The Original Gemini Capsule UFO Footage Caught On Camera

NASA Gemini Mission caught more on it's images than kit probably bargained for.

Gemini's original 1965 video shows an orb ufo moving away from the left side to the top of the capsule footage before the pilot uses the propellers to move away from the object. This is some of the very first UFO encounters in space.

Close up image of the Gemini UFO Orb caught on the crafts camera.

On another note, NASA has always and frustratingly denied any knowledge of Aliens or UFOs for that matter so it would not surprise me if they put out images with blatant disguises on the images like this one I expertly digitally remastered myself:

A reenactment of how NASA would fake any UFO in their images if they could get away with it.

So here's the Gemini Video from 1965 in which the astronaut can clearly be see using the thruster's to get away from this "space anomaly" or in commoners language a UFO. There's many examples online of UFOs but some from the very early days of space exploration rarely get mentioned because I suppose people think that they're no longer any threat, relevant or basically of no importance but you'd be wrong!

All UFOs are relevant because they show a lineage, a tree of evolution and what "they" was using back then to the UFOs of today? In one of my other posts I actually said that if the UFOs look like they came from a specific decade like a 70's UFO or an 80's UFO then it's more than likely they're fake because Aliens do not have a fashion or style sense that mirror images our own therefore it's quite likely that if it look's like 1940s UFO, chances are it's man made. It makes sense to me that, what about you.

Here's an image of the astronaut using his thruster from the Gemini craft.

Gemini mission capsule.

Image and video credit goes to NASA Gemini Mission and N.A.S.A. Space Kennedy Center plus also UFO Magazine Instagram.

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