Green Mist Sprayed From UFO Over California Years Ago

Green mist is clearly been sprayed from this silver UFO.

A few years ago now there was an unusual MUFON case of a silver UFO which was a domed or Flying Saucer type UFO in appearance with a bulb like body, silver in color and was witnessed spraying a green mist from the rear end of the craft over a neighborhood in California.

Is this UFO spraying chemicals over a neighborhood in California.

It was I believe 2013 that it was actually witnessed but only in 2016 when it was reported to MUFON (case number 81084). It's interesting because this could be any number of things in that mist from a government chemical agent to a damaged UFO spraying it's fuel from a part of the craft that's damaged.

It could even be a "pretend UFO" supposed to look like one so any number of people, agencies, authorities or corporations can get in to a specific area and spray this unknown mist containing unknown chemicals directly on to a group of people? You start to think a little bit outside the box or of possible suspects that could want to use this and that's when you realise just how dangerous this could be?

The photographs and sighting itself are being investigated by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) after it received a report from an eyewitness in Huntington Beach, California, USA. The eyewitness, who has not been named, said:
"I looked up to see what I first thought was a passenger plane on fire. "Within a second or two, I was startled because I had realised this was no plane. "It was a dull silver-domed object with orange lights around its middle. "It was a typical domed UFO looking craft. "It was obvious to me that this craft was in trouble."
The witness said "there was no flame or intense burning, but some sort of vapour trail being left".
Is this a daring attempt at spraying the population with radiation, nerve gas or a "virus"? It could even be a sleep agent which enables an Alien abduction later on that night and this is the "very first" time that this part of the Alien's process of abducting humans has been witnessed and photographed? I mean, nobody has ever observed an Alien abduction from start to finish documenting it as it unfolds, have they?

New information is always coming to light and it's up to us to always make sense of it and keep on guessing what it could be or mean because if we don't then we'll never figure it out. Even when we think we've figured it out, we still need to keep our minds open especially when there's a new Alien abduction reported.

Silver UFO over US could be damaged spraying fuel everywhere.

Yeah, I agree it's laughable but it's not for the people who absolutely know they've been abducted by Aliens so please, if you can - imagine for one second what it must be like for an abduction victim? If you can't imagine it then you are not qualified to pass judgement or comment, that's just a matter of fact.

Empathy, sympathy, compassion. These are all needed when passing or making a judgement whether Alien abductions happened. It's just a matter of time before "anyone" will make a decision or form an opinion on such cases, it cannot be helped. It's human nature and some can hold out longer than others until more facts are given but generally speaking you've already made a decision.

I put this image through a filter just to bring out the green mist, low and behold you can definitely see it a lot better now. The tint was -59, saturation at 100 and contrast at 64 I turned up the X process on Canva to 100. This is absolutely emitting green mist or liquid.

Did this happen, yes it did. But was it staged or not I honestly don't know? I mean, who knows what the bigger story here actually is? Will we ever get to know what or who or why this was even in the air over Huntington Beach, California at all. Well I will leave that up to you guys to judge for yourselves and look in to further if you wish.

Case 81084.
Sighted 2013-07-20 11:00.
Submitted 2016-12-21 11:13 (Reported 3 Years Later).
Time Zone America/Los Angeles.
Source MUFON.

Heard rumble. looked up while doing trash. saw very odd object leaving green cloud bearing sw towards ocean/catalina island.

City Huntington Beach
Region California
Country United States
Postal Code 92646

Distance 501 Feet - 1 Mile
Altitude 500 Feet Or Less
Duration 00:02:00
Features Dome, Louvres
Flight Path Straight Line Path
Shape Saturn Like

Weather Details:

Temperature 70°F / 21°C
Visibility 8 Miles / 13 Kilometers
Conditions Raining

Detailed Description:
(This is a long, detailed description so we've only highlighted the description. You'll have to check out the link here for the rest. It is wrote here exactly how it is).

It was my birthday at my house. i was taking out the kitchen trash. it was approximately 11am, july 20th 2013. i walked out of the exterior garage mandoor on the w side of my house. i immediately heard a low rumble mixed with a hissing like noise above me to the west. i looked up to see what i first thought was a passenger plane on fire. there are many airports nearby and it was not unusual to see planes in the airspace this object was in. within a second or two, i was startled because i had realized this was no plane. it was a dull silver domed object with orange lights around its middle. i thought i could see a small spire like portrusion out of the top of the object. it was a typical domed ufo looking craft. in fact, that was one of my first conscious thoughts... wow.

