Damascus Goat Monster Proven to Be Real

Damascus Goat Monster

Recent reports have led to the realization that the viral goat is indeed real. What is also interesting is that the looks of the goat are intentional. Although the viral video of the goat does not go into detail about the animal in question, the bizarre goat is thought to be of a unique and unusual breed of animal. This breed is known as the Damascus Goat.

Other names for the Damascus Goat include Aleppo, Halep, Baladi, Damascene, Shami, and Chami. The Damascus goat is used for milk and meat consumption, in addition to their hides and their irregular appearance. This appearance reveals a tiny face and has a height that is significantly taller than most other breeds of goat.

The viral video has been confirmed to be breeding stock, perhaps the breeding of exotic animals. Breeders of such alien looking animals prefer the animals with the highest amounts of odd features so that these odd features can be passed on genetically. In many instances, it is preferred that the alien breed mate with other breeds of goat in order to provide a mix of aspects to the offspring. The introduction into life for the Damascus Goat is quite fascinating.

Damascus goats are born with incredibly long ears. When they are young, their faces appear to be more normally formed. The facial distortions only come later in life as they reach adulthood. It may seem like the Damascus Goat may appear ugly to many people. However, some consider this breed of goat quite attractive due to their unique qualities.

A recent goat festival in Saudi Arabia found that the Damascus Goat’s with more extreme features were viewed more favorably. In an auction at the festival, they sold at higher prices the more extreme the features were. Sometimes it is uncommon features that appeal more than common features.

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