Choose your Celtic Sigil and See What it Means for Your Spiritual Path

If you look, you will find!

The Celtic knots, also called Icovellavna, are a variety of knots and stylized graphical representations of knot patterns, used for decoration and spiritual purposes since antiquity.

Spiritual or spirituality belief is always a something which one requires throughout a lifetime and will always continue to grow? It doesn't come with you from the last life or given to you at birth! It's not a genetic code or something programmed within your heart or brain! Spirituality and spiritual reasoning is a smooth calm and understanding of oneself and the surrounding you're in plus everything you learn and everything you understand.

Well, I know that there's people reading this and will either agree with this or disagree with this? It doesn't matter which side of the fence you are? It doesn't matter if you believe this or if you don't believe this? What matters is that the person writing this understands this and has an understanding of spirituality and ones own spiritual self?

Which I do. It could be a personal and private journey which spirituality is a journey personalized to oneself so that everyone has a different understanding of spirituality? Overall though, everyone understands it to some degree or another? Maybe that's why we are not born with it already programmed within us? Because it's a journey and because it's personal to each other, like a hand made and made to measure set of gloves?

I'm a believer in knowledge and I believe that the more one knows about life, people and the surroundings which we find ourselves in really has a massive impact on ones own personal development which in turn determines the rate of which our own spiritual growth is set? If you look you will find! It doesn't get anymore basic of an explanation than that, does it?

Interestingly, various developments in the artistic use of interlaced knot patterns are found in Roman & Byzantine architecture and book illumination, Coptic art, Celtic art, Islamic art, Medieval Russian book illumination, Ethiopian art, and modern European artworks. A Celtic knot can be seen as a Celtic Sigil.

The Knot Magic is a very ancient form of Witchcraft associated with the Element of Air. The Knot represents the continuity, the endless flow of energy. As we can never find a beginning and the end of a knot, Celtic Knots represent the ultimate Magical Knowledge: Past, Present, and Future is one, it’s all now! It’s all about perception. What we perceive as the past, exists only in our minds as a symbol. This is why the Celtic Knots can also be viewed as Mandalas, the Hindu and Buddhist “version” of Celtic Knots.

The Celtic Knots can create powerful sigils with which we can cast powerful spells. The Key is your imagination and your ability to create such beautiful patterns. Of course, you can “borrow” ready ones and incorporate them into your Craft. There will be many articles about Celtic Knots in the future. For now, clear your mind, gaze upon the following 6 ones and ask yourself:

There is great potential within you. Your roots are deep in the Earth and you want solid foundations in your life. Grounding will be beneficial for you. The more you draw energy from the Earth, the more attuned you are with the World around you, and the more alive you will feel. (Click here to learn more about Grounding and how to do it). Take good care of your spine and your waist. Connect with nature and always remember the saying “as above, so below!”.

You chose the Celtic knot which represents Fire and the Phoenix, the sacred bird of Fire (click here to read more about the Phoenix). You are a very ambitious person, full of energy and passion. Fire burns within you brightly, however, as every fiery person should know, don”t over fuel your fire as it will burn quickly. Instead, fuel it gradually and you will see great benefits in your life.

The more you express your passion and creativity, the more fulfilled you will feel in your life.

The Spirit of Earth speaks to you with a clear voice through this Celtic Sigil. Be one with all Nature, and the world, within and without. The power you hold is immeasurable and it can bring great joy to your life and the life of others. When you realize that true strength lies within you, and it comes naturally, the more you will feel ready to change the things that you do not like. The Great Dragon, speaks of connection with Nature and our Natural environment. You should spend more time in Nature which will help you cultivate your power in a more robust way.

If you chose this Celtic Sigil, in fact, you chose the great symbol of Protection and personal power, the Pentacle. It is time you balance your life, both the spiritual and the physical self-need to become united. You will feel the benefits of any protective magical practices and at the same time all magic that will help you realize your true potential as a witch or life. You sign like a star, so the world, the brightness and the warmth of your heart. Liver detoxification may work miracles for you.

If you chose this Celtic Sigil you work with a sense of speed and agility. You are a flexible person, yet at the same time, you do not want to be disturbed by external influences which may become nuisances. You have the great ability, to know your path, even though you cannot see it. You enjoy feeling protected and cared for.
Tread lightly, but with your pose on the ground. The more you know yourself, the better you will know the world. (Read more about Cat Magic and how it can change your life)

Your heart is an open book. You radiate a warm and friendly energy. Caring for others, and being a supportive figure for everyone. There is magic within you and you do not have to try to bring it forward. Feeling relaxed is the key to your success. Follow the Sun, and you will never lose your way.

The Divine Sunflower Celtic Knot Symbol.

Guys there's lot's of places where you can find your own Celtic Knot designs but you don't get that description behind each and every single design unlike here? The link to the place where we researched our post is called Gostica and it's pretty clued up on most spirituality and spiritual things? All aspects of spiritual growth is represented here and the attention to detail is second to none?

We hope that you find what your looking for and that you find the ultimate answer to your question? Like most journeys, they all start with one very, very hard first question and then that first step? Some find it easy - but then it get's hard? If the first step is hard for you, well I guarantee that the rest of the steps are easier than the first one? It's just the way it goes? Destiny/divine intervention is a calm, epic, personal and common sense force of nature tailor made just to you? If you embrace this and accept this, then your journey has all the energy it will ever need to succeed! Tim, UFO Sightings Footage.

