Metallic Swept Wing UFO With Electric Green Light

Swept wing UFO filmed over London in the UK.

This UFO was seen very recently over London UK on the 29th October 2018. This UFO is a very different one from the other ones, it's got many things going for it.

The design of this UFO looks very Alien, it looks very stealthy and fast. But it does have a hint of human aerodynamics to it? I'm not quite sure what I think about this. Is it a human engineered craft or is it a genuine UFO.

London UFO with electric green light is amazing.

The lack of a propeller, the lack of exhaust, the lack of any visible means of propulsion means this could be using futuristic technology and an entirely new to science engine? Or it could just be a hoax and the propeller is digitally removed from the pics.

It could be a lot of things but it would mean nothing if this was a fake of which i'm not seeing anything to say that it is. That doesn't mean it is a fake, it does however tell us one thing and that is that it's there and it doesn't come down to individual belief "anymore" as it's physically there in the sky!

This is a very very unusual UFO sighting.

The common misconception is that it boils down to an individual belief? But that's wrong.

If it exists and has been back engineered or it has been re-engineered from a crashed UFO and photographed or videoed or leaked to the public then it's real.

Some very brave people have gone on record and sworn that they exist, what is that if it's not evidence towards UFOs actually existing?

This UFO was seen from quite far away.

Well we have to take it as it's real and that my friends is evidence. It's proof. Do not let the non believers tell you it's a personal belief as there's many, lots and lots of physical evidence and that elevates it way, way above personal belief. It elevates it to the classification of fact.

This short video was taken above London in the UK. The capital city of England where recently many UFO sightings have taken place for some reason?

Maybe there's more cameras in the hands of people or that Aliens are moving in to the UK.

Here's the video:

Real UFO Appears On Live TV On A Huge Screen And The Presenter Is Stunned

UFO or Ovni appears on News Channel Live TV over Argentina.

This is what Argentinians call a real Ovni (UFO) sighting as it appears on Live TV on the news channel. Ovni if you don't know, means UFO. (Please stay at home).

You can hear the news reporter (male) saying Ovni, Ovni. The female news reader is the first one to actually point out the Ovni (which means UFO in Spanish) and she then enthusiastically starts pointing to it. The TV screen is so big, she's literally climbing on the screen pointing at it enthusiastically - so you cannot miss it.

{It's 2020 and it's lock down, please be safe}. 

This is the moment when the female news reporter notices the UFO:

This is where the news woman spots the UFO on Live TV.

The UFO is metallic and it's a sphere. The Ovni is hovering but then it starts to drift or fly away to the left of the screen and what a big screen that it so we get to see this UFO in detail.

If it was a "normal everyday screen" this probably wouldn't of been picked up (maybe) as it would probably be a bit to small to see?

Instinctively she points to it:

Highlighted in the red circle the UFO is seen flying off to the left.

But it's a great encounter as it is Live TV in Argentina "on the news" and these are the best ones just like NASA's Live TV but the difference between both is that the NASA cut the Live feed - whereas the camera crew on the news just point and shout Ovni, Ovni.

This is what you'd expect NASA to do and zoom in, have a scientist on stand by to give us a quick analysis of the sight to behold - but instead they cut the feed and make contact on every known channel all by themselves in secrecy and every known frequency is used to get contact with the Alien occupants, hoping for a response.

Here is the amazing UFO Ovni for all to see on Live TV:

This is the Metallic and silver looking UFO shaped like a sphere over Argentina on Live TV.

That's what NASA does, you think the UFO goes away when they cut the feed, no it doesn't. It docks with the ISS as that's where the Live feed is usually and they have a cup of English tea. Maybe they have a scone or a rich tea biscuit.

Who knows what they do after the cameras are cut is what I mean.

The news crew acted very typical of a surprised people, they acted correct and that's why I know this wasn't scripted. You really see the surprise especially with the woman.

I know if it's Live TV then someone could literally have a drone on stand by and fly it in to the shot once it is definitely on the telly right then.

The video to the amazing daytime UFO encounter on Live TV over Argentina:

But that's highly unlikely as well, it's just improbable as I don't know of any instances of this ever happening and I've done a lot of research? If you know of a staged UFO sighting on Live TV please share it us here at USF, thank you.

