Antarctica Ancient Alien Underground City

The whistleblower is telling us all that this is what's actually happening there in Antarctica. It's an amazing video with intelligent information for anyone who wants it?

We suggest watching the full video to get a full description of what is in Antarctica?
Intelligence groups don't want this stuff out because alot of it is incriminating?

Even the Nazis went to Antarctica and found a lot of Ancient ruins which they where able to cannibalize a lot of the left technology and when countries of stature or power found out, they wanted it. They couldn't stand the thought of a maniac in control and threatening everything they hold dear and rightly so they went against the Nazis because they were horrible!

That's why we had a massive scramble after and during the war towards the end to get not just the scientists with this knowledge but also the actual ancient technology found in Antarctica. That's why the Admiral Byrd expedition was set up, to go back and survey and do a complete assessment of the hidden ancient lost civilizations!

Hidden ancient lost civilizations.

Hidden ancient lost civilizations.

Hidden ancient lost civilizations.

Absolute Proof You Are Now In A CERN PORTAL

CERN LHC is an organisation that smashes particles together at very high speeds to recreate the the same conditions straight after the "Big Bang" so it can go inside and analyze these particles - you know, that thing which just appeared out of NOTHING? The thing your a prisoner inside of now?

They call it existence! The same reality which shouldn't exist because from nothing only comes nothing? Mmmh...

Nothing is nothing!

I know exactly how that sounds but it's a true observation at this point in time.There's a few theories floating about but that's all they are - just theories? Although these theories are from some extremely intelligent people who have taken many, many unseen things in to account and researched this subject to enable a more informed theory, that doesn't matter when one comes back to the original question: What was before the Big Bang?
Where did this reality come from?
Do we have to "invent a reality"
to prove we can exist in a man made - reality?

Absolutely we do!

The Mayans predicted the end would come with the end of their amazing calendar. It makes one think of why they are even looking for other realities? The end has been predicted a lot of times right so did one of these stand out more and did they prepare for it by shifting us in to another dimension/reality hence "they have shifted us through a CERN LHC Portal".

I've got many theories on what they are doing at CERN. They changed the structure of the atom so is this changed atom evidence of the new dimension we are now in? The other reality or dimension had an atom which looked different so is this the ULTIMATE PROOF of a new reality where we now reside?

If CERN lost control that would probably be the end of humanity.


Let's roll back a few days. This is CERN, the Nuclear Research laboratory on the border of France and Switzerland. It features the most powerful particle accelerator on Earth, the Large Hadron Collider, or LHC. What does it do? It accelerates and collides particles at 99.99% of the speed of light. And maybe, it could produce the very first lab-grown black hole. How big would that black hole be? What precautions would you need to take not to get sucked in it? And how long would it take it to destroy the entire planet?

Credit: Whatif YouTube Channel.

Will this portal allow us to get sucked in to a new place or will it turn us inside out?

EVEN scientists are not fully understanding the full workings of the unknown other side so to speak? Now that's scary. If they don't fully understand it then who does? Opening a black hole even is a very scary prospect also, right. Lose control of that sucker and it's game over! Lose control of the Large Hadron Collider and it's game over!

Just recently a scientist at CERN was drunk and caused an EARTHQUAKE just with one little dial switch, oh and he was DRUNK!

They open stargates when they smash particles of gold together at the speed of light that is why gold is a fuel!

I've Spotted Something They Never Saw - What Do You Think

So this is the post they are talking about, a so-called UFO been hauled across the US on a flatbed truck in full public view. But I saw the actual REAL UFO right in the background directly above the left wing, watching the whole thing?

Is this a guard, guarding the hybrid stealthy craft?

It could be seen as it is guarding it, but nobody got that close for it to do anything and reveal itself so we might never know? I mean how big is a UFO?

If we humans are shrinking all technology to ultra small, I mean extremely small technology can you imagine what could be on this real UFO? Why people never saw it is probably to do with it's size but is not everything! BUT it is there 100% as you can definitely see it and this is the image that is been shared. So it's the real deal.


Actual original post from The Black Vault:

UFO has been spotted in public in the US on back of truck:

UFO witness actually saw 2 UFOs instead of one.

