Alien disclosure is a false flag to induce MARTIAL LAW

The world headline-grabbing release of a video of a seemingly inexplicable UFO by the US Pentagon may have been part of a cunning plan to bring in martial law, according to alien conspiracy theorists.

Below is the video about the reasons behind publishing the Pentagon UFO videos?

UFO truth seekers celebrated an historic milestone last month after it emerged the Department of Defence had run a top secret unit investigating the threat posed by UFOs until 2012. Footage filmed by a US Navy pilot of an apparent UFO said to "defy the laws of physics", which was investigated by the department, was also released, leading to claims from some that "we are not alone”. The footage was from the "Nimitz UFO" incident off the coast of San Diego in November 2004, when a whole naval crew are said to have seen a series of bizarre white tic tac-shaped crafts. However, some in the UFO community remain suspicious at the motives of the government behind the release of the information. Alien truth have called for "disclosure" - the release of all alien and UFO-related files to be released. And many saw last month's revelations as a stepping stone towards this.

The Pentagon UFO files.

Many believe that aliens, not only exist, but are secretly living in bases on earth and the US government covers it up in return for flying saucer technology. However, some members of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) remain suspicious. MUFON is the world's largest organisation dedicated to UFO research and holds a global database of UFO sightings reported to it. A theory was raised at the latest meeting of the MUFON Washington branch on Saturday. reported: "Those who attended were far from feeling credulous or validated by the New York Times’ coverage, and instead expressed concerns that this seeming bombshell of disclosure might merely represent an even deeper conspiracy by the government. "They freely exchanged theories about the possible nature of UFOs, as well as what might motivate the mainstream press and government to release such a story. "A frequently voiced suspicion was that the government might be laying the groundwork to present extraterrestrials as the next threat to national security, requiring further increases in military spending and curtailments of civil liberties."

Trained pilots often see UFOs!

Martial law is the introduction of direct military control of civilian functions of government, especially in response to a temporary emergency such as invasion or major disaster, or in an occupied territory. It can be used by governments to enforce their rule over the public. One woman at the talks said the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II was an "example of how such fears of aliens have been used against the populace”. A retired MUFON military member said: "The powers that be are so far removed from the rest of us that they think the United States would fall apart if we disclosed that these things exist, and that they’ve been here for years. “The only people who would really have to worry would be the power elites in politics and religion.”

Famous US UFO campaigner Dr Steven Greer tweeted in response to last month's news: "Note that the recent NY Times story is couched from a threat office of the Pentagon. "This a clear ramp up to False Flag FAKE disclosure designed to prepare people for a threat from outer space- so the War Mongers and War Profiteers have a new , bigger enemy. BEWARE." However, Al Thompson, a field investigator for the branch called for less focus on unconfirmed conspiracy theories. He said: “Why do we need conspiracy theories? Because the answers are unknown. We’re operating in a vacuum, because the government isn’t telling us anything, but even if they did, we wouldn’t necessarily believe them. "That being said, no one came here because we believe that any one of us has the definitive answer.”

Navy pilots are chasing a real UFO.

Antarctica UFO Crash Landed

Google has once again come to the aid of yet another mystery?
Google Maps proof of aliens? Mystery in Antarctica believed to be UFO crash landing GOOGLE Maps Street View often unearths some of the great mysteries of the world, with many alien hunters believing a new sighting in Antarctica shows a UFO crash landing site.

Alien-enthusiasts also use Google Maps in an attempt to find evidence that extra-terrestrial lifeforms exist. A new sighting in Antarctica is believed to have been discovered.

Found on the South Georgia Island near Antarctica, a mysterious land mass can be spotted in the snow. The island is extremely remote, miles from other destinations and home to just 20 locals. The land mass appears to have dragged across the surface, leaving tracks. UFO-hunters believe this shows a crash landing of some sort, proving the possibility of aliens.

Google Maps Street View: A mysterious land mass has been spotted

Follow this link to the source of our information:

However, experts have debunked the claims and believe it is just part of nature. Dr Richard Waller, an expert at British Keele University told the Daily Mail: "It looks to me as though this feature is related to a large avalanche from a nearby mountain.

