Pyramid Base in Moon Footage

Here's an absolute belter of what I can only think of as a Pyramid shaped building and it's on the Moon!

Should we go rogue and literal on this or just ignore it completely as if it's nothing more than a coincidence... That it looks like a Pyramid, is nothing more than a freaky similarity or misunderstanding.

Pyramid on the Moon in NASA video with entrance.

Credit "Tour of the Moon in 4K" From Space With Love.

Even if we throw in that it's got an entrance door in the place where you'd expect it to be - is nothing other than *pareidolia. The fact that there's another couple of smaller buildings next to it is a rare occurrence in time and space.

The fact that NASA just so happens to be there filming it should not be looked at as suspicious because it's only part of the bigger "video" and remember that it is not a video dedicated to just this anomaly.

Here's a closer look at the Pyramid entrance.

Close look at the Pyramid in NASA footage.

Image credit NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre/David Ladd/Ernie Wright.

Then there's this one, it's not difficult to see whatever you want to see, but I see something that doesn't fit in with the surrounding area at all!

There's three maybe four small structures around the main building.

Another crater on the Moon with a structure inside it.

Credit NASA 

These two images are both from the same video (below). I'm never surprised by anything that NASA has released because I know that they're releasing Alien bases in photos, UFOs in videos and UFO photos as well which have either been tampered with (proven) or they hope nobody picks up on the obvious intelligently built structures.

I see a crater with an intelligent man made building inside the crater.

Credit NASA 

I definitely, definitely see a Pyramid structure with an entrance! What do you see in the couple of images at the top of this post?

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Unless you cut the video at both ends with just the Pyramid part of the video left...

I do not, never have and never will believe in coincidences. Because there's no such thing as coincidences, everything has a meaning, a beginning and a purpose no matter how much it seems like it doesn't have any purpose, meaning or reason.

It does.

I'm aware that there's a million and one different ways that a Moon rock can look to a million and one different people.

*Here's what Wikipedia has to say about it:

Pareidolia is the tendency for incorrect perception of a stimulus as an object, pattern or meaning known to the observer, such as seeing shapes in clouds, seeing faces in inanimate objects or abstract patterns, or hearing hidden messages in music.


It's a structure with an entrance, the shape of this is triangle shape, it's surface that faces us is recognisable as a front wall with an entrance at where the door should be located.

The video itself is a NASA exploration in awesomeness. Check this out for yourself and see what you think it is.

Source NASA.

Source From Space With Love.

Life is on The Moon And Here's The Proof

What the hell is this guys, now this is what I absolutely love about randomly researching key words like Alien, Moon evidence and life on the Moon.

To me, key word research is always going to be one of the best ways to research UFOs unless I'm specifically looking up a UFO incident or story!

Image source ET Database.

Date of discovery: Aug 4, 2020
Location of discovery: Crater Korolev X, Earths moon
NASA Source:

This throws up some extra good images which really could be Extraterrestrials based on the Moon. Seriously, even the smartphone I use allows me to reverse image search just using 2 fingers. I've got the Huawei P30 which on any images just press 2 fingers on to the screen and it automatically searches the full Internet for similar or the same image elsewhere.

So yeah, stumbling across this was really useful because I'll add it to the massive collection of Moon structures that I have put together over the years. S. Waring has discovered a huge percentage of these strange structures on the Moon and Mars come to think about it and some still give him a hard time for not wanting to be white washed with the Governments hilarious account of history and the even more laughable religious origins of mankind.

If everyone comes from Adam and Eve then why do they both have bellybuttons in all the religious paintings that depict them both? Stupid I agree but worth pointing out.

I know it's a very cynical way to look at this but c'mon, we're a very curious species and if you put a photo in front of me with what looks like a structure in it then I'm going to say without a doubt that I see a strange structure.

I mean, isn't that the reason why NASA took this photo in the beginning, because of what they saw?

Look at the photo and tell me why you think there's no structure? I'll tell you why I think there's a structure there okay?

200-METRE base has supposedly been found on the surface of the Moon, with alien researchers claiming advanced extraterrestrials left it there hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Source Express

The strongest candidates for natural satellite habitability are currently icy satellites such as those of Jupiter and Saturn—Europa and Enceladus respectively, although if life exists in either place, it would probably be confined to subsurface habitats.

Here's another massive structure on Mercury;

Huge structure on Mercury.

Date of discovery: Aug 14, 2020
Location of discovery: Mercury
Source coordinates:,84.6684841,120407m/data=!3m1!1e3

Source Express

Cube UFO Passing Telescope

This is going to be a really quick UFO post because there's absolutely no information on this but it's absolutely, 100 percent epic! It bloody looks awesome, in fact it's very different to what we're being shown anywhere. Video is below.

I come across it on and thought wtf and why is this a gif and as it looks real I've tried to look into it to see who, what, when and why but there's absolutely nada on this? It's as if it was filmed in a larger sequence of video but it was cut down to be a gif and that's it?

Square cube UFO Witnessed By someone with a telescope looking at the Moon.


I had to show it to you guys, it looks great right. Can you please try and find out what you can on this as I'm stumped. I've tried the words in the link, tried to find who posted this and there's absolutely nothing on it. It was posted through the Ukraine speaking Gfycat site as that's the language on this page. It was published on August 21st in 2017. It's had 5.3K views and other than that there's nowt.

Check this out;

This cube UFO looks epic passing the Moon.


I have had this for about a month now, make no mistake guys, it's not a myth, it's not a fake or a contest design hoping to win 1st place in a bogus UFO videos contest held by the US Government!

Source Gfycat

I came across this (it's a bloody Gif) and ever since its been a thorn in my butt because I can't find anything that this could be part of? Have you seen it before? Do you know what it is and whom took it? It's not a satellite probe that's probably what a lot of people will instantly think! This Silver cube, has got no antenna, no discernable marks, writing, solar panels, different metallic colors, no blues, reds, gold or any other satellite related colors. So, it's a UFO!

I hate not knowing who, what, when and where don't you...

Here's the absolute mind blowing UFO video;

Source Gfycat.

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