Three UFOs Flying In Formation Passing The Moon

The best video evidence of 3 UFOs flying in formation and passing the Moon. Here is the evidence of Alien activity on and around the Moon, that I've been hoping to come across for a long time. I am going to explain why I fully believe that these are not man made objects flying past the Moon and why I don't believe these objects are natural space objects.

  1. The three black unknown objects passing in between the Earth and the Moon on August 22nd, 2018 are to close together, it's not part of any airforces way of flying it's to dangerous.
  2. Shown here in this YouTube video are three UFOs flying in formation but I've established that it's not aircrafts and that leaves satellites. Satellites never come that close together.
  3. Now that I've established that they are not inline with how satellites or aircrafts fly or orbit, on and around the Earth - that leaves only leaves secret aircrafts and Unknown Flying Objects.
  4. That's why I have full faith in believing these three unknown objects shown in this authentic video, is concrete evidence of Alien activity in space, on and around the Moon - our Moon.

I put the image below through an (X-process -100 and Vignette 0) on Canva using their filters to bring out the UFOs shape more. It looks like the one at the bottom is a triangle shape?


Unwanted or wanted.
So, there is my own assessment of this spectacular UFO video and guys, I really hope that there is a reason for these UFOs been here because unwanted reconnaissance is what starts wars.

Unwanted spying activity is how suspicion starts...

Forging an alliance.
I'm saying it this way because I believe that if the Aliens do make contact then this kind of behaviour would undermine any and maybe all attempts at forging an alliance.


Yes, I said alliance because if there's one Alien being outside of the Earth then there is more...

Life is everywhere.
That just stands to reason? If you ask me, I think that space is teaming with life and knowledge is the same universally.

I truly believe that the weight of a planet is the weight of a planet, the distance between two planets is the same for us and the same for them.

The language might be different but the question and the answer has to be the same!
The only difference is the language.
Scientists have already told us that mathematics is the language of the universe, right. It means they've made contact and they've communicated with Alien entities through mathematics. More than likely binary.


Here is the short description that accompanies the video:
So, I was filming the Half moon on Sunday, and caught something weird passing in front of it. At 1:18 in, 3 objects cross the moon. I THINK it's some helium balloons someone must've released, but can't confirm. Anyways, enjoy. Let me know what you think.

Here is the video showing three UFOs passing the Moon:

Kodachrome Slides Of Roswell Alien Discovered

This is as strange as it get when it comes to proof of the Roswell Aliens and to answer the question if any Aliens were recovered from the Roswell UFO crash site. These Kodachrome images where found by happenstance in a trunk lining in a couples (now deceased).

  • Kodachrome slides found inside the lining of a trunk of Roswell UFO Alien
  • Owner was a founding member of International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell
  • Put all that together and I know there's more to this than meets the eye that's for sure
  • His name was Glenn Dennis who died on the 28th April, 2015 - slides were in his estate


Why did he sit on this Earth shattering news, why did he hide evidence of Aliens existing?

Here is a quote from this amazing story which I come across while researching as I normally on a daily basis:

Today is supposed to be the day that researchers are supposed to unveil what is being called “The Roswell Slides.” Kodachrome slides that allegedly reveal an alien creature that had fallen in Roswell New Mexico back in 1947.

The story also continues to state that many people who have since seen these "amazing slides" have actually stated that they think these are the final smoking gun evidence.

That proves there was a real UFO that did indeed crash all them many decades ago in New Mexico.


The story continues with this amazing piece:

Many have already seen the slides and have resolved that perhaps this is finally the smoking gun that now has all the branding it needs to generate a merry go round of debate amongst critics about authenticity.

Obviously you have to make your own mind up, but you can only do that with the most amount of information you can get!

Does this amount to information, well considering where the information is coming from I have to say yes, that's a definite yes as well because of who he was, where he worked also.


The less information you have, the less likely your going to feel 100 percent comfortable with making a decision "either way".

Related post:

And that's only if you really care or give hoot or a damn about what happened? Well, some of us do and some of us will continue to give a hoot because it's far reaching, it's far effecting and definitely long lasting.

It's bigger than anything mankind has ever come up against, will encounter and will ever have to face up to - that we are not alone in the universe!


And, that's scary because how old is their civilisation, where are they, who and what do they hold dear and most of all, how much does a life mean to them...

We all have value that we place on everything. From animals to insects, everything puts value on everything because that's part of life, it keeps us and hence it keeps the animals and insects alive. So, what value do they place on human life, if at all.

Source Ground Zero Media (asks for human verification).

UFO With Two Aliens Stood At The Window

Your probably aware of the Turkish UFO incident, as it's a famous Alien encounter in Ufology communities and UFO circles. Two Aliens are stood at the window of the UFO which is absolutely unprecedented as we can see them moving around.

When I first saw this video of the two Aliens at the UFO window, I instantly thought, that's gotta be CGI or that this is a scene from a movie - which has been cut down for size and misused. I even questioned if this UFO footage is real.