UFO Type Craft Seen Hauled on Large Semi Truck in Ponca City, Oklahoma.
Background On June 3, 2018, a post appeared on Facebook that went viral. It was posted by Ashley Choney, the earliest post I could find when this case file was written, and it shows a photograph of a “UFO” or saucer-like craft on the back of a semi, followed by “20 police cars” (I can't see 20 Police car's can you?) as indicated by the witness. The case was investigated by the creator of The Black Vault, John Greenewald, Jr. Witness Testimony The original Facebook posting, as published on June 3, 2018:

I can still see the little UFO directly above the left wing, can you see it?
Real UFO.

Driving south of Ponca City today and saw this being escorted with about 20 police cars. It’s a spaceship. They exist. You’re welcome. 👽👽👽 I did NOT expect this to get blown up like it has. Many of you have suggested that it is probably just some sort of drone or a movie prop. I’m not sure what it is. I posted it for laughs and only expected a few likes, not several hundred.

The Evidence

The only evidence was the photo updated. Here is the highest resolution available:
The Analysis by John Greenewald, Jr., Founder of The Black Vault / Creator of TBV Investigations There was something eerily familiar when I saw this photograph making it’s rounds. When I am writing this report, the post has had just about 20,000 shares, more than 7,000 likes and more than 3,000 comments. I recalled seeing a post nearly identical to this a few years back, and dug up a December 2011 video from YouTuber Alex Dieguez in the the same exact location as this new posting specifically, Ponca City, Oklahoma.

Obviously it's still there.

UFO Orb that everyone never saw but I saw it.

In 2011, when this story and video first circulated, it too went viral. With thousands of shares and likes, it was unknown what was seen that day, but it sparked various news stories and newspaper articles. That is, until Brooks McKinney, senior manager of public relations at Northrop Grumman, closed the mystery. He told Life’s Little Mysteries, a project by the popular website, that the craft was a transport of the X-47B.

According to Northrop Grumman:

“The X-47B is a tailless, strike fighter-sized unmanned aircraft developed by Northrop Grumman as part of the U.S. Navy’s Unmanned Combat Air System (UCAS) Carrier Demonstration program.

Under a contract awarded in 2007, the company designed, produced and is currently flight testing two X-47B aircraft. In 2013, these aircraft were used to demonstrate the first ever carrier-based launches and recoveries by an autonomous, low-observable relevant unmanned aircraft. In April of 2015, the X-47B once again made aviation history by successfully conducting the first ever Autonomous Aerial Refueling (AAR) of an unmanned aircraft.

AAR unlocks the full potential of what an unmanned surveillance, strike and reconnaissance system can do in support of the Navy. These historical demonstrations solidify the concept of future unmanned aircraft and proved that the X-47B can perform standard missions like aerial refueling and operate seamlessly with manned aircraft as part of the Carrier Air Wing.”

Continue that story here.


Here's the "REAL UFO" that I saw in detail above the "now identified" Northrup Grumman unmanned aerial aircraft.

Metallic UFO Orb close up.

So while everyone is focused on the lookalike but obviously man made aircraft and it was said to be man made by Northrup Grumman, well it's the perfect and I mean perfect way to silently and still in plain sight transfer a UFO in daylight. Because everyone's eyes are on the unusual looking aircraft being transferred on a flatbed truck?

Remember, it was obvious to the truck driver that people will mistake it for a UFO. So it was obvious to the people in charge that it would be mistaken for a UFO. And we know that NOBODY at a Corporation would EVER give a public answer to a UFO question, so for me, there's ton's of red flags and guess what, I go back to look at the image and BOOM!

Now that is a metallic UFO Orb!
Misdirection of a UFO that's not seen by anyone in an image.

I've just been proved correct.

They was using smoke and mirrors, a card trick - misdirection to transport a UFO in daylight. But it was been flown. It's not on the flatbed truck. It's in the sky above it.

It's further away and higher up but it has the hybrid in it's sights keeping an eye on it. So again, I was correct? Or at least I believe I am right. It is very, very strange for sure. I mean nobody responds to any UFO questions do they. NASA won't even entertain a UFO inquiry. Northrop Grumman are keen to tell about a TOP SECRET AIRCRAFT oh and by the way it's just done the world's first autonomous air to air autonomous refueling I am shouting BS on that one i'm happy to say.

Misdirection so you all keep your eyes on the UFO (NOT) on the truck.
The UFO hiding in plain sight.

Is This A Human Settlement Under 2.3 km Of Ice In Antarctica

Was there an ancient settlement in Antarctica a very long time ago, the ruins would say so.