"Part of a hanging glacier appears to have collapsed, you can see the avalanche debris at the foot of the slope, and this could be a large block of ice that has travelled further as a consequence. “The track shows that it's sliding over a snow-covered glacier before it comes to a rest." This phenomenon has been explained before in a documentary discussing the fatal Air New Zealand crash in 1979.

The UFO is said to of crash landed in Antarctica.

Due to the secluded environment of Antarctica, it isn’t the first time a UFO crash landing is believed to have been seen there. A small dent in the snow was spotted which measured 65 feet wide and 230 feet long. Russian UFO-enthusiast Valentin Degterev believes it proves alien lifeforms have visited Earth? He wrote on Russian social media website VK: “I think there is very large disc-shaped flying machine among the frozen ice.”

Is what were seeing really UFOs crash landing or is there more to it than meet's the eye? Below is another image of a UFO reportedly crashed in the Antarctica region? The image shows four tank's guarding the supposed UFO? Who knows what is going on there?

So it begs the question, if the answer is yes to UFOs crash landing then where are the Aliens and where are the UFOs right now? Someone must have claimed the UFOs right? Has any Governments salvaged the crash landed machines/ships. Is there any witnesses to this because I think there must be.

This Moon Anomaly shouldn't Exist - A Miles High Antenna

What is this mystery SPIKE or ANTENNA on the moon's surface?

UFO hunter's claim to have found various 'alien antennas' on the surface of the Moon...

And is there an Alien ship underneath it buried a little just showing it's outline in the dust on the Lunar surface? It is most intriguing indeed Mr Watson?

Guy's this (Moon anomalies) is getting weirder and weirder because after finding the famous Alien mega antenna and dish on the surface of the Moon a long time ago (see images below).

Here's the link to the NASA image for all the ney sayers!

We now, have just come across another blooming antenna on the Moon in the crater of Rupes Liebig and Rimae Marsenius craters by a guy called Mark Sawalha from Finland has spotted this in a Google image and yeah what a find this is? Eagle eyed or what?

He went over this image with a fine tooth comb and this is probably why he came up trumps?

The images below were discovered by Mr Sawalha from Finland with amazing miles high structure or "spike" coming out of the Moons surface is just breath taking!

Original image by NASA showing anomalies.

Is the spike attached to an Alien Spaceship buried just below the surface on the Moon?

Unusual anomaly on the Moon surface with Spike.

I think other people have looked at the Moon but not like this before, he (Mr Swalaha) has definitely given people a cause and a good reason to go back and check previously "checked" images before?

Google Earth has gotten so good in resolution that it's making this kinda thing possible now. But, what happens if like during the cold war, NASA decides to dumb down it's resolution and pixels so that stuff like this can't get noticed? Could NASA demand or ask Google to amend it's images?

Or can they amend their own images of the Moon in NASA's own archives? During the cold war, published images of the Moon by NASA of the Earth etc were deliberately dumb down in resolution so that the Communist regime in Russia didn't know "exactly" just how good their technology was?

The aim of that exercise was to make the enemy (Russia) think they (USA) didn't know or have good intel of their compounds, ammunition dumps, missile launch sites (silos), rockets with nukes etc?

A blurred image is worth a million dollars in that instance, so why not adapt, adopt and inject the same learned techniques in to covering up an Alien presence on the Moon?

But is it to late....

Is the Cat out of the bag...

Is this what we might see in the near future (tampered with NASA archives, again)because of this recent spate of discoveries i.e Alien spike, Alien chimney with smoke coming out, Alien lights in craters and Alien looking UFOs, the list is endless, it really is?

Here is the image of smoke coming out of the chimney on the Moon! There is an actual video which shows movement and smoke rising from the stack. This was news one day, then it just fricking died out? But yeah, this is pretty astonishing as to why nobody has taken this up in the mainstream media?

There's apparently even entrances to the inner parts of the Moon (with perfect matching lights either side of the entrance) or docking bay as some people like to call it? There's the lights in craters and structures, buildings and monoliths! What can a person do when he/she comes across a whole heap of evidence which all point's to an Alien presence and it's an obvious Alien presence I might add!

