone and someone commented about the lights and i'm like which ones? then i look at my photo and see them. i look up and see no ufo, i go back to my phone and that's when the weather got weird. there was a flash of lightning very close that i felt it, so i put my phone away and in that minute it took for me to run down the block and across the street, there was at least 10 strikes within the immediate area, intense electric feeling. i then made it back to safety indoors and studied the pics, only to spot two more showing in my snap-chat photo. two things strike me as very odd.

The whole time i was facing the direction of the ufo looking right at it. yet, my eye did not capture it but the lights are bright in the photos. the lights themselves looked like eyes, which is extra creepy given the feeling i had of being watched. the invisibility to the naked eye is telling me that this is something or someone very much didn't want me to see or have/ the second thing that strikes me is how almost immediately after realising i had documented a ufo sighting, the lightning went absolutely crazy. people were running for cover like bombs were being dropped. I've waited my whole life to document something like this. lat photo is the snap-chat edited full with ps exposure contrast,full neg brightness and clearly shows at least four orbs.

Black triangle UFO caught on camera in Brooklyn New York.

Sputnik Satellite Has Been Hidden In Plain Sight For 350 Years In Painting

The Sputnik satellite has been hidden in plain sight for three centuries and guys, if you don't believe me then all you have to do is check out the painting for yourself...

I put an overlay of a PNG image on to the painting so you know what the Sputnik (in grey) satellite looks like in comparison to the one in the painting? There's no doubt in my mind that the artist was referring to the futuristic Sputnik satellite in this masterpiece! If this is the case or just a case of mistaken identity, well then my bad but it look's very convincing. I mean, look at it. Why does it have antennas or aerials on the supposedly image of the universe? Unless the universe is remotely controlled then this makes no sense as there was no such thing as radio control back then and there definitely wasn't any aerials receiving any signals, not at all.

The Russian satellite Sputnik was sent in to space in the year 1957 and was heard by any of the Americans and the Russians, just so there was no argument or doubt if it had been achieved. The Soviet Union launched it into an elliptical low Earth orbit on 4 October 1957, orbiting for three weeks before its batteries died, then silently for two more months before falling back into the atmosphere.

It was a 58 cm (23 in) diameter polished metal sphere, with four external radio antennas to broadcast radio pulses. Its radio signal was easily detectable even by radio amateurs, and the 65° inclination and duration of its orbit made its flight path cover virtually the entire inhabited Earth. Russian space satellite was heralded as the next leap in human existence ushering in the space race and if I was to tell you that it has all been documented in preparation you would think well yes that's obvious?

But if I said that it was planned and documented nearly 350 years ago would you believe me or would you want proof? If you want proof that means your open to the possibility that this could be true...

This 17th century work by Italian artist Ventura Salimbeni features God and Jesus looking out over the universe God created. But the strange, rounded object sat between the two resembles Russia’s Sputnik satellite, launched over 350 years later in 1957.

Sputnik 1 image or diagrams and plans of the actual satellite.

Link to this is image is here.

Now I don't know what you think or believe at this moment but I sure know that I am looking at technology. It is definitely a satellite called Sputnik but in reality it just look's like the satellite called Sputnik. So, what else was around in the year 1600 that this could be? Nothing because this is the artist's representation of what the Universe God created look's like?

So, again another red flag because here the artist can get in to his works hidden knowledge, secret knowledge as it doesn't look like anything and he can say "when asked" it's a representation of the Universe and people back then would say "how imaginative" or what a wonderful expression of the unknown universe?

Here's an awesome image I found of the amazing Sputnik satellite declaring that it was the first in space. It was a Soviet first and a world first which ushered in the space race even faster! There was a lot at stake and a lot on the line for whoever was in the lead at the time. It was definitely a game of cat and mouse with the Soviets in the lead then the Americans in the lead all they did was swap the titles in reality, although they did do a lot for the space exploration in general terms it was more of a race then anything.

