Fleet of UFOs in Formation Controlling Chemtrails Filmed By Guy on His Yacht

Okay, the more I'm writing about UFO news specifically more about UFO Orbs, it's impossible for me to ignore all the similarities which keeps on cropping up time and time again.

What I'm looking at here is this fleet formation of UFO Orbs which seem to be controlling chemtrails over Normandy. Even the eye witness confirms this as his suspicions also. He's filming all this from his yacht in Normandy in 2014. I'm posting all of his written statement at the bottom of this post.

UFO Orbs in formation over the water in Nebraska.

Credit: WTFflow YouTube video/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

As I'm writing more and more about UFOs, the accumulation of UFO knowledge I feel gives me an edge? I've seen UFO Orb formations before and I really get the feeling that these ones didn't or haven't anticipated that they'll be filmed on that day? Okay there's no way of knowing that for sure but, it's in Nebraska and over water, it's in the middle of nowhere and that's why I think these White UFO Orbs didn't anticipate any bystanders filming their every move.

UFO Orbs filmed from yacht over Normandy in France.

Credit: WTFflow YouTube video/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

These Orb UFOs seem to vanish at one point with the front leading UFO actually flashing very brightly at one point. On some unknown cue, all the Orbs head into the chemtrails and they vanish for a while. That's strange, in fact I've written about a very similar event before, when a lone White UFO Orb was making a very white and long chemtrail eventually vanish.

It was almost erasing the white chemtrail as it moved through it. What's their involvement with chemtrails do you think? Are they targeting the worse kind of chemtrails or are they just erasing any chemtrail that these UFOs come across?

UFOs filmed from eye witnesses yacht over Normandy in France in 2014.

Credit: WTFflow YouTube video/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Out of all the many different places that these UFOs could be, why Normandy? What's important enough for a whole fleet of UFO Orbs to be there? Is it back up? Are they backing each other in numbers or what they are doing, does it need all of them? Was they anticipating a confrontation with the an Air Force maybe just like we saw in the declassified UAP videos and as a point if observation, these UFO Orbs look very similar to the UAPs? That's a fair enough assessment I suppose because even the Tic Tac UFOs looked more like UFO Spheres.

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But the UAP UFOs couldn't be seen unless they were filmed in Flir (Forward Looking Infrared). That's the only flaw to that opinion. But I suppose there's the possibility that Extraterrestrials could have a whole category of of UFOs, a catalogue so-to-speak? Different UFOs with different capabilities maybe? If there's 7 UFO Orbs in this fleet then there could be a lot more elsewhere in an underground base somewhere all with dedicated capabilities. That's actually quite scary...

Here's the extraordinary and absolutely amazing fleet of UFO Orbs in action:

If you can share this spectacular fleet of UFO Orbs caught red handed possibly tampering with our atmosphere, then I'd really appreciate it, cheers.

Eye witness statement:
09/12/14 - I was on a yacht with a friend. We were sailing together, enjoying the beautiful blue sky in Normandy. I was watching a huge Chemtrail and some nice clouds while taking a sunbath, when my attention got turned away by something else (I don't remember).

I stopped watching the sky for some minutes. When I stared at the sky again, I slowly noticed some strange little dots of light near the huge Chemtrail. As always, I got my iPhone in my pocket :-) So I immediately took it and recorded what I could. After checking on my PC screen, I counted seven white objects slowly descending inside the trail, and also disappearing behind it. It seems the huge orb is the mothership "leading" the fleet.

I have 3 hypothesis: - These are parts of meteors falling down. (rare phenomenon in daylight!) - These are spy drones / military devices, controlling - watching the trails (maybe to analyse them) - These are UFOs - unidentified flying objects - controlling and monitoring these trails.

What do you think? I'm pretty confused on this one. This type of sighting is pretty recurrent where I live, I've been seeing these thing hundreds of times, and sometimes I could record the most impressive ones.

Type Lights
Scale Unknown
Duration 45 seconds
Color(s) White
Light(s) Yes
Speed Slow
Filmed with iPhone 5S
Filmed by me from the sea in Normandy, France, September 2014.

Credit: WTFflow YouTube video/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Aliens And The American Astronauts Work Together in an Underground Base on Mars

Okay, I'm bringing you this information because of a really crucial piece of information regarding the person giving these unusual and otherwise laughable statements.

