UFO Filmed Over Gatwick Airport Is This The So Called-Drones

Remember not long ago when Gatwick airport was shut down immediately and all of a sudden without any reason? But then the authorities said it was because drones had been flown over the airport and endangering the lives of plane passengers. Well, viewers on YouTube where watching a video of the "supposedly drones" that shut down Gatwick airport when a person saw this Silver UFO at 32 seconds in to the video.

  • There's no evidence of any drones put forward by the authorities, imagine that
  • There's no videos of drones over Gatwick airport at all
  • There's no images of drones over Gatwick airport whatsoever
  • The drones that was found near Gatwick have been ruled out of the investigation
  • The people suspected of flying the supposed drones had nothing to do with it
  • And the big one is this, how can a heavily guarded airport like Gatwick have no videos whatsoever from their many CCTV cameras surrounding the airport

When this person spotted the Silver UFO on YouTube, in the UFO video from over Gatwick airport (filmed by a Gatwick airport worker by the way) imagine what their response was?

Has this drone incident been a cover up from the start?


I can only imagine that their response was "OMG what the hell is that right there" because it would be my own immediate opinion and yeah I'd  probably blurt out oh my God!

This is a weird and strange anomaly because nobody "and I mean nobody" has produced any security camera video footage of drones at Gatwick airport on the 20th December 2018 and there's no images at all of the so-called drones.


Seriously, is that even being believed by the public because I don't believe it at all?

I am confused because this is Gatwick airport and it's heavily monitored, plus it's got a heavy presence of workers, a heavy CCTV camera presence as a deterrence probably and plus for quality control and the security cameras are probably recording all the time, right?

So basically, what your telling me is that there's "absolutely no video footage at all of these so-called drones" over the UK's second most busiest airport!


The drones that the police did find near the property of Gatwick airport have been "ruled out" of the investigation. That post can be found here on ITV News.
In my own mind this whole event stinks of a cover up. It's a leading UK airport and the security is insanely good but yet they can't produce anything as way of evidence or proof to say that it really was drones hovering, flying or buzzing over the airport?

I don't buy that information or answers given - just like I don't buy clown shoes or that "I won a lottery which I didn't even enter"!

I think you should watch this full UFO video below as it's only a very short one and at 32 seconds that's when the mysterious Silver UFO appears above the plane:

The only information with the video states this:

Gatwick Airport 20th December 2018 view from North Terminal at 12:35pm the drone is still at large although I haven’t seen it myself yet, being told runway won't be open till at least 4pm - Chris Waite

But what I do buy is a video of Gatwick airport which was videoed by someone accidentally filming a UFO in a video he was doing of Gatwick airport. Happy accidents is what scientists call it when someone discovers something good or great even, but quite by accident.

Source Chris waite YouTube.

Source Reference ITV News.


Also check out this post on the Mirror website about this and what some people are thinking it really is?


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  1. The video here in our post has a Silver UFO at 32 seconds in, the video itself is only a short one of just under a minute. Seen as though the authorities and Gatwick airport haven't put forward any evidence to say that drones where there we can only assume that this incident has been covered up. They shut down the airport without evidence of drones and I think it's a cover story. Check out the short video it's great. 🛸

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