What Is The Mysterious Object Spotted On Google earth

Conspiracy theorists who claim to have spotted a 'US Hyper-Sonic Spaceship' could be left disappointed, according to an expert on glaciers.

Alien hunters are convinced the mysterious object, spotted on Google Earth, is of extra-terrestrial origin but the truth would seem to lie closer to home.

Google Earth show a mysterious craft on a runway in the swamplands of Palm Beach.

Images from Google Earth show a mysterious craft on a runway in the swamplands of Palm Beach County (Image: YouTube/SecureTeam10).

Google Earth show a mysterious craft on a runway in the swamplands of Palm Beach.

The runway is owned by an aerospace company called Pratt & Whitney (Image: YouTube/SecureTeam10).

Moment NASA records a UFO appearing before flying away

Here is a UFO filmed by none other than NASA.

Scientists discover new human organ hiding in plain sight

Talk about weird and unusual, this is mind blowing stuff! Ever heard of the "interstitium"? The interstitial space is the primary source of lymph and is a major fluid compartment in the body.

Talk about weird and unusual, this is mind blowing stuff! Ever heard of the "interstitium"? The interstitial space is the primary source of lymph and is a major fluid compartment in the body.

That's what researchers are referring to when they talk about a new human organ that's been pretty much hiding in plain sight it's in that bit of the body.

It seems that the body's connective tissue is fluid-filled, a feature that hadn't been noticed before, largely because doctors and researchers typically cut through that layer when studying the cells of a human body; basically, they treat samples with chemicals, then cut them into thin slices, and dye them to highlight key features.

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Reveals the Depth of Jupiter's Colored Bands

The best visualization of Jupiter...

This computer-generated image is based on an infrared image of Jupiter’s north polar region that was acquired on February 2, 2017, by the Jovian Infrared Auroral Mapper (JIRAM) instrument aboard Juno during the spacecraft’s fourth pass over Jupiter.
Full size image can be found here.

For hundreds of years, this gaseous giant planet appeared shrouded in colorful bands of clouds extending from dusk to dawn, referred to as zones and belts.

The bands were thought to be an expression of Jovian weather, related to winds blowing eastward and westward at different speeds. This animation illustrates a recent discovery by Juno that demonstrates these east-west flows, also known as jet-streams penetrate deep into the planet's atmosphere, to a depth of about 1,900 miles (3,000 kilometers).

Due to Jupiter's rapid rotation (Jupiter's day is about 10 hours), these flows extend into the interior parallel to Jupiter's axis of rotation, in the form of nested cylinders. Below this layer the flows decay, possibly slowed by Jupiter's strong magnetic field. The depth of these flows surprised scientists who estimate the total mass involved in these jet streams to be about 1% of Jupiter's mass (Jupiter's mass is over 300 times that of Earth). This discovery was revealed by the unprecedented accuracy of Juno's measurements of the gravity field.

Damascus Goat Monster Proven to Be Real

Damascus Goat Monster

Recent reports have led to the realization that the viral goat is indeed real. What is also interesting is that the looks of the goat are intentional. Although the viral video of the goat does not go into detail about the animal in question, the bizarre goat is thought to be of a unique and unusual breed of animal. This breed is known as the Damascus Goat.

Other names for the Damascus Goat include Aleppo, Halep, Baladi, Damascene, Shami, and Chami. The Damascus goat is used for milk and meat consumption, in addition to their hides and their irregular appearance. This appearance reveals a tiny face and has a height that is significantly taller than most other breeds of goat.

The viral video has been confirmed to be breeding stock, perhaps the breeding of exotic animals. Breeders of such alien looking animals prefer the animals with the highest amounts of odd features so that these odd features can be passed on genetically. In many instances, it is preferred that the alien breed mate with other breeds of goat in order to provide a mix of aspects to the offspring. The introduction into life for the Damascus Goat is quite fascinating.

Damascus goats are born with incredibly long ears. When they are young, their faces appear to be more normally formed. The facial distortions only come later in life as they reach adulthood. It may seem like the Damascus Goat may appear ugly to many people. However, some consider this breed of goat quite attractive due to their unique qualities.

A recent goat festival in Saudi Arabia found that the Damascus Goat’s with more extreme features were viewed more favorably. In an auction at the festival, they sold at higher prices the more extreme the features were. Sometimes it is uncommon features that appeal more than common features.

