Alien Hunter Says He Has Found A Real UFO Under The Bermuda Triangle

An Alien hunter claims he has definitely found an ET spaceship or (UFO) under the Bermuda Triangle?

It's carried on from Gordon Coopers Treasure, the Astronaut was logging ocean discoveries - like sunken ships and other anomalies under the sea.

His findings are based on Coopers treasure maps.

ALIENS may have landed on Earth using a “spaceship” found in the depths of the Bermuda Triangle, according to a treasure hunter who made the “astonishing” discovery.

Gordon Cooper the Astronaut who mapped the sea anomalies and created a treasure map.

Experienced explorer Darrell Miklos, 55, unearthed a mysterious series of structures, he believes came from another world.

Describing the structure, which he has called a “spaceship”, the explorer said it was covered in 15 unusual "protrusions”.

He said: “It was a formation unlike anything I've ever seen related to shipwreck material, it was too big for that. 

“It was also something that was completely different from anything that I've seen that was made by nature.

Underwater UFO or USO discovered in the Bermuda Triangle.

“It's almost like there are five arms coming out of a steep cliff wall and each one of these is the size of a gun on a battleship. 

“They're enormous and then there's five over here and five over there, 15 in total.” 

The treasure hunter refrained from claiming with certainty the structures are coming from space. He said he wants to remain “neutral” until he can find more evidence backing his theory.

He told the Mailonline: "I want to see what it is, because it may be nature-made, just a freak of nature. "But given its placement in this particular part of the Caribbean and given what Gordon has told me about visitors from another planet and the things that I've seen, I think it's definitely worthwhile investigating".

The structure was found stranded on the seabed near the Bahamas, a Caribbean island part of the notorious Bermuda Triangle.

The area, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, extends for some 1.3million kilometres, and is at the centre of a number of mysterious disappearances of aircrafts and ships.

Underwater UFO or USO discovered in the Bermuda Triangle.

Underwater UFO or USO discovered in the Bermuda Triangle.

While many discredit these episodes as myth, others believe they prove the existence of the paranormal and extraterrestrial beings.

Veteran diver Mr Miklos, who will reveal in-depth his findings on his Discovery Channel show Cooper's Treasure, found the “spaceship” while he was looking for wreckages of English ships linked to the 16th century legendary British sea captain Sir Francis Drake.

But while looking for them, Mr Miklos detected more than 100 magnetic "anomalies" at an undisclosed location deep in the Caribbean waters and followed them.

Mr Miklos said he usually bases his hunts on secret maps created by ex-NASA astronaut, Gordon Cooper.

What led him to the alien-like “spaceship” was a map designed by the astronaut in the 1960s. Mr Cooper was the man who piloted the Mercury-Atlas 9 Faith 7 Spacecraft around the Earth 22 times in 1963, an endeavour that paved the way to the landing on the Moon.

The astronaut was also the first American to sleep in space and the first to fly out of our atmosphere twice.

Mr Miklos said the NASA hero was a good friend of his. Mr Cooper was asked by the US government to conduct a secret spy mission while on orbit.

Underwater UFO or USO discovered in the Bermuda Triangle, treasure maps.

The NASA astronaut, who was active during the Cold War, had to look for any nuclear threat.

While he was trying to spot from space any Russian submarine or missile sites, Mr Cooper noted the positions of Caribbean shipwrecks and created a map on his return to Earth.

Upon receiving a damning diagnose, Mr Cooper gave Mr Miklos the maps, according to the treasure hunter.

Mr Cooper died, affected by Parkinson’s, years later, in 2004, when he was 77. Source of our research and information was express online. Also Gordon Cooper Wikipedia Page.

Check also Coopers treasure Maps TV shows on Discovery they're gonna be fantastic I bet ya.

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