UFO Sightings Footage has always just followed the evidence, the proof and yes we have followed hoaxes and untruths also? But we have always managed to make it back to the highway so-to-speak and get back on track, because that's what one does right? You dust yourself off and get back on the Bull! In this case the Bull being the research and the investigation. Believe me, it can be very frustrating especially when you see these obvious fakes and hoaxes?

It seem's like some days were losing the battle but then we come across tangible evidence which is backed up in the actual NASA archives or backed up with eye witness accounts with images and video? But when we see an obvious fake, it feel's like there's someone churning them out for tourists, lol.

Check out this amazing and very stunning anomaly on the Moon? This is a definite Alien made structure or it could even be a machine?

Let's have a closer look see:

This look's like it was in the movie Star Wars? A Star Wars fighting machine?

Obviously I have to show you the other satellite dish and antenna that was found on the Moon:

And then there's this amazing find by Scott C. Warring from the UFO Sightings Daily blog.

Moon, Lunar anomalies.

Who know's why these apparent Aliens are on the Moon and why we went to the Moon also why we haven't been back to the Moon? There's many, many different scenarios that apparently went down on the Moon also there's plenty of questions and stories to go with them as to why NASA is side lining the Moon and going straight to Mars instead?

Many, many and probably endless questions you must have? In the word's of Yoda, Be wise must one and be patient. Truth is come, you will know soon!

AKA sit tight because disclosure is already in play what with NASA even allowing this stuff out in the first place - knowing how good technology is getting NASA must be aware of what is going to come out eventually?

The World Will Definitely NOT END On April The 23rd

Don't be afraid of April 23rd because the world ending is not going to happen! Nibiru or Planet X as It's also known is not going to destroy the world! The world is not going to end and life will continue as it always has! These so-called conspiracy theorist's who are spouting this stuff are doing it to scare people, that's all! Think about it, only they know how to decode the codes etc only they have this otherworldly knowledge is laughable! The planets alignment tell's them something and only them, it is rubbish! Every single so-called prophecy that has EVER been said about the world ending has never come true, right! So put your fears to bed, don't fret and carry on as normal.

Interactive map shows if you're drinking radioactive water, in the United States!

Is there radioactive elements in water in the USA?

If your worried about drinking radioactive water then don't, your very safe because they wouldn't allow you to drink it if it was really dangerous, would they?


Anyone living in the United States might be shocked to find out that an investigation has revealed that more than half of the water that residents drink has radioactive elements in it.

EWG Found 50 States Have Drinking Water with Radioactive Elements!

The EWG, also known as the Environmental Working Group found that a large portion of the drinking water in the 50 states has radioactive elements and this is increasing the risk of cancer to the public. The EWG analysed 50,000 public water systems and found that the water that more than 170 million people in the US drink have radioactive elements. In 27 of the states, the water supplies exceeded the legal limits of the EPA.

One of the most common of radioactive elements that were found by the EWG was radium. This is a substance that enters the water in the ground naturally through the deposits that are in the crust of the Earth. The levels are higher when any activities such as oil gas drilling are disturbed by the rock and soil deposits. If this happens ions are released, and this is known as ionisation. Ionised radiation is categorised by the EPA as carcinogenic and safe levels are set, and these can then be enforced.

Is there water with radioactive materials in it?

Levels Of Radium Are Above Legal Limits In 158 Public Water Systems.

276, 000 people in the US used 158 public water systems, and the EWG found that radium levels are above the legal limits. The guidelines of the EPA are not as stringent as they might be. State scientists in California in 2006 set some public health goals for radiation that are stricter in response to an elevated risk of cancer that was posed by radiation and potential harm to fetuses during pregnancy. The guidelines are many times stricter than the EPA standards set out.

If the standards in California are stuck to this would mean that no more than one case of cancer for every million people would be down to the water supply. The levels of the EPA allow for 70 cases for each 1 million people. A study that was conducted between 2010 and 2015 found out that 122 million people drink water with radium levels that are above what is thought to be safe by the guidelines of the scientists from California. The EWG has said that the levels of radiation in the water in the United States might harm those drinking it.
Our source of information can be found here.