Skull 9,000 years old with a microchip found inside it, Mexico

Pedro Canché, editor of the local site El QuintanaRoo, revealed the details of this finding. In the human skull, which was found by underwater archaeologists, an artificial implant was discovered. First, scientists thought that it was just a plate inserted during trepanation of the skull.

Underwater archaeologists studying the world's largest flooded cave system, discovered 9000-year-old human remains and bones of the animals of the Ice Age that once roamed the Earth. Remains found in the cave of Sak-Aktun in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Scientists say that caves are "the most important underwater archaeological site in the world," where they discovered 200 archaeological finds.

Underwater archaeologists studying the world's largest flooded cave system, discovered 9000-year-old human remains

Of course it's interesting and amazing. But with a detailed study, scientists expected an even bigger surprise. It was a microchip. In the skull of the remains of a man of 9,000 years old, a microchip was found. The scientists were in shock. Immediately, the Mexican security service was brought to further research. All the truthful information about the find was classified. Who is doing it now and where, Pedro Canché does not know.

Underwater archaeologists studying the world's largest flooded cave system, discovered 9000-year-old human remains

He himself did not see the artifact and all his information is based on the story of a person who was setting up equipment for scuba divers. According to this man, an unusual skull lay in a common heap along with the rest of the bones raised from under the water and until it dried up, the find did not attract attention to itself.

After drying, archaeologists came and began to sort the raised from the bottom. The skull caused surprise of scientists, as at the nearest inspection carried traces of cranial surgery.

From left to right: Roberto Schmittner, Roberto Junco and Guillermo de Anda

Mexican archaeologist Guillermo de Anda said: "It's awesome. No doubt, this is the most important underwater archaeological site in the world. It is very unlikely that such findings have ever been made in the world. A large number of archaeological artifacts have been discovered and the degree of their preservation is also impressive. "(Note: What are these artifacts?)

Under the layer of scraped up deposits there was, as it were, a metal patch in the bone, in appearance from copper. But when metal tools were passed through, a very thin, branched system of contacts was found, the ends of which were deepened to the edges inward. All who were in the group looked at it under the magnifying glass, strict symmetry of the lines did not cause doubts in the technological origin of the object, because if it were an ornament - it was visible to the naked eye.

And why the ornament on the plate, which the ancient surgeon closed a hole in his head to someone? Then came the armed people and the artifact from the finds disappeared, which completely dispelled doubts about the uniqueness of the found.
Link to our source of information:

Underwater archaeologists studying the world's largest flooded cave system, discovered 9000-year-old human remains

UFO explodes in the night sky over western Russia (Video)

A UFO in the form of a ball of light slowly traversed the night sky over the western Russian city of Lipetsk before exploding in mid-air. The mystery object’s flight was caught on camera by a number of eyewitnesses. A mystery light-ball trailing in the sky above Lipetsk in Russia’s west, was spotted by local residents on Tuesday evening, according to social media posts which called the object “a UFO.”

UFO landed after a fireball exploded in the sky over Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico

A mysterious explosion above the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico has raised many questions here specially the debris found at the crash site. Some believed that it was a meteor or an asteroid strike. The debris found at the crash site proved otherwise, the debris included a burnt off humanoid and parts that seemed like pieces of some craft or kind certainly not what you would expect to find in a meteor struck area.

Strange UFO lands in Mexico after a fireball was seen in the sky?

Is this a UFO crash site?

This raises various questions as to what was the cause of this explosion. Was it a satellite? Or was it some secret government project experiment or was it a spacecraft of an extra-terrestrial? Is this a UFO crash site? It is interesting to note that this is the very place where a huge meteor struck the earth with devastating consequences, the explosion was huge, and the debris, dust, and smoke plume rose miles above the sky and stayed there for a long time.

This resulted in the sunlight being blocked, which killed the vegetation on earth as a result of which the dinosaurs which depended on vegetation gradually died off due to starvation.

Dinosaurs died off in this same place as the recent UFO crash site.

Same place the meteorite that wiped out Dinosaurs?

But on a positive note, this was the reason the mammals evolved. It is no brainer that these aliens from different planets have been visiting earth regularly as can be noted by UFO sightings globally.

It could be possible that one of their space crafts crashed on earth. But interestingly enough the military did not reach the site immediately to clear up any UFOs debris or dead aliens from the site. NASA has been very interested in UFO’s crash sites and has been secretly taking this debris or captured aliens to their secret military bases to carry out research on them.

But then this crashed craft could itself be some experimentation carried out by NASA scientists. Who knows? My guess is as good as yours!

UFO hovering in the sky over Mexico

Many people saw this UFO in Mexico.A video shot by a woman in Mexico has gone viral as the “first alien sighting of 2018.” The video, which was shot on a smartphone by a woman on the road in Baja California, appears to show an oddly shaped object floating in mid-air that doesn’t resemble any known aircraft. But is it a UFO of the Alien spying on us, in a peeping Tom kinda way?

Some (don't know who?) suggest that the small, slender object is indeed an alien craft, which others say isn’t a craft at all, but rather people testing some type of jet pack. Others say the video is an obvious fake, though nothing has been determined conclusively at this point.

UFO Sightings Footage is of the opinion that that this is a real freaky, strange and very puzzling UFO sighting? Is it real, yeah. Is it an Alien, no. Is it of other worldly origins, no. This is what we call a "genuine" misunderstanding of the obvious kind! Someone has gone to the lengths to plan, create and build an obvious Alien looking space craft that "they" know because everyone nowadays has a smartphone or cell phone with a camera that the likelihood of this being mistook for a real UFO is high?