2 UFOs spotted speeding past rescue helicopter While Rescuing People From Luno Cargo Ship South Western France 2014

2 Silver Metallic UFOs spotted speeding past and hovering next to a rescue helicopter.

Bizarre footage shows two “UFOs” speeding past a helicopter before hovering over a crash site where survivors were being rescued. The silver disc-shaped objects were captured on video flying behind the military chopper by a local news crew off the southwestern coast of France.

The startling footage from February 2014 has only just come to light after it was featured in a new book. The UFOs and helicopter were seen when 12 people were rescued from a cargo ship, named the Luno, after it hit a seawall in Anglet, breaking into two pieces.

The ship was carrying fertilizer when its engine failed in the choppy Atlantic Ocean.

The UFOs flew in formation close to the chopper as if keeping watch on the rescue operation. Jason Gleave, 46, who has studied the film of the UFOs, believes the objects are not drones or seagulls. The former Royal Air Force member said: “Upon analyzing the footage, the twin objects pass to the rear of the helicopter at high velocity and dangerously close.” “Other theories as to what they could be are possible drones or even birds, but unlikely drones because they would not normally operate in such a close dangerous proximity to the rescue helicopter, due to the volatile unpredictable weather conditions.”

“Upon closer analysis of the video frames, the two objects stay together in flight, in a tight compact formation not deviating from each other.”

Nick Pope, who ran the UK Ministry of Defense’s “UFO desk” for three years, backed Gleave’s research.

He said: “Jason has been involved in researching and investigating UFOs and other mysteries (like many experts in this field, he uses the phrase ‘high strangeness events’ to describe a lot of this) for many years, but his particular area of expertise is imagery analysis.

“Jason has skill and experience in carefully examining photos and videos, sorting out the fact from the fiction.”
Here's another UFO from the ISS they want to keep blooming quiet also!

Betelgeuse: The Eventual Supernova At The End Of It's Life

Betelgeuse: The Eventual Supernova

his cool space wallpaper is a composite color image of the Herschel PACS 70, 100, 160 micron-wavelength images of Betelgeuse. Credit: ESA/Herschel/PACS/L. Decin et al

This is an epic star.
Betelgeuse is a star nearing the end of its life. Because it is creating heavier and heavier elements in its core that could be used for stars after it dies, a NASA story once dubbed the red giant a workaholic. The star is a famous one among amateur astronomers not only for its size and brightness, but also because it is part of Orion, a bright winter constellation in the Northern Hemisphere.

Professional astronomers also keep a close eye on the star, as it is notoriously variable: its diameter changes from anywhere between 550 to 920 times the sun's diameter. In 2013, astronomers said Betelgeuse is likely to crash into a "cosmic wall" of interstellar dust in a few thousand years.

Locating Betelgeuse Ancient astronomers would have easily spotted Betelgeuse because of its size and relatively close distance from Earth: it is about 600 light-years away and has a variable brightness generally peaking at 0.4 and falling below 1.2. Some 20th-century observations by the American Association of Variable Star Observers suggested peak magnitudes of 0.2 in 1933 and 1942. It is the 12th brightest star in the night sky.

CC BY-SA 3.0

The Brightest Stars in the Sky:
A Starry Countdown.

The star's location is:

Right ascension: 05 hours 55 minutes 10.3 seconds
Declination: +07 degrees 24 minutes 25 seconds

It is probable that the name "Betelgeuse" originated in Arabic words, but the star had other names (for example) in Sanskrit, traditional Chinese and even in Hawaiian; in the latter, it was known as Kauluakoko. The coming supernova When astronomers say Betelgeuse is expected to explode soon, they mean shortly in astronomical terms: within a million years, according to several sources.

Predicting exactly when it will turn into a supernova is difficult, however, as it depends on precise calculations of its mass as well as an understanding of what is going on inside the star. Betelgeuse is so vast its size would extend beyond Jupiter's orbit if it were placed in the sun's position in the solar system that several telescopes have captured images of the star and spotted it shedding mass. Starting in 1993 and continuing for at least 15 years, its radius shrank by 15 percent, an astonishing amount for so short a time.
"We do not know why the star is shrinking," said Edward Wishnow, a research physicist at UC Berkeley's Space Sciences Laboratory, in 2009.
"Considering all that we know about galaxies and the distant universe, there are still lots of things we don't know about stars, including what happens as red giants near the ends of their lives." Nearing the wall As the star prepares for what could be a large explosion, another challenge awaits: it is expected to crash into a wall of interstellar dust in the next few thousand years.