NASA should take a lesson from this and at least inspect the strange UFOs or zoom in and talk about the anomaly in the screen, instead of turning the screen off. It's almost like you can hear them say "nothing to see here, move along".

Please be safe in these troubling times. Especially the vulnerable people and the elderly people who are most at risk of the virus. I wish you, our loyal fans and followers a very, very safe time. Be with family and friends, stay at home and let's all get the time to reflect on the situation that's facing all of the world? We will always be a strong human race, no matter what happens.

Source UFO Hunter UK Instagram.
Source C5N - News Channel Argentina Wikipedia.

Round Circular UFO With 6 Lights Over New Jersey

UFO with lights over New Jersey.

There's been many UFOs seen over New Jersey and this is an amazing sighting. The voices over the video leave me thinking that this could be real. But, why would a UFO light itself up like a Christmas tree?

There's lots of people trying to get famous with drones dressed up as UFOs. Not world famous but probably famous within hoaxer circles? It's sad, but sadly true.

The brightest UFO over New Jersey ever seen.

The video needs little introduction as it's right there from the beginning. It was posted to Instagram and has kinda been lost in translation on there but I feel it might just have merit as the peoples voices are really talking as if it's there?

It's that which has made me think twice about this UFO over New Jersey? I need your input guys on this one.

It's gotta be hard to match up spoken word's with something that isn't there in a video (probably) or designed in to the video later on in graphics etc? So based on this, that's why i'm posting this asking for any opinions and please, if all you feel you can say is "fake" i'd rather you just mouth it to the screen and slip on by.

Maybe it's a misconception that UFOs are wanting to be hidden? Maybe UFOs want to be seen and this is just one of the ways that they do it? Any thought's on this would be great, cheers.

The UFO get's very, very bright indeed.

It's answers we need and common sense that ain't an answer - it's just stating the other 50% of the real or fake argument.

We're all thinking it could be fake so there's no need to type it, but if you see something we haven't or if you remember something similar from another UFO sighting then please let us know.

If it's similar to another video that was proven to be a fake then that would be good.

It's 50 - 50 as to the authenticity of this UFO.

And here's the video:

Cheers guys for your thoughts and opinions and letting us know another view point. It's always important to have as many ideas and views on something like this as it allows every stone to be turned over and have a good look see.

Source ufovnis Instagram.

Real Plane Frozen In The Sky The Matrix Glitch

Plane frozen in place in the sky.

This is the proof (for some) that we are living in the Matrix and that the movie The Matrix was a documentary by a wakened soul.

Is this the real answer or is it that the plane is flying in to the wind (even though it's not windy lol?

Well, we have to have a rational answer God forbid we actually see the real Earth and what's really happening that magic is actually a Matrix trick by awakened souls all part of the secretive Magic Circle or The Society Of American Magicians.

Is this another Matrix glitch since 2012.

Fun Fact:
Dynamo, UK magician walked on water over the Thames. Onlookers stayed on to witness the taking away of the equipment they used for him to walk on water like a glass walkway etc. NO PEOPLE CAME. The tide went out, nothing was there.

Is this a UFO but with a cloaking device or system - and is it malfunctioning or it could actually be that but the UFO is hovering over this city.

So what we are looking at here in the video is nothing short of impossible! But yet there it is, it definitely happened and I don't have an answer for you.

Well I do, The Matrix but that kind of falls short of a definite answer somewhat?

If you have an answer please let us know?

Are we living in a Matrix style digital world with glitches.

I remember doing a post about a video of a propeller of a helicopter not moving and it looked like the helicopter wasn't even using it's rotors but it was flying.

Someone said the propellers are matching the speed of the camera shutter. I mentioned it was a digital camera. Still, it was definitely the camera shutter speed lol.

If you think that the camera shutter speed is matching the plane speed lol, well I don't even think that's possible? And it's a digital camera, hmmm? That's how perplexing this video is to me, I honestly don't have an answer for you. I don't know what I'm looking at - do you?

Here's the actual video:

It shouldn't be happening, but it's a real video. There is little information with the video but if we discover any in our research we will update this post so check back every now and again.

Source ufolovers Instagram.

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