Millions Of US Are Drinking Water That Might Be Harmful.

Radioactive elements in tap water come from sources that are natural. However, this does not take from the need to be able to provide protection to people through standards that are stronger, including having water treatment that is better. The senior science adviser at EWG, Olga Naidenko, said that millions of people in the US are drinking water that could contain radioactive elements that are harmful; however, thanks to federal standards that are out of date, many people have no idea about risks they are faced when they drink water from the tap.

Is your water contaminated?

Texas was the region where radium had been found most in drinking water, and about 80% of residents were said to have radium in their water supply. The EWG had an interactive map that contains data, allowing people to search for radium levels in the water based on zip code. If you are unsure whether there are radioactive elements in the water supply where you live, check out the map.

Conspiracy Theory Claims the World Will Come to an End in April

Will the world on April 23rd 2018?

The end of the world is going to happen on April 23rd 2018 apparently... Is there any truth to this conspiracy theory and is it really going to be the end of the world? When will the world end precisely on the 23rd of April? Just what is going to cause the end of the world? I have a few questions about this so I did some research on the internet and it seem's like everyone and their mother is asking this very same question or set of questions?

I don't think it's the end of the world!

So I first came across this conspiracy theory on (follow the link) and they've done a really good investigation or researched it well. It still never answered some of our questions so we decided to check this out further and "low and behold" - everyone is saying pretty much the same thing i.e who it is actually saying it, when it will happen and is time travel really a part of this?

That's it basically. So that doesn't immediately debunk it (just because we've mentioned time travel) but it definitely makes one think that this could just be "Chinese whispers" and nothing more? BUT then it say's it's Nibiru! Yep, Nibiru is the apparent culprit? Well in the website we just mentioned they've found a massive and defining clue about this conspiracy theory and it's to do with David Meade the Christian conspiracy theorist who has basically contradicted himself BIG TIME? He say's the end of the world will happen on April 23rd but yet Nibiru will pass the Earth in October?


Like the Complex website say's, unless the world will end twice this is a straight up piece of nonsense! It goes further and this really upsets me and get's me really mad! People are latching on to the Bible and saying that there's some codes in the Bible and they've decoded them and that's where this information comes from?

It is insane stuff if you ask me?

The world will not end on April 23rd 2018.

Some wacky conspiracy theorists, according to Daily Express, have pointed out codes in the Bible that imply that "the end of the world is imminent, with the Earth set to be destroyed on April 23," said theorist David Meade. According to Meade, the supposed positioning of the planets and constellations is just another signal that the end of the world is almost here. The theory claims that the planet Nibiru, or Planet X, will appear on April 23.

Well, the planets are always in space and they've gotta be somewhere right? But to say that the way they line up against the backdrop of the Earth, well for me personally I don't think this is enough or actually any evidence of the imminent doom of this planet! It is pretty lame to say this? I know some people study this "astronomy" but to say that these planets can wreak havoc just because X, Y, Z planets are aligned with the Earth (but still nowhere near the Earth) is just unimaginable to me!

Below is quoted text from the post on the Complex website:
But then, Meade said, the planet will pass the Earth in October. If that makes zero sense to you, you're not alone (unless the world is set to end twice in one year, which seems a little excessive to be honest). Meade said Nibiru passing Earth is what will begin the Rapture with massive volcanic eruptions due to its gravitational force. Huh. Don't fret: If there was even an ounce of credibility to this theory left, claims to have debunked it and NASA is also on board to disprove the theory.

How does the world really end. said that Meade's prediction of the sky arrangement is completely false. NASA has said multiple times that Nibiru or Planet X does not exist at all and that the theory is nothing but a hoax. There you have it, according to the experts Nibiru doesn't exist? Although I do believe ijn Nibiru, I don't think it is going to destroy the world at all! The world is probably not going to end this April but if you want to entertain yourself with some wild theories, head on over to Daily Express. If you're into actual science, check out the Lyrid meteor shower, which will peak on April 22, according to USA Today.

So there you go, if you wanna check it out for yourself then please do that? There's loads of stuff online check the links out and enjoy the last few days ha, lol.

