Giants Caught On Google Earth Just Walking Around Egypt

Two Giants in Egypt randomly passing each other on the street.

There's a clip online of two "randomly walking" Giants which could suggest that there's more of these Giants? I'm not saying that the camera's angle on Google Earth is off but it doesn't look like it at all.

These are really taller than the average tall person so that makes these Giants and where are they from, this is what people are asking.

Google earth catches Giants walking down the street.

MrMBB333 has been looking through the Space Invader type homes of people in Egypt and came across some really bizarre looking tall people or Giants as they have become known as.

Check out the video below and maybe check out the link here to the channel of MrMBB333.

Huge Giants on Google Maps walking around Egyptian streets.

The car's top is in line with the guys waist which I know these cameras are a lot better than a cameras view being off.

This is one huge Giant in Egypt on Google earth.

There's many people that will say the camera is off and the angle is wrong, but Google definitely investing millions on the best technology so that's out the window.

Whoa! Two men of gigantic stature, probably in the neighborhood of 8' to 9' tall have surfaced in a community not far from the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt on Google Earth.

These guys are HUGE.

Here is the amazing video:

Source Google Earth.
Source MrMBB333.


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