Read this post, i'll put my 2 pence worth on at the end! OMG this is a huge game-changer!

Washington D.C.
Recently released remote sensing photography of NASA’s Operation IceBridge mission in Antarctica led to a fascinating discovery when images revealed what some experts believe could be the existence of a possible ancient human settlement lying beneath an impressive 2.3 kilometers of ice

The intriguing discovery was made during aircraft tests trials of NASA’s Advanced Topographic Laser Altimeter System (ATLAS) lidar technology set to be launched on the Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2) in 2017, that aims to monitor changes in polar ice. “There’s very little margin for error when it comes to individual photons hitting on individual fiber optics, that is why we were so surprised when we noticed these abnormal features on the lidar imagery,” explains Nathan Borrowitz, IceBridge’s project scientist and sea ice researcher with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.
“As of now we can only speculate as to what these features are but the launching of ICESat-2 in 2017 could lead to other major discoveries and a better understanding of Antarctica’s geomorphological features” he adds.
Antarctica scientists are always discovering new things and anomalies.

Although NASA scientist Nathan Borrowitz claims the infrared images are definitely intriguing, other experts claim they are clearly the proof of ancient human engineering.

A human settlement buried under 2.3 km of ice

Leading archaeologist, Ashoka Tripathi, of the Department of Archaeology at the University of Calcutta believes the images show clear evidence of an ancient human settlement beneath the ice sheet.
“These are clearly features of some sort of human-made structure, resembling some sort of pyramidal structure. The patterns clearly show nothing we should expect from natural geomorphological formations found in nature. We clearly have here evidence of human engineering. The only problem is that these photographs were taken in Antarctica under 2 kilometers of ice. That is clearly the puzzling part, we do not have any explanation for this at the moment,” he admits.
“These pictures just reflect a small portion of Antarctica’s total land mass. There are possibly many other additional sites that are covered over with ice. It just shows us how easy it is to underestimate both the size and scale of past human settlements,” says Dr. Tripathi.
Remnants of a lost civilization

Historian and cartographer at the University of Cambridge, Christopher Adam, believes there might be a rational explanation.

Ancient map of the world showing Antarctica.
The map of Turkish admiral Piri Reis in 1513 AD shows the “ice less” coastline of Antarctica, so who the heck is right? The history books or this new evidence? It's all very confusing to say the least.
“One of history’s most puzzling maps is that of the Turkish admiral Piri Reis in 1513 AD which successfully mapped the coastline of Antarctica over 500 years ago. What is most fascinating about this map is that it shows the coastline of Antarctica without any ice. How is this possible when images of the sub-glacial coastline of Antarctica were only seen for the first time after the development of ground-penetrating radar in 1958? Is it possible Antarctica has not always been covered under such an ice sheet? This could be evidence that it is a possibility” he acknowledges.
A slight pole shift or displacement of the axis of rotation of the Earth in historical times is possibly the only rational explanation that comes to mind but we definitely need more research done before we jump to any conclusion.

ICESat-2 (Ice, Cloud, and land Elevation Satellite 2), part of NASA’s Earth Observing System, is a planned satellite mission for measuring ice sheet mass elevation, sea ice freeboard as well as land topography and vegetation characteristics, and was set to launch in may 2017.

My summing up.

The baron wasteland called Antarctica just keeps on giving! Antarctica has given up one more amazing secret and that is of an ancient human (we think human for now) and we've even got NASA on-board with this one. Maybe it's only because they found it with new technology and they have probably had a risk assessment done on it to see if Aliens created this civilisation or not then when they found it was likely a human settlement they got behind it? So all it leaves us with is the conspiracy that humans settled Antarctica way before the scholars even thought possible and that's it's hidden secret. There's even pyramids there that they've found? It's amazing!

Have Aliens Settled In Antarctica Just What Did US Forces Found

So I'm asking basic questions but the answers are from from basic! They are actually quite rare, informative and not at all what you'd expect. Personally I wouldn't put anything past the US military especially when it comes to Antarctica and the whole Alien secrets. They was finding many anomalies and many other things, stuff that shouldn't be there?

They found UFO's, hidden cities, hidden doorways with stairs going to other parts of Antarctica and all that exploration takes massive amounts of energy and so that's why the US military installed a nuclear power plant. They are also contributing to the ice melting because they are using the ice as a cooling system for the nuclear power plant! they won't teach you that in college.