Source MUFON.
Source UFO Stalker.
Source Express.
Source Reference UFO Sightings Daily.
Source Canva.

Huge Cube Spaceship Or UFO At The Sun

Huge UFO Cube at the Sun is back and looks like an Earth sized UFO.

Scott C Waring of the "very popular" conspiracy website UFO Sightings Daily is a fellow researcher and has found "yet" another (Borg Cube) UFO at the Sun in this epic NASA SOHO image, how great is this guy's!

This is amazing that they're back to say the least and the (Cube UFOs) seem to be getting more frequent as time goes by. We are seeing UFOs the likes of which are huge, tremendous in size, appearance and abilities! They seem to be doing a few things:

The "thing" may just be coming and going through the Sun, refueling or hiding either just behind it or around the Sun? These are Earth sized UFOs so the energy needed to maneuver it/drive it/fly it - must be epic amounts - also it could be why they might be near the Sun in the first place, using it as a personal refueling gas station, so you can't blame them for been there as they might need it?

When these UFOs simply disappear, you know where they've gone don't you?

They're going in to the Sun!

There's actual NASA images showing UFOs going in, refueling and coming out of "our" Sun and it's been going on for a while now. Follow this link to that post.

Cube UFO right next to our Sun is absolutely immense in size.

It seems like the general opinion when we've posted this kind of phenomenon before is that NASA knows what's going on and this is why we've seen a surge in technology to "examine" the Sun.

Huge UFO Cube at the Sun looks like an Earth sized UFO.

NASA has always led the way when creating new ways to examine the Sun or "keep a close eye on the Aliens" coming and going plus refueling there. The suggestion I really do like is that because this "Borg Cube UFO" has been see loitering around the Sun it could be Nibiru? I'll put a link to Nibiru's Wikipedia page so you can check it out. There's actually 2 Wiki pages one for "Nibiru Cataclysm" and "Nibiru just the reference" Wiki page, check both out.

One suggestion is this could be Nibiru as it keeps on showing up at the Sun.

It's almost as if we've just woken up and are looking out of the window watching the cars go past in both directions on the road?

Common opinions and theories are this:

That the Sun is a portal or a gateway of some kind which could be connecting two points of space as one single entrance.

Scott wrote:

I found the same cube UFO near our sun last night. The #UFO is very similar in shape and has a yellowish plume as if its been using the sun's material as a propulsion of some sort. #The_UFO is the same cube shape and about the size of Earth itself.

It strange that NASA has not made some kind of announcement about this UFO since every sun camera in the world of astronomy probably caught it. However, SOHO may be one of the few countries with cameras recording the sun, since special filters are needed or the camera would be destroyed instantly.

Here is the video Scott made, his research is some of the best I've seen - EVER and I don't say that lightly:

Date of sighting: Oct 31, 2018.
Location of sighting: Earth's Sun.
Source: NASA SOHO images.

Source UFO Sightings Daily.
Source NASA SOHO Images.
Source Reference Nibiru Wikipedia.
Source Reference Nibiru Cataclysm Wikipedia.

Life Existed On Mars From Fingers, Helmets And Shoes To Statues

Ancient Mars is giving up it's more significant gems like this statue carved in to the rock face like ancient Egypt.

Above is a carved from rock statue of what looks exactly what we have in Egypt, right? But guys, this is actually on Mars so what the heck is going on? This is getting really strange because researching for this post I've come across stuff that defies all known logic and senses. it can't be that ancient Mars was a human's planet was it.

Mars is so mysterious and you just know deep down that there's something innately wrong with Mars? Like there's more to it than what we publicly know? You don't know what it is yet, but you do know that it fascinates you. Did Mars once have life human beings living on its surface and if that's true how long ago in the ancient past was it?

Another finger discovered on Mars now it makes it very human like in Mars past.

