UFOs Rained Down White Substance

There's been UFOs visiting this place for centuries according to a local ranch owner in Mexico and when he personally had a UFO encounter, one UFO left a white substance behind which he collected.


This is a great example of how something with such huge implications can and does (like we see here) can go over people's heads and the same people not give it another thought. Extraterrestrial life came to Earth as a virus in the form of a jelly substance. And has it anything to do with ancient Alien carvings in a cave in Mexico where white Star Jelly was also discovered, check out this brilliant video below. The places this has happened is in Washington state and Mexico.

Alien head carved into stone wall in a Mexican cave.

Credit: Quest TV YouTube Channel/US State Health Department (Washington)/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

When we think of Extraterrestrial entities we think about Alien Greys or tall "Alien like figures" right? But not all Aliens can be seen, just like not all UFOs are Alien. Some could be man made and some could be Tic Tac's...
This (star jelly) Extraterrestrial cellular organic matter as it's become known as - could turn into something much bigger if there's a chance that this "semi white and semi transparent substance" could be analysed again because of the possible biological weapons side to this. If it's unknown to science then there's no known cure making it perfect for weapons, as sad as it is? It's theorized that it's hitched a ride through space on meteorites or that it's actually left behind from an Alien craft seen in the vicinity on many occasions going back centuries. It appears to leave this white jelly when it lands and then it takes off again which looks like it's raining this white-ish star jelly?
In the video we can see the white jelly inside of a small kind of tupperware transparant tub which has a red screw on cap and we can literally see it for what it is inside of this tub. This stuff looks just like the similar Jelly that was deposited twice in 1994, on August 7th in Oakville, Washington and that's according to the newspaper article in the video. Then there's the other case in Mexico where UFOs have been going to a specific place and is there a tie to a local cave with strange carvings...

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It fell like rain onto unsuspecting people and some said that it was as if it was been sprinkled by some unknown hand or force onto the full population within a 20 square mile box of land if. And also if you can imagine this, what it must have felt like especially afterwards when these people started to get sick. I suppose only the people who was affected by this Star Jelly will be able to understand what has happened to them?

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Nobody knows what really happened and who knows, it might have actually travelled through space for many thousands of years maybe millions of years until it ended up on Earth... Different places and different ways that this stuff got here on Earth ie UFOs and meteorites. I think that we'll never know for sure, do you where this jelly like substance actuallyoriginated from? I wonder what it was like and as anyone who witnessed it will probably be able tell you that it looked like a horrible goo and it all happened in the state of Washington?
I also wonder if that was an accident or a strange coincidence? If you know me, you'll know that I don't believe in coincidences?
The absolute diabolical thing about this is that if this goo - which causes flu like symptoms, has travelled through space and is technically carrying "Extraterrestrial entities" horrible though a thing it was, but it could have been much worse than that.

Mysterious gelled globs or white star jelly found after UFO's visited.

Credit: Quest TV YouTube Channel/US State Health Department (Washington)/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

If this did come from space (as it fell like rain), it's obvious to assume that it is Alien goo, right? But much, much worse than that is that this biological Star Jelly actually causes flu like symptoms and that's very scary for anyone to go through because it could happen again and it could happen very soon and also it could happen just about anywhere in the world?

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Which is more scary, knowing it might happen again or knowing it could be an Alien flu? All the tests were initially carried out by the Washington Department of Health and they determined that it was unlike anything else known on Earth. That's basically telling us that it's a Extraterrestrial virus. Because unlike anything else means that it's a unique and that it came from space means we'll, it means it's Extraterrestrial because it causes flu like symptoms.

But yet this literally went right over everyone heads, nobody realised or understood it at the time, just what the Department of Health for the state of Washington was actually saying! I'm gonna spell it out for the people of 1994.

  • A. It's an unknown material, it's unknown to science.
  • B. It fell like rain and it came from space.
  • C. It caused flu like symptoms.

All of that literally went over everyone's heads because to me, that sounds like what they're actually saying is that an Extraterrestrial goo containing a virus has fallen from space on a 20 square mile grid in the state of Washington.

It doesn't get any clearer than that, does it that Extraterrestrials exist even if it is in a tiny virus like way?

Here's the awesome YouTube video above, top uploaded by Quest TV.

Please share your thought's and opinions also any ideas that you might have about this amazing Alien disclosure which went unnoticed by everyone. I'd also appreciate it if you could share this post with someone who you think would appreciate it, cheers.

Credit: Quest TV YouTube Channel/US State Health Department (Washington)/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.


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