Is there several thousand Alien migrants on board a cigar shaped asteroid known as “Oumuamua?”

 Here's an image of the Asteroid Oumuamua as it is in deep space. We've put a lot of effort in to this post so we hope you enjoy it?m We researched it thoroughly and it's got quite alot of questions with quite alot of answers which is usually a rare thing as people generally just ask questions in this type of post?

We've done a couple of videos about this particular curious and unusual looking and very distinctive looking plus we're almost certain it's an Alien looking (cigar shaped) Vessel. it could be carrying up to and possibly not limited to or even close to (could be more or less) - 5 thousand Alien beings or entities? This is a "no holds barred" definite UFO of the intense kind?

When I say to you "imagine an - ancient UFO in space that's streamlined plus with generations of Alien entities or beings inside" as a side suggestion also imagine it with scars of pea sized and marbles sized asteroids hitting this "amazing thing" over the many, many years, decades and even millennia in space - what would you think of?

Huge Space Asteroid Called Oumuamua Flew Past The Earth Could Of Been Colonised?

I personally would think of this! I would think of a big looking cigar shaped spaceship. I would look for an already existing asteroid which has got all the protective layers already within it's make up as it's set to go instantly. It has a rotating shape that could create artificial gravity which is a must. It has hollow compartments which is a must, it is streamlined for any eventuality to go through a potential atmosphere? It is made up of space dust which is a perfect insulation and I could go on and on for as long as this thing has being hurtling towards us?

Oh did I forget to mention that?

Did I forget to mention that it's been "deliberately" aimed at us? It has been tumbling (creating artificial gravity) towards us since it was intercepted by another huge force that sent it on a track towards us. I found this post online which suggests the same thing as I just wrote:
Cigar-shaped interstellar asteroid that was thought to be an 'alien probe' collided with a mystery object before tumbling into our solar system at 97,200mph.

Here is some fascinating facts about Oumuamuas, the amazing UFO spaceship:

  1. The mysterious object arrived into our solar system in October 2017
  2. Many suggested it was an alien spacecraft from another solar system
  3. Now, researchers have analysed the way light reflects off the object
  4. They believe it had a 'violent past' and collided with a cosmic body
  5. The lonely asteroid's tumbling will continue for at least a billion years
The possible Alien spaceship and "cigar shaped asteroid" known as “Oumuamua” is what we here at UFO Sightings Footage as the Smoking Gun or the UFO that broke the Camel's back? So-to-speak of course. Even NASA has taken such interest in to this Asteroid that it has peaked conspiracy theorists interest and taken it to another level!

The first alien asteroid from outside our solar system came flying towards us after smashing into another cosmic body billions of years ago, according to new research by Queen's University Belfast 

The first asteroid from outside our solar system came flying towards us at 97,200mph (156,428km/h) after smashing into another "cosmic body" billions of years ago. That's the conclusion of a new study on 'Oumuamua, the mysterious "alien probe" asteroid that was spotted by Earth's telescopes in October 2017 by researchers at the Queens University in Belfast Ireland. They never discovered it, just analysed the thing? It was actually SETI which said it might just be an Alien artifact? So yeah, what actually was this "Cosmic body" and what does it actually mean? It generalises the whole incident that put this on course for (our part of space) to the point in which Peter Rabbit or Peppa Pig could of been the culprit? Seriously though, the term Cosmic body could mean anything quite literally ANYTHING?

What was this so-called COSMIC BODY?

Researchers believe that the cigar-shaped asteroid had a "violent past", after looking at the light bouncing off its surface. The team aren't exactly sure when the violent collision took place, but they believe the lonely asteroid's will continue tumbling in space for at least a billion years. They don't even know when it was brought in to existence and specifically "how" it was brought in to existence?
  • When it was found last year, the asteroid was claimed to be a possible spaceship from another galaxy.
You can imagine how excited astronomers and the UFO community took this in? Yep, they took it in exactly as you would imagine? One was authoritative like and cold, sober maybe even surgical in taking this "new and unusual news" in! The other was excited, fist pumping and possibly "told you so" rubbing it in your face like behaviour? Maybe even a wee bit smug?

Around the size of the Gherkin skyscraper in London, some astronomers were convinced it was piloted by aliens due to the vast distance the object travelled without being destroyed – and the closeness of its journey past the Earth. Alien hunters at SETI – the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence which is based at Berkeley University, California then said that there was a possibility the space rock was ‘an alien artefact’.

