Video Of UFO Been Shot Down With A Missile

We are showing you this video of a UFO been shot down with a missile to show you that our missile defences are getting a lot better.

Our defence against UFOs is working and our earlier posts where we said that there's a secret war going on with UFOs in the skies is been proved correct with this video.

It's not decisive or conclusive proof that an Alien war is being waged in the skies of Earth but when we see videos like this, it proves that UFOs are been targeted, locked on and shot down.


The evidence is definitely mounting up and the proof is slowly coming to light.
Which country is capable of carrying out a missile strike against a UFO that could have on board it, all manner of defence and evade capabilities?
It might even be a combined effort on a respective enemy by any number of capable countries...

UFO Dodges Missile In Space fired from Earth

We don't need to say anything more on this really as the UFO evidence speaks for itself.
People are asking questions in the comments on another site about this.


People are asking the following questions which I think are definitely needing to be answered, but who answers to this UFO incident:
  • Is this an Alien invasion we don't know about?
  • How long has this supposed Alien war been going on?
  • Which country fired the missile at the UFO?
  • Is this missile secret technology or a normal missile?

It could very well be a number of countries and not necessarily just the United States which was my first guess?

It could be:

South Korea
Spain or France

The list is endless, because nowadays the brains in all the above mentioned countries are so far ahead that if Einstein was alive - he would probably not only have to contend with amazing "super computers" but geniuses, the likes of which are deliberately bred that way.
Genetically modified super humans are a reality, because in the US, you can order a designer baby!
And that's according to MIT Technology Review (link below). That is for real as the I.Q, hair colour, athleticism, eye colour, build, height - you name it there's a doctor in the US who offers this.
It's absolutely 100 percent correct that. If you agree with it is another question and another post altogether.

The UFO in this amazing video is absolutely done for, it's whereabouts are unknown to this day:

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Source Ufostar.Ovni Instagram.
Source Reference MIT Technology review.


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  1. There is definitely a secret war going on with UFOs and humans in our skies of which both sides are been shot out the skies. When it's them, recovery teams move in and pilfer the contents and we all get a new iPhone or a new doodad (gadget) to annoy the neighbors with. The technology to do this is all back or reverse engineered from the "very thing" that some people say started all this war in the first place! The UFO in this video is well and truly shot with a missile.

    1. that is the most reasonable point of view. however there is a much larger picture here, when a craft is being sighted it is most likely you are looking at an illusion of some type. they are really good at doing this. also we live in a created place and to fire anything at those watchers above is like shooting a gun at god! i found a way to make these visible and we are sharing space with other cultures and races, not all of them were born here so to say..

    2. Such a Video makes no sense without Info about the place, date, time, context and the person who took it.

  2. as long as they clean up after themselves

  3. this was a rocket that was shot down by something else. Check your videos before posting

    1. post your proof or don't bother commenting!!. As with your comment, people will make decisions on the video by themselves.

    2. The proof is the video itself. I don't know what else you want? But still, thank you for taking time out to comment. I will definitely take in to account what you said and learn from it. Cheers everyone else for commenting on this exceptional video. I've got the same exact access to the public knowledge on this specific matter - just the same as you. (my comment is just as valid as anyone else) This is what I found, this is what I have to say about it and why I have created this blog post concerning these unusual anomalies in this video. I think I've done a bit more than most on this specific matter to get answers so, please don't criticize me for dong something you "can't be bothered to do" or you just don't care about it. I care about this, hence that's why I have an opinion and why I presented it to the public this way and yes I want answers. What are you doing for this specific event? Probably absolutely NADA! Nothing is my guess and that my "well informed non-friend", is exactly why you are not qualified to criticize me or what I have to say on this specific event. That's just a fact. The difference between a rocket or a missile which your referring to, that is neither here nor there.

    3. There is an image of an explosion however the link showed impact and a trail of smoke that followed that eventually trailed off as the craft continued along its way. That conflicting visual experience is too much to escape one's notice. Of course there could be the impact moment that doesn't reveal what followed.

  4. Who is it, that is blowing up the U.F.O.?
    And what Alien is it being blown up?

  5. Photoshop. the missile's white line-tail disappears right after explosion.

    1. EXACTLY.... Watching it several times you can see that it Instantly vanishes.

  6. Space X Falcon 9 Missile Shot! The question is: was it shot down by UFOs or was it a man-made rocket?

  7. You say the UFO was done for.. From what I could see it was still intact and continued to move. So maybe hindered it's flight.. but it did not blow up or shatter or catch fire. So done for is not the correct word here.

  8. Why is it that every UFO image or video is taken with a Potato? Because it is FAKE, that's why!! This is a gallery area video from a Falcon launch. BTW, next time, take the deafening rocket engine sound out of the video to help convince gullable people that this is not just a doctored recket launch. Also, there would be a huge boom about 2 seconds after any explosion like that in open air. C'mon man, if you are going to fake something,. you can do MUCH better than this!

    1. G'day Skippy! I think you and your potato are confusing this for something else mayte! This is an old video, you should go find the person who did the video and just ask him, or is it to much to ask you to do some research? I'm here asking questions just like anyone does who is able to ask questions... I'm posting this asking questions also? I do believe this this is real but each to their own, right. I wish you analyse this with your expertise and tell us why it's fake? Unless you can't and your just sounding off that it's fake because it looks fake? But why Skippy is what I am saying, why they why is why Skippy. Tell us

  9. I DON'T KNOW, RICK, SEEMS FAKE!!!! What happed with missile's smoke tail?? And why is ufo's smoke tail moving against cloud direction???????????????? DON'T PLAY WITH MINDS PEOPLE!!!

  10. Looks like footage from a intercept missile test, I see no evidence of a UFO.

  11. Looks like the object was hit but not shot down, the contrails ended and the object continued onward. If this was truly a UFO don't you think it would have the technology to detect a missile and take off fast enough to avoid it or shoot it down?

  12. mennesker apseterer kun dem selv----ego på denne jord--- lad dem derude komme ned til os, uden at myrde dem :-(((

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