An infrared Herschel Space Observatory image released in 2013 suggested it would crash into the dust at a speed of 66,960 miles per hour (107,761 kilometers per hour.) The crash would take a while to complete: the solar wind is expected to touch the line around 5,000 years from now, with the heart of the star crashing into the bar 12,500 years after that.

Recent studies Ongoing observations of Betelgeuse reveal that we still have much to learn about its structure. Observations of the red giant revealed that gas that is leaving the star is colder than astronomers thought it would be. Scientists aren't sure how so much mass left the star, while not generating a lot of heat, they said in a 2016 study. Possible explanations include magnetic fields, or shockwaves, but more work will be needed to confirm the models. Astronomers are also doing comparison studies with another red supergiant star, Antares, to better understand the situation.

Meanwhile, scientists remain puzzled by Betelgeuse's ultra-fast rotation, which is about 150 times faster than expected. This may have happened if the star swallowed a sun-mass star about 100,000 years ago, according to a 2016 study. Given Betelgeuse's huge size — it's 1,000 times wider than our sun, or 860 million miles (1.4 billion kilometres) across — it should be spinning much more slowly, astronomers suggest. In 2017, the Atacama Large Millimetre/sub-millimetre Array Telescope (ALMA) took its first image of Betelgeuse's surface, which astronomers said was the highest-resolution image yet obtained of the star.

The Relic of Bir-Hooker Proof of a Race of Giants?


In April 1988 the Swiss club owner Gregor Spörri traveled to Egypt armed with a number of books recommended by a friend to learn about the ancient Egyptian culture. It was a journey that would change his life forever.

The full finger from a HUGE GIANT NEPHILIM. Fallen Angel.
During this trip to Egypt, Spörri was often found in the Great Pyramid where he wanted to find out whether there was any bio cosmic energy inside it. To achieve his goal he crawled through shafts, bribed overseers, and spent endless hours in various sarcophagi waiting for evidence of a power supply. In vain. Spörri believed that if you put a bottle filled with water on top of the Great Pyramid it would explode because of the cosmic energy. He performed the experiment but sadly nothing happened.

Spörri's journey was almost over when the bartender of the hotel where he was staying told him that he knew of an interesting excursion for him (the bartender had been watching him and noticed he was interested in extraordinary cases). Spörri was curious and decided to make the excursion. On the second-last day of his holiday, early in the morning, a taxi picked him up to take him to his destination.

The bartender showed the driver a crumpled note with the address and the journey began. The journey was a 2 hour ride to the district Bir Hooker, a place near Sadat City, located about 100 km northwest of Cairo. They stopped at a farm where Spörri met an elderly farmer named Nagib. Nagib is a descendant of an ancient family of grave robbers. From a legacy of his ancestors, Nagib inherited two wooden boxes full of valuables that provided him a good income over the years. The stolen treasures were sold to Western tourists and the proceeds bought Nagib land. However, there was one item he never sold which has been in the possession of his family for 150 years. Only a few people have ever seen this object. Nagib was in financial difficulty so he proposed that Spörri could see this particular object, photograph it and hold it for a fee of $ 300. Spörri sat on a wooden bench as Nagib pulled out a wooden box and lifted the lid. As a musty smell rose in the air, he took out an elongated packet, wrapped in a leather cloth with lace around it. Underneath the leather cloth, old rags were wrapped around a strange looking object. When Nagib unwrapped the package, a gray-brown oblong object emerges. He layed the object carefully in the hands of Spörri who examined the object with curiosity. He suddenly realised he was holding a gigantic mummified finger.

It was not an ordinary finger as it measured at least 35 centimetres long and was about 6 centimetres thick. Spörri observed the finger in detail and was able to determine that what he was holding was old, organic and humanoid. The finger looked like it had been cut off with anatomical precision, and in some places was crumbled. The leathery skin was ripped in places and the skin was a few millimeters thick. Between the dried skinfolds he could see remains of fungus and the nail was loose. The surface of the skin was damanged in some places, as if mice had gnawed on it. The bone felt woody. Spörri was dumbfounded as the abnormal size of the finger would have meant that its owner must have reached at least 5 or 6 metres in height. His skepticism led Nagib to show him another item contained within the wooden box – a leather file folder containing a number of documents. Inside the folder was a certificate of authenticity, some papers with Arabic and Latin letters, a Polaroid photo of the finger and an X-ray made in the 60s. The farmer's son had some research done through a friend in the hospital of Cairo. When Spörri compared the finger to the x-ray he could see that the proportions and shape were correct and that the x-ray was of the finger he was holding.