So again, has the artist called Ventura Salimbeni got something to tell us or has he got lucky and designed a representation of the universe and we've given him credit for been a sooth seer or a Wizard with secret knowledge? Personally I believe it's the subconscious mind at work, the infinite soul and the infinite wisdom communicating. If this subconscious is real then it must have a way of communicating and what better way than to leave calling cards throughout history.

I know it's a long shot and I might be way, way off course here but keep in mind the idea that the subconscious mind is our intelligence and where we get our "everything" from? So how do we know that we're all just living in their realm and them leaving clues is how our subconscious minds keep everyone and everything in check and in the right direction also on one specific path through destiny?

We might could be getting manipulated through a time chamber of realities that are all just part of one big race. If the soul lives forever then where does my soul exist after this reality or chapter, step or "race" and or game? There's a million and one ways of looking at this and I think that's because we have to have a large place to exist so we do not get bored! Living forever could be excruciatingly boring and sad. It would also be depressing and if we remembered everything fro one life to the next one then life wouldn't be interesting, it wouldn't be worth doing as we would all have the same I.Q and the same characters, traits (possibly) and to one another it would be like looking in a mirror.

So have "we, the souls" devised a place called reality with different levels of existence just so that we can go through reality it in stages of existence and pace ourselves in to bite sized "alive bits" to get through living forever? Infinity is not a very long time, or is it? In fact time is of no use and has no real determinable reason for it being there (I think, my head's hurting lol). It makes quite good common sense to me. If this is real then the bits and pieces I've seen over the years which suggests to me that this is the immortal soul and how it works which led me to think about this.

Was all of it actually planted by myself (or a group of me and the copies of me) in the distant future version of me where technology is just unreal, let's say in around 5,000 years where telepathy and instantaneous travel plus where we can lift huge stones with just our minds and thoughts. I've been seeing breadcrumbs so to speak. I do believe everyone's subconscious is different and applies only to the person with the conscious mind. It makes sense. Like everyone is on their own journey through time and time is forever so your journey is forever because the soul never dies and neither does time. Put the two together and you've got immortal souls.

Here's some of the most fascinating arguments for this been designed well in advance (like 350 years ago nearly). If the sphere is said to represent the universe, why did the painter (Ventura Salimbeni) not include any stars or other celestial objects? The other argument is this, if the sphere represents the universe then why has it got aerials or antennas on the metallic sphere in between God and Jesus as that makes no sense not even to people of the 16th century I presume? nothing about this undeniably magnificent painting makes sense other than the painting containing examples of God, Jesus and technology?

Our sources of inspiration can be found here on Wikipedia and also here on YourNewsWire and here ninfinger for Sputnik 1.

China's Zombie Bicycle Graveyards

Millions of abandoned bicycles in China from ruined startups speculating on new bikes.

This is just crazy. I don't mean foaming at the mouth crazy like a Zombie or howling at Moon stir crazy, I mean poor planning, poor thought process and over exaggerated enthusiasm - for the one thing EVERY China-man and his dog has already got and that is a bicycle! Everyone's seen the images and TV shows showing every Chinese person riding a bike to and from work, shops and home at one time or another right, so why have these startups gone way off the deep end and over the top and literally produced millions and millions of "new" shareable bikes? That much like the language, it makes no sense to me.

I was stunned when I first saw these images by Aly Song / Reuters post by Alan Taylor on The Atlantic I thought nah, they can't be right or that they're photo-shopped but actually they are legit and very "sadly" real. What possessed these people to build millions more of the one thing China has in abundance? Even I knew that China could get rid of half the bikes they already had and STILL have enough bikes for the whole world to get to work and back again on a bike!

If they would of asked me (nobody ever does in China) what my thoughts on making millions of "new" bikes in China would do for the A. Company or B. The country, I would of said:
Are you bonkers or just not able to see that your amazing country is literally swimming in bikes so why would you set up a company and build millions of more bikes, it makes no sense at all. No matter which way you look at that, it is not a good business idea.

Check this out.

