Cigar Shaped UFO Mothership Picks Up 2 UFOs

UFO Mothership over South Africa picking up 2 UFOs.

Here is the great footage of a Mothership picking up two (not just one but two UFOs) right over Johannesburg in South Africa.

I say it's great footage because it is great footage but if it's real or not I have no idea? This could literally be any skies?

Both UFOs flying in to the Mothership UFO.

This is an old video from at least 2014 as far as I can tell. It looks to good to be true what do you think guys? This could be CGI or just a piece of software anyone could use? I'm not to sure about this but still it's got tot be posted on.

UFO actually going in to the Mothership UFO.
This is a great image showing one of the UFOs going in to the Mothership.

Because it's a UFO sighting, they all need looking into and as this was a while ago can anyone tell us all what became of this? There seems to be not a lot of information about this. We know that UFOs Magazine was investigating this but on their Instagram account it literally only has the video and it says the following:

This image shows the Mothership UFO and the two other UFOs from far off.

Ufo in the shape of a cigar picks up two probes under the skies of Johannesburg. That's it, this was a while ago aswell. We believe this sighting actually goes all the way back to at least 2012 after just looking on social media, but again that's all there is.

Here is the actual video:

Source UFOs Magazine Instagram.