Seriously I'm starting to think that ancient humans came from Mars in a spaceship because considering our human history only goes back so many years that we could be from Mars? There's way, way to many human like "recognisable" items/artifacts/fossils on Mars right now, that it makes sense to say out loud that ancient Mars was our ancient human ancestral home planet. OK, explain these two fingers...

Another finger discovered on Mars now it makes it two.

By the look of some of the Martian artifacts which the Curiosity Rover has discovered I would say that this total devastation happened way off in the very, very remote past?

I'm serious about this and to show how serious I am about this, I'm going to now show you just a handful of "items of evidence" or proof (if you like the sound of that instead) which NASA's own instruments have detected!

Definite helmet from a war discovered on Mars.

Please be aware that these ancient artifacts are 100% real, no trickery was involved and I will give you a link to the actual Raw images in NASA's own archives - where possible.

Discovery of a shoe on Mars by Scott C Waring.

Link to raw image.

Did Mars have an all out "global war" which created "armageddon like conditions" on the red planet and wiped all the Martian inhabitants off the planet?

UFO or Flying Saucer discovered to be crashed on Mars.

I do know that Scott C Waring from UFO Sightings Daily found this in one of his many discoveries of mysterious Martian artifacts. He's got an impressive amount of discoveries under his belt of Martian remnants and ancient petrified fossils.

In the video below by xBehindthetruthx we see what is an unmistaken human finger. There is nothing else that this fossil looks like or even comes close to looking like? It certainly doesn't look like a Martian rock.

Here's a video about the Mars human looking finger the Mars Rover discovered.

I bet in all of NASA's wildest dreams they never for one minute thought they'd come across a human looking finger? But if a full world like Mars did actually go to war with each other in a nuclear war then what they went through must of been a catastrophic event?

And they came out looking like an armageddon or "savaged planet" or a Mad Max type of planet. Nothing survived at all. In fact everything did a Pompei style "turned to ashes" or stone where they stood.

Is that a petrified Frog on Mars that has turned to stone or rock.

Source Aero.Info.
Source Reference UFO Sightings Daily.
Source Reddit.
Source Boing Boing.
Source MKD.MK.
Source xBehindthetruthx YouTube.
Source NASA Mars Rover.
Source Reference NASA Multimedia Gallery.

India Is Going to tell The World Aliens Exist

India could be about to announce Aliens exist.

The part of me that wants Alien disclosure right now is excited, but the way in which it's been left to India to do, is actually pretty shameful. I feel let down by nobody in particular but by "the powers that be" or should I say by the shadowy powers that be or "NASA".

Or are they (NASA) having their hands tied behind their back and silenced even if they (NASA) wanted to announce Aliens exist? I mean not everyone at NASA would want to hold back the news of Aliens existing - but I bet you that the people at NASA who would tell all about Aliens are actually the ones that don't know anything about Aliens?

It's because they would tell about Aliens as to why they don't know.

NASA could be holding back Alien news.

Continue reading to find out why they might be having to stay silent...

New Delhi is in the middle of a big secret internal debate. On one side the largest democracy of the world is eager to explain to its citizens and to the world about the ongoing contacts with the UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Just what is holding back India from announcing Aliens exist.

The following is what's hampering and impeding India's forward momentum, or what we here at USF believe is the real culprit (maybe) of why space agencies around the world couldn't even if they wanted to, announce that Aliens do in fact really exist:

However there are invisible untold international protocols that prohibit doing anything that may cause worldwide fear and panic.

It is well accepted between the UFO and extraterrestrial experts that all the five nuclear powers are in contact with the beings from other stars for quite some time. India has seen enormous news on UFO contacts and secret UFO bases in Himalayas near the Chinese bases.

In Ladak, for example the locals clearly point out the everyday phenomenon of large triangular spacecrafts coming out below the ground and Indian security forces protecting them. Military represents have confessed the fact that India has been contacted.

India has been told the rules of the Universe.

The current debate is on whether to keep it secret like other countries are doing or in tradition of a total transparent society come out and tell the truth. The biggest concern of the Government today is that unlike in other countries, it will be very difficult to keep it secret for long. First, it can really cause a panic in the country as well as the world. Second, the way the Indian politics is run, the ruling party will be thrown out of power in no time i it is ever found that the Government withheld such information from the public.

Are Aliens real and will India announce that they do.