Millions of abandoned bicycles in China from ruined startups speculating on new bikes.

Millions of abandoned bicycles in China from ruined startups speculating on new bikes.

Millions of abandoned bicycles in China from ruined startups speculating on new bikes.

Millions of abandoned bicycles in China from ruined startups speculating on new bikes.

Millions of abandoned bicycles in China from ruined startups speculating on new bikes.

Millions of abandoned bicycles in China from ruined startups speculating on new bikes.

Millions of abandoned bicycles in China from ruined startups speculating on new bikes.

Millions of abandoned bicycles in China from ruined startups speculating on new bikes.

Millions of abandoned bicycles in China from ruined startups speculating on new bikes.

Millions of abandoned bicycles in China from ruined startups speculating on new bikes.

Millions of abandoned bicycles in China from ruined startups speculating on new bikes.

Millions of abandoned bicycles in China from ruined startups speculating on new bikes.

Millions of abandoned bicycles in China from ruined startups speculating on new bikes.

Millions of abandoned bicycles in China from ruined startups speculating on new bikes.

Millions of abandoned bicycles in China from ruined startups speculating on new bikes.

Get the full story right here as that was just my 2 pence worth of what I think about the bicycle graveyards of China. I mean it's gonna take decades to sort all this mess out.

UFO Landing Site Discovered In Google Maps No Fly-Zone In Arizona

UFO caught on Google Maps is a really good one.
Google Maps was created in 2007 and is an excellent platform for spotting and researching suspected UFOs and Alien sightings around the world. There's one such fascinating UFO sighting in Google Maps images taken from an Arizona no-fly zone, which seems to show everyone a UFO crash site, could it really be a crashed UFO?

UFO crash landing site found on Google Maps again in Arizona no fly zone.

Above image shows us without any security personnel and the below image shows us "with security personnel around it" or, they probably just found it and it just so happens that It's been monitored by satellites and that's how we're seeing these real images? It's amazing what stories these Google satellite images can tell us. Not everyone is convinced though, of course – some people say it could just be a yurt, an oversized coin or a radio shack.

Here's the crashed UFO in Nevada no fly zone with security around it.

The whole Google Maps or Google Earth showing UFOs thing, is absolutely irrefutable evidence i believe because it's proving that we are been visited by Aliens and it's a regular thing. Why the hell isn't our so-called governing doing something about it? If they are then it's lame and very ineffective and rubbish at best. They only need go on Google Maps follow my link and they will have the proof, the one they keep denying "even exists".

We need your thoughts on this one, what do you think this is? Your always good at coming at conspiracies and things in this spectrum of strangeness from multiple different angles and pointing out some stuff which we'd never think about and that's why we are getting better in the research department - because of you guys giving so much great common sense as feedback. Cheers for the comments and messages of your infinite wisdom.

Here's the coordinates but I have provided the link below to go straight to it 31° 26’43″N 109° 4’30″W

Link to the post on the following UFO found in Google Maps.

Here's another UFO but in another field caught on Google Maps.

Link to the UFO crash site to see it for yourself! Believe me, this is fascinating stuff.

Situated in the deserted Arizona mountains, the image shows a mysterious round silver disk with black shapes. There seems to be pointed blobs on the top of the suspected UFO or spacecraft, in a formation that resembles the bottom of an overturned UFO, suggests a crashed UFO landing site? Just what is this unmistakable conundrum, that's all we know for sure is that this is a mystery.

This was UFO crash site (above top) was initially found by the YouTube user Secureteam10. We just thought you'd like to see this stunning Crop Circle of a Jellyfish or Squid, what do you think it is, a Jellyfish or a Squid? it's brilliant though no matter what it is.

A crop circle in the shape of a giant Jellyfish or Squid.

Serbia UFOs Flying In Formation Look Epic

Very clear Ufo footage over Novi Sad in Serbia.