Aliens And humans have a working relationship between each other with a mutual base on Mars.

Credit: How & Why's/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

This isn't no ordinary person, in fact this person was in the position of "the gatekeeper of space secrets" and that's no joke! That's the crucial piece of information. This is Haim Eshed, the former head of the Israeli space security program and retired general! In otherword's guy's, this isn't the CIA, FBI or NASA or any other usual suspects when it comes to supposedly top secret Insider information.

Israel’s former head of space security program retired General Haim Eshed.

Credit: How & Why's/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Above photo:
Israel’s former head of space security program retired General Haim Eshed.

When this guy spoke let's say about counter satellite surveillance, people listened! When this guy gave forecasts about anything related to the iron dome or something else related to missiles, secret stealth or technology which is 50 years ahead, everybody took notice! There was nothing that this guy didn't know about related to future space travel, how humans will travel in space and what is going on in space and that's because he was the head of an ally nations space defence, offence, surveillance, colonising Mars with the US, worked with NASA and guy's all that is just run of the mill work place basics for the position that goes guy held for a very long time.

We are not about to start doubting his credentials just because he's talking about stuff that isn't really socially acceptable "yet". Alien's, well that's his office, space is his office so let's see where this goes right? He deserves the benefit of the doubt, because it's his job to know if this stuff exists, don't blame him, it's his job to know if Extraterrestrials exist. So, we've got out the way if he's insane, he's not. It was his job's description to know and talk about this stuff.

Below, I recently did a post about 7 entrances discovered on Mars and only after just remembering that I wrote that post, it's all starting to come together like it was a jigsaw.

This is an image from the 7 Mars entrances discovered on Mars post link just below.

Credit: Dahboo77 YouTube/Google Earth/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

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Well, here's a statement from the man himself, remember to give him the benefit of the doubt, he's an General in the Israeli armed forces. He's blooming earned everyone's respect regardless of your opinions on the military, Israel or anything else related to this "complicated history still playing out today".

Also, politics aside, we're here for the Alien base on Mars and the collective between humans and Alien respectively. There's no question that if you've got any doubts about Aliens existing, you might as well go make a cuppa now!

To date, humanity is not ready to accept the truth that space aliens have long been in contact with the US government and with the help of humans, they are trying to understand “the fabric of the universe“.

Retired General Haim Eshed, former head of Israeli space security program.

He said that: the aliens have been waiting for humans to evolve and reach a certain stage to actually understand space and spaceships. Besides, they signed a contract with humans to do experiments on Earth and also research with them to learn the fabric of the universe.

He also claimed that the representatives of aliens and some American astronauts are working together in an underground base on Mars.

This totally makes sense now because of all the Alien Artifacts found on Mars like (this is no joke) skulls, bones, spoons, skeletons and a Flying Disk plus shoes a soldier stalking the Rover, people, train wheels, levitating balls, guns, crabs and many, many more thing's which quite frankly none of this should be there! We shouldn't be having anything remotely looking familiar, let alone one Artifact after another and they just keep on coming. People keep finding new stuff almost on a daily basisso yes, nowonder there's people who believe that there's a base on Mars and I'm one of them? Seriously, there's that much stuff on Mars (hundreds and hundreds of real tangible evidence) that just mentioning it all would take so long to mention it all.

It's a really hard thing to dispute when the guy whose claiming all this has been the head of Israeli security space program from 1981 to 2010 "that's over 30 year's" and he's been awarded the Israel Defense Prize also known as the Israel Defense Award not justbonce but three times for his contribution to technological inventions. So he's actually inventing thing's as well. We are not dealing with a bag of hot air here guy's, this isn't just some retired general looking for another adventure. He's an educated, intelligent and contributing member of the space defence program and inadvertently he was contributing for humanity.

The Israel Defense Prize (Hebrew: פרס בטחון ישראל‬), also known as the Israel Defense Award is an award presented annually by the President of Israel to people and organizations who made significant contributions to the defense of the State of Israel.


Israel is one of the contributing countries in space technology and rocket engineering and development. Israel is involved in developing space infrastructure ie delivering stuff to the Moon and although it was initially a failure, it's come a long way through private companies such as "SpaceIL". I'm pretty sure future astronaut capabilities and development of mind boggling, physics defying materials including stealth, laser, unknown elements and I say that as a guess will come from Israelicontributing companies.