The Alien bases there go way back prehuman civilization and pre-ice age.

The ice in Antarctica is hiding an Alien base.

Just what did the US Forces find in the wilderness of Antarctica?

How do humans enter the under ice secret city that's been there since before mankind.

Well that my friends is all a question of:
"how much time do you have and do you get bored easy by long, in-depth discussion?"
Most conspiracies are based around the Alien conspiracy? This video is pretty good for information. Towards the end of the video we added a piece about 2 giant UFOs harvesting energy from the Sun.

The obvious way to access an under ice secret and deliberately hidden city is to either dig to it, melt the ice around it or find the actual entrance or leave it alone and survey it? If they want to gain entrance and truly discover exactly what went on there on every single since it's inception then one need's to follow reverse how we learn. As the Aliens grow they lose innate knowledge. The older they get the more useless they become.

This is so the Aliens can colonize anywhere they need to but without the threat of giving any knowledge away. The older Aliens then become "custodians" or for want of a better word "a living presence". That is all. We got part of their genes and how we know is that all geniuses are at their peak in their very early years like age 20 and 25. After that they struggle to better their earlier work.

So it does make sense after all right.

When Aliens arrive it's usually preceded by unusual spikes in knowledge, preceded by innate defensive lashing out by the species being attacked or targeted. It's sense we have, like walking in to a room we instantly know if someone is in a bad mood. It's like that I suppose? You see, we've had a very long time to develop our body language skills and even though you think you don't know body language believe me YOU DO.

Modern man has only been modern for a blink of an eye.

Survival man has never left us.

When groups of people all of a sudden start to act differently and in a defensive manner then something is happening around them? If not then they're seeing it on TV it's the only explanation?
A rational explanation is that we're in prison and Aliens are our custodians. They keep trying to stop us from leaving Earth or our prison by sabotaging rockets, fuel and they do it with technology that they know we're on the brink of discovering.

Aliens, to keep us under their control they need a base of operations. Humans found it in the one place Aliens "thought" we could not access and travel to and that place is Antarctica.

But they know that we found it and they know we have discovered:



The one place Aliens thought we couldn't get to is Antarctica. But we did, we've found the reason for all life and it is not a good picture because we are not at the top of the food chain, hell we're in prison. It only looks like we're free.

The planet Earth is a UNIVERSE PRISON.

It's where Aliens put their prisoners. Their autonomous satellites sensors, are the perimeter fence is the atmosphere re-entry basically means no visitors allowed.


Holy Sh*t

I remember when someone said to me before that everything is just how you perceive it? If it fits then it could be real.

Is Earth a prison planet holding human beings.


If your in a cell but you tell yourself your just in your bedroom having a nap then right there and right then your in your bedroom I suppose right?
It is in the eye of the beholder but as technology get's even more mind blowing we will see the guards come along and make their presence know i.e Aliens.

What did humans do to be put on prison planet Earth I wonder? I wonder if Ancient man was involved in time travel? And now we are making a proverbial key to escape by experimenting at CERN with dimensional doorways as a way out? Leave a fake robot in the bed so-to-speak in the last dimension? Holy crap. That would be an epic movie,.

I mean we have created the very first fully DNA sequence from artificial means from the start to the end in 2013 by a scientist who can artificially create a human from scratch using manipulated DNA fully sequenced by man made means.

We don't need a starter culture sequence anymore.

So basically they announced that they had created a soul for the first time in 2013.
Heck Sophia just got citizenship in Saudi Arabia and that's a 100% robot from head to toe. If she has a toe, probably does have them?

A Giant Nephilim Soldier In The US Military (THE IMAGES)

An actual Giant in the US military seen on the streets.

Nephilim Giants have been found in many, many places around the world. The Giants were even mentioned in the Bible, ancient texts and in many folklore.

Giant skeletons have been found around the world also which backs up the many sceptics differences! Giant's did exist in many cultures and many societies. Nowadays in modern civilisations they call it a disability for being tall.

Giants in the US military.
Seriously, I've checked out the distances and the heights in relation to other people who are nearest to the"giant" and it's crazy. This is a very tall, very tall giant. 

Depending on how tall the smaller people are obviously depends on the actual size of the giant? 

He could be 9 or 10 feet tall.

You cannot deny the physical proof of ancient Nephilim Giants bones, they've definitely been found around the world.

