Bizarre Figure Seen In Field Christmas Eve 2021 | Really Bizarre

A really bizarre photo here, let's just imagine what this is, Ghost, Alien or a phenomena as yet unknown, what is this?

UFO Sightings Footage is always going to be bringing you good posts. This certainly looks intriguing, it looks so strange as there's definitely a resemblance to a human like figure.

To be honest I just thought as I think there's a real figure in this image, I'd post it and let everyone else have a look see and see what they think they see? I'd really like there to be absolutely nothing to this but it's just way to coincidental that this looks like a human figure? I could be seeing a Pareidolia (seeing something familiar in say, a cloud).

Better filtered figure in field in uk

For real, it's probably nothing, but I'm pretty sure it's just Pareidolia which is playing with the camera lens. That's got to be the only explaining? I 🤔 think it's up to everyone to have a think about it.

But I was in a taxi coming home on Christmas eve, the taxi driver "amazing guy" I'd lost my money. Just as we set off I checked my pockets, no cash I'd lost my folding money!

He still took me home. I paid obviously but what a bloody awesome, exceptional guy. Christmas eve as well. Mate, you know who you are and from my heart,🤝🏻

So guy's, this was straight outta the taxi window. It's a bizarre one or it's absolutely nothing? Please guys I'd love to hear what you think is in this? It's a very odd photo.

To be honest guy's, I'm praying that this is just nothing say a total missidentified and random piece of stuff. It's something though that, it just is what it is. There's definitely things that go bump in the night now, its a blooming very scary time. We've had UAPs definitely observed, definitely verified and the implications of that alone are terrifying. Because for one, the US Pilot's did not catch them. They did not take them into custody and they said they were indeterminate by origins.

Figure outstanding in his field.

Credit: UFO Sightings Footage.

If this is a guy "outstanding in his field", lol. He's good at looking strange, imaging coming across this while cutting through a public footpath etc. I'd probably have a mini big-bang in my mind.

This is now a fact, it's not in anyone's mind, thought's  it's a definite. So please, at these unusual times, the times that the world has never seen before, we've never experienced anything remotely similar. UFOs are here, they've been verified do let's keep an eye out for them, even if they're in Flir - Forward Looking Infrared. Infrared cameras aren't that expensive really. I'm pretty sure that they're available online?

Have a brilliant new year guy's and please, remember to be safe. Share this post please, thanks.

Source: My very own self/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage.


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