Is This An Ancient Bridge I Found On Mars

Bridge on Mars that I discovered.

Image Credit NASA/MSSS

After checking out some images from Mars missions I decided to go and check out some other images and I came across this (what looks like an ancient bridge). I just can't believe that it was in the very, very first image! Is this an ancient relic of a past civilisation that was once on Mars.

I literally just did a game of darts and picked at random an image which then I enlarged the image and there was what definitely looks like a bridge because I can even make out the shadow underneath the spanning platform. I suppose coming across this was all down to luck.

It even looks like a bridge that you walk up like a ramp - on the left side and then it either has a lift to take people down or something else?

You can clearly make out the shadow underneath this Mars bridge.

This image is a huge strip image and it was just staring at me because I zoomed right in on it and pinch zoomed the rest of the way.

I thought this can't be a blooming bridge because as I say it was literally the first one I looked at.

All the information is here in the following links and image names and reference numbers etc:


West Arabia crater MSL candidate site 26 of 33 09 Nov 2006.

Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Orbiter, Camera images of Candidate 2009, Mars Science Laboratory, Landing Sites/Regions.

Data Acquired October 2005 – September 2006 (S11 – S22).

The de-striped context is:

The bigger image showing where the smaller image strip is located on Mars.

Image Credit/NASA/MSSS

The above image is a full zoom out of the actual area from where the image strip is located. This image is an idea of just how big an area of which the images cover?

It's an eye opening sight. the image below is from halfway down the image strip and shows me what looks like water? So this could be two anomalies in one image?

Imagine what else is in the other images as this is the first one I checked.

It looks like there is even water on Mars with these images.

Seriously it looks like there is even water on the same image? It's a bit lower down on the same image and keeping to the right side for both anomalies.

All the links to these images are in this post. Guys, if you get any spare time I suggest that you check out some images from Mars as there is still amazing things to discover.

Source Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS).
Source Reference NASA Mars Archive.
Source Mars Global Surveyor Program.
Source Reference Mars Orbiter Camera.
Source Reference Mars Orbiter Camera geodesy campaign (pdf).

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