This is a by proxy, UFO laughable episode so-to-speak? Some miscreants have exploited peoples naieveness and turned an inexpensive drone (probably) in to a good looking UFO which they know someone (maybe) someone that's not the sharpest knife in the drawer will misidentify this as a real UFO and the rest as they say, will do the job for them!

It's just as simple as that!

We're seeing this more and more here at UFO Sightings Footage. People are convinced they've had a real UFO encounter and some have had bad experiences with this also. Is it good or funny? NO! Is it smart or team building? NO!

Can you blame them? NO! It's (at the time) the best thing since sliced bread? The drone might be on it's last legs and what better way to go out with this drone than turning it in to someones own UFO encounter! Imbeciles.

Link to the video:

Experts have gotten in on this one aswell. Experts are saying this is a great sighting. So-called experts are having a field day! All we can say is this.

If you think it's a fake, if your gut is telling you it's not real and common sense is ruling out Aliens and the likelihood that this thing is from another Alien planet? Well then, we suggest you go with your gut! Always go with your gut. If your wrong then your wrong, but will we ever know one way or another with this? Who knows? Time might be the answer to this?

Sir Stephen Hawking And The Event Horizon Telescope Breaking New Records (Video)

We are the best in the history of human beings and astronomy coming together to understand, explain, decipher and write, speak the understandings of over hundreds of thousand of scientists, astronomers and all their findings?

It is absolutely mind boggling to say the least? I actually feel like no matter how I write this, there's absolutely no right or wrong way of doing so? I could just simply type "extraordinary people" and that would sum it all up? I could type "stunning people doing stunning work" and you'd know what I meant?

Sir Stephen Hawking setting world records with telescopes.

Sir Stephen Hawking was and is a legend in his own right. His own right means that he went out with the full world against him quite literally and conquered the field of theoretical physics and most things in between and round the corner!

He was amazing at everything to do with physics and out of the box thinking? We wouldn't be so far ahead of where we are now if it wasn't for him, the mind of Stephen Hawking and the common sense he had? Is it a coincidence that he died on Albert Einsteins birthday?

The Event Horizon Telescope (what this post is about, lol) used 80 blooming dishes right around the world in conjunction together, that's right - TOGETHER to take a hopefully HD image of the Black Hole at the center of our Galaxy? 80 dishes is quite nerve racking and one can only imagine how they brought all this together and used it together? It's just a glimpse of what is going to come in Astronomy? The future look's very exciting indeed?

Just Look At Us Now - Telescope So Big It Goes From Hawaii To Spain And The South Pole 80 DISHES

Sir Stephen Hawking scientist and Black Hole theory.
Sir Stephen Hawking was a major scientist contributing all he knew and could muster? He was and is a LEGEND!

That's right, 80 bloody DISHES! There's no error and the typing is GOOD. It's certainly not a typo. The telescope utilizes places like Spain, the state of Hawaii and the South pole to bring 80 dishes in to alignment and it takes snaps of the Black Hole at the heart of our galaxy and that was last year nearly to the day? Here's the specs on that whole massive undertaking:

A look at a monster black hole.
An international team of astronomers took a snapshot in April 2017 of the super-massive black hole at the heart of our galaxy. In the coming months, they hope to discover how well the picture came out. The Event Horizon Telescope team marshaled the forces of six radio observatories—a total of 80 dishes stretching from Hawaii to Spain to the South Pole.

This multitude was needed to get sufficient resolution to image the black hole, which, though huge in mass (the equivalent of 4 million suns), is surprisingly small in volume (with a diameter less than half the distance from Mercury to the sun).

After processing and correlating the data, they will obtain either a glorious silhouette of the black hole against the brilliant matter swirling around it or, as in earlier attempts using fewer telescopes, a tantalizing blur.

The Event Horizon Telescope is an international collaboration aiming to capture the first image of a black hole by creating a virtual Earth-sized telescope.

On March 14th, 2018 the world lost Sir Stephen Hawking, a luminary scientist and natural motivational speaker whom inspired many of the scientists working on the Event Horizon Telescope project. Sir Stephen’s work on theories surrounding black holes helped bring them center stage in our efforts to understanding the universe. I'm not a scientist (UFO Sightings Footage) but this is my, no "our" humble farewell on your epic voyage among the stars.

To the icon, legend, hero and pioneer that helped many, many people with disabilities to become "more courageous" which in turn inspired others to take brave steps to recovery and acceptance? Like an unseen chain reaction so-to-speak of brave people all knowingly and unknowingly helping each one another, which started for some with firm roots at the massive shoes of a one, Sir Stephen Hawking!

NASA draws up plans for huge spacecraft to blow up doomsday asteroid

NASA has drawn up plans for a huge nuclear spacecraft capable of shunting or blowing up an asteroid if it was on course to wipe out life on Earth. The US space agency published details of its Hammer (Hypervelocity Asteroid Mitigation Mission for Emergency Response) deterrent, an eight tonne spaceship which could deflect a giant space rock.

NASA has said previously that Earth is overdue a huge asteroid strike and programmes are in places across the globe to map dangerous rocks as they move through the Solar System. Last year an 100 foot asteroid named 2012TC4 passed within 27,000 miles of Antarctica, a distance that astronomers described as 'damn close.' In detailed plans published in the journal Acta Astronautica, Nasa and the National Nuclear Security Administration, calculated the time and payload it would take to move or destroy the 1,600-foot-wide asteroid Bennu.