Yellowstone VOLCANO WARNING: ‘Time traveller’ from year 6491 in apocalypse prediction

Yellowstone National Park has always been a controversial place because of the threats it poses i.e volcanoes, eruptions, earthquakes and yes UFOs? It's always attracted it's fair share of rumours and legends of which there's just way to many to go in to an all out story? So we will focus on the most urgent? Here's a scary story coming out of this amazing and fascination part of the USA:

A MAN claiming to be an alien time traveller from another planet has warned an imminent eruption from the Yellowstone volcano will devastate the United States (this is not a new warning).

Last month the ‘super volcano’ in Wyoming was hit by another swarm of earthquakes sparking fears it was close to eruption, and now a so-called time traveller has warned a Yellowstone eruption could destroy the US. In a newly released YouTube video, James Oliver, who claims to have time travelled back form the year 6491, said: “I would be very cautious about the Yellowstone volcano. "As all of you know it's overdue by about 600,000 years and an eruption that size would devastate the entire United States. “The biggest issue with an eruption like this is that it will release a massive amount of ash into the atmosphere and the way your transportation mechanisms work - if you were to drive or fly through one of these ash storms you engines will be ruined.

Yellowstone volcano: So-called time traveller has warned that an eruption could be close

Yellowstone national park may erupt.

"There will be no air travel the second Yellowstone erupts." Mr Oliver added he is from a “planetary system that is not this one” but could not go into more detail because of “company procedure”, before describing himself as “sort of like an archaeologist". He claimed he was stranded on Earth after the super blue blood moon disrupted transmissions from the mothership. Mr Oliver said: “What had happened was the geological event had disrupted the signal somehow and I got backchannels flooding into my system from outside sources and it essentially fried the operating system of my ship, which means that I am stuck here until another research team lands on this planet.

Yellowstone National Park: Castle Geyser

“I could be here a few more days, I could be here a few more years, decades, centuries. I really don’t know. I haven’t gone much into the future from here.” Mr Oliver also expressed his disappointment at being stranded on Earth, calling it a “bit of a bummer”. He said: “All of my scanning equipment is run from my ship and obviously I don’t have use of it at this moment. "So really I can’t even be working and that is why I joined up with this in the first place. I’m curious as to what has happened throughout other worlds throughout space and time and I can’t even do what I wished I would do.”

Yellowstone national park eruption map.

But I don't think it will happen but never say never and I don't think he's travelled from the future or another planet but I could be wrong?

LUCIFER is helping Vatican astronomers look for extraterrestrials?

LUCIFER is helping Vatican astronomers look for extraterrestrials?

The Large Binocular Telescope observatory on Mt. Graham. (Credit: NASA)

A new book claims that Vatican astronomers are looking for extraterrestrials. And they are using LUCIFER to do it. Although it shares the same name as Christianity’s fallen angel and the personification of evil, LUCIFER is an instrument attached to a telescope.

Just when you thought the Vatican couldn't get anymore weird, they do this?

As Popular Science explains, LUCIFER is an acronym for the instruments lengthy title, “Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extra-galactic Research.” This instrument is attached to the University of Arizona’s Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) located on Mt. Graham in south eastern Arizona. The Vatican-owned Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) is right next door.

Where are the Aliens that the Vatican is looking for?

According to, authors of a new book assert that Vatican astronomers are using both the VATT and the LBT’s LUCIFER instrument to watch for an alien savior. Tom Horn and Chris Putnam, authors of Exo-Vaticana: Petrus Romanus, Project LUCIFER, and the Vatican’s astonishing plan for the arrival of an alien savior, visited with the Jesuit astronomers at the VATT, including Guy Consolmagno. The authors claim that Consolmagno revealed to them documents showing that the Vatican believes “that we are soon to be visited by an alien savior from another world.”

The authors claim they will back up their assertions with documented sources when their book is released on April 15. Guy Consolmagno speaks regularly about science and religion. In a 2010 interview, he told The Guardian, “Any entity – no matter how many tentacles it has – has a soul.” He made headlines because of this interview, in which he said he would offer to baptize an extraterrestrial being if one requested. Consolmagno has also stated that the Pope and the Vatican are keen on science, and they are kept up-to-date on the latest scientific developments by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

Do you know what Lucifer actually mean according to many translations? The literal translation means "Morning Star"!

