Sea Creature Decided To Photobomb The OceanX ROV It Looks Sinister And Other's

The ocean is always going to surprise us in one way or another especially when it's only had a fraction of it mapped (ROV and sensors) or even looked at for that matter.

Take this superb looking "Alien Grey like" Squid lifeform. Discovered In the ocean when the OceanX crew was scanning the seafloor for an unrelated thing. It's a great time for discovering new thing's because as technologies are getting better so to is our understanding and archeology is in the same position. To be honest with you, it's a good time for the whole world to come together and let's figure out the strange UFOs, the weird light's in the sky because the more we have looking up, the more chance that we will see one ourselves.

This is the Alien like creature discovered by OceanX.

Credit: OceanX/UFO Sightings Footage.

Below is a rare Bigfin Squid.

Spindly legs all over the place Alien Squid.

Credit: NOAA Ocean Explorer/UFO Sightings Footage.

The ghostly squid has a very odd body plan with huge, iridescent fins and bizarre elbow-like bends in its tentacles. "All of their arms and tentacles have this long, spaghetti-like extension," Mike Vecchione, a research zoologist with the NOAA Fisheries National Systematics Laboratory, can be heard saying in the NOAA video footage. "It's really difficult to tell the arms from the tentacles, which is very unusual for a squid."

NOAA Ocean Explorer.

Below is the Emperor Dumbo Octopus.

The Dumbo Squid looks so Alien like and perfect and harmless as well.

Credit: Creative Commons.

I had to post about this unusual looking "thing" I know it's part of the Squid family but wow aren't those eye's the strangest and most sinister looking thing's you've ever seen?

What else is out there...

OceanX scans the sea bed looking for hidden wonders and finds an Alien Squid.

Credit: OceanX/UFO Sightings Footage.

The purpleback flying squid (Sthenoteuthis oualaniensis)

Is it mandatory to name everything with a Greek name or did the Greeks name everything already lol. I thinks it depends on what species the creature belongs to. But talk about an amazing discovery in the ocean, imagine what else is out there because like nature is, when a noise or light is heard say for instance in the jungle, it's natural to either flee silently or hide? We've odds-on got a lot more amazing thing's to come in that regard.

It's a classic missidentification, but I can 100 percent see why someone might have looked at this and thought that this was an Alien entity or that finally, someone's got the evidence (and brilliant evidence it would have been) that Alien's are real. In the ocean roaming around without any cares and swimming about there's no limits to what could be out there. No such luck though with this one as it's already been identified...

So, based on that process, even if we did see an Alien like creature just like the one in the top picture, we'd have to call it an Earthling lol. So, I suppose it depends on catching it, scrutinising it, checking it out right "the normal technique"? We'd have to go through a large process and probably given half of the species identified in the ocean up till now - we might have been naming some at least maybe wrong. Some could be their own species, who knows because some are attributed only, like looking at it. Give us your thought's? You'd hope so wouldn't you that the world would be that simple?

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Credit: OceanX/NOAA Ocean Explorer/UFO Sightings Footage.

NASA Has Hired Priests To Get Humaniy Ready For Possible Alien Contact

Today I found out that NASA has employed Priest's (and theologians) to figure how to help humans cope with the possible news and likelyhood that Extraterrestrials might arrive here on Earth.

Or that they've possibly been spotted already lol just like the UAP videos, or that their signal has been intercepted? Why oh why haven't we been practicing what we speak! Leaving ourselves vulnerable to surveillance. Stephen Hawkins warned us about sending out a gold record and it's only right that we stand by our friendly hello sent out into the cosmos.

NASA has really started hiring priests for humans.

Credit: Google/UFO Sightings Footage.

Here's my own quote:

Hiding inside the Sun maybe with a Firmament to protect us all, wasn'tsuch a bad thing? Hiding us with clouds didn't work...

Look, it's only a thought, it's only a personal thought as I'm just giving my opinion on what I'm seeing playing out. It's a strange time to be alive, it's a very unfamiliar anomaly and, get this, imagine if Extraterrestrials do turn up and how ironic that would be, lol. Everything I've written is all based on observation of this extraordinary world.

At One point, not to long ago it was mental health to say that Alien's are coming! But now, NASA is employing Priest's to help humans cope with a possible arrival of Extraterrestrial entities. If that's not ironic that I really don't know what is, right?

Anyway, guy's, seriously though look after each other. As I was shopping earlier hardly anyone was wearing a mask. It's a good thing to be your own person but think about others.

