Man Made Flying Saucer Escorted By Jet Means Back Engineering UFOs Is Real

There has been videos of secret military aircraft since the beginning of moving pictures. What makes this daylight UFO being escorted by a Jet different is that this UFO or Flying Saucer video has an escort within it and that's "highly unusual". Very unusual, in fact it's almost alarming? But, that gives us a lot to go off because we can all clearly see combustion exhaust exiting the rear of the lead aircraft.

What does that mean, are the military training to fight in UFOs? Well it basically means that government agencies cannot lie anymore, period! It means that their comments to Ufology research journalists will shift from "we do not have any UFO facilities or UFO programs related to back engineering Flying Saucers or UFOs" answers or like "no comment and things like where did you get that information from, lol".


Well, online like most of the conspiracies that turn out to be kind of true where else do you think people get their information in this day and age? Good old, second hand information or passed down Chinese whispers which as you probably already know that everybody add's their own comment to it.

If back engineering a Flying Saucer from an accidentally crashed UFO or "forced down" UFO (or a Flying Saucer) means one only thing and it's this:

  • UFOs are real
  • Aliens are real
  • The government knows about Aliens
  • The government is lying about Aliens
  • The military knows about Aliens (recovery teams for starters)
  • There's a "secret base or laboratory" somewhere making UFOs

Could it be:

  • A secret government underground base
  • Government or military or a hybrid
  • Private venture with government consent
  • Civilian or a mixture without consent from the government
  • Both government and civilian research and development etc

Seriously, how many different variations of involvement or cooperation in the research of UFOs is there in this world (and off it)? It all comes down to this also - who knows what, when and where?


We could continue with supposed involvement in secret technology research and top secret UFO development plus highly efficient off world technology involvement because they're posted online but that's for another day and another blog post on UFOs.

This is the video of the Flying saucer or UFO been escorted by a Jet:

Quote from How Stuff Works website:

On November 11 and 13, 1989, viewers of KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, Nevada, heard an incredible story from news reporter George Knapp: A scientist had come forth to reveal that the U.S. government possesses the remains of extraterrestrial vehicles. From these vehicles have come extraordinary technological breakthroughs. The scientist, Robert Scott Lazar, said he had worked in the S-4 section of Area 51, a corner of the Nevada Test Site. There, he had read documents indicating the existence of ongoing research on an "anti-gravity reactor" for use in propulsion systems. Read more at the link provided in the source section below. 


Above is an image related to the Flying Saucer been escorted to wherever by a military Jet fighter plane. It's a really odd video this as it is been done or played out in daylight.

Source Ufoi73 Instagram.

Explain How The Sun Can Be In The Clouds If You Can

Can someone please explain how the Sun can be in the clouds here on Earth and lots of people not see it? Please don't say it's a trick of the light because all light comes from the Sun, but we can clearly make out and see that the clouds are literally wrapping themselves around the Sun in the middle of the clouds.

  • Firstly, is this proof of the Flat Earth conspiracy theory?
  • Why hasn't the Earth burned?
  • Sun filmed inside the clouds stuns cameraman
  • Sun anomaly has no immediate answer - or does it?
  • It's not computer generated graphics (of that I'm confidant)
  • What is happening to our reality if this is happening within it?
  • What's the bigger picture to this event?
  • Does that mean the Sun is on Earth or in Earth's atmosphere


It's so perplexing to me that something like "the Sun" could even be inside of "any clouds" even in space or happen like this, full stop? If the Earth is flat then everything makes sense about this video because this is what we would see, but that's only if the Earth is flat.

I'm starting to believe in the flat Earth theory more and more. Is this another part of the jigsaw?


I can clearly see in the image above (which was taken from the Sun anomaly video directly as it is), that the clouds are wrapping around the Sun and that just shouldn't be happening which makes this a Sun anomaly that I've never encountered before and I need you guys and your collective knowledge.

  • Is this the proof of a Flat Earth?
  • Are we looking at the real world?
  • Has the establishment been lying to us all along?
  • What are the reasons for keeping the knowledge of the Earth been flat, a secret?
  • Who is the gatekeeper of knowledge?
  • How many people really know the truth?

The guy filming this amazing video of the Sun setting tries to explain what he's seeing but even even he's finding it relatively hard and is more stunned and I can only imagine what it looked like in person?

UFO Shaped Eye Firing Laser Or Plasma Bolts


The above image is of another weird UFO shaped like an eye we wrote about. The post link is just above the image.

I can't explain this at all sufficiently enough so I'm writing this blog post and posting this post, to get answers. I don't think that saying CGI graphics alone can explain this or that the video is a fake and a hoax by a legendary filmmaker and faker with the power to pull the wool over anyone's eyes.