The nature of secrets

It's based on the obvious elements that go hand in hand with secrets. Because this is space and traditional materials don't work well, it doesn't take a genius to know that something else must be used and if it's not available or if it doesn't exist or it's not in the public or private sector, it stands to reason that secret material development must be at the heart of every ambitious plan, right?

Also, it's probably at the heart of every single mission in space as it'sa necessity. It wouldn't surprise me if the development of materials for humans to use in space, was the first mutual program that Aliens and humans worked on together?

Why human materials, Aliens probably already have theirs, tailored to them because they came here don't forget... So it stands to reason they (Aliens) wanted to show good faith, working together on 2 fronts is possible. Building a relationship between us and them, also it benefits us as we then have the means to be equal in at least materials to create better fitting spacesuit, gloves, boots, having good maneuverability etc in space is the first and foremost problem humans have to or spread have worked on with Extraterrestrial input - after putting everything into rockets and habitat living space. If Aliens have "infiltrated humanity again" it's here where they did it for the second time but now with civilian knowledge instead of just NASA's knowledge. Between the safe habitat living space and development of the new spacesuit is where my money is on.

As an example, we want to colonise Mars, we can't take heavy bricks and mortar and we can't use fiber glass or plastics. So, as there's competing space companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin and there's at least 20 space companies all ranging from tourism to hotel companies  taxis etc all focused on putting satellites in space,  people in space, colonising space, undertaking science in space, putting infrastructure in space etc but all of them would pay a King's ransom for the perfect lightweight and strongest materials known to humanity! The type of materials that all research intonit has aimed for. The perfect intelligent material or the second integrated skin that ticks all the boxes.

So, after looking at what these companies need, plural as in all the "companies" need physics defying or at least expectation defying materials and they're all locked in to the spiral of development of materials. A bit like element 115 or Moscovium which is a synthetic chemical element with the symbol Mc and atomic number 115. It was first synthesized in 2003 by a joint team of Russian and American scientists at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia.

But, as we all know Bob Lazar talked about this decades before in 1981 way before this even became an element.

With atomic numbers of 113, 115, 117, and 118, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) announced the addition of these four elements to the periodic table, but one of them, Element 115 was already announced in 1989 when Bob Lazar, famous area 51 whistleblower revealed to the public that the UFOs possessed by the government were powered by a mysterious ‘Element 115.’ Of course at that time, the claims made by Lazar were tagged as absurd as the scientific community had no knowledge of ‘Element 115’. In 2003, his statements gained more credibility when a group of Russian scientists managed to create the elusive element.

Intech Bearing Inc

Invisibility or "cloaking", signal absorbing and false readings cloak and dagger stuff. His realm within the Israeli space security agency was probably what you'd expect, but add to that most if not all of the associated forward planning within budgets, abilities, law and specific programs. He's been in the thick of it for over 30 blooming years! It is hard to doubt his claims unless he has an underlying health issue like dementia or another mind health issue? Which to my understanding he's absolutely fine.

Please share this post with someone you think might like it or want to see? Cheers for stopping by and I'd really appreciate it if you could share your thought's and opinions also any ideas that you might have about this extraordinary information.

Added bonus:
Actual recording of Alien encounter.

Credit: The Infographics Show YouTube.

Credit: Haim Eshed Retired General/Israeli Defense Department/Wikipedia/How & Why's/Intech Bearing Inc/SpaceIL/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Triangle Craft With Light's Is Definitely Flying Past The ISS on Live TV

The International Space Station is once again, yet a, gain, in the spot light because a triangle shaped object "as clear as the daylight", flies right past the orbiting behemoth.

NASA it seems is without a care in the world or erm, should I say space!

Until you investigate the hundreds of UFOs that have passed by the ISS, you'll maybe never understand how blatant it is that NASA is ignoring these UFOs and they're doing it on purpose. Because I read up on UFOs everyday and I have done for years, this is why I find it so hard to believe that they don't know about these UFOs. I don't care if it's only one person's opinion that these are UFOs, but what else would you call this image?

Close up of the triangle shape craft flying past the ISS.

Credit: Scott Waring YouTube video/NASA/ISS Live Feed/IBTimes/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

What makes this different is that this is a triangle UFO - but in space, we're all used to seeing these 3 pointed Extraterrestrial crafts in our own atmosphere and that's why seeing it here fly past the International Space station probably in excess of 7.66 km/s and that's kilometres per second which anyone will understand that travelling faster than 7.66 kilometres per second is absolutely stunning! Let's be honest, that UFO Triangle is proper gunning it to the point where it's more than likely the fastest "object" around the Earth on that day!