NASA already has a space probe on route to Bennu to take samples and has been monitoring the asteroid since it was discovered in 1999. Although there is little risk it could hit the Earth, it is still considered as an NEO, or Near Earth Object, which would hit the planet with 1,450 megatons of TNT. The Atomic Energy Commission has shown that a one gigaton warhead detonated about 10 miles up could be expected to start fires over an area of more than 430,000 square miles, an area more than four times the size of Britain.

Dante Lauretta, professor of Planetary Science in the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona, said Bennu’s impact would release “three times more energy than all nuclear weapons detonated throughout history”. "The impact would release energy equivalent to 1,450 megatons of TNT," he said. “For comparison, the fission bombs used in World War II had an energy release of roughly 20 kilotons of TNT each and the most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated, the Russian Tsar Bomba, had a yield of 50 megatons." However the study showed that Earth would need years of warning to be able to put a deterrent plan in action.

The experts calculate that 7.4 years would be needed from building Hammer, to the craft hitting the asteroid. Earth is hit by asteroids with surprising regularity but most are too small to do much damage or fall in underpopulated areas. In 2013, a meteor air burst over Chelyabinsk, Russia, broke shattered windows for over 300 miles.

Nash's Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies now lists 73 asteroids which have a 1 in 1,600 chance of hitting the Earth. Teams from across the world are working on similar deterrents. Earlier this week a team of Russian researchers from Rosatom, the state nuclear energy corporation, and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), announced they had constructed and blown up tiny asteroids in the lab to calculate how much power it would take to prevent a devastating impact.

Using laser pulses to simulate the effect of a nuclear bomb they found that to eliminate a 650 foot wide asteroid, the blast would need to deliver the energy equivalent of three megatons of TNT - the equivalent of 200 Hiroshima bombs. The most powerful explosive device ever detonated was the Tsar Bomba, or “king of bombs,” built by the Soviet Union in 1961 which had an energy output of about 50 megatons of TNT.

“At the moment, there are no asteroid threats, so our team has the time to perfect this technique for use later in preventing a planetary disaster,” says study co-author Vladimir Yufa, an associate professor at the departments of Applied Physics and Laser Systems and Structured Materials, MIPT. “We’re also looking into the possibility of deflecting an asteroid without destroying it and hope for international engagement.”

Scientists map the portal to the cell's nucleus

A map showing how the 552 pieces of the pore complex fit together could inform research into numerous diseases. Credit: Rockefeller University.

A map showing how the 552 pieces of the pore complex fit together could inform research into numerous diseases. Credit: Rockefeller University.Like an island nation, the nucleus of a cell has a transportation problem. Evolution has enclosed it with a double membrane, the nuclear envelope, which protects DNA but also cuts it off from the rest of the cell. Nature's solution is a massive by molecular standards cylindrical configuration known as the nuclear pore complex, through which imports and exports travel, connecting the bulk of the cell with its headquarters.

In research described March 14 in Nature, scientists at Rockefeller University and their colleagues have delineated the architecture of the nuclear pore complex in yeast cells. The biological blueprint they uncovered shares principles sometimes seen on a much larger scale in concrete, steel, and wire. "It reminds us of a suspension bridge, in which a combination of sturdy and flexible parts produce a stress-resilient structure," says Michael P. Rout, who led the work together with Brian T. Chait. The pore complex contains 552 component proteins, called nucleoporins, and scientists hadn't previously known how they all fit together. It took a combination of approaches to assemble a comprehensive map of these pieces.

The researchers hope this new molecular structure will enable new studies of how the nuclear portal functions normally, and how defects in it lead to diseases such as cancer. A milestone The pore complex first emerged when single-celled organisms the only living things at the time—acquired special compartments containing organ-like structures, including the nucleus, which houses the cell's genetic code. It serves not only as a conduit to and from the nucleus, but also as a checkpoint regulating what passes in and out. Genetic instructions transcribed into RNA are allowed to exit, for example, while proteins needed inside the nucleus may enter. Other things, such as viruses bent on taking over the cell, are kept at bay. Rout and Chait began mapping this ancient structure more than 20 years ago, knowing the project could well span decades since the target of their curiosity is not easily defined.

More than a third of the pore complex can move about, and this flexibility, along with the structure's immense size and the constant stream of traffic passing through it, meant that no single approach to mapping it would work. "In the end, we used everything we could lay our hands on, brought the results together, and integrated them into a single structure," says Chait, who is Rockefeller's Camille and Henry Dreyfus Professor.

Together with researchers at the University of California, San Francisco; Boston University Medical School; and Baylor College of Medicine, the team was able to determine the type and amount of each nucleoporin and their proximities to one another, as well as the weight and shape of the whole complex. This data allowed them to visualize the anatomy of many of the individual pore components and to place them all within the pore complex.

They uncovered a complicated ringed structure containing rigid, diagonal columns and flexible connectors that evoke the towers and cables of human-made structures like the Golden Gate Bridge. The resulting map is a breakthrough in a line of investigation with a deep Rockefeller history. The pore complex first came into human view in the 1950s, when a university scientist, Michael Watson, observed small densities dotting the surface of the nuclear envelope. And about two decades later, the lab of Günter Blobel, who passed away last month, was among the first to discover individual nups and then determine their structure.

A new starting point.
When it comes to the pore complex, yeast has a considerable amount in common with us. When the team compared their data with structural findings from human pore complexes, they found similar elements arranged somewhat differently. The resemblance suggests the yeast pore complex could be useful for research relevant to humans. And there's a lot of such research to be done. Defects in the pore complex and its components have been linked to a host of diseases, including autoimmune disorders and cancer; meanwhile, viruses have evolved ways to sneak past it altogether. But the details of these malfunctions and blind spots are often obscure.