Here is what is on Wikipedia about the wording of Lucifer:

The translation of הֵילֵל as "Lucifer", as in the King James Version, has been abandoned in modern English translations of Isaiah 14:12. Present-day translations render הֵילֵל as "morning star"
As a name for the Devil, the more common meaning in English, "Lucifer" is the rendering of the Hebrew word הֵילֵל‎ in Isaiah (Isaiah 14:12) given in the King James Version of the Bible. The translators of this version took the word from the Latin Vulgate,[4] which translated הֵילֵל by the Latin word Lucifer (uncapitalized), meaning "the morning star, the planet Venus", or, as an adjective, "light-bringing". As a name for the morning star, "Lucifer" is a proper name and is capitalised in English. In the Greco-Roman civilisation the morning star was also personified and considered a pagan god. At that time the distinction between capitalised and lower-case letters had not yet been invented.

Dante's Inferno's example of what Lucifer look's like?

It look's like what you might expect the Devil or the Devils son, Fallen Angel or whatever you wanna call it? I must admit I don't know much about Lucifer or the Devil and that's a good thing!

Tour of the Moon in 4K

Take a virtual tour of the Moon in all-new 4K resolution, thanks to data provided by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft. As the visualisation moves around the near side, far side, north and south poles, we highlight interesting features, sites, and information gathered on the lunar terrain.

Video description:
The camera flies over the lunar terrain, coming in for close looks at a variety of interesting sites and some of the LRO data associated with them. Includes narration, music, feature titles, research sources, and the location and scale of the image center.
Music Provided By Killer Tracks: "Never Looking Back" - Frederick Wiedmann. "Flying over Turmoil" - Benjamin Krause & Scott Goodman.

This video is public domain and along with other supporting visualisations can be downloaded from the Scientific Visualization Studio at:

Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/David Ladd

Project 1794 And The Flying Saucers They Were Supposed NOT To Be Working On?

The US was working on Flying Saucers regards of what they said publicly and it looks like they were taking it very, very seriously! So yeah when the US government says one thing we should take it with a pinch of salt especially with regards to UFOs and the existence of Aliens? If your caught lying about it once then how do we know they're not pulling the same stunt again? Well we don't and all we have to go off is past behaviors and they've lied once so...

I mean just look at this image marked " SECRET" and you tell me if they took it seriously or not?

The US government lied about UFOs and working on them.

Officially, aliens have never existed but flying saucers very nearly did. The National Archives has recently published never-before-seen schematics and details of a 1950s military venture, called Project 1794, which aimed to build a supersonic flying saucer.

The newly declassified materials show the U.S. Air Force had a contract with a now-defunct Canadian company to build an aircraft unlike anything seen before. Project 1794 got as far as the initial rounds of product development and into prototype design. In a memo dating from 1956 the results from pre-prototype testing are summarised and reveal exactly what the developers had hoped to create. The saucer was supposed to reach a top speed of “between Mach 3 and Mach 4, a ceiling of over 100,000 ft. and a maximum range with allowances of about 1,000 nautical miles,” according to the document. If the plans had followed through to completion they would have created a saucer, which could spin through the Earth’s stratosphere at an average top speed of about 2,600 miles per hour.

Wow. It was also designed to take off and land vertically (VTOL), using propulsion jets to control and stabilise the aircraft. Admittedly the range of 1,000 nautical miles seems limited in comparison to the other specifications but if you’d hopped on the disk in New York it could’ve had you in Miami within about 24 minutes. The document also hints that the product development seemed to be going better than planned; “the present design will provide a much superior performance to that estimated at the start of contract negotiations.”

It begs the question – why was the project dropped? Why aren’t wars being fought with flying saucers? The cost of continuing to prototype was estimated at $3,168,000, which roughly translates to about $26.6 million in today’s money and wouldn’t have been an insane price for such advanced technology. The problem with the other flying saucers developed under the same program (see video) is pretty clear. They didn’t get anywhere near 100,000 feet in altitude, more like five or six if you were lucky – so the military finally pulled the plug in 1960.