(Image:  A giant on Rock Art Canyon Ranch, Winslow, Arizona)



Part 1 of the relic of Bir Hooker outlined the true account of Swiss club owner Gregor Spörri and his encounter with an elderly farmer in Egypt, Nagib, a descendant of an ancient family of grave robbers. Nagib showed Spörri a relic that had passed down through his family – a wooden box containing a mummified finger that measured 35 centimetres in length, along with documents proving its authenticity, including x-rays carried out on the artefact in the 1960s.

Nagib refused to tell Spörri where the finger was found but made allusions to a hidden room in the basementof the Great Pyramid where huge, empty graves are located. Nagib made it clear that the relic was not for sale as it was too important for Nagib's family. Before he returned to his hotel, Spörri took a number of photos where he put a banknote next to the finger in order to indicate the size.

This is a finger from a massive GIANT!

On the way back to Cairo, Spörri realized that what he had seen was very special. In the years following his viewing of the giant mummified finger, Spörri did not speak much about what he had seen. The times when he did speak about it showed him that scientists were not interested in it, simply because it did not fit in with their existing theories. So instead Spörri embarked on intensive research into the possibility of the existence of giants in ancient times.

He studied sacred texts like the Bible (the Gospel of Judas), the Torah (Talmud), the Koran, and many other writings containing tales and mythologies. He was surprised to discover that there are in fact frequent references to giants.

The Bible speaks about Nephilim (the Hebrew word for giant but also for fallen), a race of giants created by the mixing of the sons of Gods and the daughters of men. Researchers and historians have presented different theories to explain what these Nephilim really were, ranging from fallen angels (unfaithful to their origins), the descendants of Seth (the third son of Adam and Eve), or a product of extraterrestrials interbreeding with humans.

Genesis 6:4
In those days - and also afterwards - there lived giants on the earth, because the sons of God had intercourse with the daughters of men and they bore sons to their community. They were the famous tyrants of old time. Even after the flood you can find reports of giants, this could be because the Nephilim were spiritual beings and therefore were not bothered by the flood, unlike their earthly offspring.

The Israelites came across these giants when they explored their promised land.
Numbers 13:33
We also saw the giants there, Anakim, which come of the giants, and we were like grasshoppers in our own eyes and in their eyes. In the writings of Enoch and Moses we can also read about giants.

In 79 AD. Flavius ​​Josephus mention giants in his writings about the Jewish war: There were giants. Much larger and shaped differently than normal people. Terrible to see. Anyone who has not seen it with his or her own eyes can not believe they were so big.

Through the ages, writings in which giants play a role have resurfaced time and again. Pausanias, an ancient historian wrote in 200 AD about 5 metre tall, humanoid skeletons found in modern Syria; The Greek mythology known as the Titans.

Germanic mythology has numerous giants, living in Riesenheim.
Don Antonio de Mendoza discovered giant skeletons in Peru. The Dutch navigator Willem Cornelisz Schouten claims he had seen skeletons of at least 3.5 meters. Giants are depicted on rock drawings in Ohio. There was a huge skeleton found in Minnesota in 1968.

Radiocarbon dating could not continue because the skeleton vanished during its transportation. The Annunaki are a race referred to in the Sumerian texts that apparently landed on earth in the area between the Euphrates and the Tigris. They passed their knowledge to the Sumerians, an early civilization with very advanced culture.

The Sumerians depicted humanoids of at least 3 times as large as the average person in their art and carvings. Statues in Egypt depict ‘gods’ as tall beings. Historians will tell you that this is to indicate that they were important, but it is also possible that they were representing their actual height. Often there is a man of normal height to create a context.

This Will Blow Your Mind! It's the most engineered DOOR IN HISTORY?

This is a door, but not just any door? It's a door from the future! I kid you not, this has been engineered by a very creative person? It has maybe never been done before? I personally have never seen this kinda door before? I wish it was standard in all or most homes because it's entertaining, even jaw dropping? Have you ever seen this type of door and more to the point, would you want this door inside your house?