The new yeast structure may help. With it, the team found they could map sites that are altered in some cancers—evidence, they say, that the yeast pore complex can be used to test how factors like stress, drugs, or mutations change the human structure, and so aiding efforts to understand and treat disease.

Explore further: Researchers create 3-D structure of the nuclear pore complex

NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Replaced With An Alien Clone While In Space

The evidence speaks for itself! I'm not wildly speculating, i'm asking if he's not genetically the same as his twin then WHAT IS HE? in scifi shows he'd be poked and prodded in a clean bubble with scientists asking who sent you? I am asking, if it's 7 percent changed (don't forget Chimpanzees have what 96% of our DNA but they're a whole different species THEN WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MAKE SCOTT KELLY?

Is he going to be considered a new species? Is he TECHNICALLY a new species? Is he a clone, should we be scared and if he breeds what will his offspring be considered? They certainly aint EARTHLY? Well technically 93% ONLY? Guys these are legitimate questions? I'm worried for humans? I'm worried that this might be the dreaded DNA wasting condition thing which is why the Aliens are trading with humans APPARENTLY to replenish their own damaged DNA?

Is it long periods of space flight damages DNA so that's why Aliens have been abducting human? These are legitimate questions spawned from a VERY BIZARRE STATEMENT GIVEN BY NASA! NASA has given us a real clanger with this outside the box statement! Basically Scott Kelly is now half ALIEN! That's what I got from this, what about you? Is he a clone and what guarantees can NASA give us that he ISN'T A CLONED HUMAN HALF ALIEN?

Nasa astronaut twins Scott and Mark Kelly no longer genetically identical after space trip

nasa astronauts Scott Kelly and his identical twin brother Mark have shared a lot throughout their extraordinary lives. Born just a few minutes apart, the pair were both US Navy captains, both flew on the Endeavour and Discovery space shuttles, and both spent time on board the International Space Station (ISS). But new findings by Nasa have found that life away from planet Earth has exacted a surprising toll. The pair are no longer genetically identical twins.

After Scott Kelly, 54, spent 340 days on board the ISS, experts found that seven per cent of his genes no longer match those of brother Mark. Scott may even now be biologically older than his twin, scientists fear. On learning of the change, Scott said: “What? My DNA changed by 7 per cent. Who knew?! I no longer have to call Mark my identical twin brother anymore.”

It is well known that astronauts’ bodies change to adapt to living in micro-gravity, but it was generally assumed the effects wore off on returning to Earth. However Scott landed in March 2016, and his body has yet to return to normal. Some of the genes which appear to have changed permanently involved DNA repair, bone formation and how the cells use oxygen. Nasa took the unique opportunity of having astronaut twins to learn more about the genetic changes of long periods in space, the first time such a study has ever been attempted. The human body is evolved to live in Earth’s gravity, and the long term effects of space habitation are unknown. The space agency said the experiment was a ‘stepping stone’ in its three-year mission to Mars.

While Scott was on the ISS, experts were monitoring Mark’s DNA as well as Scott’s so they could compare the two, a groundbreaking experiment known as The Twins Study. “Some of the most exciting things that we’ve seen from looking at gene expression in space is that we really see an explosion, like fireworks taking off, as soon as the human body gets into space,” said Twins Study Principal Investigator Dr Chris Mason, of Weill Cornell Medicine. “With this study, we’ve seen thousands and thousands of genes change how they are turned on and turned off. This happens as soon as an astronaut gets into space, and some of the activity persists temporarily upon return to Earth. “This study represents one of the most comprehensive views of human biology. It really sets the bedrock for understanding molecular risks for space travel as well as ways to potentially protect and fix those genetic changes.”

CAMP CENTURY Secret Ice Base Won’t Stay Frozen Forever

Climate change is turning a Cold War project into an environmental hazard.

Camp Century secret nuclear base.


From the outset, was an audacious scheme. Under the thick ice of Greenland, a scant 800 miles from the North Pole, the U.S. military built a hidden base of ice tunnels, imagined as an extensive network of railway tracks, stretching over 2,500 miles, that would keep 600 nuclear missiles buried under the ice. Construction began in 1959, under cover of a scientific research project, and soon a small installation, powered by a nuclear reactor, nested in the ice sheet. In the midst of the Cold War, Greenland seemed like a strategic point for the U.S. to stage weapons, ready to attack the U.S.S.R. The thick ice sheet, military planners imagined, would provide permanent protection for the base. But after the first tunnels were built, the military discovered that the ice sheet was not as stable as it needed to be: It moved and shifted, destabilizing the tunnels.

Within a decade, Camp Century was abandoned. When siting the secret ice base, the military chose a spot where dry snow kept the surface of Greenland’s ice sheet from melting, and when the base was abandoned its creators expected the remains to stay encased in ice forever. But decades later, conditions have changed, and as a team of researchers reported in a 2016 paper, published in Geophysical Research Letters, the now-melting ice sheet threatens to mobilize the dangerous pollutants left behind.

This hazard-in-waiting is a new kind of environmental threat: In the past, there was little reason to worry about water-borne pollution on an ice sheet 100,000 years old. As Jeff D. Colgan, a professor of political science at Brown University, writes in an article released last week in the journal Global Environmental Politics, Camp Century represents both a second-order environmental threat from climate change and a new path to political conflict. “We’re starting to get better about dealing with the anticipated problems associated with climate change,” says Colgan. “There are going to be a whole host of unanticipated problems that we never saw coming.”