We could all accept any news of Aliens, we've all been talking about this subject since day one (probably). But, it's official now, NASA has stepped up it's game, they're in control of the telescopes that look out into space. What have they seen....... maybe or maybe not? I mean yeah it'd be cool, but then the "hoo har" and wonderment would be gone. Lol.

the slight chance that they might turn up, well it's enough to get anyone curious.

We are living in a really exciting place ie driverless cars, we can boldly go where no man can lol. I'm so buzzing about the future because of the driverless cars! Sounds so unreal or simple doesn't it, but I know that I'm staying focused on watching the skies. UFOs are real, it's been "100 percent partly proved" the UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) bit, is definitely something that should be read between the lines sort of thing?

The fact that NASA is absolutely covering all their bases means that we're all covered. Think about that one then. I can't imagine a place without a curious mind, or a place where anyone, someone, can ask a simple question and be laughed at! Perfection, and the pursuit of said chaos is far far far off from this point believe me.


Davison’s upcoming book, “Astrobiology and Christian Doctrine,” due out in 2022, according to the Times, will cover part of CTI and NASA’s joint spiritual exploration, in which his “most significant question” is how theologians would respond to the notion “of there having been many incarnations [of Christ” in the universe, he added in the blog post.

Look, it's not for me to say yes life is everywhere, and also that life is even around us or that we don't need to look into the observable universe to see an Extraterrestrial entity, if the authorities know or have known or even knew about the Alien existence;

A. I'm pretty sure that we'd already know.
B. Because short of placating everyone, if these little buggers do exist then it would be known about instantly because of the political power that definitely could be had from it. Or to go straight into the history books would be just way to big of a magnet draw!

Think about it, I'm all for the existence of Extraterrestrials being disclosed to the public, humans right, but I want the blooming real deal!

Earth got started remarkably shortly after it was conceivable that it could survive at all.

Andrew Davison, Starbridge Lecturer in Theology and Natural Sciences, is in Princeton.

Here's a great YouTube video:

Please share your thought's and opinions also any ideas that you might have, cheers.

It's so obvious that a time-line of Extraterrestrial absurdity is playing out with Orbs at the ISS, with constant sighting's of "known about course of action's" when or if a UFO Orb is seen in the live feed of the live feed. NASA turning off the cameras at the ISS, give us the answer and please stop dangling the carrot in front of us all the Human race, or everyone in the known sphere of will. Your constantly 

Credit: New York Post/Divinity Dot Cam/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage.

Ancient South American Mummies Contain Less Human DNA Than An Ancient Mummy Head Lice

Just to prove yet again how bizarre the history of the human race is absolutely bizarre, we have yet another bizarre one about head lice having more human DNA than a human tooth.

I really don't know where to start with this one, yes I understand that there's human DNA inside of the bit's of skin flakes from the scalp or the hair, blood even? This is then all mixed in with the head lice "cement" which holds the head lice egg's to the hairs. It's all mixed in and that's how scientists have taken Human DNA from head lice... But to then go many steps further into it and then start grabbing migration routes, migration times, the types of people, where the people actually came from is just astounding beyond belief. It does say though that:

"This is possible because skin cells from the scalp become encased in the cement produced by female lice as they attach eggs, known as nits, to the hair.

Personally, this is all a bit to weird because there's hunting for information on one hand and then there's opening Pandoras box with the other hand because of the type of the human DNA extracted, it could contain a terrible new discovery of a long gone illness which would be brought back to life or something else entirely.

Ancient mummy with head lice dna.

Does that make any sense whatsoever to you? 

Then there's a new study that's just come out which has found out that the people of the UK were cut off or slashed in half. Actually, here's a quick snippet of the whole article, it's bizarre:

Mass migration from France to England and Wales around 3,000 years ago replaced about half of the ancestry of Great Britain, a new study claims. 

An international team of researchers examined the DNA of 793 ancient individuals from Bronze Age Britain, which began around 2,000 BC and lasted for nearly 1,500 years.

What the heck, I could possibly be half French (not that it's any problem) it's just that our whole history is being rewritten on many, many fronts. And when I say "our" I mean the human race. Has anyone checked out the news lately and seen some of the Earth shattering discoveries? Is there a glitch is there a 


There is a hunt out for alternative sources of ancient human DNA and nit cement might be one of those alternatives,' said study first author Dr Mikkel Winther Pederson, from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. Dr Alejandra Perotti, Associate Professor in Invertebrate Biology at the University of Reading, led the research.