I don't think I would have it on my front door but definitely to my man cave? It would be entertaining to the point of exhausting? Somebody would definitely over work the bearings by just stood there like Dustin Hoffman in Rainman? If you don't know the film then check it out? Back to this, the engineering is science fiction type Battlestar Galactica? That's what image I get in my mind when I see the door opening?

It's definitely futuristic and worthy of an award but which one? An engineers award or a door award, lol if it even exists? I'm pretty sure there's an award for innovation? I want one or two for my home! Please let us know what you think of this and about this awesome door of the future?

This is a door, but not just any door? It's a door from the future!

This is a door, but not just any door? It's a door from the future!

This is a door, but not just any door? It's a door from the future!

This is a door, but not just any door? It's a door from the future!

And that's a door from the future!
If you want one of these then you'll have to research in to it because I have tried to find it out so I could place an order if the price is right ONLY and I couldn't find anything?

Flat-Earther (AND ABSOLUTELY BRAVE AS ALL HECK) Finally Blasts off in Rocket, Crashes and Rushed to the Hospital

The most brave Flat Earther enthusiast in the WORLD is Mike Hughes? Or on this FLAT and Domed -  not doomed (by the Firmament) Earth? Is it flat or is it a round jewel in space?
This guy Mike Hughes, he's brave not courageous.

He was willing to do it before hand without fear therefore he's brave!
If he was courageous that means he feared before hand?
Look it up? That's the difference between brave and courageous!

He has dedicated his life to this and so being afraid doesn't even come in to it! I can't publish what I've just wrote so I deleted it. It's not for viewing because I let loose.
Basically noize Tv is out of order for mocking Mike Hughes. He's more brave than most people I've seen holding a stupid looking microphone.

I'm putting Mike Hughes in the same category as Evil Knievel for his dare devil stunts? It takes a man to do what he's done? Climb in a rocket you've just built on a shoe string budget and blast off in to space and the unknown? Not knowing if you'll live or not, but all that matters is that you get your answer to a "it doesn't matter really " question?

Well, that for me say's it all! He's a bloody nutter but a good one! I take my cap off to you, Mike.
Go get em!

Flat Earth is real, or is it?

So here's what a recent article had to say about Mike's recent stunt or endeavour to get answers - agree with the post or not that's up to you? There's part's of it that I don't agree with but everyone's allowed their own opinions which I respect in principal only but not independent specifics?

Ask any flat earth supporter what their biggest fear is, and it’s likely they’ll tell you some variation of having everything they believe in crashing down. Well, for one unlucky enthusiast, that’s exactly what happened in the most literal sense of the word. Mike Hughes is a particularly outspoken enthusiast whose name may ring a bell. Hughes was the subject of some headlines from various news outlets across the globe last year when he made an outlandish promise to craft a rocket of his own, one that would take him to such an altitude where he could prove that what he believed in was, in fact, the truth.

Unfortunately, it was far from smooth sailing for Hughes, as his homemade rocket made entirely of scrap metal and costing in the neighbourhood of $20,000 American dollars wasn’t able to sustain the kind of flight he had hoped for. While he was able to successfully launch himself and his rocket off the ground, he spent a total of approximately 4 seconds in the air before his world collapsed around behind him. The rocket came crashing to the ground in the Mojave Desert after a short climb which led to Hughes being rushed to a nearby hospital to treat his injuries. The extent of his injuries is unknown at this time and was not made public to the video.

Despite his serious failure, Hughes, who works as a limousine driver, does deserve some level of applause an admiration. Regardless of your thoughts on Mike’s beliefs and his rather dangerous mission, he showed great courage and determination in going to great lengths to prove his theory, far more than the average flat earth enthusiast can say for themselves.

Hughes later claimed after being examined by doctors that he escaped the crash with nothing but a bad back, and while the authenticity of that statement has been put up for debate, he remains lucky he didn’t sustain after life-threatening injuries as a result of his efforts. His launch reached a top speed of 350 feet and reached a maximum altitude of approximately 1875 feet before things went awry. Parachutes, which Hughes claimed were purchased by NASA, were then deployed allowing him to steer clear of any serious damage.

Image of the launch site of Flat Earther.

