The Tablet That Rolls Up Is out Of This World 👌👍😁🤳✔

Round images from the rollable tablet.
Image credit/MgicScroll
This is the future of technology. It's the future that everyone knows is coming and this is one of them things that we all know innately that this is coming no matter what. It doesn't matter if you want it or not, it's here and I knew it was only a matter of time. It's exactly the same for hover cars. They WILL be a matter of fact, it's just a matter of time because every science fiction movie or TV show has a flying car.

It's one of them obvious science fiction themes that humans just can't seem to keep away from? One way or another someone will develop that hovering car just like I knew deep down that someone would develop the roll up phone/tablet/computer and would you know it, it's here.

This is the video I found about this amazing tablet that has a bendy screen or "rolling screen" and it's actually HD, phone camera etc. It's epic but if this is the first one, as with everything us humans invent - the first one is always the one that when we look back on it we say "wow, look how big that was" or it looks very primitive lol. It's just the way all technology. The first mobile cell phones looked ridiculously big but now look at them.

Round images from the rollable tablet.

Will this one go down the same route of reinventing itself? Will it get smaller and better by design? Will it become a stand alone gadget or will it be swallowed up by a tech giant and buried or will it survive the inevitable and become a turning point in communications and social development and the way we interact with others or am I thinking way to much about it? Let us know what you think about this "roll up tablet" or bendy tablet.

Here's the research I found about the Rollable MagicScroll Tablet and it's awesome:

MagicScroll rollable tablet gives folding screens a controversial form-factor source Tech News.

Cell devices with rollable shows are accurate across the nook, nevertheless one group is taking some moderately old-college inspiration for the system a tablet may perchance doubtless exhaust the hide abilities. The MagicScroll is the handiwork of Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab, combining a cutting-edge 7.5-fade versatile repeat with the invent ingredient more equivalent to an old vogue scroll.

Round images from the rollable tablet.

Regardless that numerous firms are identified to be working on versatile panels, and firms love Samsung are anticipated to ship folding devices per such abilities to market within the next 12-18 months, to this level there’s been much less discussion around what invent-ingredient they’ll adopt.

Samsung’s Galaxy X, as the upcoming instrument is extensively identified, is believed to be a clamshell, taking fair correct thing about the reality that a flexible hide may perchance doubtless very effectively be folded in half of without negative it.

An iPad That Fits Your Pocket: Introducing a Roll-up Tablet With Flexible Screen Real Estate.

Source Human Media Lab (MagicScroll).

YouTube channel Human Media Lab.

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