He said: 'Like the fictional story of mosquitos encased in amber in the film Jurassic Park, carrying the DNA of the dinosaur host, we have shown that our genetic information can be preserved by the sticky substance produced by headlice.' Dr Perotti added.

I think it means though, that because the head lice was feeding on humans or getting it's sustenance "in some way or another" from the ancient people's, ie mummies heads, that this is the reason why these wee little critters could have been targeted by scientists which makes so much sense doesn't it? Or is it that the scientists are actually trying to say that were all head lice like beings, lol? It's in the Daily Mail here. The only thing that the head lice could have in common, it seems is how the critters "cemented" their eggs to the hairs.

I'm writing about this because they're so bizarre, we're experiencing a few blips in our history and our advances in science is making it so that everything in history is coming alive. Head lice today, Christ's childhood home, relics from Christ's era, going to the Sun, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, and China all reached Mars in 2021, First film made in space. The drama focuses on a doctor who is sent to the ISS to perform an emergency operation on an astronaut. And we touched the Sun. Seriously, it's gonna get better.


A team of physicists claims to have entangled a superconducting qubit and a tardigrade, moving the freezing, tiny, and well-controlled world of quantum into the "hot and wet" systems of life. I mean what the heck does that mean?
Science Alert.

Seriously, this one is absolutely bizarre! It's natural so please don't forget that:

Enraged Monkeys In India Have Thrown Hundreds Of Dogs From Tall Buildings And Trees. That's on All that's Interesting. This world is getting more varied, more interesting, more information and more like it's a rush to get all the information out. Bee's have finally been filmed surrounding their Queen and vibrating sonically to depose her.

Ancient mummies with gold tongues, I'm loving all this new information because it's all verifiable and the truth is that - although we've never had a tougher time as a people, there's something out there for us all to write about, there's always something out there for us to comment about as well.

Head lice cemented onto ancient mummies hair.

Ancient Aliens definitely existed, Ancient wonders are still there waiting for all of the researchers, that's you, that's me, that's everyone who has a comment or an opinion. Please comment and share this post, cheers.

Check out this brilliant post, it explains all this in much more greater detail.

Credit: Science Tech Daily/Science Alert/Daily Mail/All That's True/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News.

What's The Chances Of A Second Time Capsule Found Under Statue Since 1887

The chances of finding the time capsule is awesome at this time. But a second time capsule is wowsers.

The fact that we're finally uncovering tons of historical wonders might point to "researchers finally having the time" to sift through all their lives works which could have been stored at the scientific centers, now with restrictions etc we can catalogue and uncover monumental archaeology.

Copper boxes of General Robert E.Lee Statue.

Credit: By Gregory S. Schneider The Washington Post/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News.

This is fantastic news for everyone.

Here's the part that I really don't understand, it's not the way Robert E.Lee lived his life (it was wrong to treat any human being wrong, not cool at all - we are equal) I'm talking about the strange coincidences and the strange fact that the place where "so-called experts" had already looked, there's been another time capsule discovered did you know. Yes, we're experiencing strange things, the world is giving up it's secrets not to mention all the other history changing news that is going on.


Workers removing chunks of granite that had once supported this city’s Robert E. Lee monument finally found what appears to be an elusive 1887 time capsule shortly before noon on Monday. It was in the spot where experts had looked for it unsuccessfully in September, but farther down in the ground.

Officials say the copper box appears to match the description of the original time capsule in historical news accounts. (Office of the Governor of Virginia)

Northam, who ordered the statue removed in September after condemning it as a racist relic of the Lost Cause

This is new, collected and tangible information which has just been waiting for researchers to get stuck in but they just didn'tknow where it was, some coincidences aren't they it's blown the minds of everyone more than likely...


As preliminary X-rays had suggested, the time capsule contained Minie balls (Civil War bullets) as well as coins, books and other documents. The relic, which weighs 36 pounds, was in a pool of water when it was found Monday but the contents were in surprisingly good condition. Conservators at the state’s Department of Historic Resources will spend days working to preserve and study the items.

The Washington Post 

Having to work from home, having the free time ti finally get stuck into all the data which has been accumulated over some people's lives. Sometimes having to just focus on the here and now in any field can be frustrating. But now that researchers have had

The Washington Post reports that a second copper box has been discovered under Robert E.Lee's statue. I mean what's the chances of that happening? There's alway's something that will make people stand in disbelief. This is definitely one of them. The time capsule copper boxes where in the bottom of the statue of General Robert E.Lee.

Copper boxes taken out of hidden General Robert E.Lee's statue.

