Same UFO In Different Places Spying On The Mars Rover

In this amazing post we're showing you a set of real NASA images from their own archives online that has got the very same UFO but it's caught in different places on Mars as seen in various different Raw Images and it looks like it's spying on the Mars Rover? It's an amazing compilation and this is a very weird thing to see what essentially looks like Aliens spying or stalking the Mars Rover. NASA has probably been aware of this as all the images that are put on to their website archives are scanned, looked at and checked for any and all Alien looking UFOs. Mars is no stranger to Aliens been caught in their Rovers images. The Mars Rover also had a weird looking soldier like entity following it and that to was supposedly spying on the Rover.

As far as any NASA raw images go which shows a UFO, these NASA images from it's own online public archives shows probably the best defined UFO or Flying saucer that we're ever likely to see. But this UFO is in multiple different locations. The definition is unreal, it's exactly like what you'd expect a UFO to look like.

Ufology demands fairness, it demands the researcher to be impartial and to always be objective even when it looks like or sounds like a slam dunk or open and shut case!


These are real, unedited images and this for me, proves that there is Aliens on Mars. The same UFO showing up in different places on Mars in 2013 (sol 00369) seals it for me.

  • Is this dust on the Mars Rover lense
  • Are the pixels damaged on the Rovers lense
  • Is there wind picking up something from the Rover
  • Is this a planet  or asteroid that we're seeing in the distance

Fakes and hoaxes
The NASA raw image links which are provided in the sources section below is so that you can definitely see that this is not a fake image or a kind of spoof - hoax.

The same UFO looks like it's spying on the Mars Rover.


It's not good when someone comes along in the comments without seeing the links or reading anything and just puts "fake".

It's kinda frustrating but I'm used to it. As you can see by the images themselves, are real, unedited NASA images from their very own archives.

NASA lies and conspiracies
If NASA are copying and pasting UFOs in to their own raw images themselves which by the way is highly doubtful.


But still, if they are doing this shady "spying on the Mars Rover" behaviour then what does that mean?

The question a lot of people are asking nowadays is this:

  1. Are NASA even on Mars in the first place
  2. Are NASA in a desert somewhere on Earth
  3. All of the above - is why we keep seeing lots of unusual and "highly" anomalous objects on Mars

The UFOs somehow have an eerie intelligent, human like shape to them or a shape which looks like something a human has made?

We would love your comments on this as it's a real enigma and a real anomaly on Mars. The images from NASA look very much like what a UFO would look like.

The video below shows you the UFO images but in close up:

Source Limee Watcher YouTube.
Source of image Credits/NASA, Mars Rover and JPL Images:

Source Reference Lateinthehour Steemit.