This Looks Like Animals On Mars In NASA Images

These are apparently sand dunes covered in subliming seasonal frost in Spring (whatever that means lol)? They are also in the polar regions of the planet Mars.


  • This is a herd of animals right?
  • the thing has a head and a tail.
  • Yes it is, but it's on Mars!


We've got the Raw official image from the horse's mouth so to speak and that's NASA JPL. Mars is so interesting nowadays and many people are coming round to the notion that Mars used to be a place of life, culture and society.

People are starting to think and believe through rational common sense that there was once a civilisation on Mars which annihilated itself through nuclear or another unnatural apocalyptic event? It just makes complete sense after all the stuff which has been discovered there.


It seems right because of all the strange things discovered on Mars and all have been discovered through NASA's very own images and other interested parties with satellites and other imaging devices all aimed at Mars?

There are many things like shoes, fossilised animals, guns, lizards, people and soldiers. Seriously just type in Mars anomalies and Mars structures and you'll be inundated with extremely amazing anomalies.

It really looks like there are larger animals at the front of this pack and could even be a family inside of a larger pack or herd of animals on Mars searching for nutrition or some other form of sustenance? This seems legit to me.


For what seems like there was nothing there when NASA focused it's telescopes on to its surface all them years ago. But for the fact they are there now, we can see UFOs, tornadoes, weather, ice and again all the very, very bizarre things that shouldn't be there. Life on Mars, oh for sure.

Guys it's all about opinions and everyone has got one. That's not that doesn't mean that they're worth nothing or shouldn't be taken to seriously because it';s actually the opposite. It means that more people are educated and more and more people can understand alternative media. it's all good and it means that when disclosure is eventually announced it means people will be able to understand it more easier.

Here is the official writing which accompanies this image:

17 August 2004.

This July 2004 Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) image shows a group of aligned barchan sand dunes in the martian north polar region. At the time, the dunes were covered with seasonal frost, but the frost had begun to sublime away, leaving dark spots and dark outlines around the dunes. The surrounding plains exhibit small, diffuse spots that are also the result of subliming seasonal frost. This northern spring image, acquired on a descending ground track (as MGS was moving north to south on the "night" side of Mars) is located near 78.8°N, 34.8°W. The image covers an area about 3 km (1.9 mi) across and sunlight illuminates the scene from the upper left.

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Image Details Mission: Mars Global Surveyor (MGS)
Target: Mars
Spacecraft: Mars Global Surveyor Orbiter
Instrument: Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC)
Full-Res TIFF: PIA06809.tif
Full-Res JPG: PIA06809.jpg

Image credit: NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems

Source Raw Image NASA JPL.
Source Aligned Defrosting Dunes NASA JPL.


  1. Here again is another NASA spoof. This is right here on earth. These are Black-headed sheep.

    1. You should check out your facts before posting nonsense. This is not a Dpoof, links are provided to the raw image on NASA website. It’s pretty obvious that you don’t know what you are saying at all.

    2. Just another spurious photo claiming to be on Mars. It was taken right here on earth, and is a herd of black-headed wooly sheep heading down a hill. No-one should ever believe a single word NASA and cohorts publish, because none of them are true, and all taken right here, except for a few allegedly taken by MOC, and those too are suspicious. By the Real AncientStar at:

  2. NASA Raw Images showing us what looks like a herd of animals on MARS! NASA says that these are "sand dunes covered in subliming seasonal frost in Spring" I kid you not that's what they are saying these are. If you believe everything that NASA says then you'll believe anything as common sense says otherwise. NASA doesn't want to tell us about life either existing now on Mars or that life existed in the past on Mars. It's as simple as that. But all their missions are based on finding life in space, it's a complete joke. 👽🐄🐮🐄👽🛸👽

  3. Habrá sido posible determinar alguna similitud estructural de esos supuestos animales con algun (os) de los existentes en La Tierra?


  5. Strange "herd" with them having black on places they shouldnt if they were live animals. if they were, what do they eat? Why roam in a pack? Why is one all by itself? im no astrophysicist but im sure neither of your are either. NASA has a few. need more data before you can say its a herd.

  6. What I do know is there have been people & Aliens working together on Mars for years...its a fact...if you don't believe it ask the Area 51 folk...they won't refuse to answer


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