So, here's the amazing video of the Sun inside of the clouds:

Or even that the camera is a weird invention of Artificial Intelligence and reality warping lenses that can distort the very fabric of space, time and reality - with animations etc blah blah.

There has to be an answer and that's what I'm posting this for guys, I would like for anyone at this time to share their knowledge of what we are seeing? It's out there and someone knows exactly what's going here.

Source Ufolovers Instagram.
Source Reference USF - Eye Shaped UFO.

Julian Assange Refused To Be Arrested At Ecuadorian Embassy


Julian Assange has been arrested at the Ecuadorian embassy in London (in an awful and embarrassing manner) and as he was dragged out by many plain clothes policemen, he was picked up and had 7 police at each end of him and around him with his legs lifted up behind him.

It looks like he's walking but if you see the video of this - his legs are up in the air and that's why we see all the police around him, so he obviously refused to go. He obviously at one stage "must of refused to cooperate" with the police who had no choice but to lift him up, cart him out and to face the British justice.

What is this British justice I hear you say?

It basically means this in a nutshell, that the Americans have demanded something and the British (and Ecuadorians) gladly, willingly and politely bent over in the best possible way "as we'd expect nothing less" to have their backsides inspected by the US power wielding - mad politicians so they handed him over like a pig on a platter.


I don't agree with the embassy throwing him out like that, no matter what the differences are. I don't agree with the way they did it and I don't agree with them sneaking around filming him, listening to him with spying equipment and basically masquerading as a friend all the while recording everything for the US. They've known that it's best to let him stay at the embassy and get as much information out him there as far as what he knows until they get as much information as they need then just go in and get him!

In prison the police, FBI, CIA and God knows who else could not get any of the information from Julian Assange in prison, so they have let him think he's free in the Ecuador embassy. He's not going nowhere and they know where he is, got police around him but all the while they're filming everything. to get everything they want out of him on a long process of house arrest.


Now that they've got all that they desired, needed and wanted - they've simply put in the phone call to the Ecuadorian embassy to lock the doors, windows and what not (the locks wasn't installed to stop people getting in, it was all installed to one day stop Assange getting out - today was that day).

Julian Assange arrested at Ecuadorian embassy in London

  • WikiLeaks founder arrested for alleged breach of bail at London embassy
  • Where he took refuge for seven years
  • Julian Assange has been arrested at the Ecuadorian embassy in London
  • The South American country Ecuador withdrew asylum from the WikiLeaks founder
  • Assange had been granted refuge at the embassy while on bail in the UK over sexual assault allegations against him in Sweden
  • Assange, 47, spent almost seven years inside the embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden
  • He was arrested on Thursday on a warrant issued by Westminster magistrates court on 29 June 2012 when he failed to surrender to the court.

The Metropolitan police said:

"He has been taken into custody at a central London police station where he will remain, before being presented before Westminster magistrates court as soon as is possible"

“The MPS (Metropolitan Police Service) had a duty to execute the warrant, on behalf of Westminster magistrates court, and was invited into the embassy by the ambassador, following the Ecuadorian government’s withdrawal of asylum.”

Assange was shouting and gesticulating as he was carried out of the embassy in handcuffs by seven men and put into a waiting Met police van, video footage showed. He appeared to be carrying a book.

Ecuador’s president, Lenín Moreno, said on Twitter:

“In a sovereign decision, Ecuador withdrew the asylum status to Julian Assange after his repeated violations to international conventions and daily-life protocols.” But WikiLeaks said Moreno had acted illegally in terminating Assange’s political asylum “in violation of international law”.

The British foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, tweeted:

Julian Assange is no hero and no one is above the law. He has hidden from the truth for years. Thank you Ecuador and President Lenín Moreno for your cooperation with the Foreign Office to ensure Assange faces justice.”

The home secretary, Sajid Javid, added:

"Nearly seven years after entering the Ecuadorian embassy, I can confirm Julian Assange is now in police custody and rightly facing justice in the UK. I would like to thank Ecuador for its cooperation the Metropolitan police for its professionalism".

All the politicians are chanting this:

No one is above the law.

Assange’s arrest comes a day after WikiLeaks accused the Ecuadorian government of an “extensive spying operation” against him. WikiLeaks claims meetings with lawyers and a doctor inside the embassy over the past year were secretly filmed.

Here's the video from the Guardian News:

Assange had refused to leave the embassy, claiming he would be extradited to the United States for questioning over the activities of WikiLeaks if he did so. Assange claimed that if he was extradited to Sweden he might be arrested by the US and face charges relating to the publication of hundreds of thousands of US diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks.