It remains to be seen if Mike will re-evaluate his expedition and plan for another launch in the future, but it seems quite unlikely he will ever find himself capable of constructing a rocket fit for that kind of travel. Video of Hughes’ unsuccessful launch can be seen on YouTube on the Noize TV channel, though it should be noted that the video’s tone makes the entire ordeal out to be a mockery rather than a serious attempt.

Steer clear of the footage if you share a similar viewpoint of the Earth’s shape to Hughes. For the time being, Hughes should be viewed as anything but a coward, for his bravery was no doubt on full display in the desert that way, no matter how foolish his attempt may have been.

Ski Lift Goes Out Of Control! Really bizarre event?

Ski Lift Goes Out Of Control!

The ski lift suddenly started running backwards at high speed and skiers had to jump to safety while people who were unable to get off safely fell out of the chairlift, flying through the air. Eight people suffered minor injuries but two people have been seriously injured, including a pregnant woman (WHAT THE HELL IS A PREGNANT WOMAN DOING BLOODY SKIING?) after the ski lift went out of control.

Despite early information suggests a cable stalled and came loose, it is more likely that the malfunction has been caused by water getting in the electrical's or worn out fuses and poor maintenance by it's crew that looks after it?

Someone tried splicing two separate ski resorts together when an unusual brightly lit UFO appeared apparently and tried to say that the UFO or lights in the sky had caused the ski lift to go out of control.

Some eagle eyed person commenting on the post though, pointed out that there are no tree's lining the ski resort lift video and that two videos are been put together to make one story which I have to agree with.

I will give you the link to the website post so you can make your own mind up, watch out for the tree's, they give the game away?

It's sad when this happens but after all, this is a serious event which actually took place. Maybe someone got confused and thought that both skiing resorts were the same place? It happens because when all there is, is snow all over well it's easy to get both places confused? But how weird is this ski lift though? It's scary as all hell!

Ancient Tower Found On Planet Ceres In Juling Crater

This is a recent discovery from March 24th 2018. Scott C. Waring is the author of the incredible CONSPIRACY THEORY WEBSITE UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY.

I found a structure built into the edges of Juling Crater on planet Ceres today. The building is clearly ancient, yet still standing strong. NASA tried to hide this structure by adding too much light to the photo. Its an old trick that NASA has used for decades and no longer works.

All I did was ad some darkness to the photo, and the structure appeared. As you can see, the photo is now in focus, as is the structure. Why does NASA deliberately add light? They do that to drown out the detail so the public will never know whats really out there. Scott C. Waring

Do I believe in Aliens and life in the universe? That's a massive yes because we're here, right? All life is really when it comes down to it is this, a speck of infinitely small particle which is on the wind of nothing! To say we're alone is just way, way to easy? It's never that simple! There's always more than one thing in space?

We think there's only one Moon, turns out there's loads. We think there's only one Sun or just one black hole? We even thought there was only one big bang, well they've just recreated another one at the Large Hadron Collider! We thought there was only one ice age for a long time until it was proven there has been many? Life is always in two's? Males and females. Yin Yang, It's the age old argument of the opposites? Good versus bad or right versus wrong?

If there's only one "intelligent" life force in the vastness of space then i'll be a Monkies aunt? We've even just found 5 yes that's FIVE other Earth's! Five other Earth's all capable of supporting life? It's extremely dull, stale and dare I say it - idiotic to think of as the human race as a sole proprietor of the Universe? It would be like being a FOREVER CARETAKER of a "things" museum?

Would you want to FOREVER make your rounds always wondering what's on the other side? Knowing that this "stuff" your watching over means absolutely squat because you've got no one to experience it with? To feel it, to share it or to trade it with? Can you imagine how long forever is? It's like Pinocchio just had a whole new meaning and maybe if it goes down the Artificial Intelligence route then that would  be desperately sad?

Below is the original image from NASA's own archives which can be found here.

Ancient Tower Found On Planet Ceres In Juling Crater

Tower found on Ceres.

Here is just a few images to hopefully bring back some of the faith you may of lost when it comes to believing in Aliens?

Life in the universe is intelligent.

Life in the universe is intelligent.

Life in the universe is intelligent.

Life in the universe is intelligent.

Life in the universe is intelligent.

I really don't need to label these because the images speak for themselves, don't they?
Alien's have been before, were here now? It stands to reason we are going to cross path's with an advanced civilisation sooner or later? Have we borrowed the proverbial jacket top get in the club? i.e have Aliens borrowed us information and technology so that we can bring ourselves up to speed in the universe and so that when we do meet publicly we'll seem somewhat half intelligent?

