Pentagon Admits To A Secret UFO Investigation For Five Years

UFO disclosure by the United States Navy shows us an Extraterrestrial vehicle in flight - this is not one of ours, it's Alien. Image Credit UFO Sightings Footage/US Navy/Pentagon

What does this mean, it means a few things to be honest with you and that the Pentagon lied when asked if they have ever or are actively looking into UFOs. But I understand that the Pentagon can't just go around giving out top secret information to anyone who asks, on ongoing or very secret investigations.

  • The Pentagon did have an active UFO program and it did have evidence of UFOs.
  • The Navy had evidence of at least one UFO as shown here in this declassified video.
  • UFOs are now a real fact, not just a pseudoscience curiosity as there's the proof.
  • If we have an Alien UFO - you will be correct to assume Aliens are real.

The difference is this though, they made up stories and ridiculed certain people, said that some individuals were lying traitors, they said that whistleblowers were working for "enemy countries" and basically, they destroyed people's lives just because "someone" felt the public didn't need to know.

It wasn't a law that said the public do not need to know, so it was an individual(s) at the Pentagon who just "decided" that nobody else needed to know i.e the public and they wrapped their own judgement in a loophole which you might of heard of:

"On the grounds of national security".

In the grand scheme of things, coming clean (so-to-speak) on what we already suspected was happening makes this a shame, a tragic shame that people and their careers, reputations and families had to be destroyed and suffered in every way imaginable then there's the humiliations from professional colleagues.
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The New York Times said the project, parts of which remain classified still to this day, received $22m (£18.7m) each year, hidden away in US Department of Defense (DoD) budgets worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

My reaction is this:

Why hidden? Why does the (DoD) have to - or feel the need, to hide the cash? Is The New York Times trying to tell us something there with the word "hidden" (as it's a peculiar way to phrase it that a government department is hiding money) that they know about, but can't or won't say?


This is probably why there's lots of suspicions surrounding probably all the defence agencies? Maybe this is why people inherently mistrust the so-called big protection agencies...

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Continue - And worst of all, friends who now see them in a different light because they've been manipulated by the government and big powers that be. All because individuals at the Pentagon took it upon themselves to make that decision based on their own judgement and not the law!

Unless you count the official secrets act...

Then have the cheek, the cheek to release this UFO video which validates every single one of them whom went on record to say that UFOs are real and the US military and government knows about it.

That's the most tragic part of the whole UFO disclosure project (if it even exists) of this video. It goes right back to that date in particular and then forward from that date.

I can't say for certainty if they knew before the date of filming this UFO but my suspicions are that they did.

Here is a part of the story I researched online and if you could check out the full story, that would be great because the more information we all have about Ufology in general the better and specifically the better informed we are?

The links are in the source section (below) which you will always find at the bottom of every post that we have done.

If UFOs are real, then surely that means Aliens are real? Or does it mean that it's Demons, as I've been told they are many times before...

The truth is finally out there, after the Pentagon admitted it ran a secret UFO investigation programme for five years until 2012.

Task force that investigated sightings of unidentified flying objects ran from 2007 to 2012 with annual budget of $22m

The truth is finally out there, after the Pentagon admitted it ran a secret UFO investigation programme for five years until 2012. The US defence department’s own “X-Files” operation, known by the less catchy title of the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, was closed after a change in funding priorities, it said.

But the remarkable revelation has raised more questions than answers, including whether the programme has been completely shut down, or just covered up further.

While the Pentagon claims it ended five years ago, it said it continued to take seriously “all threats and potential threats to our people”.

The Navy And The Pentagon’s Mysterious UFO video:

A video shows an encounter between a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet and an unknown object. It was released by the Defense Department's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

Video Credit U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

Source The Guardian.
Source New york times.


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  1. The Pentagon released a UFO video which shows a Navy Jet chasing what looks like a single UFO but the voice recordings which was released with the UFO video clearly states by the pilot "there's a whole fleet of them". The Pentagon UFO video is a clear disclosure attempt at telling the public that Aliens are real and look, here's a UFO to prove it. Instead of showing the public an Alien which might freak people out, they opted to show us this UFO sightings.

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