There are some museums around the world which have many artefacts that contradict most mainstream Government ways of thinking and learning including when it comes to teaching aswell. 

The official stance is that the state never recognises any Giants like from the Bible and instead call it a disability and not an actual tall race of beings on Earth?

How can you ignore archaeologists actual evidence of Giants and the museum secrets? Why does the museums go out their way to cover them up? Because there is more to the question of Giants.

Giant caught on camera.

In 2018 we hope that Nephilim disclosure will come forward from scholars and professors that will go on record and state that Ancient Giants once lived and roamed the planet Earth?

We live in a world of hope and realistic expectations though which sometimes don't actually even themselves out properly?

UPDATE - Alien Family Unearthed In Nazca Peru

This is an update of the Nazca, Peru Alien family that was found earlier on in this year 2017. This is an epic update because it validates the early news report that we did on this and guess what, we was right! This is an DNA proven real Alien type family.

The chemical analysis has proven this to be real and not a hoax which we are pumped about because all the work put in by the scientists has been validated so we take our hat's off to them and their diligent works, well done guys. Not only did we want it to be real but we also wanted it to be identified and this has done just that!
These Nazca mummies Nazca Aliens are very real.

This is a piece from the online news article we quoted; DNA testing on a body that was discovered has revealed that the body is a species that is unlike anything to have been found so far.

In June 2017 a mummy was found in Nazca in Peru that showed signs of it being a species that have never been seen before. Now new bodies have been revealed and they are just as interesting.

The Most Disgusting Insect You'll Ever See

Alien like insect that infests it's host's body then explodes itself out when under threat! OMG Just like the movie alien!

What the heck is this? It is from Taiwan is all we need to know? The Alien looking creature is very terrifying to look at let alone go near it, which we wouldn't do for a million dollars! This is like the "Horse String Worm" apparently, but it is not one and the same - we reckon?

This has tentacles and what looks very much like joints and active, moving antennas? Have you ever seen anything so bizarre looking in your life? If this was to burst out of your precious Cat or Dog for instance it would probably give you nightmares for the rest of your life! It has to be the "hands down worst creature-thing" that UFO Sightings Footage has ever seen and had the pleasure (not) of dealing with, lol...

Have you ever seen anything so bizarre looking in your life.

Have you ever seen anything so bizarre looking in your life.

There it is after making a disgusting entrance!

We come across this doozy online (where else) and it caught us right off guard because it's the stuff of nightmares all wrapped up in a string like body that looks so disgusting! It obviously has a mother and a father and that has to be the only "thing" on this planet Earth that could possibly love this? Even then it is a strong contender for the strangest and weirdest looking animal type creature of the year award? I would nominate this in a heartbeat!

The source.

Yes We All Died In 2012 Because Of CERN

CERN's research captures the imagination of lots of people, which is why CERN has been featured in a lot of science fiction books, even movies, around the world, a spokesperson for CERN told CNBC when asked about the Trump theory. "Mandela effect" examples include thinking Nelson Mandela died in jail in the 1980s, mistaking "Berenstein Bears" for its actual name "Berenstain Bears," and believing in a 1990s movie where comedian Sinbad played a genie.

Seriously is it me or can you see 666 in the CERN logo? You know, the destroyer of worlds!
It's not even funny anymore.

The Mayans predicted it, Leonardo Da Vinci couldn't invent machines past the 20th and very early 21st century because it doesn't go further than that in that old reality. that's why he never drew any spaceships or science type stuff. He couldn't see that far because it didn't go that far! The same is with Nostradamus. How can you predict the future if it doesn't go that far?

The Stargate TV show is not entirely scifi ESPECIALLY when you see this.

I'm sorry but that is a Stargate!
I don't care what CERN says, what they say means nothing when you see it like this?

CERN or the Large Hadron Collider is the experiment at the heart of this conspiracy theory. Most significant inventions have come from CERN scientists in the past we can remember, did you know that? If you check upon what has been attributed to being invented at CERN or the Large Hadron Collider you will be blown away!

UFO Flying Very Low Over Yellowstone Park

UFO over Yellowstone National park.

Yellowstone National Park UFO Orb looks like pure energy.

The UFO phenomenon still seems to baffle people, but these things have been coming to Earth for many generations you'd think people where a little used to them by now wouldn't you?

UFO Sightings Footage theory is common sense? This could be like a sentinel that's been sent by a mother-ship out in space and these volcanoes are a refueling station like a gas station and the mothership needing a oil refinery type refueling station which would be the Sun in this case?