Source The Guardian Website.
Source Guardian News YouTube.
Source Reference Wikileaks.

Mars Discovery Of A Shoe Is Undeniable Alien Proof

A shoe has has been discovered on Mars which indicates is NASA afraid that life once existed on Mars for some unknown reason.

The best discovery on Mars to date by the Mars Rover in my view is not the great looking vistas or the unusual looking colours of the ground but the strange Alien artifacts like this shoe for instance. Believe me, there's much more proof of Alien life having existed at one stage on Mars found in the Mars images from the amazing NASA Martian Rover Opportunity.

Yeah, I've been called stupid, insane and other remarks which is awful by any standards, right. I'm not going to write about it in detail - but you can probably already imagine and get an idea about that? All for what, saying what I see in these amazing Mars images.


As you may know, the first thing people say is *Pareidolia lol or "your seeing things" and yeah to a point they're right, I am seeing things - that are there, they exist and they look exactly or nearly spot on to what a shoe looks like here on Earth?

In this instance, this "so called rock" looks like a shoe and I am not alone on this or in the minority because many, many people see this and say "OMG" that's a shoe, but it's on Mars. How can that be? How did that get there?

Here is an earlier post that I wrote about - link "a herd of animals discovered on Mars"


See, what the world needs more than ever right now is people who think outside the box but what's more than that - people who aren't afraid to blog about it or talk about it and bring like minded people in the Ufology community together and where they can chat about it without ridicule or prejudice.

What the eye sees, the eye sees, right?

  • I can see a piece of leg bone sticking out of the top of this "shoe on Mars".
  • I can see what looks like shoe laces.
  • I can see a heel.
  • I can also see a shoe toe cap.
  • Overall I see lots of identifiable marks to make this stand out as a shoe for sure.
  • I'm like 96% convinced that this is a shoe discovered on Mars.

Date of the discovery on Mars was August 24th 2016.
Discovery source link.

What do you see in the image, which by the way is absolutely real and has an identifiable raw image number (SOL (day) 2152 - 1P319317490EFFABCXP2372L5M1 - L2L5L5L7L7) plus an archive page number, in the NASA archives. So, I absolutely stand with Scott C.Waring on this one from the website UFO Sightings Daily.

It looks like a shoe, a sports running shoe to be more specific and that just cannot be, right. It just cannot, in every aspect and in all seriousness of the event what we are looking at could rewrite everything we know about space!

How does it rewrite everything that we know? For starters, if life once thrived (it must of) on Mars and they had an industry, then they had an intelligent race of beings who mastered "at the very least" how to make shoes, lol.

What else did the Ancient Martians master?


So, everything you think you know and was a first in our history, probably wasn't!

The ancient people of Mars did it all first, maybe. There could of been a race of people on Mars before them and before them...

How deep do you want to go with this amazing Mars discovery because that is exactly what this boils down to and it's this which is what people do not talk about nearly enough as they should be talking about it, so it's exactly this which people think your "strange" if you talk about it.

Ancient Aliens existed on Mars, instantly you hear "your crazy" from somewhere in the sea of people and I really do mean a sea of people.

Here's a video showing this shoe on Mars:

*Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in a random stimulus. This often leads to people assigning human characteristics to objects. Like seeing Unidentified Flying Objects in clouds. Like hearing hidden messages in music.

Source NASA Mars Rover Raw Data Archive for (Spirit and Opportunity).
Source HainanWel Sanya.
Source UFO Sightings Daily.
Source Reference Wikipedia "Pareidolia".

Proof Of Christianity Was Discovered In Center Of The Galaxy ✝

In 1992 something heavenly was discovered by NASA but very quickly (maybe even suspiciously) forgotten about. Was it deliberately covered up? Was it hidden in the archives deliberately?

So, what was the thing that was forgotten about back in 1992, it was a place in space (or the Heavens) that looks exactly like Jesus Christ's cross. Is this proof of religion?


Just a few questions about the Whirlpool Galaxy M51 discovery

  • It is out of place
  • This looks intelligently made by design for sure which indicates life
  • The cross here on Earth represents Jesus Christ to billions
  • Without any doubts, this "will represent renewed hope and faith"
  • Can this now be "Christianity is a fact"
  • When you say to someone "where is heaven" you instinctively point upwards - is this innate because we know where this is within us all
  • Why was this shining beacon of hope buried or "forgotten about"

What does the Cross in space discovery mean overall?

Believe me, this is in no way the bee and end all for any Christ believer because as any Christian knows or understands life - will tell you that, the truth always starts and ends within you. But what this will do (without any shadow of a doubt) is this will cement and bond peoples faith who are the fact based or sceptical type of Christ believer and that is powerful.