Serbia has had a lot of Ufo activity and recent Ufo incidents has been caught on camera in Serbia like no other places. It's that "middle of nowhere" feeling which makes these UFO encounters seem like they are carrying out flights without anyone even knowing what they are doing. 

We've been getting lucky (I think) when we have caught them on camera, some of the formations like the one in this MUFON report are definitely intelligent by the way they are flying. So it's not a natural phenomena by any stretch of the imagination. 

Ufo footage in general over Europe are on the rise. In fact, since lock down all places which was reporting on UFOs have seen an increase in UFO activity. 

There's always one Ufo sighting that jumps out at you (and this bad ass is one of them) when researching Ufology and reports of unidentified flying objects and yes this is one of them situations but they're in formation.

In recent years over 20 UFOs Surround the capital city Belgrade, Serbia which was on June 7th 2014. 

The incredible Ufo footage was shot by Dusan Djukic in the Center of Belgrade. 

That is a great piece of Ufology evidence you should look in to link is above, but for now we'll check this fantastic piece of the jigsaw out. A place in Serbia had this great bit of Ufology to give...

Sighting Basics.
Case 93651 (link)
Sighted 2018-07-24 20:52
Submitted 2018-07-26 09:04
(Reported 1 Day Later)
Time Zone Europe/Belgrade
Source MUFON

Amazing Ufo image taken over a Church in Siberia.

Actual witness summary.
Was taking a picture of the church and objects were not apparent at time. saw objects on pics later when i got home.

City Novi Sad
Region Vojvodina
Country Serbia
Postal Code 21000

Link to more Ufo sightings in Vojvodina, Serbia.

Very clear Ufo footage over Novi Sad in Serbia.

Very clear Ufo footage over Novi Sad in Serbia.

Map of Novi Sad in Serbia where Ufo footage was caught on camera.

Credit: MUFON.

Letter To President Jefferson May Be Earliest Recorded Visit Of ALIENS

FORMER US President Thomas Jefferson may have been sent the earliest recorded written observation of a UFO, according to a letter from 1813.

Is this the earliest known written account of a UFO or Aliens visiting the planet Earth? According to this letter to then President Jefferson of the US, it just might well be? You need to remember that these guy's wrote and spoke very, very differently back then and as there was no known use of such words like UFO or Aliens (really) the word's that they use to describe this flying object might put you off, but just remember that they could only compare the shapes to things they knew and what it looked like to be similar to them? Please remember this before dismissing it, cheers guys.

Letter to President Jefferson may be earliest recorded visit of Aliens.

Letter to President Jefferson may be earliest recorded visit of ALIENS (Image: GETTY).

A tavern keeper in Portsmouth, Virginia, and a friend visiting from Baltimore believe they saw a UFO in the sky. The two men, barkeeper Edward Hansford and Baltimore’s John Clarke, describe in their letter to President Jefferson how they saw a meteor-like object in the sky. However, this object in the sky began to change shape, first taking on the form of a turtle “which also appeared to be much agitated and as frequently obscured by a similar smoke.” The UFO then apparently “assumed the shape of a human skeleton” which ascended and descended quickly, according to the mail which was reprinted in 2010 in The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series.

The letter reads:

"We the subscribers most earnestly solicit, that your honour will give us your opinion on the following extraordinary phenomenon. We saw in the South a Ball of fire full as large as the sun at Meridian which was frequently obscured within the space of ten minutes by a smoke emitted from its own body, but ultimately retained its brilliancy, and form during that period, but with apparent agitation. It then assumed the form of a Turtle which also appeared to be much agitated and as frequently obscured by a similar smoke".

"It then assumed the shape of a human skeleton which was frequently obscured by a like smoke and as frequently descended and ascended, It then assumed the form of a Scotch Highlander arrayed for battle and extremely agitated, and ultimately passed to the West and disappeared in its own smoke. It is unclear whether President Jefferson ever responded, but according to the website Monticello, it is perhaps the earliest recorded observation of a UFO."

The Turtle (lol) as described in the letter to Jefferson about a UFO in the sky.

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