Project 1794 Final Development Summary Report

Project 1794 Final Development Summary Report

That's the introduction and there's loads more to come, we suggest you check all this out guys?

Project 1794 Final Development Summary Report

Project 1794 Final Development Summary Report

Project 1794 Final Development Summary Report

Is There An Alien Chamber Beneath the Sphinx?

Is there really Aliens buried under the Sphinx in tombs?
Ancient Egyptian Aliens buried under and in tombs of the great Sphinx in Egypt.

Now, you can believe or not believe that there are Alien tombs under the great Sphinx of Egypt but there is one thing you can't deny and that is the real mystery of the place?

Many researchers have long proposed that there are many chambers located within the Great Sphinx and below it. Some have even suggested that the mythical hall of records is located right below this mysterious ancient monument.

It is said that the Hall of Records holds the key to understanding our civilisation and the real history of humanity. Then there are even stranger and more "out there claims" that there are even tombs of Aliens under the great Sphinx but this is all yet to be claimed for real as yet? The lack of searching, investigating and investigation leads many to believe that this is because they already know the answers (secretly) so the powers that be over the mystery have put the blockers on any and all attempts to search the Sphinx or should I say below it? It's crazy but the fact is that it is so?

No one seem's to want this place searched so we have to go with early photographs and early testimonies and possible eye witness accounts of what is either in there or under there?

Photo #1.
Ancient Aliens buried in Tombs of the Egyptian Sphinx.

Photo #2.
Alien tomb in the Sphinx of Egypt and opening behind it's ear.

Under the ear of the Sphinx (which was a "Dogs head" initially by the way many, many years back)


Note the opening on the top of the head in photograph #1. Many initial reports of the Sphinx included details of 3 or 4 openings around the sphinx leading to complex tunnel systems, containing tombs with alien artefacts. Something within these tunnel systems prompted the Egyptian government and even the CIA to step in and restrict access on the grounds of quote, the nations security.

The Nations Security, which nation are they on about? Egypt's or the United States? And further more since when has the CIA been remotely bothered about Egypt's national security? So right there, right there is the red flag which is the smoking gun also that begs people to investigate further?

The CIA stepped in and stopped it's own official's of Egypt from investigating any further? They blocked up any doorways, hidden openings and any other openings that lead to somewhere that had stuff they just didn't want anyone seeing? Well, that get's my interest even further and so now i'm fricking invested! It's either a load of gold, like ton's of it or Alien artefacts? But we know there was no gold so it's the Alien toothbrush and Alien fish tank!

But it's a good conspiracy theory because this is history and not some stupid TV crime show which is fabricated, story and myth? This is real tangible history, it is sat right there in Egypt and all it takes is someone with ball's the size of Red Rum's to go up there and just waltz in like they own it? I'm thinking the cultural affairs office in Cairo maybe?

What you think I meant a member of the public? They wouldn't get anywhere near it! It's going to take a good linguist and a determined mind with forceful intentions i.e to get in the Sphinx - who doesn't take any of the B.S from the other puppets from the U.S?

So here's a piece from which states:

The idea that there is a chamber beneath the Great Sphinx at Giza likely has its roots in antiquity. In his Natural History, Pliny wrote:
  • In front of them (i.e. The Giza Pyramids) is the Sphinx, which deserves to be described even more than they, and yet the Egyptians have passed it over in silence.
The inhabitants of the region regard it as a deity. They are of the opinion that a King Harmais is buried inside it... (Book 36 XVII)

You see they (the locals) believe that there's a King buried inside of it (the Sphinx) and not an Alien? So something or someone was buried inside it and that's quite literally from the horses mouth, of sorts? It's Cayce who believes and talks alot of there been a Hall of records under the Sphinx in Egypt? If there's one thing about the Sphinx is that it has been changed over the years with a varied degree of attempts to save something of it be it either the shape, size or the insides?