Here is the excellent Alien spaceship flying past the ISS.

Credit: Scott Waring YouTube video/NASA/ISS Live Feed/IBTimes/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Sometimes it takes a mind blowing event just like this which puts thing's into perspective because seeing the views from the space station regularly, it's very easy to lose some of the basic facts! For one, it's space which is endless in every single direction you decide to point in.

Can you see the triangle shape UFO in this screenshot directly from the video.

Credit: Scott Waring YouTube video/NASA/ISS Live Feed/IBTimes/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Can you see the triangle shape UFO in this screenshot directly from the video (above)., it's really small but it's definitely there as we can see with the zoom in.

For two, it's travelling faster than a bullet which is only 2.600 feet per second so compared to the ISS travelling at 7.66 kilometres per second, what really should be looked into is why it's so easy to forget that the huge space station which is 356 feet (109 meters) end-to-end by the way can travel that fast without breaking apart.

It's got to do with basic principles. Space hadn't got an atmosphere so there's nothing to drag or push through and It's a vacuum. And three, well just been in space is an absolute privilege and seen as though just a handful of people have actually been there compared to all mankind, it's pretty epic stuff no matter how it's looked at, we just easily forget that.

After seeing this UFO video for the first time I'm literally saying out loud to myself but not shouting it out loud lol, the letters omg! I'm spelling out the word "again" as well. NASA seems to be the receptionist of space Aliens travelling to Earth.

There's that many UFOs flying past the ISS and so close to it that you'd be forgiven for thinking that these UFOs where actually signing in or just checking in with their Earthling counterparts to give them the head's up that they've arrived. And yes that would imply that the Earthling's knew about their immediate arrival?

And that wouldn't surprise me much or if at all. Anyway...

Scott Waring, the brilliant and unafraid guy whose not afraid to speak his mind on Ufology, Ancient Aliens and conspiracy theories has brought us this amazing triangle UFO and also he's brought it to the attention of NASA.  But I'm guessing that even Scott Waring is frustrated by the sheer lack of or willingness on NASA's part to even look at the constant stream of UFOs passing by the ISS.

How do you channel this frustration caused by a so-called respected institution like NASA? Ignoring all these UFOs flying past the ISS on live TV no less, is a brutal betrayal and it's being played out on live TV.

Lee Lewis UFO Sightings Footage.


Because it's wearing really thin. The fact that something has flown past the Space station is easy enough to get our heads around but what beggar's belief is NASA ignoring it, the media outlets leading the world on gossip totally ignore it but 9nly because they've (the media outlet owners) have been told to ignore it and it drifts down to the journalists and they ignore them.

Here's the full awesome video:

Please share your thoughts and opinions on this unusual triangle shaped object right by the ISS. Also please share this post, I'd really appreciate it, thanks guy's.

Credit: Scott Waring YouTube video/NASA/ISS Live Feed/IBTimes/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Silver UFO Over San Diego in California, US

Edgemoor Barn in San Diego, California is a bona-fide hotspot for UFOs and it has been growing in UFO numbers for a long time.

Even 8 year's ago in 2013 smartphones just wasn't around as much as they are now, but people could still walk outside and snap them.

This silver UFO was caught on Ellen Henry's camera over a popular haunted house Edgemoor Barn which also by the way is way over 100 years old. The UFO was photographed right near popular aeroplane routes and maybe that's a deliberate choice so that the UFO could send false readings back to radar stations?

The reason why I say this is because these so called radar stations NEVER report anything out of the ordinary anyway, even if later on there was strange anomalies on radar and someone investigated with them at a later date, these so called "eye's in the sky" still don't catch squat even if the UFO is on radar! Nothing, I've never read a report filled out by a radar station, the people in these radar stations do not report UFOs because investigators "have to go to them" and ask them to look even though they'reapparentlyalways looking! Yeah right.

You know what comes to mind, fit for purpose if you ask me because if this is an indication that nobody watches the radars then...

Okay, have you ever known of a radar station reporting UFOs or using their own initiative? No, is my answer and I livecand breath UFO reports. It's always a freedom of information request or another form of investigation that finds out when radar stations had breaches. That's retarded because these are deterrents aren't they?