Is this a unique piece of UFO evidence showing real Aliens? I'm not sure what else I was thinking as I was to busy trying to wrap my head around the implications of this epic, historic UFO event? Yeah, you can probably imagine the rest yourself...

(This is not the first time this UFO has been seen, it's been seen many times before. Check out the link below, for the UFO sightings over time).

But on the other hand, I also thought that if this is real, then it's going to be "ridiculed, trolled and definitely targeted" and called a "hoax" by the people who want to keep this from going viral or from been put forward as real evidence of a UFO and Alien encounter.

  • It's not the first time this UFO has been seen
  • Two Aliens can be seen in the UFOs window
  • It's rare to see Aliens inside of the UFOs
  • It's the best evidence to date of real Aliens

The secret armies of people who are tasked with making a real UFO sighting look like a terrible hoax, like a really bad hoax and an terrible effort at been a real UFO incident.

Because believe me, there are people out there who continuously scour the net for UFO footage - to simply cast doubt on it, to post negative things in the comments about it and to throw people off the scent.

Disinformation project

I honestly don't know if they are paid to target specific UFO sightings or UFO videos and UFO images. I do know that some of these people who do this disinformation and deliberately cast doubts just, write nothing more than "fake" in the comments section. Sometimes wherever they find a UFO video that looks real.

How do I know this

Because, been the moderator of lots of UFO groups on Facebook allows me you (plus other admins) a few extra privileges so-to-speak and one of them, is the ability to click on any UFO Facebook group members names, that brings up a full list of that members entire posts.


Facebook UFO groups

Some members posts only have one word in every single post that they've made on every single post they have ever done in that group specifically and it's the word "fake". Plus the person's profile name is usually a made up set of letters and fictitious profile image or just a meme.

Facebook admin tools

Every admin has access to that tool, so it's not any special tool or a special trick. It's an admin/moderator "tool to help them moderate and administer their role as an overseer" on that specific Facebook UFO group.

That's absolutely for real, nothing special - but it opens one's eyes immensely to who is writing what and why! So there are ways for the public to see other peoples posts in groups, other than just scrolling down endlessly and that's only if your a moderator or an admin. It also tells you lots of other things as well...

Here's video 1 of 3 videos - "enhanced quality version" of the Turkey UFO incident. The other videos can be seen on youtube if you follow the link below:

So, that's how I know for sure there are certain people out there tasked with casting doubts on any UFO sighting or any UFO footage. If there's no UFO image or video then it's usually ignored by them, but sometimes they will write "keep taking your meds" or the other one they will use is "where's my tinfoil hat".

It's just them two words which will probably casts doubt on anything wrote. It's sad that this happens but there you go, I know everyone needs to pay the bills etc but some do it for the love of it.

This is however, one of the best Alien and UFO videos ever in the history of Ufology which doesn't matter if anyone writes that "it's a fake or it's a hoax", this is a real UFO event and that, as they say is that!

Source Turkey UFO Incident.
Source Turkey UFO Incident YouTube.
Source Reference Google Photos TUI Archive.

Same UFO In Different Places Spying On The Mars Rover

As far as any NASA raw images go which shows a UFO, these NASA images from it's own online public archives shows probably the best defined UFO or Flying saucer that we're ever likely to see. But this UFO is in multiple different locations. The definition is unreal, it's exactly like what you'd expect a UFO to look like.

Ufology demands fairness, it demands the researcher to be impartial and to always be objective even when it looks like or sounds like a slam dunk or open and shut case!


These are real, unedited images and this for me, proves that there is Aliens on Mars. The same UFO showing up in different places on Mars in 2013 (sol 00369) seals it for me.

  • Is this dust on the Mars Rover lense
  • Are the pixels damaged on the Rovers lense
  • Is there wind picking up something from the Rover
  • Is this a planet  or asteroid that we're seeing in the distance

Fakes and hoaxes
The NASA raw image links which are provided in the sources section below is so that you can definitely see that this is not a fake image or a kind of spoof - hoax.

The same UFO looks like it's spying on the Mars Rover.


It's not good when someone comes along in the comments without seeing the links or reading anything and just puts "fake".

It's kinda frustrating but I'm used to it. As you can see by the images themselves, are real, unedited NASA images from their very own archives.

NASA lies and conspiracies
If NASA are copying and pasting UFOs in to their own raw images themselves which by the way is highly doubtful.


But still, if they are doing this shady "spying on the Mars Rover" behaviour then what does that mean?

The question a lot of people are asking nowadays is this:

  1. Are NASA even on Mars in the first place
  2. Are NASA in a desert somewhere on Earth
  3. All of the above - is why we keep seeing lots of unusual and "highly" anomalous objects on Mars

The UFOs somehow have an eerie intelligent, human like shape to them or a shape which looks like something a human has made?

We would love your comments on this as it's a real enigma and a real anomaly on Mars. The images from NASA look very much like what a UFO would look like.

The video below shows you the UFO images but in close up:

Source Limee Watcher YouTube.
Source of image Credits/NASA, Mars Rover and JPL Images:

Source Reference Lateinthehour Steemit.

