Top 5 UFOs Flying Past Jets And Aircraft


Firstly, it doesn't mean that videoing a UFO from a plane has anything to do with aliens, right? But real UFO sightings are related to aliens because that's how UFOs came into existence. The term UFO is inherently associated with aliens, and it always will be this way.

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But since then the military and the government and other "authorities" not to mention private and many Dr No's (that's a 007 reference) have all gotten in on the act and are probably stroking a white cat as we speak, typing actually.

  • Unidentified Flying Objects might not be Alien at all
  • Is the public helping to cover up UFOs unknowingly
  • What is the percentage of Alien V's man-made crafts
  • What's the final number of pilots seeing real UFOs

Anyways, they're putting vast, and I mean vast amounts, maybe even oceans of cold, hard cash into researching and developing UFOs and even tracking them.

Viral Dark 7 YouTube channel.

Jets are encountering UFOs more than you will ever know.


The government could be using the "Unidentified Flying Object" term to serve themselves and as a cover story. Anyone who sees a real top-secret government craft and then puts it on YouTube, well, it will more than likely be titled or posted under the term "UFO." That's the public doing the government a solid and giving them a cover story and turning this mysterious alien craft into a real Unidentified Flying Object.

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That serves the government. Why put out a cover story when the public can cover it up for you? Unknowingly and unwittingly as a UFO, etc, over such and such place. Like these UFOs flying close to jets and enough to be videoed from a jet.

The public is helping to cover up a UFO, and that serves the "proper authorities" no end and without any comebacks!

The local authorities and the outreach teams, (charities that could be getting help) but instead the Mafioso and the government gangs that control the spending and the allocation of government money are all focused on one thing:

  1. Staying ahead of any emerging countries
  2. Keeping the edge a secret and classified
  3. Hide all paper trails in the right places, lol
  4. What's the end game with man-made UFOs

So if I were to tell you anything about these really impressive UFO encounters, all videoed from planes, then it's this:

Thousands of pilots have seen real UFOs, and the number is growing every single day. Pilots are professional observers and advanced identifiers of aerial objects that come naturally to many of these experts.

However, if you think the number of pilots seeing UFOs is high, you should see the information related to pilots who haven't come forward about seeing a UFO.

To come forward as a pilot and say that you witnessed a UFO or a bright light, etc, is tantamount to a career death sentence.

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Source ViralDark7 YouTube.

Source UFO's And Aliens.


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  1. Plane passengers videoing UFOs from the windows are rising. UFO sightings from jets are on the rise also, this means a few things and this video is just the top 5 UFOs seen from a plane which I totally agree with. They are mind blowing and guys, the UFOs filmed from a plane in this video are not drones at all. 🛸

  2. Of course the UFO sightings have increased because in fact many people have even communicated with them without the government knowing. Like my niece who can communicate with pleiadean.

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