By the time the base was abandoned in 1967, it had its own library and theater, an infirmary, kitchen and mess hall, a chapel, and two power plants (one nuclear, one run on diesel). When the base closed, key parts of the nuclear power plant were removed, but most of the base’s infrastructure was left behind—the buildings, the railways, the sewage, the diesel fuel, and the low-level radioactive waste. In the 2016 paper, which Colgan worked on as well, the researchers suggested that the radiological waste was less worrisome than the more extensive chemical waste, from diesel fuel and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) used to insulate fluids and paints.

Camp Century.

Overall, the researchers estimated that 20,000 liters of chemical waste remain at the Camp Century site, along with 24 million liters of “biological waste associated with untreated sewage.” That’s just at Camp Century; the military closed down bases at three other sites in Greenland, too, and it’s unclear how much waste is left there. Over the next few decades, the researchers found, melt water from the ice sheets could mobilize these pollutants, exposing both the wildlife and humans living in Greenland. Creating these ice-bound military bases required a delicate political negotiation to begin with. The U.S. established its bases in Greenland under agreement with Denmark, which governed the island at the time.

(Greenland now has self-rule but is still part of the Kingdom of Denmark.) There were some principles outlined about the two governments’ responsibilities for the bases, but, as Colgan writes in the new paper, the status of American nuclear weapons on Greenland fell into a diplomatic gray area. The Danish government had taken a stand against nuclear weapons and would never condone a nuclear base on Greenland. But in 1957, an American ambassador, Val Peterson, made an official overture to the Danish prime minister, H.C. Hansen. If—just say—the U.S. had nuclear weapons in Greenland, would the Danish government want to know? Five days later, the prime minister had a response: “I do not think that your remarks give rise to any comments from my side,” he wrote, in a “informal, personal, top secret” paper. The U.S. went ahead with the plan.

Camp Century.

There was similar ambiguity around the responsibility for the physical assets of the base. While they remained the property of the United States, the agreement said they could be “disposed of” in Greenland, after input from the Danish government. But it’s not at all clear who’s responsible for dealing with a long-term environmental hazard posed by the waste abandoned there. This problem—who will pay to clean up environmental waste—is a common one; in the U.S., the Superfund program assigns responsibility for a polluted site, often across multiple parties associated with it over the years. But in this sort of international agreement between two governments, there’s no parallel process for divvying up blame or costs. “These agreements are rarely fully specified in what’s written down on paper. There’s no real procedure for addressing disputes,” says Colgan. “If Denmark says, U.S., you’re responsible, and the U.S. says, no, you’re responsible—we don’t have a good resolution process for that. Climate change is likely to make that kind of problem a lot more common.”

Already, a Greenland politician, who was serving as foreign minister, has lost his job over this issue. After the 2016 paper came out, he started pushing for the U.S. and Denmark to take responsibility for these military hazards; his boss thought he took too aggressive a stance. But the problem isn’t going to go away, and Colgan emphasizes that these second-order environmental consequences of climate change—which he calls “knock-on effects”—are only going to become more common, creating knotty political disputes. Think, for instance, of the chemical and oil refineries that, damaged by Hurricane Harvey, started dumping waste. Many of these environmental hazards, though, can be linked to multiple causes; in Greenland, it’s easier to pinpoint the precipitating issue. “What’s helpful about Camp Century is that, because it’s so isolated, we can be really clear that what’s causing the problem is climate change,” says Colgan. In the 1960s, there was little reason for the U.S. military to imagine that their secret ice-base would cause environmental problems decades in the future. After all, it was encased in ice and should only have been buried deeper into the frozen surface over time.

Link to the SOURCE of of our information:

Does the U.S. Military Need a Space Corps? Trump Is Gonna Start The Space Cops 🛸👽🌚

Space Corp of the MILITARY kind? Where is this going
and what's the ramifications of making this?

A proposal in Congress would create the first new uniformed service in 70 years, but it faces opposition from the Pentagon. The U.S. military hasn’t added a new uniformed service in 70 years, when the Air Force was created in the aftermath of World War II. If Congress gets its way, that will soon change. In a bipartisan vote last month, the House of Representatives approved legislation that would direct the Defense Department to build a new “space corps” within the Air Force.

Its backers blame the Pentagon for failing to prioritize space security in recent years, a lapse that has allowed rivals like Russia and China the opportunity to catch up to U.S. superiority.

This is what a Space Corp "COULD" look like this one day, why not?
Who knows what a Space Corp could look like in the future, say 100 years from now? There really is no knowing (is there) of just what 50 or 100 years can be achieved in that time? Look at what has been invented in the last 30 years?
The proposal’s fate now rests in the Senate, but its most powerful foe is the military itself, which says Congress should simply send more resources rather than force it to undertake a bureaucratic overhaul during a time of war.

“The military has not done a good enough job looking after space with all its other distracting priorities,”
said Representative Jim Cooper, a Tennessee Democrat who has championed the idea of a space corps along with Representative Mike Rogers of Alabama, the chairman of an armed-services subcommittee in the House.
“It’s just not getting the attention it deserves.”

Space has become as integral to military operations as it has for anyone who uses an iPhone to get directions through GPS or an up-to-the-second weather forecast. “Our military now is completely dependent on space,” said Todd Harrison, director of the Aerospace Security Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank. “We can’t fight without fighting through space. When we put a bomb on a target somewhere in the world, did that bomb come from space? Not physically, but the bomb would not have gotten there without our space capabilities. So it is a space-enabled bomb.”