But scientists from Queen’s University Belfast took a good look at the object and said it appears to be an asteroid, or ‘planetesimal’ as originally thought. Scientists revealed that the object survived its long journey because it had a protective crust which stopped its core – probably made of ice - from vapourising. Now, in their new study, the Belfast team have attempted to create a more accurate profile of Oumuamua, to find out where it came from, and where it is going. To do this, they studied changes in its brightness over time.

Oumuamua orbit at perihelion


A cigar-shaped asteroid named Oumuamua sailed past Earth at 97,200mph (156,428km/h) in October 2017. It was first spotted by a telescope in Hawaii on 19 October, and was observed 34 separate times in the following week. It is named after the Hawaiian term for 'scout' or 'messenger' and passed the Earth at about 85 times the distance to the moon.

It was the first interstellar object seen in the solar system, and it baffled astronomers. Initially, it was thought the object could be a comet. However, it displays none of the classic behaviour expected of comets, such as a dusty, water-ice particle tail. The asteroid is up to one-quarter mile (400 meters) long and highly-elongated - perhaps 10 times as long as it is wide. That aspect ratio is greater than that of any asteroid or asteroid observed in our solar system to date.

But the asteroid's slightly red hue — specifically pale pink — and varying brightness are remarkably similar to objects in our own solar system. Around the size of the Gherkin skyscraper in London, some astronomers were convinced it was piloted by aliens due to the vast distance the object traveled without being destroyed – and the closeness of its journey past the Earth.

Here is what Wikipedia (Oumuamuas) is saying about the legendary and possible Alien Deep Space Spaceship with facts and figures for your research purposes we have added this because it is in depth and correct at time of this post which is Friday 23/2/2018:

Formally designated 1I/2017 U1, it was discovered by Robert Weryk using the Pan-STARRS telescope at Haleakala Observatory, Hawaii, on 19 October 2017, 40 days after it passed its closest point to the Sun. When first seen, it was about 33,000,000 km (21,000,000 mi; 0.22 AU) from Earth (about 85 times as far away as the Moon), and already heading away from the Sun. Initially assumed to be a comet, it was reclassified as an asteroid a week later, and finally (6 November 2017) as the first of the new class of interstellar object.

"Oumuamua" is a small object, estimated to be about 230 by 35 meters (800 ft × 100 ft) in size. It has a dark red color, similar to objects in the outer Solar System. Oumuamua showed no signs of a comet tail despite its close approach to the Sun, and has significant elongation and rotation rate, so it is thought to be a metal-rich rock with a relatively high density. Oumuamua is tumbling rather than smoothly rotating, and it is moving so fast relative to the Sun that there is no chance it originated in the Solar System. It also means that Oumuamua cannot be captured into a solar orbit, so it will eventually leave the Solar System and resume traveling in interstellar space. Oumuamua's system of origin and the amount of time it has spent traveling amongst the stars are unknown.

Is this first rate, first reportedly an Alien spaceship really a Alien spaceship with Aliens living inside of it? Let's just get outside the box for 2 seconds and think of it as a fact? The Aliens inside must be from generations of the initial Aliens which set out on their travels? They must be changed in looks and they must be physically changed, because of the immense amount of time which this "Alien craft" has been flying through space, right? Or that a localised evolutionary trait exclusive to The Planet Earth?

Is evolution an inevitable "innate" structural safety system designed to allow the living tissue (host body) to adapt to its immediate surroundings which the outside of the body surroundings? If this is wildly possible or even close to the truth then I dread to think what being being in an Asteroid for the time this has been going through who knows what in Space would make one look like? It's moving so fast that it will NEVER be caught in an orbit of anything!

So if its travelling so fast where did it come from, where did this originate from? It could not of been moving this fast as it hit-the-road-running did it, so-to-speak? It's obviously not a piece of metallic rock broken off from another bigger Asteroid because of it's profile looks? I mean, its streamlined to look like a cigar in shape? It's not spinning in the bullet type spin but that doesn't matter, rotation is rotation isn't it? Would that have any bearing on it being able to create artificial gravity or not?

There's a few video animations made showing the Asteroid (Oumuamuas) hurtling through space. Guys the ET of space could literally be hiding away inside this asteroid? It may be harbouring life and it could literally be the tip of the iceberg?

Here's a couple you may find interesting?

So my reasoning why the asteroid Oumuamua could have artificial gravity is because we've created artificial gravity ourselves in space. It was on board the space station Skylab 1. Here is images below of the astronauts using the running wheel inside the first space station. It's an absolutely amazing futuristic piece of technology but so, so simple. It reminds me of Alien the first movie where it bursts out of the stomach, yeah that one? What do you think about artificial gravity?

