NASA Forgets To Cut ISS Live Feed As Huge UFO Emerges

The NASA live feed has caught yet another UFO visit and this one just starts to appear in the background but this time they do not see it. that's really good news for us guys, but it sucks to be the guy who never hit the cut switch to the ISS live feed. The video was kept rolling and I'm still wondering if it was on purpose that NASA scientists left the live feed recording and beaming to the public? Is this all part of the apparently UFO disclosure project where NASA slowly leaks the Alien and UFO presence to the public just like here in this amazing NASA ISS UFO video.

As NASA is more concerned with talking to one of the astronauts, a UFO is literally sneaking up from the far off distance atmosphere and is starting to come into our field of view. This is really good news for us, but it's probably really bad news indeed for this poor guy who it would seem, is not noticing at all the Unidentified Flying saucer rising up from the Earth like a Phoenix rising into the sky.

  • NASA employee doesn't see the UFO rising up from Earth in the background
  • Is this the NASA employee who has to cut the ISS live feed when he sees a UFO
  • Was this NASA video of a UFO deliberately released to the public, maybe
  • Is NASA trying to tell us something with this UFO sighting from the ISS live feed
  • Is this a subtle way of disclosing that UFOs are real without panicking the public

NASA live feed shows a huge UFO rising from the Earth in the background. Credit/NASA/UFO Sightings Footage

Okay, that paragraph header sounds a wee bit poignant and dramatic but hey, why not? It's a very rare moment in time for the public to get to see a full piece of UFO footage from NASA's International Space Station (ISS) live feed.

Why, because NASA always have someone ready to cut the live feed when a UFO shows up.

  1. In fact, I think we've just found out who the "person is"
  2. It's got to be this NASA guy talking to the astronaut, right?
  3. Because he's talking to the astronaut and he's distracted
  4. he isn't watching or paying attention to the background and let's this one slip on by

NASA has dropped a massive ball: Is someone getting a demotion, possibly demoted to the "the office coffee guy" maybe even the guy who runs to the dry cleaners to grab your mom's dress and get the "real NASA scientists some doughnuts".

This is a very clear image of the UFO taken from the NASA live feed video of the UFO rising in the background. Credit/NASA/UFO Sightings Footage

We don't really know what's going on in this NASA video of a UFO, but the Sun is rising at the right time to reflect off the UFO and that's why we can see this amazing UFO in the video.

This is a close up of the UFO in the live feed rising from the Earth on the ISS live feed. Credit NASA/UFO Sightings Footage

Otherwise if the Sun wasn't rising right then, we would probably be just looking at a black screen and wouldn't even be able to see or notice it.

That makes me think about what else is getting "unnoticed by the people on Earth"? Are there legions and fleets of UFOs literally sailing right past us and because the Sun is blocked by the Earth we simply cannot see them...

Here's the amazing and rare video showing a large UFO rising in the background and NASA scientists manage to not even notice it:

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Source NASA Live Feed Of The ISS Via UStream.
Source UFO News YouTube.