The idea for a new service devoted to space is not new, and support for it does not break down along partisan lines. It first gained currency in 2000 as a recommendation from a military-reform commission headed by Donald Rumsfeld, who was then a retired ex-defense secretary and White House chief of staff under President Gerald Ford. A year later, Rumsfeld would be recruited back to government as George W. Bush’s defense secretary and set about to overhaul the bureaucracy of the Pentagon a reform that might have included the space corps. But the attacks of September 11, 2001, and the launching of long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq sidetracked that effort.

The proposal has bubbled back up over the years, but last month was the first time it had ever passed the House as part of the National Defense Authorization Act. An amendment to create the space corps, sponsored by Rogers and Cooper, was adopted by the Armed Services Committee with the support of all but one member, Republican Representative Michael Turner of Ohio. And in a sign that the party leadership backed the idea, the House Rules Committee refused to allow a floor vote on Turner’s bid to strip the space corps from the bill.

In phone interviews, Rogers and Cooper cited the emerging threat from Russia and China as the reason for the newfound political momentum. Rogers said lawmakers had received alarming classified briefings about the two countries’ capabilities and said the Air Force was consistently six to eight years behind in deploying its own new capabilities. Both countries, he said, had recently gained “peer status” with the United States in space. The worry is that either country could neutralize key U.S. satellites. “They recognize they cannot take us on and it be a fair fight,” Rogers told me. “But if they take our eyes and ears out, they actually have a chance to have a fair fight with the United States. We don’t ever want to get into a war where we have a fair fight.”

“If our satellites were attacked, we would be blinded, deaf, and impotent before we even knew what hit us.”

“We don’t want them to be able to neutralize one of our satellites, even for 10 or 15 minutes, blinding them while they launch or while they set up to launch,” Rogers continued. He wouldn’t detail exactly what Russia or China could do, citing the classified briefings. “They have offensive capability, and I can’t talk any more about it than to say that.” Cooper said the risk of an attack on U.S. satellites went far beyond the military. “If our satellites were attacked, we would be blinded, deaf, and impotent before we even knew what hit us,” he said. “Everything from ATM machines to Zumwalt destroyers would be paralyzed.”

He blamed the Air Force for lagging behind technologically, pointing out in frustration that the United States remains heavily reliant on Russian-built rockets to launch into space. “Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have done more to give us extra launch capability than the Air Force has,” Cooper said. “This is stunning.” The U.S. Space Command is currently housed within the Air Force, and the House proposal calls for it to become a separate service while still reporting to the secretary of the Air Force.

As such, it would not become a new department with its own secretary, although Rogers has warned that might be necessary in the future. Rogers and Cooper’s chief complaints about the Air Force’s handling of space are both bureaucratic and cultural. For years, they say, the Air Force has raided funds from the Space Command to cover cost-overruns for other projects.

And it has failed to promote space leaders up the chain of command. The Air Force is dominated by a fighter-pilot culture, Cooper said, and it always has been. “People in the Air Force who are in space sometimes view themselves as failed fighter pilots, because the real ethic there has been to be a fighter pilot, and that’s the way to get promoted to general,” he told me. Cooper said the Air Force was even unenthusiastic about drones initially, “because they didn’t like aircraft that were not piloted.”

A new space corps would represent more of a bureaucratic reshuffling than a major expansion of the Space Command, which currently employs about 36,000 people and is headquartered at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado. It would not affect NASA or the government’s intelligence operations in space. The goal is to protect the military’s budget for space; speed up the development and deployment of new capabilities; and establish a new culture that encourages, and promotes, servicemen and women who specialize in space.

“Bureaucracy opposes change because they think we’re meddling in their business.”

The Pentagon opposed the idea under former President Barack Obama and still does under President Trump. “The Pentagon is complicated enough,” Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson told reporters in June, according to CQ Roll Call. “This will make it more complex, add more boxes to the organization chart, and cost more money. If I had more money, I would put it into lethality, not bureaucracy.” Other top defense officials have argued that the Pentagon is already making a renewed effort in space and are lobbying Congress to instead provide more funding. “There is more work to do, and Congress has been very helpful in highlighting some areas where we need to redouble our efforts,” said General John Raymond, commander of the Air Force Space Command. “We must acquire space capabilities on relevant tactical timelines. We must be more agile in fielding capabilities into orbit.”

Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson, center, says the military is complicated enough without having a dedicated Space Corps. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

During a briefing with reporters last week, Air Force Chief of Staff General David Goldfein said the military’s goal was to “normalize” space as a war-fighting domain, not to separate it out. “Not that we would ever want to start it there, not that we want it there, but we have to be prepared to fight and win if it goes there,” he said. “Normalizing is about ensuring we don’t carve out space as something separate, but that it is actually normalized and we use the joint war-fighting lexicon, and tried-and-true tactics, techniques, and procedures.” Mostly, the Pentagon is trying to buy more time. In an official statement of policy, the Trump administration said the creation of a space corps was “premature” and that the Defense Department was still assessing the possibility as one option in a broader reorganization. And the House proposal calls for an ambitious timetable, requiring the Pentagon to submit designs for the space corps by the beginning of 2019. Whether the idea gets through the Senate is unclear.

The Senate’s version of the NDAA calls for a new office devoted to coordinating the space mission at the Pentagon, but not a new service. “They addressed a different set of issues in a totally different way,” Harrison said. “It doesn’t fix the budget issue and it doesn’t address the culture issue.” To Rogers and Cooper, the Pentagon’s opposition to a space corps is frustrating, but not surprising. “I expect the DoD to fight this to the end, and once it becomes law they’ll salute and make it happen,” Rogers told me. “Bureaucracy opposes change because they think we’re meddling in their business.” Added Cooper:
“This is more about easing the feeling of sad fighter pilots.”
Indeed, the military has a long history of resisting outside efforts to assign priority status and independence to a new war-fighting domain. In 1947, it was the Navy that fought the creation of a separate service that would strip away its dominion above the sea. The entity that emerged was the Air Force, which seven decades later is waging a similar bureaucratic battle for control—over a far more expansive territory up above. The Pentagon is complicated enough says the Air-force secretary?