Video Of UFO Been Shot Down With A Missile

We are showing you this video of a UFO been shot down with a missile to show you that our missile defences are getting a lot better. Our defence against UFOs is working and our earlier posts where we said that there's a secret war going on with UFOs in the skies is been proved correct with this video.

It's not decisive or conclusive proof that an Alien war is being waged in the skies of Earth but when we see videos like this, it proves that UFOs are been targeted, locked on and shot down.


The evidence is definitely mounting up and the proof is slowly coming to light.

Which country is capable of carrying out a missile strike against a UFO that could have on board it, all manner of defence and evade capabilities?

It might even be a combined effort on a respective enemy by any number of capable countries...

UFO Dodges Missile In Space fired from Earth

We don't need to say anything more on this really as the UFO evidence speaks for itself.

People are asking questions in the comments on another site about this.


People are asking the following questions which I think are definitely needing to be answered, but who answers to this UFO incident:

  • Is this an Alien invasion we don't know about?
  • How long has this supposed Alien war been going on?
  • Which country fired the missile at the UFO?
  • Is this missile secret technology or a normal missile?

It could very well be a number of countries and not necessarily just the United States which was my first guess?

It could be:

South Korea
Spain or France

The list is endless, because nowadays the brains in all the above mentioned countries are so far ahead that if Einstein was alive - he would probably not only have to contend with amazing "super computers" but geniuses, the likes of which are deliberately bred that way.

Genetically modified super humans are a reality, because in the US, you can order a designer baby!

And that's according to MIT Technology Review (link below). That is for real as the I.Q, hair colour, athleticism, eye colour, build, height - you name it there's a doctor in the US who offers this.

It's absolutely 100 percent correct that. If you agree with it is another question and another post altogether.

The UFO in this amazing video is absolutely done for, it's whereabouts are unknown to this day:

Source Ufostar.Ovni Instagram.
Source Reference MIT Technology review.

Police Confirmed UFO Sighting Is Real Over San Antonio Texas


This has got to be the most credible UFO sighting in history. The fact that the police have gone on TV and have confirmed the UFO sighting is real and even released the 911 phone call recording which is really unusual, is fantastic. It makes me wonder though what the motives here actually are.

  • Why release the 911 police dispatch recording this UFO encounter in particular
  • Why have the police done a TV interview about this specific UFO incident in particular
  • What about all the other UFO sightings which police have refused to comment on
  • Are the police been manipulated deliberately to disclose this UFO event on purpose

By nature I'm suspicious about any involvement by the authorities on UFO incidents because they don't have to so WHY and I'll tell you exactly why I think it is? Police have confirmed the UFO sightings over Lebanon, Shiloh, Milstead and Dupo which I believe is in Illinois? The UFO was also seen in other parts of Illinois by police.

That's a fair distance from Texas but still, the UFO could of been seen in between Texas and Illinois, but wasn't reported? This white light UFO was also changing colours.

The government's historic position, the police's historic position (any authorities "historic position's" come to think of it) has always been to say nothing or if they do say something you can guarantee it's these two words "no comment" so why now?

  1. What's different in this UFO incident
  2. Who's pulling the strings on this
  3. Why the about change and cooperation
  4. Is there more to this UFO encounter

Is the whole UFO incident going to go down as a "see, I told you that we cooperate" go to statement by the police.

An artist's impression of the UFO which the policeman had seen on that night. Credits/Nat Geo/UFO Sightings Footage

Or a, we don't hide anything from the public and all you have to do is look at this UFO encounter to see that we (the authorities) cooperate with the media and journalists so why would we hide anything this time?

Faking cooperation:
It just reeks of fake cooperation and it has the tell tale signs of a bigger picture and these guys are been used in some sort of higher knowledge game and that they're all pawns.

Is this what cooperation really looks like or is this a charade, a fake masquerade to make the media and the journalists - all think that the authorities are cooperating when really this has actually disclosed nothing at all, when you think about it?

What was pointed out:
Nothing was highlighted or pointed out that we can't already see from the video and the 911 call is in the public domain anyways so...

Okay, it's a massive step forward for anyone researching Ufology to know that the police are willing to go on record and be interviewed but still, I just can't shake the feeling that this is hot air.

National Geographic has presented a great UFO story here and the fact that Nat Geo are looking in to UFO cases is brilliant.

I know they have to stay impartial and present any UFO evidence on a basis of basis of standing on the fence.

Below is the snippet of video from National Geographic called Police Confirmed UFO Sighting:

The end result:
It would be great to see a big hitter like Nat Geo actually be even more Ufology proactive and try to get very high up politicians in positions of real UFO knowledge or locked away historic UFO knowledge to spill all.

Pipe dream:
That's what I would do if I headed up Nat Geo? But I don't and I can't, so it's a pipe dream that one day any meaningful politician would go on TV and talk about historic UFO cases in a "tell all" about what exactly happened. We'd accept it whichever way the dominoes fall, or would we...

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