The proverbial jacket to get in the club?

I like that one...

Russia wants to build a bridge to North Korea. Literally.

This is a really bad idea!
The one with Russia is just 11 miles, following the Tumen River and its estuary in the far northeast. There is one lone crossing, dubbed the “Friendship Bridge.” It opened in 1959 and offers the two nations a fairly basic rail connection. This week, amid a period of relative calm on the oft-tense Korean Peninsula, Russian representatives traveled to North Korea to discuss an idea: They should open another bridge.

Though the planning appears to be at a preliminary stage, it may show that Russia and North Korea are looking toward a trading future beyond sanctions and military tensions. The two nations have long suggested a crossing that would allow vehicles to go between them without a lengthy detour through China. And Wednesday, the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East announced in a statement that the two sides would create a working group on a new crossing.

“There are 23 automobile checkpoints between [North Korea] and China, and not one with Russia,” the ministry quoted Ro Tu Chol, a North Korean minister, as saying during the meeting. “Currently, when importing goods from [Russia’s far east], they do not come across the border with Russia, but through China. This greatly extends the path.”

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I bet you didn't know it was that close did you?

The Russia-North Korea summit caught the attention of NK News, which reported that the two nations would “push ahead” with the new border crossing. Anthony Rinna, an analyst on Russian foreign policy in East Asia for Sino-NK, told the North Korea-watching publication that the new border crossing could be used to “alleviate any unforeseen problems, such as logistical or technical glitches that may undermine North Korea’s rail links.” The proposed bridge may be more noteworthy for its symbolic value than economic worth, said Benjamin Katzeff Silberstein, an associate scholar at the Foreign Policy Research Institute and co-editor of North Korean Economy Watch. Trade between Russia and North Korea is insignificant, Katzeff Silberstein added, largely because of multilateral sanctions imposed by the United Nations, but “there also seems to be a belief that in the longer run, trade will pick back up again.”

© Provided by WP Company LLC d/b/a The Washington Post

Russia and North Korea certainly have a trading history. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union was easily North Korea's most important financial ally, accounting for as much as half of North Korea's foreign trade during the 1970s and 1980s. It was only after the end of communism that Moscow and Pyongyang drifted apart, with Russia’s new president, Boris Yeltsin, seeking a closer relationship with Seoul.

Things improved when Russian President Vladimir Putin took power: He visited Pyongyang in 2000 and received adulating praise in North Korean state media. However, the economic links between the two nations did not increase by much: In 2013, Russia amounted to just 1 percent of North Korea's foreign trade, according to one study, far below China. Though both sides have expressed hope for better economic ties, one detail North Korea's international pariah status because of its pursuit of nuclear weapons has stood in the way.

Russia has supported a number of U.N. votes on sanctions against North Korea; in late December, new multilateral sanctions limited the number of North Koreans who can work in Russia and other countries, arguably the two nations’ most important economic link. Artyom Lukin, a professor of international politics at the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia, said it was clear that trade between Russia’s far east and North Korea has been hit considerably in the past two years.

He said that the railway bridge had once been important for transporting Siberian coal to the North Korean port of Rajin in the city of Rason, where Moscow owns a terminal. “From this terminal, the coal is sent for export to Asian countries, mostly China,” Lukin wrote in an email. “At least, this was the case prior to introduction of tough sanctions on [North Korea] in the latter part of 2017.”

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Occasionally, foreign tourists cross the Russian border on trains from North Korea. It happens so infrequently, according to one traveler, that border guards seem confused by it. For the time being, Lukin said, it’s hard to imagine Russian backers investing in a bridge. “The North Koreans will expect Russia to provide the funding,” he said. “However, no Russian investor, private or state-owned, will commit to the project unless the political risks related to North Korea subside considerably.”

If those risks subside, there are obvious benefits for Russia to invest in North Korea. While it is thought to be losing money, the terminal at Rajin port could provide Russia with an important regional foothold if sanctions were lifted. There are also hopes of eventually connecting to South Korea via rail — a move that could open up a freight route to and from Europe through Russia — or of a trans-Korean pipeline to provide Russian natural gas to both nations.