It would explain why we saw the massive planet sized UFO refueling at the Sun for an hour then it moved away and the funnel type hose coming from the UFO to the Sun was detached and it went on it's merry way, we saw it come and go and it was awesome and undeniable! You can't make this stuff up, it's true and real! The UFO over Yellowstone is a usual sight actually?

They are regularly sighted flying over Yellowstone park all the time! It's an active zone for UFO's. This one is quite special because we see it emerge and then get closer and it looks exactly like what a typical UFO would look like, maybe anyways?

Yellowstone UFO image and video.

Here's another two UFOs as seen over Yellowstone National Park. These images are from the amazing website UFO Sightings Daily the editor there is Scott Waring and here's the link.

UFO seen over Yellowstone national park.

By my count it looks like there's actually 2 UFOs in this image?

UFO seen over Yellowstone national park.

Thanks for checking us out and have an awesome time browsing our website, there's loads to see, read and share about? Comment till your heart's content or drop us a line sharing your experiences or UFO encounter and we'll see about posting it on your behalf to potentially lot's of people!

Source Hidden Underbelly YouTube.

Source UFO Sightings Daily.
Source Yellowstone Webcams.

CERN Is Sending Entities Through A Dimensional Doorway (Video)

CERN nestled in Geneva is a very big experimental machine "big in every sense of the word - big!" The man made collider experiment which is the world's highest-energy particle accelerator. The collider is contained in a circular tunnel, with a circumference of 26.7 kilometers (16.6 mi), at a depth ranging from 50 to 175 meters (164 to 574 ft) underground.

Here's a quote from the big boss at CERN:

A top boffin at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) says that the titanic machine may possibly create or discover previously un-imagined scientific phenomena, or "unknown unknowns" - for instance "an extra dimension".

"Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it," said Sergio Bertolucci, who was the director for CERN's research and scientific-computing but now it's Fabiola Gianotti according to this directorate structure post as of 2018.

Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN.

Opening dimensional doorways or portals at CERN.

It is fast becoming a very dangerous place indeed. I'm talking recent Earthquakes by drunken employees and scientists recreating human sacrifice ritual (for real) they all got sacked when the secret video of the having this ritual right in front of the statue of Shiva no less found it's way on to the internet and as you can imagine, here we have so-called professionals at the peek of their fields and here they are taking part in human sacrifice for real.

Why there's no Police involvement as yet I don't understand unless they are conducting an investigation I just don't know? But they all got sacked and have been told never to go back to CERN premises EVER! That was by the big boss man himself. The woman who was sacrificed has still not been identified because CERN scientists says she doesn't exist? What the heck is going on at CERN, it's a very strange place. The experiments have the potential to swallow the earth and all the surroundings? We are not talking about some silly little experiments by scientists using labs and glass beakers!

What is going on at CERN and why are they opening portals.

Not at all, we are talking about recreating existence itself! They are creating black holes, they are recreating the big bang. They found God, they found new Earths and they have created time travel. Now they are going to build a bigger LHC it's called the FCC, futuristic circular collider. This is going to be 80 to 100 miles wide.

We are all going to get swallowed up in a massive black hole because that's what the very first experiment is going to be, to create a black hole here on Earth and we could get swallowed up by it if they lose control of this black hole? It's very scary to say the lest. Please let us know what you think about this?

Reporter Caught Shape-Shifting Eyes Live On Air

I don't choose conspiracy theories, they choose me!

Reporter Caught Shape-Shifting Eyes Live On Air.


Reptilian news Anchor woman has been caught shape-shifting live on air? This is the result of diligent and avid conspiracy theory news watchers because you had to be up "really early" in the morning with coffee to catch this happening? I'm stunned as you can see by my reaction in the video? Reptilian, Alien and Shape-shifting is being seen by more and more people and getting noticed more and more!


They just sometimes lose the ability to control their human like appearance and maintaining the human eye shape is what seems to be the hardest thing for them to master? Again, it could be the lighting but we have never seen this happen just by studio lights? There's so many news anchors with bright lights in their eyes every single day and this doesn't happen to them does it? Absolutely not!

