Ancient Flying Machine Found BY U.S. Soldiers OR IS IT JUST PIE IN THE SKY

This is pure speculation guys that a bone fide real Vimana was found and is 5,000 years old?
I've tried to look up the actual machine and do my own USF research like we always research EVERY story that we publish (we only demand high standards) which was supposedly found in Afghanistan - but all I can find on places like YouTube, Google and Bing is shaky footage of terrible stalagmites, Photoshop images, blurry images and images showing US soldiers going in to caves? Oh and horrible wild claims which can't be supported?

I say can't be supported but what I mean is tangible, real physical evidence one can hold in the hand and say look at this?It's all a load of superstitious rubbish! They add the name PUTIN to convince you that this was a legitimate source because he helps uncover the lies perpetrated by the US gang masters? It's all rubbish, BUT we have to show you the evidence (words only)...

A report that was meant to be sent only to Putin (see what I mean, B.S) has been released. United States soldiers seem to have stumbled upon a Vimana.

These are ancient flying devices. Eight American soldiers found an ancient machine in a cave in Afghanistan. The first found parts to a machine and went to investigate? Sadly, none of the soldiers lived to tell the tale.
How convenient?
The post goes like this...

Flying Machine Found In Afghan Cave

When researchers went to check the claims of these heroic men, they found that the machine had a sort of force field around it to protect the machine from being removed. Researchers believe that this is the cause of death for the soldiers. This discovery of the Vimana is infinitely important when it comes to historic finds.

Researchers have been looking for proof of one for many years. A Vimana is a machine depicted in ancient cultures. In tablets and wall paintings they show these machines. They are said to have been flown by the gods and were very important to these ancient people. The machines are often depicted like fighter jets.

They are fast, they arrive with a bright source of light, and they are used in battles. Many wars of these ancient people feature multiple Vimana. This has long been a source of conspiracy. Many conspiracy theorists believe that these “gods” that these people worshiped were aliens. The texts about these ships are very clear and are obviously mechanical.

Some ancient text details go so far as to explain how these ships are made. The list of metals used is long, and only nine have been proven to be earth metals, while the others seem to be nothing science knows about yet. It seems impossible that people who lived a thousand years BCE could create these machines, and finding one just may answer some questions.

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