International Space Station Receives Another Silver UFO


I'm here to show you yet another Silver UFO which seems to keep on showing up at NASA's International Space Station. I'm here to show you that there's a real chain of UFO sightings going way back to pretty much day one. Seriously, I had to stop collecting them for this post.

  • UFOs visiting the International Space Station is as old as the station itself
  • Why are people seemingly letting this information go over their heads
  • Why can't we trace the UFOs steps the cameras are good enough to do that
  • UFO sightings are nothing new, what is new is confronting you with this info

I totally get it that there's a kind of "helpless feeling" which comes with this whole UFOs at the Space Station thing - because we feel we can't do anything about it, right?

Wrong, we can blog about it and tell people about it who might be able to ask questions in the right ear and expose the lot to the world.

That's a huge ask, that's a massive undertaking which I'm frankly going to say that if people in the right places had the balls to do anything about it, it would of been done by now!


So, we all know now that the people who can do something about UFOs been seen at the ISS it, are not doing anything!

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The people who do try to do something about it are either thrown in jail or labeled crazy, unfit or just plain old wrong.

Some often disappear as well and scrubbed from any databases "no trace found".

  1. Misunderstood is what they would probably call it
  2. Got his or her facts upside down and inside out
  3. Got no trace of them ever working for NASA
  4. Sorry nobody has ever heard of Mr such and such

The below video I quickly put together, just showing a tiny percentage of the Silver UFOs visiting the International Space Station:

Video Credit/UFO Sightings Footage/NASA

It makes me wonder, seriously wonder if the UFOs that are been caught on camera attending the ISS are they doing so with the knowledge of NASA or a shadow government?


The above image clearly shows lots of definition in the strange unknown object that is right near the ISS, but what is it? I'm sure someone at NASA asked that very same question but what was their answer?

Is it representatives of humanity or some other as yet unidentified entity or entities...

Because you have to admit this many Silver UFOs visiting the ISS time and time again, is very peculiar?

If it was a mountain or somewhere in Antarctica I can almost guarantee you that people would say "there's a UFO base in Antarctica", right?

Source NASA International Space Station Live UStream.

Source ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment (HDEV).


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  1. Yet another Silver UFO turning up at the International Space Station and it is not the first one to do so. It's actually one of many UFOs that have a silver colour to them and they must be doing something at the ISS or have interests at the ISS, it makes me think that NASA is fully aware of these UFOs visiting it's own permanent station. What have they captured on their own better cameras I wonder...

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