BLACKED OUT SECRET SITES and BASES that "they" don't want us to see

Why the hell are these Secret Sites even there?

What's the point of ploughing pure dollars in to TOP SECRET PLACES? Where's the money coming from and what other Government funded "agencies" if you know what I mean... are going without because of these secret installations?

The Daily Mail

We think that these are legitimate questions which should be, no "must" be asked and definitely answered?
Aurora is rumoured to be a top secret aircraft in development since 1989. 

Last year Lockheed Martin announced it was developing a similar SR-72 spy plane (illustrated) said to be able to accelerate up to Mach 6

If these so-called "Black Budget" operations are being funded then money has to be diverted from somewhere, right? We don't think that the Government officials are funding them out of their own pockets, are they? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

So again, we ask the question out-loud "where is all the capital coming from" to pay for these very, very expensive and most unusual, top secret installations? Is it diverted from hospitals? Is it diverted from schools? Is it the industrial military complex itself paying for the buildings? Is it from World leaders and politicians own salaries, hahaha! LOL?
That actually tickled me typing that bit. Can you imagine politicians actually funding "official" secret op's from their own salaries? That is daft as a brush! It must of put a smile of joy with tears of happiness on your face, because you know how ludicrous that actually sounds?
So anyways, my esteemed friends.

It's probably safe to say that computers and Google, plus the internet are thee greatest technological innovations and one of the most redesigned inventions and innovations of the last 15 years. People can design and redesign addons and invent (plus reinvent) "stuff" that fits it like a glove? No-other piece(s) of technology in the history of "people kind" which is now the preferred terminology - has changed so radically not only itself but the peoples lives that use it practically everyday? Adopted by many countries throughout the world, computers have literally acted like a living organism? It has evolved and it is still evolving. When will the computer and everything that goes with the computer stop evolving?

With just a few clicks, you can view any place on the face of the Earth. Well, almost any place. There are some areas of Google Maps that, for one reason or another, are concealed or obscured in some very obvious ways.

Junction Ranch, CA
Junction Ranch is in the middle of California's Mohave Desert

Junction Ranch is in the middle of California's Mojave Desert. There lies a mysterious airstrip...some believe it's part of the China Lake proving grounds, which is an air force testing location for drones. While that's suspicious in and of itself, even weirder is that only parts of the base are obscured from Google Maps.

When you zoom in on the base's location, there are parts of buildings intentionally scratched out. What's going on down there?

Sandy Island
Sandy Island was discovered by Captain Cook during his explorations of and around Australia

Sandy Island was discovered by Captain Cook during his explorations of and around Australia in the late 1700s. However, despite the island being seen on maps for the last 200 years, the area where Sandy Island is supposedly located is mysteriously blurred out on Google Maps. Something fishy is going on there.

Thule Air Base, Greenland
During the Cold War, the U.S. had B-52 bombers carrying nuclear weapons on a regular basis.

During the Cold War, the U.S. had B-52 bombers carrying nuclear weapons on a regular basis. This strategy was supposed to serve as a deterrent to the Soviets. However, accidents happen and in 1968 a plane carrying a nuclear payload crashed while taking off from Thule Air Base in Greenland. During the crash, the nuclear weapon was said to have released a significant amount of radiation into the surrounding environment. The area of the crash is still blurred out on Google.

Kangtega, Nepal

This mysterious area in the Himalayan Mountains is completely blacked out on Google Maps. While the potential reasons why it's blocked range from a military base to Nazi UFOs, it's unlikely that we'll ever know the full story. That is, unless you want to hike up all 22,000 feet to find out.

A number of places have mysteriously been blacked out by the Google Maps Goon's, so-to-speak? I mean what else do you call someone who bend's down to the will of the World Governments. Hundreds of sites around the world are blurred out or can't be seen on Google Earth.

here's absolutely no doubt that Google Earth satellites are the ultimate spying tool. With the aid of a computer anyone can simply key in an address and have a nosy around getting up close to some of the most famous places on earth.

But while you can hit up the White House, Buckingham Palace, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Great Wall of China and even get a bird's eye view of the The Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang at the click of a mouse - some mapped sites are completely out of bounds. Conspiracy theorists have uncovered a host of sites online that are obscured through pixelation, blurring or have a case of total wipe out.

Anthrax Island - Gruinard, Scotland
Anthrax island: Gruinard in Scotland is a no man's land after testing was conducted (Image: Mirrorpix)

Anthrax island: Gruinard in Scotland is a no man's land after testing was conducted (Image: Mirrorpix) This small, oval-shaped Scottish island is just over a mile long and less than a mile wide, but if you try to hone in you won't find much. Located in Gruinard Bay, about halfway between Gairloch and Ullapool, it has been uninhabited for decades after British scientists exploded a series of anthrax bombs there during the Second World War.