Credit: By Gregory S. Schneider The Washington Post/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News.

There's been a series of bizarre events in the last few weeks. The only thing we need to know is what part of the Confederate history could have the records put straight? We're allowing in a fantastic time of discovery and wonder. No matter your views, no matter your beliefs we should collectively all try our best to figure out the real history of the world because it's one of the only things that we can rely on that actually took place. Tangible evidence like this couple of time capsules is just about as stunning as it gets, the implications could be epic. 

UFO sightings, figure out if there's enough to 


Second time capsule found under Lee monument in Richmond.

The good news: The latest box was made of copper and is roughly the right dimensions to be the long-rumored official time capsule, which is expected to contain some 60 items of Confederate memorabilia — including, possibly, a rare photo of President Abraham Lincoln in his casket.

Workers removing chunks of granite that had once supported this city’s Robert E. Lee monument finally found what appears to be an elusive 1887 time capsule shortly before noon on Monday. It was in the spot where experts had looked for it unsuccessfully in September, but farther down in the ground.

I absolutely love chances and coincidences because they happen for a reason. Finding two time capsules in days of each other, for all the time that's elapsed since they was put in their hidden places, what's the chances of that occurrence...

But, it is what it is and please, our history is coming alive more and more everyday and there's been so many recent discoveries that it's enough for us all to be happy and excited because we are still finding marvellous wonders of the world even if the world is acting a wee bit strange nowadays. I want you to be happy, we can still discover new events in history because it's all going digital. Let's get stuck into the ancient historic anomalies, the ancient world is full of events that we're just finding out because it's just added to the digital record.

But finding 2 time capsules to do with the same thing (Robert E.Lee) is absolutely stunning, it's enough for anyone to question every. Ancient Origins is what I love, there's no bounds to the wonders of what might be in the new discoveries that are surely to come. Take a chance and let's figure this out together guy's, peace.

Here's a brilliant video from CBS News YouTube Channel:

Please share your thought's and opinions also any ideas that you might have about this amazing but strange anomaly, the world is opening up it's secrets, finally.

Credit: CBS News YouTube Video/The Washington Post/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News.

Bizarre Figure Seen In Field Christmas Eve 2021 | Really Bizarre

A really bizarre photo here, let's just imagine what this is, Ghost, Alien or a phenomena as yet unknown, what is this?

UFO Sightings Footage is always going to be bringing you good posts. This certainly looks intriguing, it looks so strange as there's definitely a resemblance to a human like figure.

To be honest I just thought as I think there's a real figure in this image, I'd post it and let everyone else have a look see and see what they think they see? I'd really like there to be absolutely nothing to this but it's just way to coincidental that this looks like a human figure? I could be seeing a Pareidolia (seeing something familiar in say, a cloud).

Better filtered figure in field in uk

For real, it's probably nothing, but I'm pretty sure it's just Pareidolia which is playing with the camera lens. That's got to be the only explaining? I 🤔 think it's up to everyone to have a think about it.

But I was in a taxi coming home on Christmas eve, the taxi driver "amazing guy" I'd lost my money. Just as we set off I checked my pockets, no cash I'd lost my folding money!

He still took me home. I paid obviously but what a bloody awesome, exceptional guy. Christmas eve as well. Mate, you know who you are and from my heart,🤝🏻

So guy's, this was straight outta the taxi window. It's a bizarre one or it's absolutely nothing? Please guys I'd love to hear what you think is in this? It's a very odd photo.

To be honest guy's, I'm praying that this is just nothing say a total missidentified and random piece of stuff. It's something though that, it just is what it is. There's definitely things that go bump in the night now, its a blooming very scary time. We've had UAPs definitely observed, definitely verified and the implications of that alone are terrifying. Because for one, the US Pilot's did not catch them. They did not take them into custody and they said they were indeterminate by origins.

Figure outstanding in his field.

Credit: UFO Sightings Footage.

If this is a guy "outstanding in his field", lol. He's good at looking strange, imaging coming across this while cutting through a public footpath etc. I'd probably have a mini big-bang in my mind.

This is now a fact, it's not in anyone's mind, thought's  it's a definite. So please, at these unusual times, the times that the world has never seen before, we've never experienced anything remotely similar. UFOs are here, they've been verified do let's keep an eye out for them, even if they're in Flir - Forward Looking Infrared. Infrared cameras aren't that expensive really. I'm pretty sure that they're available online?

Have a brilliant new year guy's and please, remember to be safe. Share this post please, thanks.

Source: My very own self/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage.

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