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” – Psalm 19:1

For people who only believe things that are in black and white so-to-speak or will only believe something when they have seen it with their own eyes, well this is just that. The fact that this was buried or even hidden away back in 1992, might just send an avalanche of fact based people over the edge?


Why would someone or the authorities like NASA possibly cover this up?

There are many reasons why this would be covered up!

  • It could be used as a weapon
  • It could be used as leverage
  • It could be used as a "I'm better than you" attitude by billions
  • It could be used to persecute people

Here is Galaxy M51:


  • The list is endless but not just negative
  • It could be used to forgive
  • It could be used to help
  • It could be used to make the world a better place
  • The people could become a better people's overall

The possible outcomes of and the effects of "a paranoid mind" in 1992

But on a whole the world leaders at the time probably thought that people would use it to oust politicians, to crucify sinners, to bring about change and to bring about the downfall of authority as Christians wouldn't band together stronger than ever before and become a force of change.


Credit: H. Ford (JHU/STScI), the Faint Object Spectrograph IDT, and NASA

Huge Mothership UFO Hovering Over Lake Michigan

What are the chances that this is a huge Alien Mothership UFO hovering over lake Michigan in the United States and possibly trying to pass itself off or look like a fishing vessel or a super tanker?


This is the question I'm asking everyone because when you get to the magic number of 27 seconds in to this really good UFO video you will see exactly what I am saying guys - it looks real.

It's either a trick of the light or it's a trick the way the water is actually merges with the "vessel" that is playing tricks with our vision?


So is this an Alien Mothership here on Earth passing itself off as a super tanker or a cargo ship/fishing vessel or are we under immediate danger of all becoming an intergalactic slave on board a huge Alien spaceship headed for a mining colony in deep space on an Alien equivalent of the minimum wage - i.e bread and water. Probably not.

The video (below) has a few things going for it:

  • There is definitely something out there in the lake.
  • It's a real UFO video and not some stupid students "animated graphics entry" (or whatever they call them) to a competition or exam.
  • Is it a trick of the light.
  • Is it a trick of the water.
  • Is this "overall" an Alien or man made object.

If this was me who saw this from the shore of Lake Michigan I would definitely film it and if I had a good zoom on the camera like this guy has, I'd zoom in and try to figure it out?

There's a few things about this which give me a lot of concern (if this is real):

  1. It's supposedly a Mothership UFO out in broad daylight for starters - for all to see!
  2. It's even trying to - or actually hiding.
  3. Is it in communications with humans - if this is an Alien ship?
  4. How did this land.
  5. Has any "real ships" passing by this reported it to the authorities?

Because if it looks like this - from the shoreline and someone there can see that it's not a normal man made ship and starts to record it.


Then surely it can be seen by any "even half vigilant" captains of other ships really close to it and report it to the police, I mean c'mon at least the police should be called, right?

For real, this looks weird and that's not the question because there's really only one question and that's this:

Has this supposedly Mothership UFO been reported to any proper authorities?

UFO Flying Over The Moon

A UFO was caught on amateur astronomers telescope and what good UFO footage this has turned out to be.

There's an ever growing number of amateur astronomers with absolutely amazing telescopes and guys, they're filming some unbelievably good UFO footage which they simply don't have answers for.

What we are looking at here in this UFO video goes well beyond the normal everyday, mundane or boring satellites that these guys normally film going past them at night.


  • It is definitely not a human man made satellite.
  • This is a real amateur video of the best kind of UFO footage.
  • This artificial satellite or Alien satellite is flying past the Moon.
  • This is not a NASA built or Russian built satellite.

UFO's spotted at night are notoriously hard to see and make out if they're Flying Saucers or spherical UFO's or whatever they look like? Many UFO's seen in between the Earth and the Moon are actually in Earth's atmosphere.

This UFO video shows the unknown craft very dark but briefly it has a full reflection on it which is probably the Sun's reflection indicating that this UFO is really far out in space and possibly even very near to the Moon?


Here's the amazing video of what looks like an Alien made spaceship flying possibly near to the Moon and in the reflection of the Sun:

The amount of times that UFO Sightings Footage has written blog posts about UFO's on the Moon or flying over the Moon's surface (and sometimes in between the Earth and the Moon) is getting up there to around 8 different times.

This image just below us now, is definitely not showing a man made satellite or the ISS (International Space Station) and it's not showing us any NASA debris from recent or old rocket take off.

This is more than likely showing us hardcore Alien technology in the form of an Unidentified Flying Object as yet to be disclosed - because there's no way that NASA doesn't know about this weird space object.

Source UFOi73 Instagram.

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