Close up: this is as close to Gruinard Island as you will get on Google Maps (Image: Google Maps)

They tested the chemical weapons on 60 sheep all of whom died within days. While it was "decontaminated" in 1990 - it was shut for five decades before this and to this day remains a Google Earth mystery - not to mention a no go zone.

Roswell - New Mexico, United States
Crash site: the Roswell UFO Museum Sign is there for all to see (Image: Getty)

Roswell is one of the most notable UFO sights in the world but try and take a peak at what it looks like from the sky on Google Earth and you'll find difficulty. This world-famous New Mexico community became notorious in 1947 when a United States Air Force 'surveillance balloon' crashed at a ranch close by.

Blackout: try and zoom into Roswell and you will have difficulty on Google Earth (Image: Google Maps)

Back then there were many reports that an "extraterrestrial spaceship" had crashed - and the military were quickly accused of being involved in a cover-up after claiming the incident involved a weather balloon. Later in the 1970's there was more claims an alien spacecraft had crash-landed and that the aliens were taken to a secret facility.

Garden of Gethsemane - Jerusalem, Israel
Beautiful: the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem as it looks from the ground (Image: AFP)

Gethsemane or גת שמנים‎ in Hebrew is one of the most sacred Christian pilgrimage sites on the planet. Mentioned in both the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Mark it is said to be the garden where Jesus spent the night before he was crucified. Covered in olive trees, some of which are 900 years old, it is situated at the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, Israel.

Obscured: the garden of Gethsemane where Jesus is said to have spent his last night is a blur (Image: Google Maps)

Its exact location has been disputed over the years with some historians claiming it's a few hundred yards north of its current site. As well as being the place Jesus is thought to have settled the night before he died, it's also said the Virgin Mary was buried there before being assumed to heaven. But while millions of pilgrims have made it to the site to see for themselves - on Google Earth it's all a bit of a blur.


Narssarssuk - Arctic Circle, Greenland
Out of focus: Narsaarsuk cannot be seen clearly from the Google Earth posting (Image: Google Maps)

The nuclear weapon carrying bomber crashed onto sea ice in the North Star Bay causing its on-board explosives to detonate, which in turn caused the nuclear material to rupture and disperse making the entire site contaminated with plutonium. Nowadays you'd be hard pushed to see what it looks like using satellite imagery.

Mururoa and Fangataufa atolls - French Polynesia, South Pacific
Unclear: the site of the Fangataufa atoll is out of focus on Google Earth (Image: Google Maps)

Shockingly 193 nuclear test experiments were conducted there from 1966 to 1996, including 137 underground tests which were lowered into the lagoons. Over the years many studies have been done to identify the damage and France has been urged to clean up the environmental damage which still exists.

Volkel Air Base - The Netherlands
Coloured in: Volkel Air Force base looks like someone took crayons to it (Image: Google Maps)

Volker is one site which has been digitally obscured from viewable satellite map services. According to reports the site was outed by WikiLeaks as having nuclear weapons on site. And while it's quite often used for air shows and by the Dutch Royal Air Force it's presence is somewhat controversial.

It's well known that it has 22 tactical nuclear bombs which are said to be owned by its ally the USA, it was a strategic centre during the cold war, but in latter years has been described by the country's former Prime Minister as "absolutely pointless". It is home to two F-16 Fighting Falcon squadrons, 312 and 313 as well as a traumahelicopter operated by ANWB Medical Air Assistance

Medina - Hejaz, Saudi Arabia
Medina: Medina was Prophet Muhammad's destination after his Hijrah from Mecca (Image: Google)

Medina or المدينة المنورة‎ in Arabic is also known as "The Radiant City" but you wouldn't be able to tell that from this Google Earth image. Based in Hejaz, Al Madinah Region, Saudi Arabia, it is one of the most sacred places on earth for Muslims.

The Prophet Muhammad's went to Medina during his Hijrah or long journey from Mecca. Non-Muslims are forbidden from going inside the sacred core of Medina but they are welcome in the city centre.

Here is a few places which are blurred out (above).

We had to research and do a lot of leg work to get this story to sync up and present it in a kind of ok fashion? If you have any information or eye witness stories that you or someone you know has captured on camera or video then we need to see it? Please send us all your stuff to the "Report UFO Sighting page on this website, thanks guys you all make this worthwhile.

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