Remains of a Race of People With Abnormally Small Bodies and Large Heads

In 1938, archaeologists reportedly discovered an ancient burial cave deep in the Himalayas which had been untouched for many years as you'll soon learn.

The walls were full of pictures depicting the sky and the stars, suggesting an understanding of astronomy which would be unrivalled for thousands of years to come.


Their level of cosmic and scientific awareness was astonishing.

That wasn’t the craziest find though, because as you can see by the image just above - they had just discovered that this specific cave was actually inhabited, It was occupied.

It was a living space, used by an "unusual being" which resembles (anyone looking at this body today) would say that the body looks like an Alien?

Discoveries are sometimes made, hiding in plain sight and this one was certainly hiding away for thousands (if not millions) of years, but they were only recently discovered and they’re turning our view of the world, our history, our timelines - upside down!

Finding the remains of a race of people with abnormally small bodies and large heads, now that's absolutely abnormal.

They resembled no other known humans and their origin remains a mystery to this day. Some speculate they were aliens!

Using radiocarbon analysis, scientists concluded that humans inhabited the caves as far back as 11 million years ago.

So, there you go guys. Is this going to change the status of the history records? Is this going to be the one that would change everything in the world?


How about this other discovery in the same cave at the same time?

They also found 716 stone discs, now called the Dropa stones, that were each marked with an intricate series of unreadable hieroglyphs.


Who were the Dropa?

According to certain controversial writers they were a race of dwarf-like extraterrestrials who landed near the Chinese-Tibetan border some twelve thousand years ago.

Mainstream critics argue that the entire affair is a hoax.

Please note the carbon dating as stated...

Guys, it's now up to you to believe it or not? If this interests you then I recommend that you research into this? It's fascinating and controversial. Just how we like them.

Amazing video:

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