History of Human Evolution Is Wrong By The Discovery Of 5.7 Million Yr-Old Footprints Fossil

Human footprints recently discovered on the island of Crete are 5.7 million years old.
Footprints showing static stance (stood up) of one individual.

Many times UFO Sightings Footage has challenged the official timelines of humans and the so-called theories of mankind's evolution. USF is always looking for the best evidence and proof and that is always physical evidence. Because it's there somewhere as the official theory ain't true. Physical evidence will always trump theories, that's just a matter of fact! We wouldn't put a probable forward because it's just a probable. So, it might be slow and it might be matter of fact, it's straight to the point which is what people want. I'll sort out the wording of it later.

Comparative Analysis was done and the footprints are Human.

Human footprints recently discovered on the island of Crete are 5.7 million years old.

The information we put forward is common sense. It's based in hard evidence "always" and not some scientists interpretation. Petrified footprints are proof. Like this evidence here, it's hard physical evidence. It's absolutely not an assumption, it's the truth in the kind of way that can't be denied or brushed aside as it's literally set in stone! So, why is this not changing history? How comes the history books are not been changed or teaching techniques? Because it's not acceptable to say that our leaders and scientists are wrong, even though they clearly are. Not just on this, but lots and lots. Put a few keywords in Google about history been wrong and you'll see.

Why are the very same history books on the very same shelves in the library? They haven't changed in decades! The amount of evidence out there that is being ignored by the establishment is shocking.

Human footprints recently discovered on the island of Crete are 5.7 million years old.

USF always finds this kind of stuff and you know what, it's amazing that it get's ignored by the mainstream media and government authorities? It does and it will probably always get ignored and I base that in the "fact" that it always gets ignored. It just does. It tells me that nobody has the ba**s to stand up for the truth and say look hold on a minuet here, there's proof here that contradicts the normal established theory and it should be changed in the history books? But then they look at who's theories they're going to be challenging and quite quickly they shy away from it. they lose all steam they had and think wow, I can't change this it's such and such.

Human footprints recently discovered on the island of Crete are 5.7 million years old.

The government is the exact same! No backbone. Call as it is, if it's proven to be wrong then stand up and say that is wrong! It's very sad and I think they call it "not in our interests" or "why make waves for myself" and the one which they all cower underneath is "they're scared to challenge another scientist".

Our interest in this was piqued when we saw this amazing image of footprints which looked like they where in the sand, but actually it's rock. So check out the research we did in to this amazing millions of years old human footprints will change history and if doesn't then you know there's someone who isn't challenging the establishment or doing his or her job (like that's anything new).

Human footprints recently discovered on the island of Crete are 5.7 million years old.
The coastal rocks at Trachilos, west of Kissamos Harbour in western Crete.

History of Human Evolution May Be Challenged by Discovery of 5.7 Million Yr-Old Footprints Fossil. The Miocene tetrapod footprints.

Here's a snapshot of what needs to be changed now we have this amazing factual discovery.

The tracks are approximately 5.7 million years old , at a time when previous research puts our ancestors in Africa, with feet similar to those of a monkey. Since the discovery of Australopithecus fossils in South and East Africa 60 years ago, the origin of the human lineage has been located in Africa. The most recent discoveries of fossils in the same region, including the emblematic Laetoli tracks of Tanzania, 3.7 million years old, showing human feet and vertical locomotion, have consolidated the idea that hominids (first members of the human lineage) ) originated only in Africa, and remained isolated there for several million years before Disperse to Europe and Asia. 

Two tracked surfaces (A and B2) were found in a natural outcrop above the beach (N 35° 30.857′, E 023° 37.660′), close to the village of Trachilos, west of Kissamos (also known as Kastelli), in the Chania Prefecture of Crete.

Proceedings of the Geologists' Association. Possible hominin footprints from the late Miocene (c. 5.7 Ma) of Crete?

Image credits all go to Proceedings Of the Geologists Association. Their website is here and the link to the actual published papers are here.


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  1. The main stream media don't want us to know or remind them the truth is we're more than ten million years old possibly more, we have had a dozen or more extinctions of the Earth 🌍, the main stream media won't acknowledge the truth.

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