Guy's I cater to everyone's conspiracies because I can't just pick and choose the ones I like? I have to go where the conspiracy theory is. I mean if that was the case then I wouldn't be doing any posts because I hate all conspiracies! I wish everyone was telling the truth, I wish Aliens would stop making stupid UFOs just to play cat and mouse and I wish NASA would stop fricking lying about anything we don't see eye to eye on?

I mean just look at these freaks below? Their eyes are weird, the skin is crazy and I don't even know know what to say about the Secret Service Agent that forgot to stop changing in public, I suppose he didn't get the memo?

Woman below forgets about her eyes and they revert back to the animal slit's like a Cat has?

Shape shifting Reptilians changing in public.

Secret Service Agent changing in public!

Secret Service Agent Shape shifting Reptilians changing in public.

Reptilian shape shifter's can alter their DNA and can change its shape anytime it wants to?

Reptilian shape shifters have totally different DNA that allows them to change cells in their entire body.

Here's One For Alien Fans Using An Office Supply lol

When Sigourney Weaver realizes she's doomed to be stapled right in the face by erm, another face!

Ancient Pyramids Found On The Seafloor

Why hasn't anyone found these before? The guy that found these has a really good eye for these sorts of things? Kudos to Scott for finding these and what a find this is?

But then again, asking to go against what's already considered airtight will probably be met with resistance and shouts of no way? Trying to change history is no easy feat.

Pyramids are been found out at sea under the water.

As you could imagine, it's hard to change beliefs and reasoning? But if the proof fits, wear it? Well done Scott for finding these amazing underwater Pyramids near New Providence Islands in the Bahamas. I know not everyone agrees with Scotts findings and they cametimes be reaching for thw Moon but this is backed by others.

One post said this; Mysterious "pyramids" are spotted on the ocean floor: Conspiracy theorists claim they have found two ancient underwater structures off the coast of the Bahamas. They are just 6.6km south of New Providence Island in the Bahamas.

Ancient pyramids found underwater in the Bahamas.

The structures are 100m wide and 60m high. They are massive! Speculation that there are mysterious pyramids at the bottom of the Atlantic is circulating online. Conspiracy theorists have been debating whether a video posted online shows two ancient structures off the coast of The Bahamas. Believers argue that they are proof of inhabitants of the region by an ancient race of people, similar to the Aztec culture of South America.

Pair of Submerged Pyramids Found in the Bahamas.

Pyramid images for comparison side by side.

Source Daily Star.

Strange Light's Coming Off Clouds With Streaks Coming Off Them

This can't be natural can it?

There has to be some name or other for this otherwise this is the first time it's been seen which is cool?

I've looked them up but can't find anything remotely similar or that even comes remotely close?

Maybe you'll have more information regarding how these are made as I'm all out of ideas...

Here's a close up of the clouds.

Rare cloud formations and anomalies.

10,000 Year Old Rock/Cave Paintings Depicting Aliens And UFOs

Ancient Aliens and UFOs from a very, very long time ago!

Ancient Aliens in cave paintings.

Ancient Aliens in cave paintings.

I believe that the cave paintings in Charama region in Kanker district in the tribal Bastar region, have lasted this long (for a reason) are Alien depictions and a depiction of a UFO!

I choose to believe in this because I weighed up the chances of these cave paintings just appearing and at the same time depicting otherworldly beings or Gods, is just about a billion to one?

Like the Sumerian cuneiform tablets just appeared and was immediately writing about Alien Gods?

Your looking at an ancient UFO drawn on a cave wall.

It's just to good to be anything else? This raises more questions than answers and I love it when it does that because I enjoy researching stuff (i'm a geek).

In the fruits of your labor shall you find the answers and i'm a big believer in that because how long is a piece of string?

It's the same analogy for research, where does one stop? And that my friends I shall leave you with this question: Out of all the "things or people" why do the cave paintings of (CHARAMA) Chhattisgarh depict what looks like a UFO and what also looks like Aliens?

Really old Aliens painted on cave walls and rocks.

Just think of all the things "they" could of depicted? We have to remember that early man only had a few ways of communicating and one of them was drawing, painting and hence they depicted what was around them or what mattered to them most and that would be the Alien masters or watchers?

Again, I'm not an expert and it's a belief which I choose to believe that these are Aliens and UFOs just like lot's of other people who choose to believe that aswell?

Cave paintings are a primitive way of expressing ones thoughts and beliefs, so it makes sense to me that these are the Alien watchers as we now call them?


Paintings depicting many Aliens and UFOs from around the world brought together.

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