Guys, we've only referenced a tiny bit of this hugely "important" unfolding story. You need to check out the full post (here) because there are more facts to this news. Leaders of the world's most powerful top countries have been recently rushing to India and have been meeting with India's leaders. All sanctions are been lifted from India.

Their space agency has been rebooted with massive new investment. Putin has just been, US Senators and top European leaders have been going to India and all the stuff once imposed on India that you can imagine have been and are being overturned and "or" taken away i.e sanctions, nuclear restrictions, club expulsions and are going to be accepted as full members of the Security Council.

Various top publishers are asking questions and not the very normal questions. It's all out "Alien disclosure" titles in their posts.

Is Humanity About To Accidentally Declare Interstellar War On Alien Civilizations?

Spirit Zone:
INDIA Will Be The First Country to Explain To The World About ALIENS CONTACTS?

US Politics:
Is Humanity About To Unintentionally Declare Interstellar Conflict On Alien Civilizations?

Source Forbes.
Source Spirit Zone.
Source US Politics.

*Whenever USF references or quotes any other information/source(s) we never change the wording, spelling or add or take away any writings done by the sources in which we are referencing and quoting. If that is the way a testimony was written, then it is the person's own words so we cannot, will not "ever" change that or any wording, phrase, analogy, terminology or misspelling. We feel this is respectful research and that this is the correct way to reference and quote people.

Huge Ancient Carved Petroglyph Depicting Alien King On Mars

Ancient Mayan or Egyptian petroglyph looking carving discovered on Mars.

This is a huge Martian, yes that's right "Martian" petroglyph, stone carving that looks like it's ancient Egyptian or Mayan? The what I call "jigsaw" of the Pyramids and similar looking ancient buildings and artifacts that look eerily similar but seperated by continents has just gained another "anomaly".

Huge carving of a King with a Crown on Mars surface.

All image Credits/Jon McGavic.

But this "ancient anomaly" shouldn't exist at all because it's more than a continent away from all the others that look exactly the same. This shouldn't exist simply because it's about 54.6 million miles away (one heck of a space journey away).

Even though this is on Mars, it looks like it could be on Earth. Any human being looking at this right now will instantly recognise this as an ancient Egyptian or Mayan petroglyph. That cannot be pareidolia can it?

That right there shouldn't be there at all and is proof positive beyond a shadow of a doubt in my mind that there was an ancient armageddon or apocalyptic event that happened in Mars' history or past whichever you wanna call it?

Close up look at the huge carving of a King with a Crown on Mars surface.

All image Credits/Jon McGavic.

The other fact of the matter is this, one or two coincidences I can handle (like anyone) but if you start coming up "against" coincidence after coincidence, one after the other. The carved statue type anomaly or petroglyph that we are seeing (*see petroglyph meaning below - bottom) has numerous intelligently made features. For starters there's a nose, mouth, chin, ears, eyes, head and a crown on the said head.

Can you see where it is in the image below?

All image Credits/Jon McGavic.

There's the body in the classic ancient petroglyph style body. The snake coming out of the mouth, there's the arms, the crown has even weathered exactly just as you'd expect stone features here on Earth to weather in the exact same way.

That's how we can instantly recognise this stuff. So after all these many, many coincidences you still feel like this is "a natural formation"? Because every single feature had to be a coincidence?

Here's what looks like a "face" that Jon has found in the same video which is below.

Face on Mars but this one is a recent discovery.

All image Credits/Jon McGavic.

The Martian stone naturally eroding like this to shape a nose and a mouth, ears etc - etc is just NOT going to happen! I believe that's why we know "innately" inside of us that this really "could be" the straw that broke the camel's back in terms of getting NASA's attention and them admitting to Aliens existing.

If NASA admits that UFOs are real and that they're in touch with Aliens, then that's a good thing. But can you handle the truth? I'm sure you can. If I've forgot to mention something then I'll get to it in the next post, I just can't post everything in one post. As long as the specifics are out then that's all good. Cheers Jon for your message, thanks buddy.

*Petroglyphs are images created by removing part of a rock surface by incising, picking, carving, or abrading, as a form of rock art. Outside North America, scholars often use terms such as "carving", "engraving", or other descriptions of the technique to refer to such images.

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