The changes were likely to have been the actual shape of the head because experts say a Dogs head would of been a far more likely intended for the head because that's how it's depicted elsewhere instead of it been a human head, and further more a Dogs head would of sat perfectly in the place of what is there now? The head that's there now is way to small and look's it could of been shaped from an original Dogs head? Now that's the million Dollar question?


The Rosicrucians seized the idea of a secret chamber as a place of initiation. (For more information and diagrams of their "Subterranean Hall," see The Rosicrucian View.) In more recent years, the theory of yet undiscovered chambers in the area of the Sphinx has been popularised by authors quick to criticise "mainstream" Egyptologist's.

In their book The Message of the Sphinx, Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval report on the use of modern technology to investigate the ground surrounding the Sphinx:
  • In 1973-4 the first in a series of serious pioneering projects was launched, using ground-penetrating radar and other high-tech remote sensing equipment to locate "anomalies" under the bedrock beneath the Sphinx.
These projects were channelled through well-established academic institutions - the Ain Shams University in Cairo and the prestigious Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in the USA. In 1977 the US National Science Foundation funded a project at Giza again involving the SRI. This time use was made of several new techniques such as resistivity measurements (from metal rods driven into the rock across which an electric current was passed), magnetometer, and also the latest aerial photography and thermal infrared image-enhancing techniques.

According to the SRI team's official report:
"Several anomalies were observed as a result of our resistivity survey at the Sphinx...
  • Behind the rear paws (north-west end) we ran two traverses.
  • Both traverses indicate an anomaly that could possibly be due to a tunnel aligned north-west to south-east"
  • Two other anomalies were noted, deep in the bedrock "in front of the paws of the Sphinx."
  • What do you reckon to that then?
It's interesting to note that there is actual hidden chambers under the paws and under the back part of the Sphinx which gives even more credibility to the Alien tomb theory and as such I am starting to believe this theory even more and as a result it's changed my beliefs which I wasn't expecting and why I am going to post this on my website

Sources of our investigations and our references:

Also The Ancient Code gave us guidance:

Loads Of UFOs Right Next To The Shuttle NASA Cuts The Feed, AGAIN! (Video)

The best video in the World which shows us UFOs visiting the International Space Station )ISS). It was like Christmas when I first saw this video? 

Then it dawned on me that this could be the most convincing UFO sighting ever? I mean check it out, it's not just the usual looking UFO sighting at the ISS which was released by NASA.

Because when you think about it, this is a NASA camera, it's from a NASA live stream, so it's NASA who's been goving us all UFO Disclosure... They could make it all disappear if they wanted it to disappear?

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Let's just think about it logically yes, NASA camera operations manager could put a 20 seconds delay on the live feed footage right? So, if anything comes into view other than a star or the Earth etc the camera operator can switch it off.

This ISS video of multiple UFOs is over the top brilliant.

That means that NASA can't deny it right? Well it's been nearly 2 decades since this was filmed and we've heard nothing? Absolutely this is a case of "another one bites the dust" and get's away! When will these so-called responsible scientists step up or man up and be accountable?

It seems like that's just a pipe dream or something which they don't have to commit to? I mean accountable, responsible and duty seem like a NASA requirement but evidently when dealing with the truth it doesn't? Sad!

If you know someone who would appreciate this post then please can you share this with them, thank you. Also please share your own thought's and opinions with us all, cheers.

Credit: Beyond Science YouTube Channel/Streetcap1 Original Video/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

UFO Sightings Footage Brand New Intro? What do you think?


We've had a creative splurge and designed a whole host of new videos for UFO Sightings Footage and it's image, but what do you think about these? We might be having a week long poll vote on the best video(s) that we will be using in our YouTube videos and our website videos? What is the aim of all this, it's to sharpen our image and give it a upbeat feel instead of the very one sided intro that we always used?

Not that there was anything wrong with the video intro that we regularly used, but we feel with a few options to go with when we create a new video, we can freshen up the whole atmosphere and look, feel of the direction it is going in.. Well that's the theory behind creating the videos? Your going to be the ultimate challenge and our main criticiser and yes, we might not use them at all depending on your feedback?

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

For now, we're only showing four videos but we have more and as we don't want to bog down your loading of the website so we'll just post these for now and some more maybe tomorrow or the next day?

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