Okay, I'll admit that my knowledge is limited on how a radar station works, but all I'm asking is "why do radar stations never report UFOs? It's a valid question, right?

San Diego, what a beautiful place for anyone to live. It's appeal is the Californian air, sights and magnificent scenery and the historic value is awesome. No wonder Extraterrestrials put California on their holiday bucket list, heck, it's on mine! Here's another quick question, are we so dissimilar to Extraterrestrials even though Intelligence is well, Intelligence. 2 add 2 is 4 no matter if you have 2 eye's or 3 eye's, green skin human skin and up is up and down is well, down. I'm asking that as I just want to get an understanding of how different Extraterrestrials are from humans because they still have the same physics and dimensions to navigate just like us unless they're so advanced that they've discovered totally different inventions, chemicals, metals, propulsion systems and other exotic elements.

The UFOs obviously use a totally different type of propulsion system like anti-gravity engines because aerodynamics really don't affect the crafts just like this one in the photo. It should fall out the sky. But, it's the size of these crafts which is throwing a spanner in the works. But just like human technology shrinks, maybe it's another universal shared intelligence... A shared path maybe, something that we have in common on a universal basis? Because whatever is used to make this move, flying or otherwise must be very, very small but extremely powerful and fast!

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So, are we that dissimilar that our curiosity is different? If the UFOs and the declassified UAPs are anything to go by, I'd have to say no.

All the information you need about this epic silver UFO is right therebin this great 10News YouTube video below.

Silver UAP over California in the US.

Credit: Patch/10News/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Some of the most famous UFOs have been caught on camera over California. A news crew even went to get the full interview which shows you that the locals we're definitely interested in the UFO sighting. But because it was 8 years ago, there's a slight possibility that it could have been a slow week on the news front but only because the news didn't take UFO sighting's seriously like they do now after full UFO disclosure.

Here's a spectacular close up of the UFO.

Credit: 10News/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

10News YouTube video description:
10News went looking for answers after a local woman snapped photos of an unidentified object flying over Santee. Guy's, 10News did a video about this but they've only made their video available on YouTube so you'll have to watch it on YouTube. Considering that Ellen Henry only photographed the UFO, there actually is no video of the UFO just a photo. Follow the YouTube link here.

Please share your thought's with us all about what you think Alien need's are, how different do you think we are? Personally I can't help but think that we're not that different at all.

Local news picked up the story 8 years ago in San Diego.

Before UAP disclosure, the news stations coverage of UFO sighting's could be as though  (seen now), almost like they was testing the waters so-to-speak? Almost as if they was getting in some practice for when UFO disclosure did happen and come to pass, which now that is has come to pass... We see every news channel from Florida to Alaska actually "wanting to cover all UAP sighting's".

What a monumental shift in Ufology and I'm pretty sure that your aware of it?

Credit: Patch/10News/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Clear UFO Over Los Angeles Highway Filmed By Woman That Stopped Her Car

TMZ is usually a celebrity gossip website (I think) I'm not that upto date with it as it's not my cup of tea.

Celebrity gossip just isn't something I want in my life lol. I can definitely live without knowing that Paris Hilton or Kimye are getting divorced lol. It's just not news, seriously on a level, that is 100% mind numbing, toe nail chewing, finger sniffing and window licking stuff.

This photo below is a brilliant UFO sighting, it's got to be there if the lady says she saw it, then stopped to take photos.

Flying Saucer posted by TMZ website about Los Angeles over a highway.

Credit: TMZ YouTube Channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Now UFOs on the the other hand is by far more interesting especially after the US Government disclosed multiple UFO videos showing UFOs or should I be politically correct and say UAP - Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. It doesn't matter what it's called because it's known throughout the world as UFOs. They even went so far as to say that it's not another country's technology and it's not anything known to the United States Government by any known entity.

This leaves us with a crazy answer, and that answer is: Extraterrestrial entities.

On a better note, and a more interesting note, here's a UFO that if real could change mankind and yes, I honestly believe that Ufology is far better than watching "scripted reality" lol TV, tripe.

Real Flying Saucer was filmed over the Los Angeles in California skies.