Check here for the Air-forces oppositions post:

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CERN Physicist - We Have Done Something Evil And It Is Being Hidden! The Large Hadron Collider is a very, very big scientific and experimental machine which is breaking down any and all barriers? Where physics and science fiction meets you'll find The Large Hadron Collider - working insane on complex and probably frustrating equations?

It (the LHC) actually breaks world records for breakfast? It eat's a new "world title" for lunch and for supper well, it discovers about 5 new worlds everytime it goes looking for them "also" which are livable or probably habitable? Then it eats a full dessert or pudding, made up of light speed particles and rams it down it's gullet in very big bite sizes!

It begs the question though:
Why are they hiding this "something evil that they did?" What is this actual EVIL THING that they've supposedly done?

That's just a given by anyone who knows anything about The Large Hadron Collider? CERN which is right on the Franco - Swiss border (near Geneva) gives off more conspiracies each month than probably the whole CIA has created (for itself) in the last 50 years?

Seriously that's how much of a big deal that this is, it creates a whole new genre of conspiracy theories because the experiments it does are simply out of this world, literally and not figuratively!

On just one run in one day it discovered 5 new habitable worlds in the Goldilocks lane! In just one experiment it nearly took out the world! in just one experiment it recreated a black hole! It's the site of the coldest place in the world and the hottest place in the world!

There is a number of things that are subject to discussion about this? People say it's all hype and that it's nothing more than paranoid thoughts and yeah, I totally agree but when your collecting anti-matter and generating bridges to different dimensions via quantum computers well, ANYTHING is possible... Right?

If the following report is to be believed, a physicist from CERN named Dr. Edward Mantill, a specialist in particle and subatomic research who studies “very very small” particle interaction, was involved in an incident at CERN on January 15, 2014 that may have secretly changed reality as we know it.

CERN got a lot of it's technology from an underground Stargate!

CERN or The Large Hadron Collider uses Stargate like technology to send particle signals back in time.

Visual representation of an open portal like Stargate.

Why they would want to open a bloody black hole is anyone who's "sane" question?

Faster than the speed of light goes back in time! Perfect to send just signals back.

I've added the images above because I want you to get a visual representation of what some of the conspiracies say goes on at The Large Hadron Collider? Of course everything is up to speculation and conjecture? I actually never came up with these conspiracies about the CERN experiments? We aren't that bright, lol. But we can make sense of the arguments and we can put common sense to the whole issues people have with The Large Hadron Collider?

The convention establishing CERN was ratified on 29 September 1954 by 12 countries in Western Europe. The acronym CERN originally represented the French words for Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (European Council for Nuclear Research), which was a provisional council for building the laboratory, established by 12 European governments in 1952. The acronym was retained for the new laboratory after the provisional council was dissolved, even though the name changed to the current Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire (European Organization for Nuclear Research) in 1954. According to Lew Kowarski, a former director of CERN, when the name was changed, the abbreviation could have become the awkward OERN, and Heisenberg said that this could "still be CERN even if the name is not".

CERN's first president was Sir Benjamin Lockspeiser. Edoardo Amaldi was the general secretary of CERN at its early stages when operations were still provisional, while the first Director-General (1954) was Felix Bloch. The laboratory was originally devoted to the study of atomic nuclei, but was soon applied to higher-energy physics, concerned mainly with the study of interactions between subatomic particles.

Therefore, the laboratory operated by CERN is commonly referred to as the European laboratory for particle physics (Laboratoire européen pour la physique des particules), which better describes the research being performed there.

The World Wide Web began as a CERN project named ENQUIRE, initiated by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 and Robert Cailliau in 1990.

Berners-Lee and Cailliau were jointly honoured by the Association for Computing Machinery in 1995 for their contributions to the development of the World Wide Web or WWW.

Based on the concept of hypertext, the project was intended to facilitate the sharing of information between researchers. The first website was activated in 1991.

On 30 April 1993, CERN announced that the World Wide Web would be free to anyone. A copy of the original first web page, created by Berners-Lee, is still published on the World Wide Web Consortium's website as a historical document.

Putin releases chilling video of Florida getting nuked

Vladimir Putin's nuclear weapon video shows FLORIDA being nuked in shock threat to the United States.

As per NBC News' translation Putin claims:
He used his annual state-of-the-nation speech to the Russian Federal Assembly on Thursday to brag about the country's new nuclear weapons.

"I want to tell all those who have fueled the arms race over the last 15 years, sought to win unilateral advantages over Russia, introduced unlawful sanctions aimed to contain our country's development ... you have failed to contain Russia," he said. He accused the West of "ignoring us. Nobody listened to us. Well listen to us now."

Putin releases chilling video of Florida getting nuked

Putin releases chilling video of Florida getting nuked

Putin releases chilling video of Florida getting nuked

Structure hidden under the ice sheet of Antarctica

Enormous structure hidden under the ice sheet of Antarctica has become visible The structure is 300 meters long, width measures between 30 – 50 meters and walls of 10 meters high. The coordinates are in the image and can be found if you go to Google Earth? This is really cool and what a find eh?


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