And so Russia appears to be keeping its economic options open in North Korea. Last year, a Russian firm gave North Korea a new Internet connection, apparently running fiber-optic lines over the railway bridge. Now the Russian state is planning a new bridge. “Sooner or later North Korea should come out of isolation,” Lukin said. “Then the bridge will be in high demand.”

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UFO crash site - Secret project Blue Book VIDEO has been retrieved...

Guys this is all speculation as far as believing this? Personally i'm not convinced but that doesn't mean anything when it comes to UFOs and Aliens because how the heck do I kn ow or have the authority to say yeah or nah? It doesn't matter we think and all that matters really is the science (in this case especially) to prove it or debunk it as a hoax?

I think we solve this further down this page?

The science is video tampering, instinctive behavior analysis and to see if the contents were staged or placed in a specific manner with a specific theme to it i.e replicate a UFO crash site? For starters would it be possible to recreate this crash site? Is it likely to be on public property or private property and what kind of trees were they and where about's are them sorts of tree's grown? Has there been any tree's felled because of the UFO crashing? The lack of smoke and the lack of obvious crash site debris?

Personally I think the first part of the video is real and the second bit was added?
Credit of the video is NASA

You see guys, this for me is like giving away trade secrets because in the future some people may see this post and it could help them in staging another UFO crash site - they could read this and think "oh yeah" let's deploy these tactics and engage them kinds of elements to the new and bigger and better but still "staged UFO crash site" to make it look as authentic as possible? So yeah, it's like a double edged sword when writing this sort of stuff isn't it?

But we have to mention these things because without it people could overlook something which could either send the investigation forward or make it come to a grinding halt! People need the science and in's and out's of how to stage a UFO crash site otherwise they can't make an informed decision or add to their existing knowledge and if applicable, erase some knowledge because we gave them the answer(s) they were looking for?

UFO Sightings Footage is and always will be independent from any and all outside influences and we'll never take sides (unless we've made an informed decision one way or another and we definitely won't fight anyone's arguments?


Questions and answers are a logical process of figuring out all the truths! All we want to do is get to said truth's with the best possible available information? Research and dotting your i's and crossing the T's is how one get's there? If something is missing and doesn't seem right or if it doesn't sit right with you, then you need to figure that out separately? Human feeling's will always propel one's motives? Learning how to separate them is crucial to Ufology?

Just because I believe in UFOs and Aliens doesn't mean i'm going to agree with every and all cases right? It just doesn't work like this? Ufology is a very controversial subject and instantly conjures up images of a crank wearing a tinfoil hat? But nowadays some people can get past that and see the bigger picture? It's because for years the popular news outlets have painted a portrait of believers in this light!

This is my favourite phrase?
If society was as corrupt as the few then living it would be a lie? If lies are what governs a life then I don't want to be governed by the lies?

This video was retrieved (apparently) from a former NASA employee. It was inside an encrypted file which was cracked open by an unknown source at this time? The video shows a UFO crashing due to a US army experiment. The UFO is seeing crashing into tree's on a mountain side, destination unknown at this time? A crew was sent out to investigate the crashed UFO. They found one alien to be alive. This video was sent to the "To the stars academy" for further investigation.

You see right there I have a problem with that? It's as if they wasn't expecting anyone in the UFO? I thought from what I read that it was an experiment conducted by the US Army? Therefore they must of known what was in side of it, right? Or, like sometimes am I getting the wrong end of the stick?

It also seem's that somebody forgot to tell the supposedly team sent out to investigate that team means more than two? But in the video I only heard one person scream like a kid? In my mind there was only one person? It "unfortunately" at this time as far as we can tell look's like another attempt at fooling the public, fooling the believers and a blatant attempt at defrauding whoever bought this "good, but not good enough" video?

So what happens from here on out?

We HAVE TO keep an open mind because it could still be an original "UFO crash site video?" It is likely to not be a "UFO crashed in the tree's". But a UFO crash site like this is still worthy of the full investigation which is afforded other UFO crash sites around the world? I always say, never say never?

Here is an image run through of what happened:

Now we can see the full shape of the UFO...

Now we go in to the forest to investigate the UFO, or is it?
The crashed "thing" in the below images is not the same as the "thing" which is coming in hard to crash?

This in itself is strange because if it is still in tact, then this is not the same thing videos as it was coming in to crash?


What is -

Please let us know what you think of this and what your thoughts are? It is a good, decent and pretty sound researched video? What do you think?
Link to one of our sources of information.
Link to another one of our sources of information.

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