Credit: TMZ YouTube channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

This video has in it - people for the UFO and people against the UFO which they are saying that it's a reflection off a window that's showing something in the reflection that looks like a Flying Saucer. But, you've got to admit that it's looking great as an unknown object because let's have a moment of undistorted reality here and let's look at the 50/50 scenario:

The eye witness said she saw it, that's why she stopped her car and took the photo.

It looks like a light reflected in the window.

Hmm, that's it? I totally see what the no sayers see. Oh, my bad 👎 I actually thought that we was talking about something else entirely.

Are you kidding me, so your going to pin your facts on pareidolia, seeing something that looks like another familiar object? That's weak, it's lame and it's typical of a "know it all" to fall back on half clueless piece of crud. Or, in otherword's your appealing to the 1 dimensional thinkers who will see a light reflected in the window also and will not think past that and they'll then latch onto this opinion just because you've proved it looks familiar to an object.

I'm writing this but I'm actually addressing some of the questions and opinions put forward in this video regarding the White Flying Saucer.

Here's the full video:

Please share your thought's and opinions on what this can be? Also I'd really appreciate it if you could share this post with anyone who would understand it, cheers.

Credit: TMZ YouTube channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

I've Just Recorded First Video About a Compound Found on Mars In Over a Year

I had to record a video about this Mars compound ie set of buildings linked together.

This is an official NASA photo and yes, I'm actually more convinced right now than I ever was before I discovered this amazing photo. I had to record a video of it because I wanted to convey my amazement on camera. I want to look back on this in years to come even if it is just my voice and the official photo on NASA's own website. Because I believe that's how important this is and it's proof of Extraterrestrials.

Mars compound discovered by the Mars Rover.

Credit: NASA Mars Photo/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva/Wikipedia.

I've literally had my mind blown by this extraordinary set of structures on Mars ie Mars compound. So as I've got myself a new phone I've fired up the screen recorder and let loose my accent lol. I had to, this could be why the helicopter was sent to Mars so that secret aerial footage of the compound (and other places on Mars) could be obtained? It makes sense to me and I understand that just because the story sound plausible it doesn't make it so.

Mind blowing stuff like this Alien compound on Mars, it just doesn't come along all the time. It's maybe once in a blue Moon.

Lee Lewis UFO Sightings Footage. 

I absolutely love this close up of the compound on Mars, I mean look at it, that could be a photo from 1943 of a couple of building's on the shore front in any country with the sea next to it. It's not only just the smoking gun but after this, I insist that the unbelievers of Extraterrestrial entities get some much needed catch up lesson's. Here, start with this video that I narrated.

100% proof that Aliens exist or did exist because here's what they lived in on Mars.

Credit: NASA Mars Photo/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva/Wikipedia.

What does sound even more plausible is that's why all the other space companies have objected to SpaceX getting all the contracts and in some cases these disgruntled space companies have launched legal action because they want a part of recovering this Mars technology which is more than likely in the ruins, the long abandoned structures and is this why the helicopter is on Mars? Is the helicopters "other missions" to gather aerial footage of these obvious buildings?

The thing is, now that's 2 very plausible reasons why these are buildings and why the helicopter is on Mars? That's strange don't you think? I shouldn't be able to connect any dots, there shouldn't be anything remotely like what we're seeing but yet there it is. Was Mars apparently plucked out of thin air to colonise or was it based on factorslike least hostile environment, most promisingtohave water, has an ice cap, has the least ferociousweather of any planet? Did they go through the usual spiel (a well rehearsed speech) about Mars needs a human touch?

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Or was it secretly holding Alien technologies because the Mars Rovers had given the boffins at NASA undeniable proof because they've been through the compounds?

Okay here's something that might get you thinking wtf!

How many Rovers have been successfully sent to Mars?

As of May 2021, there have been six successful robotically operated Mars rovers, the first five managed by the American NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Sojourner (1997), Opportunity (2004), Spirit (2004), Curiosity (2012), and Perseverance (2021). The sixth is Zhurong (2021), managed by the China National Space Administration.
Source: Wikipedia.

Here's my first video in over a year about this unbelievable compound on Mars:

Guy's we've got to get this awesome proof of an Alien compound, Alien base and structures on Mars - out there. I mean this is probably the best kept open secret that NASA has on it's own website, that there is? Please share your thought's and if you can share this post I'd appreciate it, cheers.

NASA's compound on Mars link.

Credit: NASA Mars Photo/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva/Wikipedia.

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