Another Dimensional Portal Stargate Opens Up In the Sky

Stargate or dimensional portal opens up over the Ukraine.

Another amazing dimensional portal has been filmed opened up in the sky of the Ukraine. This comes after just 2 days ago when we posted about another stargate portal that was filmed from a plane window by very scared people in the plane.

That video was absolutely terrifying for the people as they did not know what was going on and that thing was huge! When your that high up and the sky opens up to the side of you, imagine what that would be like.

Stargate or dimensional portal opens up over the Ukraine.

This stargate is still huge, it's very confusing because nobody is actually sure what it is and also it's opened up right near you and your house, that has to be scary. This actually looks pretty similar to that other one we posted about which can be found here.

I am getting really concerned as to the frequency that these dimensional portals are been seen and filmed? Even though we don't really have any exact information on when these was filmed or videoed and photographed.

But the one thing we can agree on is that these are very scary, confusing and absolutely unusual. They could even be dimensional skygate, portals or even a tear in the fabric of reality itself?How do we know what these are for sure?

The image below was photographed from a plane window by really scared people. It looks just like the one above. It's amazing stuff and very unusual. Link to that post is here.

Stargate filmed from the window of a plane by scared people.

How do we get answers and who do we ask about these? If it was a tornado, weather anomaly or something unusual like that we could ask someone but who do we ask about these? That's a very weird video indeed but to see two of these things is very rare.

Source Ufosmagazine Instagram.


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