Police Confirmed UFO Sighting Is Real Over San Antonio Texas


This has got to be the most credible UFO sighting in history. The fact that the police have gone on TV and have confirmed the UFO sighting is real and even released the 911 phone call recording which is really unusual, is fantastic. It makes me wonder though what the motives here actually are.

  • Why release the 911 police dispatch recording this UFO encounter in particular
  • Why have the police done a TV interview about this specific UFO incident in particular
  • What about all the other UFO sightings which police have refused to comment on
  • Are the police been manipulated deliberately to disclose this UFO event on purpose

By nature I'm suspicious about any involvement by the authorities on UFO incidents because they don't have to so WHY and I'll tell you exactly why I think it is? Police have confirmed the UFO sightings over Lebanon, Shiloh, Milstead and Dupo which I believe is in Illinois? The UFO was also seen in other parts of Illinois by police.

That's a fair distance from Texas but still, the UFO could of been seen in between Texas and Illinois, but wasn't reported? This white light UFO was also changing colours.

The government's historic position, the police's historic position (any authorities "historic position's" come to think of it) has always been to say nothing or if they do say something you can guarantee it's these two words "no comment" so why now?

  1. What's different in this UFO incident
  2. Who's pulling the strings on this
  3. Why the about change and cooperation
  4. Is there more to this UFO encounter

Is the whole UFO incident going to go down as a "see, I told you that we cooperate" go to statement by the police.

An artist's impression of the UFO which the policeman had seen on that night. Credits/Nat Geo/UFO Sightings Footage

Or a, we don't hide anything from the public and all you have to do is look at this UFO encounter to see that we (the authorities) cooperate with the media and journalists so why would we hide anything this time?

Faking cooperation:
It just reeks of fake cooperation and it has the tell tale signs of a bigger picture and these guys are been used in some sort of higher knowledge game and that they're all pawns.

Is this what cooperation really looks like or is this a charade, a fake masquerade to make the media and the journalists - all think that the authorities are cooperating when really this has actually disclosed nothing at all, when you think about it?

What was pointed out:
Nothing was highlighted or pointed out that we can't already see from the video and the 911 call is in the public domain anyways so...

Okay, it's a massive step forward for anyone researching Ufology to know that the police are willing to go on record and be interviewed but still, I just can't shake the feeling that this is hot air.

National Geographic has presented a great UFO story here and the fact that Nat Geo are looking in to UFO cases is brilliant.

I know they have to stay impartial and present any UFO evidence on a basis of basis of standing on the fence.

Below is the snippet of video from National Geographic called Police Confirmed UFO Sighting:

The end result:
It would be great to see a big hitter like Nat Geo actually be even more Ufology proactive and try to get very high up politicians in positions of real UFO knowledge or locked away historic UFO knowledge to spill all.

Pipe dream:
That's what I would do if I headed up Nat Geo? But I don't and I can't, so it's a pipe dream that one day any meaningful politician would go on TV and talk about historic UFO cases in a "tell all" about what exactly happened. We'd accept it whichever way the dominoes fall, or would we...


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  1. Police in Texas have gone on the record and confirmed this UFO footage as real as they saw it themselves. Even though the police have confirmed this is a real UFO sighting, I can't help but think to myself "why this one" and why this one in particular? Is there an ulterior motive to this that we don't know about and is this just a goodwill gesture on their behalf. Is this UFO disclosure or just keeping us Ufology researchers happy. 🛸

  2. Maybe this one is actually ours and the blue print was from Tesla,all the crashed ones they will say was trial and error 😁

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